Mar. 2nd, 2017


Mar. 2nd, 2017 03:50 pm
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So, I had my second therapy session today. It went really well. I actually like therapy even though I get super anxious about it, but that's the reason I'm there anyway, so...

I got an autism diagnosis today, too. So now I don't have to worry about that anymore lol. Also I got various anxiety techniques and perspectives... IDK, I don't really want to go into it too much lmao.

I'm getting pretty close to finishing Armic's scenario in unsaga. I'm not sure how I want to do the upcoming posts. I think instead of doing a 'subadventures digest,' I might just highlight one or two interesting subadventures and then just kind of gloss over the most important things that happened. Because in a lot, nothing particularly interesting happens, and we've already covered all of these adventures in more detail before.

Knight's Mausoleum is one that I haven't gone over yet, and I really want to. That might really be the only 'big' one left before the final adventure.

But yeah Armic has not only achieved but surpassed the role I was trying to go for with Kurt and Mythe before, so I'm really excited about that. He's a little magical powerhouse.

I've also been playing a bit of RSG3. But not enough to write a post yet.

I got all my grinding done in imsaga though XD And even raised Boston. Oh yeah, I wanted to upload a pic about that.

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