Jan. 18th, 2017 11:40 am
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I got my 100-day streak badge on KA~~~

I was getting kinda worried because today was day 102. I was about to write support about it because I really wanted my badge hahahah XD But it just popped after my mastery challenge today for some reason.

And speaking of study stuff, I started taking notes on SaGa SCARLET GRACE as I play, and I'm actually taking the notes in Japanese. I haven't written in Japanese in so long... my handwriting is so wonky anymore. Not that it was amazing to start with or anything.

I'm basically keeping notes on where all the blacksmiths are and what they specialize in -- though I mentioned this in the play diary, I think. And then I'm also taking notes on what materials I need to upgrade certain things that I want to upgrade, so I'm not constantly running to blacksmiths and looking through every last item to see what I can and can't upgrade and what stuff costs lol.

I'm also taking notes of words that I have to look up or words I don't know how to read. As in like, I know what it means and I know the word, but I can't say it.

Japanese is different from English in this way in that in English, even if you don't know a word, you can at least GUESS the pronunciation, and you'll generally be close enough that someone else could probably understand you.

But in Japanese, characters can have many different pronunciations which are vastly different, so you could guess one and be so far off it sounds nothing like the word at all. I mean, there are certain ones it's more likely to be in certain situations or whatever, so you can make educated guesses but...

And then there's the fact that characters carry meaning as well as readings, so it's possible you could come across a word you've never seen before, gather its meaning through context easily, but have absolutely no idea how it would even be pronounced.

And I have a lot of words like this -- words that I actually know, and could read or write them, but if I had to say them, I wouldn't even be able to tell you how to say it. I guess it's similar to reading something with emoticons or emojis in it -- you see them, understand them, can produce them in your own writing, but if you have to SAY them, you're suddenly stuck. For emoticons of course you can just describe them, but for Japanese words you just... have no phonetic component to your lexical entry for this word so there's just... no pronunciation for you. It's so weird. But you can still read entire sentences with words like this in it and they make perfect sense, you just wouldn't be able to say them aloud???

But yeah, I have many words like this in my vocabulary because I have so many words I've picked up through reading and haven't been diligent enough to actually look up how to say them. It's not particularly hard, but it gives me a headache because it's sort of like doing a word search -- when you just have to look through a jumble of characters and try to pick out the one you're looking for. That always makes me feel dizzy and my head starts hurting. I can't do word searches because of this, and I hate stuff like looking up words in dictionary or whatever because of this (which is why I'm very fortunate for electronic dictionaries these days, because you just TYPE the word and it finds it for you!)

But with Japanese, you can't just... type the word. Because there are thousands of Japanese characters, you can't have that many keys on a keyboard (well, you could I guess XD), so when you type Japanese, you actually type it by sounding out the word (you type in Romanization, like... Japanese keyboards are also QWERTY XD) and then there's like an autocomplete thing that lets you pick the characters (since almost every word is a homophone with like fifty other words in Japanese, which is why it's nice to have the Chinese characters that have meanings XD) Also, this means in order to type in Japanese, Japanese people have to know not only their own script, but the roman script, too, and how Japanese is Romanized. that's just... too many characters to memorize XD How do they do it?!

So if you want to look up a word you don't know how to say, you have to look it up by its radicals, which are the little like... pieces of the character, like... I don't really know how to explain it, but each character is made of like... lots of little characters jumbled together in various ways. If you're using a paper dictionary for this, you have to know which is the 'major radical' and how these are ordered and stuff, but thankfully with electronic dictionaries, you just can click on all the radicals and it will show you all the characters containing those radicals... and they're ordered by the number of strokes (like, penstrokes) it takes to write the character, so if you can count those you can find it easily enough.

