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Thanks to everyone who expressed condolences/sympathies/etc about the thing with my grandfather. My mental health kinda plummeted recently with the stress of that and some other things so I didn't really respond to anyone, but I did read everything here and even on Miitomo and stuff. So thanks a lot for your thoughts.

He seems to be doing okay, as in hanging on for now, but... there's still a lot of worry and tension surrounding it. And then my mom told me yesterday that my grandmother isn't doing well and we should take a trip out to see her very soon...

I'm trying to not focus on it too much.

At therapy on Tuesday (I had to go on Tuesday instead of Thursday alskdjfklasdjf) I didn't even have to bring up social security and disability because my therapist suggested it himself lol. I guess that's a bit more validating but... at the same time it's kind of frustrating lol. Not that he brought it up but that I'm like ... so obviously a mental case XD

I started working on the website again. I've been kind of ignoring it (and everything) recently, but I'm making a lot of progress. If I keep going at this pace I could launch very soon, as in within a week. But I'll probably slow the pace down over the weekend and focus more (or entirely) on drawing coloring pages then.

I ordered a set of dumbbells (omfg it's spelled with two b's?!) online recently with my Bing points. The shipping would have been a ton (like $20 or something) but I could get free shipping with $10 more of items, and I'd be able to cover the entire purchase with Bing points so I wouldn't have to spend any money, so I went and found a new coloring book for Dens and I got a Forster novel that I don't have yay. It's his sci-fi dystopian thing that I forget even existed until now.

Um I just remembered Happy Bookers. Oops. I totally forgot about the dog book O_o uhhhhh

Yeah idk.

Anyway, I'm doing this thing now where I like... have a chart to track my ability to focus and complete daily tasks as well as put stuff like exercise and sleep and medications in there... to see if my mood cycles (rather than like, triggers, I guess?)

And in therapy we might start focusing on like... learning life/work skills lmaoooo. Maybe next we will do times tables and read a picture book.

The main things I need to do for the site now are just to write the index/intro pages for each play diary, make a 'new' play diary page (like, a page that shows recent updates and stuff), and uh... maybe make an overall home page, I guess. But I'm thinking of making the new and home page the same thing, since... what else would even go on the home page anyway? There's a nav menu at the top of the pages now where you can select all the diaries and see which ones I have planned (I pretty much just typed in every title in the Elite Four series, though with Harvey I only put things from DS Cute and back, and left out some alternate versions).

Anyway, I should stop blathering and do some exercise and get back to work.

Also for breakfast today I ate Reese's Eggs lmfao.


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