Feb. 3rd, 2017

Feb. 3rd, 2017 10:07 pm
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Sooo in Imperial SaGa they added this new like 'speed effect' mode where waza and jutsu animations don't play, which makes the game SO much faster and it's perfect for grinding like... I can clear a quest in under a minute now?!

The current promo event (well, one of them) is Valentine's Day themed and today you can get like... a special Katalina where her portrait image is like... making chocolates. It looks so cute and I love it and she's actually strong and would be good for my team, too.

I really thought about trying for her, but it's only a 30% chance of a gold character being her, and you only have a 4% chance of getting a gold character to begin with, so that means it's like... barely over a 1% chance of getting her, and I don't want to spend 3600kr on that.

I uploaded the screencaps from RSG3 and SGSG recently. There's still more caps on the Vita from my last play session, though.

In SGSG I really feel like I've stretched my party's training too thin? Like, the enemies are so much stronger than me now. I know I talked about it a bit already but... I've been trying to train all the different characters, and train each character in a variety of weapons... so now I just have a bunch of weak characters that are not good at anything in particular, as the enemies have been getting steadily faster. I barely scrape by most battles, and there are battles I feel like I couldn't win even with luck manipulation.

I want to do play diaries of Tokimeki Memorial games, too. Sadly I can't really emulate many of them? Actually, I never tried ripping the CD for TokiMemo1 (I have the PS1 version). TokiMemo3 does not work in an emulator (at least I can't find a way to get it to work and can't find help for it either since it's pretty obscure game anyway). I don't have TM2.

GS emulates fine, but I'd want to do the DS version maybe...? But making a play diary of that seems... kind of annoying because I'd have to crop all the images... I have a method of mass cropping in The GIMP, but I still have to save each image individually and it takes forever and is so tedious and I hate doing it like a lotttt.

TokiMemo4 emulates OK, it just has some really ugly graphical problems, like the screen tearing that happens in UN:Saga, but like... even worse and more obnoxious. And like, there's constantly boxes tearing around the characters' heads because the portraits move as they talk and the emulator doesn't seem to like this lol.

If I could just easily do any of them I'd probably want to do TokiMemo3 because it's my favorite. But TM4 is not a bad choice, either, I guess. Or really GS for DS, but... the cropping. Plus honestly I like playing it on PS2 better. But then you miss out on all the extra content. And there's a lot...

I might do a play diary for Save the Homeland? And maybe some other Harvest Moon games. Like, I'd kinda want to eventually do a play diary for all the games in my 'top 5' series but... that's also stupid because Ys and Mega Man would be horrible for play diaries.

I also kinda want to do a Save the Homeland Let's Play (as in, again). Because I started it before the hard drive failure and never got to finish. I don't have my save data anymore, though, so I'd want to start over.

If I did Harvest Moon play diaries, they'd be a lot less screenshotty. Like, I'd probably just like... make an actual day-by-day diary and then screenshot only important events or milestones. Actually thinking about it, it would be kind of hard to do like that, too? Maybe I could do a separate entry with like... character profiles or something LOL. I think this series works better as videos too hahaha.

If I had a decent capture device, I could easily do TokiMemo3. My old Gamebridge died though and getting a new capture thing is expensive lmao. And I'd want to get a good one like an El Gato. I could do Rune Factory Frontier and Tides of Destiny that way, too.

Anyway that's thinking a bit far ahead, I still need to finish the three that I'm working on now. Though I do plan on playing though all the stories in unsaga without much break between, I don't know if I'll do that with RSG3. In fact, I'll most likely not do that with RSG3 because it would be too tedious. Scarlet Grace is a ton of fun and I already know I'm going to want to play again as soon as I finish.

The Scarlet Grace art+guide book came out, and it was only $20! I used my Christmas money to get it lol. Just gotta wait for the shipping. I'm really excited though.

I don't really want to use the guide portion yet, but I'm hoping for lots of cool art and stuff. And I will skim the guide portion just to see if they have like... some useful lists, like where all the blacksmiths are. I've been writing them all down but my list is just a huge handwritten list in the order I found them, while in the guide they could have something like... all of them organized by type with color coding and stuff.

Actually, I could probably find something like that online. I have a Scarlet Grace fan guide thing bookmarked -- I use it to reference names of stuff that I've forgotten or whatever (mostly the names of the weapon arts lol).

Ehhh I didn't see a blacksmith list there :\


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