But if you have like, a word with many characters, something like 帝国図書館 (Imperial Library, to use an example that shows up in SaGa SCARLET GRACE a lot haha) you'd have to look up five separate characters, then paste them all together and search in a dictionary for them. These days, there are 'advanced' Japanese dictionaries online thanks to WWWJDIC, and you can paste as much text as you want and it will attempt to parse it into separate words and look them all up for you. It's not perfect and doesn't translate anything, just brings up a bunch of dictionary entries, but it's still super helpful. For example, "Imperial Library" would not come up with a single definition, so if you didn't know the words and only could look up one at a time, you'd have to try to figure out how many words there are (is this 5 words? 3 words? 2 words? 1 long word? Who knows!) by splitting it up into different sized chunks of characters and searching for each... XD

Anyway, we don't have to do that these days.

So to look up 帝国図書館 , assuming you don't know how to say any of the characters, you would have to start by trying to find 帝 .

And to do that, you have to look at a chart like this:

Which just looking at it makes me dizzy. These are all the radicals that can be a part of a character. So you have to have a pretty good handle on what all these look like in different shapes (because often they don't really look like what they look like on this chart lol) and where they begin and end... and then look at the character you're trying to look up and try to pick out the radicals and then click them on this page...

This is the newest and most helpful kanji dictionary I've found online, and it actually greys out radicals that are not possible combinations with the ones you've selected, which is very helpful. Before, most dictionaries did not update while you were using them, so you just clicked checkboxes next to each radical you wanted, typed in a number of total strokes for the character, and pressed search, and it would come up with a new page of all characters that matched. A lot of times you didn't realize you may have made a mistake counting strokes wrong or whatever. There's also stuff where like... some radicals are actually just combinations of other radicals, so you might forget that some random combination also counts as its own radical, and select the individual ones that make it up and it won't show up... and sometimes stuff just looks like something else but isn't that for some reason... it's very frustrating LOL. Usually it's easy enough, though, and you can find them somewhat quickly...

But it still makes me dizzy and gives me a headache looking for the radicals in the chart X_X But this is what I have to do to look up words I don't know how to say, and this is why I often just decide not to learn how to say it. Especially since it's quite possible to look up how to say it, say it to yourself a few times, say it as you read it... then not see the word again for a long time and forget by the next time you see, and have to look it up again. And I forget things easily so I can easily look up a word, say it to myself, then forget it like by the next sentence and have already exited the dictionary tab or whatever lololol.

So I've started writing down all the words I don't know how to say and looking them up, which helps me remember just from writing them down, and then if I forget, I usually will remember that I wrote it down, have an idea whereabouts I wrote it down, and be able to find it way more easily than doing all of THAT.

It's also helpful if you happen to know other words that contain the same characters, because you can just type the other words you know and then delete the characters you don't need lmao.

For example in 帝国図書館 , the first two characters mean emperor and country, so you might already know those words as 帝 mikado and 国 kuni for some reason, and then you can just type "mikado" and "kuni" and you'll get 帝国 , but despite it being possible to read those characters as mikado-kuni, the word 帝国 is said as "teikoku" which is nothing at all like "mikadokuni" so this is why you can just have no idea how to pronounce stuff in Japanese despite probably easily being able to pick up the word "empire" from context if you saw it being used in a way that made sense and the characters literally mean "emperor's country."

For a more convoluted example, for the library part you could know words like 書留 kakitome (registered mail) and 館内図 kannaizu (indoor map) which contain all the three characters you need, so you'd have to type those words, and then delete characters and rearrange them... still easier then looking them up in the kanji clicker thing. Also only the 館 kan part is pronounced the same, the 書 kaki from kakitome and 図 zu from kannaizu are pronounced as syo and to respectively, so "library" is 図書館 tosyokan and not something like zukakiyakata, which would still be using completely valid readings of those characters but it would make no sense and no one would have any idea what you're trying to say, because there are like 100 different characters that can be pronounced with those sounds, too, so it's not like you can just guess LOL.

