Mar. 14th, 2017

Mar. 14th, 2017 07:19 pm
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Well I went to the doctor and after explaining some random things they said it's probably related to asthma (which I have but it doesn't cause me a lot of problems anymore) because recently I had a cold with a lot of coughing plus I've been exercising more and my lungs are like angry or something. I got an inhaler, and now I have a new type of Welbutrin (same dosage, just I only have to take one a day instead of two throughout the day). So uh yay fun.

I finished editing all of Ruby's scenario for the play diary website~~ It will probably take me a few weeks to catch up to everything though X_X I'm kinda tired of editing them because I've been like... doing it nonstop for like 4 or 5 days now. Well, I don't mind doing it, really, but it's annoying to go find all the images again. I used to only upload the ones I was going to use onto FB but now I've gotten to the point where I was just dumping the entire collection of screenshots I made, so I have to read the entry and go try to find which picture goes with it, and like... THAT is not fun lol.

Once I get to where I started uploading to Tumblr, it will be ... another set of problems, namely finding the correct tumblr posts, but at least it will be back to only uploading the images I used.

But I think for today I might actually write the next posts in Armic and Mikhail's tales. I can just disable auto-formatting here on DW and format them the way I want to use them on my site... and while I'm selecting pics, I can just move the ones I want to use to the site's folders already, and then upload them to tumblr from there (since I'm still not actually hosting the site yet, I gotta upload the pics elsewhere XD)

Then editing the post will simply be a matter of swapping the URLs for the images. Actually, I could even write the post for the site first, and swap the urls for DW, so I'd basically get both done right away.

If I finish these posts early enough, maybe I will play a bit more unsaga. But I've been going to bed super early so I'll probably end up sleeping afterward.

I counted walking to the doctor as my exercise today (it was like... over an hour of walking XD) and yesterday I like... couldn't bring myself to do it so I reallllyyyy gotta make sure I do it properly tomorrow.
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Oh yeah, I forgot to ever make a post about this, and it's like... two weeks old now.

Imperial SaGa added a new "Role System" to the game!

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Since we're low on money but want to buy some new magic arts, we're going to head back into the desert to go to a place that I bypassed before.

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