Feb. 9th, 2017

Feb. 9th, 2017 06:35 pm
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So, I found a batch image editor that's free and works well. I resized all the Innocent Life pics on my one drive and cropped out the black lines, and it saved a ton of space.

All the photos hosted on facebook are still dead, though.

Maybe I should redo that play diary some time... XD I kinda do want to play again just so I can officially do everything but honestly that game isn't really worth playing again just for that one subquest XD

Oh and I applied the action to the entire folder, so all the things that weren't the normal size (like the little official arts of the characters and stuff) got all messed up. So those are gone now.

Most of the pictures are dead anyway, so :\

I cropped the newest unsaga pics then realized I already uploaded them XD
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So, Imperial SaGa updated last night, and it brought an entire new game mode this time! There's also a new combat event. I'll talk about the combat event first since I don't have as much to say about it, but I'll bring up some of the cool new features. But I really love the new mode~

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It's subadventure time! We have five more adventures to take on before Kurt's story progresses any further. I'll keep the details out of those since we've done them all before, so we can get on with the story parts.

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It's time for things to get really random. Have fun trying to follow what I'm doing, because even I am having a hard time following it, and I'm the one who did it... But we did at least get one big thing out of the way this time...!

This post is kind of long and super random, because I wanted to end with something actually interesting, and not just... after any of this random stuff. You'll see what I mean lol.

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