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It's finally time to head to Kurt's final adventure! We're going to see both story paths, too!

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There's only a few subadventures left before Kurt's story finally moves on for the last time. We're not going to unlock any new places this time, except for Starship Anchor. But we have already unlocked that, so... no new places.

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It's subadventure time! We have five more adventures to take on before Kurt's story progresses any further. I'll keep the details out of those since we've done them all before, so we can get on with the story parts.

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Kurt and friends have made a lot of progress :) The only thing available to do now, besides heading into the final adventure, is do some subadventures and wait for the story to progress a bit. So we're going to do just that.

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When we last left Kurt and friends, we had recently spent way too long wandering around caves with our new friends Norff and Mordeus, and then smashed up Fugar's Mansion mostly so we could steal his daughter's magic tablet.

We also just... happened to defeat Agares very early and opened up Kurt's final adventure. Oops.

But we're still far too weak to try to go take on Chaos, so we're going to do some adventuring to pass the time, and maybe see what's going on in the Temple of Iskandar again.

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Last time we left off, we had ventured through the Jade Forest and ended up at Sadovos, the same path Mythe had taken Michelle through in order to find Judy's grandfather Josef, to ask him about the gauntlet. In the end, Mythe just popped the gauntlet off in some kind of weird youngster shenanigans we can only imagine, but this time, we have no brave kiddos, so Josef, interested in the power of the gauntlet, decides to tag along on our adventure.

Now, we're going to go back to Gadeira where we started, and embark on the original adventure we saw in the inn, "The Three Keys."

There's an isolated house far from town that used to belong to an aristocrat known for his eccentricities. It seems anymore, the house is abandoned and known as "Monster Manor."

Creepy house full of monsters. Seems like that's definitely worth our time, right?

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Welcome back! It hasn't been long since I finished Mythe's story, but I'm already excited to start adventuring with Kurt. Kurt is one of my favorite characters even if his scenario is the most annoying to play, and he was also one of the first characters I ever cleared. Since then, I've never replayed his game (you'll soon see why), so I've forgotten a lot about the story. This game came out more than 10 years ago, after all!

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