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These are mostly just notes for myself.

Recently on GameFAQs board there's been someone who has been talking about "perfect games" (and a lot of debate about what this even means in a game like this) but one thing that did come up is the fact that line bonuses are not always that important. Generally until now, I think myself and many others always used line bonuses because they were the 'strongest' of the panel formation bonuses.

But line formations also require you to have three panels of one type -- often using panels you don't even really need on a character solely for the extra stat boost. Usually these aren't particularly useful except for having someone with keys for skill (since sharpeye, locksmith, and defuse are extremely helpful), or three fists for a character focusing on martial arts.

Plus the line bonus usually interferes with other stats. In my Kurt game, I have Playphyllum with a line of 'talking' skills -- Diplomacy, Monger, and Maharaja (fashion or inconspicuous would be nice instead of maharaja but they won't drop X_X). This is great because it boosts their Wood level a lot, but at the same time, I had to put Maharaja in the bottom left, which makes Magic level go WAY down.

Line bonuses give you 3x the base bonus. The multipliers don't affect the same-level bonus, either.

Talking panels give +2 Spirit, +2 Wood base bonus in formation combo.

So a line would give +6 Wood for the line, and then if they were all L5, you'd have +5 for the same-level bonus. So that's +11 Wood.

A joint would give +2 Wood and then +5 for the same-level bonus, so you'd have +7 Wood. It's a difference of 4 levels in Wood. But in the current setup, I'm sacrificing like... 30-40 levels in Magic, for 4 levels in Wood. Plus I have to be stuck with something like Maharaja when I could have another more useful skill panel instead.

Kurt currently has a triangle of maps, giving a total of +8 to Water (triangles give 2x the base bonus). One of these is Road Guide which I don't need, and it's sitting in one of the 'water' spots, so it's being a bit redundant in its boost (if I had something else there PLUS the bonus from the panels, it would get even more water).

If I just had Swimming and Obstacle Crossing alone in a joint, I'd have +6 Water. And I'd be able to put something else like a completed Water tablet in the other water spot to make up for the missed +2 Water anyway. So for pretty much no gain, I'm wasting a panel slot on Road Guide and missing out on better Strength or Magic levels. I'm also having to sacrifice Endurance or Spirit, when I could instead sacrifice Strength if I wanted to build him pure-magey (which I did -- I got rid of his axe and Axe Arts panel after defeating Domliat)

Anyway, my main point is just that I feel like I have overrated line bonuses. If you're just wanting to max a single stat and ignore others, line is the way to go. But I'm starting to think it's not really worth it for a lot of things.

Familiars are great for magic since they boost magic by 3, so a line is +9 magic, plus the same level bonus can get you up to +14 magic. Plus you actually USE magic with familiars, so it's helping out there, too. A variety of free magic arts + huge boost to magic. Great for forbidden mages, since the familiars provide support arts and some elemental weaknesses, while you can focus on your magic stat for the forbidden arts.

Anyway, here are the base boosts for the different 'classes' that actually are worth making bonuses with (something like weapon panels aren't good since you can't have more than one of the same level, for example):

Fist: +2 STR/END
Body: +4 END
Familiar: +1 SPI +3 MAG
Judy: +1 MAG +3 SPI
Map: +2 END/WAT
Key: +2 SKI/EAR
Talk: +2 SPI/WOO
Fix: +3 SKI +2 MET
Phobia: +2 STR +6 MAG
Pacifist: +3 SPI +3 MAG

The phobia bonus gets less in higher formations. So the triangle is only worth +9, not +12, and the line is only worth +12, not +18.

There are only two "fix" panels and one is Artiste, so it's really hard to get a bonus of them.

The things that seem to be the most worth putting in lines are familiars (+14 Magic +8 Spirit) and maybe body if you're building a support tank (+17 Endurance).

