Feb. 8th, 2017

Feb. 8th, 2017 02:10 pm
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I finally sorted through all the Scarlet Grace photos! I was going to try to finish last night but the stupid tumblr photo limit thing... now to actually write the posts. There's just... so much that has happened XD I get really addicted to playing this game and play like all day non-stop...

I've gotten a lot better at battles -- the main problem I was having was I was indeed wearing myself too thin. You can't really try to level up every character and upgrade all your items. Once I started using the same little group of characters regularly (I do still switch people around a lot, I'm just not trying to use EVERYONE like before), and focused on only upgrading the items I use most to their highest potential, things started going a lot better. Well, I'll talk about this more/again in the actual posts, I guess XD
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Now that Daddy Lighthouse Darling has officially become a member of the Lizleo crew, we can... run around and do a bunch of random stuff, because honestly that's what the SaGa series is meant to be about.

If you remember before, when we entered Cerenaif before, there was a person being chased by some kind of demon or something, and we ignored that to continue looking for blacksmiths lol. Well, we're going to head back there now and see what that was about.

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After the shocking events of our last adventure, it's time to get far away from Cerenaif Province.

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