Jan. 15th, 2017

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I think I like typing up stupid crap about RSG3 more than I actually like playing it?!

Anyway, continuing from last time, I'm going to think about the roles party members could play in the 'harem' party if I went with Mikhail, and what kind of starting setup to use with him.

The five recruited members would be Tiberius, Herman, Wod, Trucks, and Leonid. Notes on their strengths:

Makings - Only Sun is really even decent (2)
Stats - Magic (23) and Spirit (20) are the only decent ones.
Makes good healer, can be offensive with sun jutsu. Good candidate for a life cane, maybe carry healing items too? Glimmer type is none.

Makings - All 0. So can really focus on whatever he needs to because it will be the same no matter what.
Stats - Skill (20) is ok. Spirit (24) is pretty great. Would be good for inflicting status effects with skill-based weapons (bow and foil?). Suzaku jutsu might be nice since it's all support and doesn't necessarily need stats as much. Moon jutsu for cheap healing maybe. Just tons of support abilities. But stretching him too far with all 0 makings is kinda ineffective. Glimmer type is axe.

Makings - Great foil growth (4) and comes with Screwdriver. 1 in all elemental jutsu except Suzaku, and a surprising 3 in Sun.
Stats - Skill (17) is better than Strength (15). Speed (22) is the most useful.
Magic is not good enough to warrant focusing on sun magic, so possibly a foil focus with a weapon crown is best. Glimmer type is foil.

Makings - swords, axes, clubs, all good. 3 in swords, 2 in axe/club. Other weapons still get a 1.
Stats - Big strength (22) and endurance (23), and decent spirit (18). Very slow (10). Good for tanking as well as dealing damage with variety of weapons. Glimmer type is greatsword.

Makings - Also 0 in everything lol.
Stats - Good speed (21) and not bad strength (19). Magic is great (25) and charm is even better (27).
Would be great with moon jutsu. Can pick up weapons that others don't have, especially strength-based. Glimmer type is sadly foil.

Makings - Good at spear/foil (2), swords and bows are ok (1). Sun is really great (4).
Stats - Vary depending on choices. Generally well-balanced except for magic is bad.
Should probably, along with Leonid, pick up the weapons that no one is using. Glimmer type can be chosen to reflect that.

Weapon types:

Greatsword - Wod
Sword - Leonid
Club - Tiberius, maybe also Leonid
Axe - Wod
Foil - Trucks, Herman
Spear - Mikhail
Bow - Herman
Martial - Mikhail

I put Mikhail on Spear and Martial since we can boost his strength, and he does have good spear making already. His glimmer type can go to martial to really boost his strength and make up for the 0 making with it a bit. Plus it will open up the ability to glimmer some of the better martial arts easily. Spear arts can mostly easily be glimmered by people with foil glimmer type, so it might not be bad to let Trucks carry around a spear for a while to try to glimmer some stuff.

Fighter+Spear and Fighter+Martial give very similar stats, but Martial has 22 endurance while Spear only has 20. Everything else is pretty much the same; Skill is worse with Martial. Overall, Endurance is probably more useful than Skill for Mikhail.

Hunter+None is an interesting choice because it gives 19 Skill and 21 Magic, which would let him perform a completely different role. It complements his foil and bow making, as well as his great sun making. Though it's not a role we really have use for with the rest of the party.

For jutsu schools, I might not end up covering all of them.

Tiberius - Sun, Genbu
Leonid - Moon
Herman - Suzaku
Trucks - Genbu?
Mikhail - Seiryu?

Mikhail will have 21 spirit, so maybe Seiryu for the sole purpose of using Nap, though having a waza crown would be nice, too. A waza crown for Wod is very helpful. Trucks having a crown is good, but having an extra Genbu is always nice, at least for the support jutsu. Missing out on Byakko isn't too big of a deal.
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When we last left Kurt and friends, we had recently spent way too long wandering around caves with our new friends Norff and Mordeus, and then smashed up Fugar's Mansion mostly so we could steal his daughter's magic tablet.

We also just... happened to defeat Agares very early and opened up Kurt's final adventure. Oops.

But we're still far too weak to try to go take on Chaos, so we're going to do some adventuring to pass the time, and maybe see what's going on in the Temple of Iskandar again.

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