Anyway, I guess I'm just kind of venting the frustration that is trying to look up Japanese words and learning them without knowing how to say them XD And hopefully you can get an idea of why I often just choose NOT to look them up in a dictionary. Usually if I know all the characters at least, I'll just look it up (and of course, if you're reading something online, you can copy/paste the text into a dictionary!) but in games there's always tons of WERID words, and games in fantasy settings like to use obscure or obsolete characters instead of the normal ones, similar to how in fantasy settings in English we like to use lots of weird ~old sounding~ words and fake middle English and stuff. So a lot of times it can even be a word I know but they're just using some ridiculous old character to write it that is like 25 strokes and hard to see because it's all so tiny and mushed together, when they could have just used the modern character that is like 4 strokes. But it doesn't ~look cool~ so they write this weird crap in the game XD

Jan. 11th, 2017 09:21 am
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wawwawa, so I made a phone call today. I called back the psych people like 5 minutes after they called me. It helps if I'm super tired because I don't have time to get scared or something???????? Plus I had been anticipating this so I was a bit braced for it. Everyone had just left for the laundromat so I knew it was the perfect time to make a phone call and just did it.

So now I have a psych appointment. Yay. It's in about a month. It's on a Monday which is good because every appointment I've had has been on a Monday so far. But it's on the 13th, which is the day before V-day, and Dens will probably be sad that I have to leave the day before V-day.

Anyway, I looked up the doctor that the phone person said I was going to have an appointment with, and it's not the hot mustache guy from the psych department lmaoooo. The guy I'm seeing is a baldie, though. To be honest I'd rather see a woman but I've already had enough difficulty getting an appointment in the first place so I can't really afford to be picky. Apparently this guy seems to know a bit about neurological disorders, because on his profile thingy it listed autism and ADD as things he "treats," though they weren't part of his "green list" which are things he apparently has a lot of patients for or something, but those included phobia, anxiety, and depression (I would assume he has more patients with those things because they're much more common) soooo hopefully this is somebody who knows about the things I am dealing with lmao, and hopefully he'll take me a bit more seriously when I say I might be autistic than my regular doctor who dismissed it immediately within like 5 minutes of meeting me.

I love Dr Marlin though and she is very helpful and considerate. I think that the autistic world is something a lot of people just don't know about so I can't really blame her and it's not like it's her specialty or something, and she still suggested I get full neuropsych testing, but the place she referred me to didn't do that, and was kind of rude to me on the phone, and before I even got my insurance, I was looking at things in the network and that place really made me feel uncomfortable so I never ended up going.

But yeah APPOINTMENT. Now I have something else to worry about for another month yayayay

I'm on a higher dosage of Prozac now. I think it's hard to really communicate what is even wrong with me because 1. that is part of what is wrong with me and 2. there is just so much???

And um I looked up this psych dude on those like dr-rating websites and like half the reviews are like 'best ever so wonderful listens to everything and helps so much' and the other half are like 'stole my money wouldn't listen to a single word doesn't care' so it's like... hahahaha. No one really gave any details, so I guess it's better not to really worry about any of it.

I think it's easy to feel like people are not listening to you when you're having difficulty communicating. Dennis has a lot of trouble communicating these days and often feels like I'm not listening or not trying when honestly he's just not making any sense. And I know that a lot of times I don't make any sense when I'm talking to Dr Marlin, especially because I'm trying to explain a lifetime of mental disorder in 15 minutes while having a lot of anxiety about how to explain it, and sometimes it feels like she's not listening. But she is listening, she just has a lot to try to understand and I'm not really helping make it any easier. But I think some people would just get frustrated and accuse the other person of not listening. So I think whenever I hear people say that their doctors are not listening, I immediately give the doctor the benefit of the doubt. Because I think doctors honestly have a very hard job, and everyone describes their problems differently, and most people think that because their problems are obvious and familiar to themselves, that they should be that obvious to someone else when they explain them.

