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I went to bed at like 830 last night because I was feeling sick and now its like 630 AM and I've been awake for a while and it's weird and I don't know what to do. I also hate being up before the sunrise and sunrise is not until 8AM. Waking up when it's dark also makes me feel sick LOL but fortunately I feel okay now. But I feel like it's night and I need to be going to sleep. Hopefully I'll feel different when the sun comes out...

Last night I was thinking of "perfect" games in UNLIMITED:Saga because someone on the GameFAQs forum has been trying to define it for a while now. It's... not really a game that makes sense for that kind of thing since everything is random and nothing can really be perfected in any kind of meaningful way but...

One of the things they were talking about was trying to get all magic arts on every character, and for characters without access to secret adventure, they were wondering if it was possible, someone said it wasn't, but I figured it was.

You'd have to purposely fail adventures a lot but... basically you'd do something like this:

1. Save the game.
2. Enter an adventure and find a tablet. Do not clear the adventure. Keep failing until you get the tablet, then purposely fail the adventure.
3. With the tablet, save the game in another slot.
4. Go clear an adventure to see what the tablet is. If it's a tablet you need/want, load the save from #3 and go back to #2. If it's not a tablet you need/want, load the save from #1 and go back to #2. Once you have three tablets that you need/want, load the save from #3 but continue to #5.
5. Clear an adventure so that you can apply all three tablets to your characters, then start again at #1...

Very tedious and would probably take thousands of hours alone, but you could get all magic arts on every character no matter which scenario you're playing. Of course, with characters who have access to unlimited adventures/treasures, this would be a lot less tedious, but still very tedious, and still take hundreds of hours of grinding.

But yeah I was thinking of that a lot last night when I was trying to sleep. I mean, I'd already come up with the method but I was just like... imagining it, idk. And I'm kinda trying to grind some tablets in Kurt's scenario right now, and it's really tedious and annoying. I want to go on with the game, but I really want to make this magic-focused team work how I'd like. The only two things I definitely want though are Ice Needle on Kurt and Supersonic on Edel. Anything else is just bonus. I already have all the other important magic arts. So just looking for any two tablets with those is not nearly as tedious as trying to get all magic arts with all characters (which is... at least 5 L4 tablets per character I think, and this is ignoring the fact that forbidden tablets even exist -- if you wanted to get all of those for every character, you're looking at tens of thousands of hours of grinding JUST for those...)

But anyway, thinking of forbidden tablets... it would be really fun to get a forbidden tablet for someone who has a high magic making. Like as in a 5. But I've never heard of anyone ever getting a L3 or L4 forbidden tablet, even though it's technically possible (it's iike a 1/800 chance drop from that secret enemy that's nearly impossible to encounter).

The characters with a 5 in Magic Making are Judy, Rebecca, Marie, Fae, and Norff. Sad that Josef is not among them when almost everyone else in Judy's family is...

Also I was looking through the guidebook for this, and Pharr has a last name listed (Andales) even though it's not written in Japanese anywhere, just in the like... stylized English part at the top of the page. And the Japanese by it just says Pharr (though they Romanize it as 'Fur' here lol).

And that's another thing I was thinking about...

Official materials for SaGa games do have "official" romanizations for the characters' and places' names but... they're often contradictory and also often just plain stupid-sounding. There are multiple guide and art books for UNLIMITED:Saga and they spell things differently across them, and Vaftom is like "Wahftomu" or something in one of them.

Though I was thinking not about the names I'm using in the RSG3 play diary. Some stuff, even before the play diary, I've been using the names I've seen from the guidebook. The problem is a lot of these names are really dumb. I also haven't seen all the names, because I've just seen some photographs of the book, and I only know the names on the pages I can see. Though I did find a Japanese fan site that had all the names Romanized and the ones I've seen in the book matched, so my guess is they took them from there and... they are BAD.

Paul's name is like Polu or something?? Also there is a character whose name is very clearly meant to be something like Ward or Wald (it's the guy in my icon actually lol) but he's listed as Wod. And the fan translation of the game calls him Wood lol.

The fan translation also uses different spellings for various things than the official ones, so I don't really like going by that, since they seem kinda random. Though I do like some of them, like "Zweig" (though there's a place with the same name in Scarlet Grace, and it's written something awful like Tvvaikg or something... but the Scarlet Grace names are horrible and unreadable half the time lmao)

But yeah. So I was thinking if maybe I should start calling Wod as 'Ward' since it makes more sense. And I've been calling the city "Meurs" because that is much more like what I think it's probably supposed to be than "Mules" which is... lol. Even though I'm still using "Farce" because IDK what else to call it. Podorle I have no clue at all.

There's a character named 'Baimeinyan' who I've seen written as Bai Mei Nian or Bai Mei Niang or other variations (I like Niang), I usually just call her Meinyan because I have no idea what it's supposed to be. The fan translation calls her Meifan I think?! I haven't played far enough in the fan translation to get to her (I've hardly played it) but that's the name a lot of English-speaking fans use so I assume that's why???

The fan translation does a lot of weird things, like it calls the star signs "job classes," refers to the magic schools as like "fire" and "wind" and stuff, which correspond to a lot of the elemental affinities within those schools, but then you have stuff like... ground and plant-based "wind" magic lol.

I mean, I really appreciate the fan translation and I still recommend it to anyone, I'm just saying that the naming choices are super weird and because I don't play the translation myself I'm not familiar with them really and only know the ones that I remember because they're super weird and I don't really like using them.

So yeah, I'm not sure if I should start calling him "Ward" or stick with "Wod." Ward ... is an actually name and sounds good, but I'm just kinda used to using Wod because ~it's in the book~ and I started using it. He's going to be in the harem party so I need to decide XD

There are also characters named stuff like Trucks, Lime, Snowman, etc. in this game so I guess "Wood" isn't that wild when you think about it that way. XD

I made coffee. I don't feel like drinking it though. I did when I started making it. But now I want like... something cold. Maybe I'll just have the coffee and then drink water or something. I'll probably end up having a soda.

Being awake when it's dark makes me feel like I can't do anything X_X I have a bunch of Scarlet Grace screenshots to sort through and make a post about that, too.

I got a new character the other day. Which is nice because like... all of my characters are dying. I'm kinda bad at this game??? LOL

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The sun is up :D
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When we last left our heroes in Gladion Province, we were finally able to return Scarlet to her aunt, and defeated the ~Evil Librarian~ Francis who wanted to kill us all for protecting a baby.

Now we have the option to sleep in his house! How fun!

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When we last left Mikhail, we had gathered a motley crew and prepared to explore the world. Before taking the boats from Pidona, we're going to see what places we've already unlocked simply by talking to people.

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