For the others, I think it's really important to think if it's worth the sacrifice. If your character focuses on a single magic element, bow, or knife only, stays in the back row, and doesn't need like any other stats or abilities, lines would be the best way to go. But I think for anything else, joint is nice. You can also combine three joints at once if you really wanted to (though then you're just probably going to be using a lot of unneeded stuff again lol)

Feb. 14th, 2017 02:33 pm
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Also, I've been thinking about what I want to do next in unsaga, since I'm going to be finishing Kurt very soon.

I was saying I want to keep Armic for the end, but I'm starting to think I don't want to do that hahaha.

I still have Laura, Judy, Armic, and Ventus left this 'go,' and Armic and Ventus are the only two I haven't finished (with Armic, I haven't even touched; Ventus I got near the end ebfore).

Armic is something that will be new to me, but might not be the best way to end the whole thing. Ventus, on the other hand, will still have some new stuff, but also his scenario is the most "open" of all the scenarios.

Armic's is quite open, too, but you focus on like... shopping? It's weird. I think I'd like to experience it not as the end, plus I'm curious to see what it's like. Since Ventus's scenario is more open and unlimited, I think it would be a good ending point. I could really go all out and try to create the most powerful party and do whatever interesting things I wanted.

I also am thinking about doing some challenge runs for Laura and Judy. I've played both many times, so I won't feel like I'm missing out. I do plan on doing both of Laura's story paths, which are a little more cumbersome to do than Kurt's but not too much.

I was thinking of a 'no shopping' run, which is pretty easy/simple. I've done a "LLG" before, but I think I'd be even better at it now. SCC is too much. I've done it once and it's way too grindy and reliant on RNG and it's just not fun.

I still want to try an 'item collector' run that involves no shopping + no repairing + no martial arts + no familiars. Basically you focus completely on weapons and gathering materials to craft them, but you can't repair things in any way (the blacksmith limitation is that weapons cannot be used as the base ingredient, and you can't use recycle or quick fix). Basically you have to resort solely on weapons and weapon arts, but you have to do so with the context of not being able to buy or repair weapons.

This seems like it could either be extremely interesting, or end up with a lot of impossible scenarios. You'd really have to be picky about the order you do subadventures, because you'd want to prioritize finding treasures and items and avoid fighting enemies for quite a while. There'd be more to think about. Plus you wouldn't get bogged down by all the shopping between adventures :P

I think I might wait and do this in the Japanese version, though, since the treasures are a little different, and you can actually find guns (for some reason you can't find guns at all in the English version). Guns would be extremely vital early in the game game since they would be able to defeat enemies quickly without using too much EN.

But a simple "no shopping" run would definitely make things more interesting. The worst part would be trying to find armor for everyone. I might do that in Laura's scenario this time.

For Judy, I don't know what I will do... I'm already doing a magic-focused run in Kurt's scenario, and I really don't want to do a 'magic only' game because farming tablets is a huge chore. I don't want to do any more challenges that require some kind of farming or grinding.

Anyway, I'm thinking of doing Armic next. We'll get to see Pharr again, and recruit Nuage and Rebecca who are lovely. We'll also have to put up with Kong Ming though XD

For who to bench... I'll probably leave out Edel since we just used him in Kurt's scenario, and maybe Henri since he is pretty much the main character of Laura's scenario. Though there's something weird about Armic's scenario where depending on the order you do stuff, you will permanently miss out on certain characters, and you're forced to do this (just who you miss out on will be different depending on your choices?) so I'm going to kind of use a guide for that. Not too much thought -- I already know that it happens so I'm just going to see which choice leads to Edel and then avoid that hoping that he's the one I miss out on ? XD
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There's only a few subadventures left before Kurt's story finally moves on for the last time. We're not going to unlock any new places this time, except for Starship Anchor. But we have already unlocked that, so... no new places.

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It's finally time to head to Kurt's final adventure! We're going to see both story paths, too!

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Feb. 14th, 2017 07:49 pm
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btw I don't really have a strong preference over what to do next in unsaga, so if anyone wants to see Laura, Judy, or Armic in particular, I can do that next. I'm kinda itching to start another game though so choose fast ^^

ETA: too late XD I already started Armic lol. it's super weird. I don't know what to do T_T


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