But the problem with this benefit of doubt is that there are doctors who don't listen, and doctors who just go through the motions or are more interested in selling drugs or maintaining regular appointments are not entirely uncommon. There are doctors with biases and doctors with prejudice and doctors who simply don't care. Doctors are just people and they come with all the hideous flaws that all people have. And so it's not unreasonable to think that people's doctors simply don't listen, or are perhaps too proud to consider where they may make mistakes enough, things like that.

Anyway, I'm mostly just rambling because I'm nervous and still trying to calm down from the terror of making a two-minute phone call. I've actually been here clattering around at the keyboard for almost an hour now. I should probably get up and make some coffee and go to the bathroom. Not that I have anything to do. I do want to get back to reading my book though.

I actually ended up spending all of yesterday reading. It's rare that I'm actually able to read without being too distracted (maybe it's the Prozac???) and so I took the opportunity to do nothing but read for the entire day. I did eat a couple times, and took a few breaks to chug away at some grinding I have to do in Imperial SaGa, but other than probably about an hour or two of combined time doing all that, and then writing the unsaga entry before going to bed (the gameplay was done the day before), I was pretty much on the floor with a book the entire day. And I still didn't finish! Well, I read slow. And I'm ALMOST done. Everything is wrapping up in the story already. But I decided to take a little break and ended up writing the unsaga entry, and got too tired by the end to continue reading.

In a way, I was hoping to finish the book before my dad went to the laundromat today, so I could ask him to drop the book off in the return slot (the library is very close to the laundromat), but alas, I did not. But it's not due til tomorrow, and I'll be visiting Dens a day early this week, so I can have him take me when he picks me up (the library is also close to the apartment lol. I can walk there but it's a bit further than the grocery and the weather recently is not great for walking.

I realize I can just renew my loan on the book but I have anxiety about doing that for no reason and I'm quite enjoying it anyway just actually want to finish it. I'll be done well before anyone else in the book club because everyone else is going through stuff right now lol. But it's an interesting story and I'll probably be posting about it soon.

I'm at 95-day streak on KA right now (!!!) so only 5 more days until I get my 100-day badge thingy. I'm going a bit slow in my general progress though because matrices are a lot to wrap your head around. But only the beginning, I think. Once you really start to get it, it makes a lot more sense. But I've been slow to reach that point, because whenever matrices are taught, they're taught very mechanically, and it's very hard to grasp even what the point of them are.

I guess it helps that I understand a bit about the general concept of how computer animation works, even if I don't understand it in detail enough to know the matrix functions going on underneath. But the more I practice manipulating and using matrices the more it's starting to make sense. It really helps to understand that they are a human construct, a tool designed to perform a function, rather than a tool designed to represent and communicate an observed relationship.

OK, I've now taken a shower even (!) and made coffee, so I guess I'll get back to reading, idk. Recently I feel like I can't do anything (what else is new, lol, but I mean it's particularly disabling right now) so it's hard to start anything. I was very lucky that I got into reading when I did yesterday. I'm pretty excited to finish, and even though the book is literally inches (I really overuse 'literally' anymore, something I used to be annoyed when others would do) from my fingers, picking it up and opening it seems... so hard... even though... I want to...

So I guess I'll stop typing here and just... force myself to do it. Which again is easier said than done lol.

OH OH OH but I did want to talk about Civ. I've been playing a lot of Civ 5 recently, because X gifted it to me. We've been playing together, too. I actually have like multiplayer games going with many people right now lol. But anyway... yeah, IDK, I don't have a lot to say, really. I wanted to comment on all the little things that happened but I don't remember any now, and you can see it all by looking through my screencaps on Steam. But there are so many hot leaders lmaoooooooooo. Also I got Tycho Brahe as a scientist which was quite exciting.

Anyway, I guess I don't actually have much to say about that. I'll just go now.


Dec. 13th, 2016 11:00 pm
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I need to post here more lol. I was all like YEAH ACTIVE LJ AGAIN and then now I never post.

