Apr. 5th, 2017

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Sooooo my internet has been out for over 24 hr lololol I die.

I'm at the library now.

Also, I was playing unsaga yesterday since there was no internet, figuring I'd just make a bunch of progress in my playthrough...

Well, apparently if you're not connected online, screenshots just... DON'T SAVE to the OneDrive folder?????????? Like I figured they'd still save there and then like... upload later when you have a connection but instead it just doesn't even take the screenshots at all. So I got like... almost entirely through Laura's story (I got all the EGs lol) and didn't get a single screencap. So, uh, I guess I'll just start Laura's scenario over from the beginning later for the play diary X_X

So without internet I had no idea what to do with myself, other than like... eat. So I ended up playing Scarlet Grace, and it's really fun. So I think I might put unsaga off for a while since I'm frustrated with it and just play sgsg right now? IDK LOL. I came to the library just to do KA and catch up on imsaga and 3gks... I thought there was going to be more imsaga to do but I reached my limit in the current event and can't really beat the next trial, so... I don't have anything to do now XD

My entire week was so messed up lol X_X Well, it's still messed up. It won't be normal again until like... Monday.

lol also now that I've arrived here, it's storming and it's supposed to be thunderstorms until like... tonight. So I'll have to walk home in the storms. Yay this week :)

Also it's like... noisier here than I thought it would be lol. Not as quiet as GPL. I miss GPL lololol. I'mma try moving to another desk, though. Because I'm very close to the information desk so I keep hearing voices and phones nad stuff and it's making me very anxious lmaoooooooo I'm so broken I can't even feel comfo at a library.


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