Feb. 2nd, 2017

Feb. 2nd, 2017 11:41 pm
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In the Imperial SaGa event, I managed to end JUST within the 40th percentile!

So I got a bunch of goodies ^_^

The event right now has like... Valentine characters. One of the special ones coming up in the promo is Katalina making chocolates... lol. I kinda wanna try for her but idk.

I've been playing Scarlet Grace today. I played unsaga and romasaga3 this week, too. I have stuff ready to write an entry for rsg3 and scarlet grace I just haven't felt like sorting through all the screencaps.

I feel bad for not updating but it's like... no one is like demanding updates or something LOL right now no one's really even reading so it's not like I have to like... get them out fast or something XD It might even be better to end up going slower.

But yeah unsaga is coming along, I did like... a ton of trying to farm tablets and then gave up when I didn't find a single one. And now I'm just moving on. But it's just subadventures and nothing to really make a post about yet XD

RSG3 I have quite a bit to post about, like maybe 2 or 3 posts?? I'm kinda mad at it though because there is a thing about Mikhail's money that I didn't realize until now and I'm mad XD

Scarlet Grace like... I'm dreading making an entry bc I've just been running around like mad doing the most random stuff and like it will be so confusing XD

The game is starting to get REALLY hard. There are times I'm like... barely scraping by even Normal battles. I've even game over'd on them...

It's REALLY important to have heavy hitters. Like really, really important. You can't just slowly wait out enemy deaths like in other games. If you don't kill them fast, they will overpower you.

I've said that before but it's becoming more and more critical.

I did get another cute guy on my team called Lewis Darling XD Um and a cute girl too.

Also I'm kinda "stuck" in a certain part of the world, because while that stupid sea monster thing is there (the thing that came out of the pot) like ... they won't let me go through the north exits, because those exist just... play a little scene about the pot and put me back in Gladion. So I can't go back to like... a majority of the places I've been, so there are shop discounts I like... can't even reach. So I'm running around new places trying to find more shops XD But it makes me run into a bunch of random events...

Also I think I'm getting pretty close to like... the end of the game (as in, the place where the game ends, not close to being finished). I heard that you can pretty much run straight to Leo's final boss with only a few battles beforehand, but it will be impossible to win if you get there that early?

But yeah I think I'm getting close XD

I reeeaaaalllly hope they make an English version of this game even though I'm like... really not expecting them to.


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