I guess firstly I should say that I'm upset about the massacre in Aleppo earlier. I felt sick reading about it this morning. I don't really have anything to say about it other than it is very sad and hurts my soul and I'm afraid for the future of humanity. But I feel like I need to mention it at least...

I don't even remember what I've done since the last post but I've finished Pokey Sun and I'm almost done with the Pokedex. I just need a few exclusive things from the other version but no one else I know playing that version is near being able to get me those things lol. I don't really want to go on until I get them though because shiny charm and I want my eggs to have better shiny chance.

That's about it really, as far as games.

I haven't been working on the programming tut here because after getting pretty far into it and wanting to change the order of a couple articles, I realized quickly how horrible it would be to make changes in this format the more pages that existed.

So I'm working on creating an actual web site to host them. So I'm still working on it, but not in the way of creating content right now. So the uh 'test' release of the first project will be postponed a bit. Though it shouldn't take me too long to get it up and running now.

I know the very minimum about HTML (pretty much what I learned by being an LJ user lol and a tiny bit more from building a little web applet that was mostly JavaScript once...) and almost nothing about CSS (I just... understand it in concept but have never actually tried using it). I knew nothing at all about PHP (fortunately it's a lot like JS and now I'm wishing I would have just went with nodejs, but it's nice to learn new stuff I guess) and I only understand the syntax of SQL (like, as in making databases or whatever dynamically with it) but not how to actually implement it functionally. So on top of learning 4 programming languages all at once, I also had to teach myself how to use IIS to locally host the site for testing, including configuring PHP for it which was a huge hassle.

Now I'm wondering if I should have learned ASP instead of PHP or used server-side JS instead... it's all.. very... exhausting hahaha.

I've adjusted to Prozac pretty quickly. I don't feel like I'm having really any positive effects from it yet but I pretty much just had side effects for like two days. Prozacs are really cute, they're like little white teardropish shapes. They are way cuter than Wellbutrin. They're also a lot easier to swallow. they pretty much dissolve since they're not SR so they just get soft and I can chew it if I have to (I haven't had to though)

On KhanAcademy I've made a ton of progress. I finished all of algebra and trigonometry. Now I'm doing pre-calculus. Which includes probability and statistics which I hate. If Jimmy, Sally, Sarah, and Billy all want to sit in the theatre but Sally and Billy won't sit next to each other because they had a fight, how many seating arrangements can you make??? LOL. I really hate it... I think I'm getting the hang of it, though.

In Imperial SaGa, I ended up spending my Kr on an event where you could get Dantarg or Kzinssie. I got neither. I am very upset lol. I've been listening to science podcasts while grinding though which is good because I get to listen to things and the grinding doesn't feel tedious at all. Since I did buy two races with the kr, I got 22 characters. I'm keeping one, and the other 21 I'm going to grind to crowns and dump them in the jutsu facility. With the kind of strength Doll is displaying, I think that once I finally get access to the top jutsu, she will become very powerful... as will jutsu in general. It seems like late-game and with enough effort, jutsu will start to outshine waza. Maybe. I don't know. With waza you have to worry about accuracy so it takes a lot longer to power them up, but the base power starts higher. So I feel like with jutsu once you get them powered up to around waza level of strength, they will power up faster since you don't have to do accuracy and mess with the give-and-take of accuracy and power. You just constantly boost power.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE is coming out tomorrow. I don't know how long it will take for me to get my copy. I paid for the cheapest shipping which I think can take like... a month? Plus at this time of year it will probably take longer... so... I shouldn't get too excited about playing it any time soon lmao XD

Also I need to add Kahuna Hala and Buzzwole to the humpchart lolol.


Nov. 6th, 2016 01:17 am
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So I had another dream lol. This one was not nearly as long or involved, but basically Dens had decided to run for some kind of office so we were in some like... government building thing idk. It was in Ohio, too, lol. I have a lot of dreams that take place in Ohio.

