Mar. 16th, 2017

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So once I got to where the images are on tumblr, it's actually a lot faster to edit the play diary posts... because the images are still in the posts! I can just save them all quickly and then rename them as I go a lot more easily, too. I've made a bunch of vim recordings that help me reformat various things, so overall it's going much faster. I could probably finish unsaga by the end of the weekend if I would actually work on it lolol.

But I suddenly got hit with a wave of demotivation. Or rather like... restless frustration? I'm like angry at life and don't want to do anything, and keep randomly worrying about things in the far future that I have no reason to worry about. I'm trryyyyiing not to but lol.

But yeah I might force myself to keep up editing the play diaries for the rest of the night since I don't have anything else to do anyway. I'm in Kurt's scenario now. I also played a little bit more of unsaga and have something great to add to that diary too~~

A new event started in imsaga and there's a promo Baldyhad *_* Of course, promo characters are way too weak for me to use them anymore, but it's still cool to get a Baldyhad~~

I have enough kr for two more big pulls, but I think I'm going to try to save them up again. There's really nice character with Rainbow chance tomorrow but... I think I'd rather save it for my favs or when they add unsaga stuff.

I've mastered some of the highest level roles now, and I have crafted two wisdom pendant things, which is awesome (it boosts magic like 15 or 20 or something *_*!)

I'm probably just going to grab the witch robe thing from the current event and that's it. Maybe I should like... try to run through the story a couple more times while I'm not doing much with events? Like, get some more stuff in my history. I think I have all the 7 and 8 star quests now. But I can S-Rank up to 9 star easily enough. There's probably some egg route quests I don't have. I don't think I'm really up to trying the cube route yet... I think the very first quest in it is like 10 or 11-star?! I can clear up to 12 stars but they are hard. And if the first quests are that high, I probably would get stuck somewhere...

But yeah seeing Baldyhad makes me wanna play Minstrel Song D:

ETA: lol forgot I disabled auto-formatting for the sake of writing the last romasaga3 entry. Actually maybe I'll work on those. I have one more of those to write, and a couple unsaga entries to write, too.
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While we bought some of the magic we wanted, there's still a couple expensive arts I want to pick up. But we're also kind of running out of things to do without sealing any Abyss Gates. If you remember what we learned from Johannes and Anna in Lance, the Abyss Gates can be found in Toughturn Mountain, Great Western Ocean, the jungles of the south, and the Devil Emperor's Palace.

Of all of these, we're most familiar with the Devil Emperor's Palace, because that's where we had to go to rescue Gon when he ran off looking for Mitch.

So, it's off to Pidona.

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Lots and lots of subadventures have passed. I'm going to gloss over many of them, since they're ones we've seen before, and nothing particularly amazing happened. And then I am going to detail one of the more interesting ones at the end :)

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