Anyway, I was just kind of tagging along and he did all the things he needed to do to like... apply to run or whatever, and then left but I... stayed there?? And was like... playing 3DS or on my phone or something and like... said I was going to follow soon but then never left and it ended up being like the middle of the night and I was locked inside the building??

Anyway, I had this like... portfolio thing full of documents that ... belonged somewhere in the building and I had just been like... borrowing it? But now because I had kept it too long, it was considered stolen.

So uh, the document-seeking dogs were coming after it LOL and like, they started to come around the corner one by one, like scary Dobermans... it was like a horror film XD there were four of them. And I was like "Oh, yeah, it was an accident guys, don't worry. I'll bring it back now." LOL like I was just talking to them XDD And then one like bit my hand but not like... attacking but like... to try to pull me along, like it didn't hurt, just like... lightly chewed on my hand and kinda tugged at me XD And I was like "OK OK calm down I am coming" XD

And then they took me to this office with this guy who looked like the mustache-version of Commander Grant that I did the art of in the last post. And like, He was wearing a pink shirt and tie (the shirt was pink; I don't remember the tie color but I think like silver XD) and omfggggggg he was the hottest person ever XD

And I apologized and gave them the documents and he laughed and said he'd escort me out (since I was still locked in the building). And so we went to leave and when we got back to the like weird lobby area (it looked more like... some kind of modern hipster office rather than a government building honestly) where I had been sitting and playing games when the dogs came, I like... stopped and was like "I know this is really weird, but I just have to say I think you're extremely attractive???"

And then like as I was saying that like... his friend came around the corner who was like this chubby guy who was going to let me out, like I guess he was the guy with the keys idk. And I was like omg why did I say it when this person was coming D:

And then the guy just like laughed again or whatever and was like "What do you want me to kiss you or something?" and I was like ?!?!?!?!?!?!

And then he just like... kinda grabbed me and like... was like licking on my neck and stuff? And I was like ... freaking out and melting LOL but then he like started doing it to the other guy too and I was like omfg what is even going on??

And then I woke up LOL

Today we went to like 6 different stores and I was dying. I even told Dens to leave me alone for the first time ever lol. Like... not in a mean-sounding way like that LOL but like I never say anything when I need space even though he's very smothering, but today I was like "I don't mean this in a bad way but I really need some time alone right now" lol. And he was cool about it thankfully so yay. Recently he's been really supportive ??? Of my like... mental health, I guess. Like... I don't really want to go into why this is different/important because it's frustrating/sad and I guess if you've read every single entry here you probably get it but like yeah It's very good lol.

I've been playing Imperial SaGa again because someone was talking about it on GameFAQs (like, someone actually posting on the imsaga board XD) and like... I remember why I quit LOL. Because I just have a million stupid tedious things I need to get done but I also get super addicted to the game and don't want to do anything else because I feel like I "have" to get stuff done in the game.

Because I hadn't played in a while, I had kinda accumulated a bunch of like... event tickets and stuff, so I got a ton of free characters. I almost got RSG3 Herman but I didn't get him X_X But he was in the race and looked like he was gonna win XD (Like, you get characters through a gacha/random draw, and like... they run a little race and you recruit the winner XD)

BUT I did get Nise-Robin

So I am very happy about that XD Not only is he a fat character but he's a fat middle-aged mustache character. And surprisingly popular??? Well, I think because the whole Robin thing is just really funny and memorable part of RSG3. They even made like... an animated music video thing of that scene LOL (Which also means that they gave Nise-Robin a voice ... a singing voice XDD And he has that kind of deep glottal voice that I like lmfao)

Romancing SaGa 3 honestly has such a great cast XD I really really really want to see a Minstrel-Song-style remake of this game...

Here's a cool pic of him from imsaga as well:

Though that's the art for the weaker version of him (most characters have two versions, a common one that is weak, and then a rare one that is stronger)

Of course, my FAV chara from RSG3 is Tiberius:

Who I'm still bitter isn't playable in imsaga -_-; Every other RSG3 character is playable, as well as like 5 or 6 NPCs... but not Tiberius who is a player character and part of a major/memorable quest???

I'm also quite fond of Herman:

He's the one I almost got in the gacha lol.

I guess while I'm at it, here's Wod:

Who is also my default lj icon lol.

That makes up my whole RSG3 fuzzy-face harem XDD

I'd really like to do a romasaga3 play diary? I think it would motivate me to actually finish the game (I keep getting kinda far but not really and never finishing it lol). But yeah maybe I'll do that when I finish unsaga diary.

I have had the weak versions of all of them in imsaga (well, not Tiberius since he doesn't exist) but Nise-Robin is my first strong one <3 <3 I have to be careful to train him well the first time so I don't have to like... do the resets or whatever X_X His stats are bad, though.

It's hard to really describe but... your stat gains are random, but after so many quests, your stats stop raising. And then each stat has a growth rate for each character, and there's also a max for each stat. Basically his potential for defense is HUGE but his other stats are bad. Which... in this game, you pretty much just want tons of speed and attack. I guess there are moments where defense would be nice but they are few and far between. Still, I'm gonna raise him up the best I can... he also has a sword (which is a weapon I don't have ANYONE of high rank with, so that's cool).

Anyway, the TV went off so I'm going to sleep now. The only other thing I was really going to say is that I finished geometry (though I think I said that) in KA and have been doing algebra more. Today I practiced anew like 13 squares/skills or so. So hopefully I can master them quickly.


Nov. 4th, 2016 03:10 am
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today was a day

I did like nothing????

I set up a picarto.tv account and made some new commission prices, based on how long I predict certain amounts of work to take at $10/hr

and that's about it

a lot of sitting around

lots of tumblr and facebook lol

I kept meaning to do things all day but never did.

I did manage to get a little KA in. I did the mastery challenge for my last skill I needed in geometry and now I've 100%d geometry lol.

I decided to move on to the rest of algebra instead of going to trig next. the advanced algebra stuff is pretty fun though so it's nbd

i can't stream or anything on the weekends so this weekend i need to make sure i'm working on the comic and the programming course

i decided i am indeed going to split everything up into smaller entries after reading a thing about accessibility -- keeping everything organized into smaller chunks that are less intimidating and distracting would make it more accessible to people with certain kinds of disabilities and stuff so...

i need to play more on my mythe game in unsaga too XD it's not that i don't want to play, I've just been doing other stuff and figured i would play it when i needed a break or whatever but I've just been doing the other stuff and haven't really gotten around to playing it lol. someone has been talking on the imsaga board and it makes me want to play that too lolol

our water cooler thing broke sort of? so it's not giving out cold water anymore, just... water. i mean it's ncie to at least have filtered water buttttttt

i noticed that after a while of purposely not typing capital i's, autocorrect just decided to stop doing that for me lol. i guess it realized i wanted 'em little. actually i just don't care enough to press shift right now XD (even though i literally had to press it for the XD lol...) <--(and these parentheses lolol)

overall today tho i felt very unenergetic and unmotivated. i didn't really have an appetite and it was hard to get out of bed. felt uncomfortable and tired all day. kinda a shame since I've been feeling fairly enthusiastic at the very least recently. hopefully it was just a one-day funk!

also i had more vivid dreams but I've forgotten everything this time. i didn't even bother trying to remember last night's, though, because i felt horrible waking up and didn't care about anything lolol.

Oct. 31st, 2016 12:29 am
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I had a super weird dream last night but now I can hardly remember any of it. I wanted to write it this morning but I didn't really have time to because I did KA and then took a shower and watched the Colts game and then ... kept doing things basically and forgot about the dream and then JUST REMEMBERED.

But it was another mostly-third-person dream, but this time it was about a boy named Yuki and like, there was some kind of... huge apocalyptic disaster? Like these big waves crashed everywhere and like, idk, destroyed the Earth LOL but it didn't like flood just... everyone died and things were messy looking??? And like, he moved around, and people put potato chip bags in front of houses that no one was occupying, so you could tell if someone was occupying a house because there'd be no chip bag LOL. IDK, it actually made a lot of sense in the dream and was very linear and had a huge story but now I forget all of it but these random details... X_X I wish I could remember it now.

Today I had this SUPER DRAMATIC word problem on KA that literally started with "Only one remains." and I was dying:

I'm almost done with Geometry at this point. I think I'll finish it in a few days. Well, I should finish all the practice in 1-2 days, and then I'll have to do several master challenges to actually 100% it.

I was going to move on to trigonometry, but I think I might go back and pick up all the algebra stuff? I love trig and triangles but I do also love algebra and I feel like it will fill in the squares "in order" on the big map thing.

I started writing the game programming course, but I haven't published anything yet. The first 'project' the course will work through is just a number guessing game. I have multiple ideas for the future projects, so I need to really think about which will be best for learning the next set of concepts.

I wanted to get some drawing done this weekend, too (on the comic) but Dens interrupts me sooooo much that I hardly had time to do anything. Other than that little bit last night I worked on the programming course, this is my first time really having any time to do anything at all this weekend, and I have to go to bed in the next 2 hours lol.

I think I'mma try to stream tomorrow most of the day? Like a 'Halloween special' lmfao. I might play DR2? But IDK how well it will stream. Might be a bit much on the ol' processor. I don't think I really have any other monster/horror-themed games? WAIT LOL I have like RE4 and RE:Rev, PvZ, Afterfall Insanity... XD I also just got Dead Space from Dels, but I don't have the drive space for it right now (I reaaaalllllyyyyy need to clean up my drive but like... there's not much more I can delete?! My drive is just very small lol)

JSB has a new video and it's terrible. But Naoki is in it so I can forgive them. I have been largely unimpressed with JSB for a while now, and then I realize that I only really like a couple of their songs and the only reason I even really like them is because NAOKIIII and Ryuji too I guess. I mean I like all the members but if it was not for Naoki I would never have gotten into them?

DOBERMAN INFINITY has a new song/vid out too and it's... not so great, but there's a long part of nothing but Kubo-C so I can forgive that, too, I guess... But overall I just think the song... doesn't sound good? Like I feel like they're just trying to like... shove lyrics together and whatever, and the raps don't sound rhythmic enough??? And then I don't like the whole contrast with Kazuki's vocals, like... I guess it's supposed to be cool but it's just jarring to me idk. The whole thing just sounds like noise instead of music to me and I don't like it LOL. But Kubo-C! Even Ga Ga summer with its obnoxious and somewhat annoying MV was still fun to listen to. Plus it STARTED with Kubo-C hahaha.

Honestly I'm just generally disappointed by everything LDH/EXILE TRIBE, and I only really follow these groups because I want to perv over hot members??

Morning's new vid is bad, too, lol. It's not horrible, it's just... underwhelming. It's not what I want, I guess XD The song is kinda starting to grow on me (because despite being disappointed in it, I listen to it over and over lol) but I still wouldn't say I really like it? And the video is just... idk, long and annoying. Like haha they are acting like cats why do we need 5 whole minutes of this.

I'm starting to thing Haga is soooo cute though. I really love all of 12ki. I think this is probably my most liked generation overall, of all time. 4ki, 5ki, and 6ki are all really great, too, but... with each of those, there were some members that were like AMAZING BEST GREAT and then others that were really great but not at THAT level, and 12ki is just EVERYONE LOVE WONDERFUL YES

ANGERME is really the only idol group that is actually consistently satisfying me these days LOL. Oh, Country Girls have been on-point, too. And Magnolia Factory but like they haven't been doing much :\

Oh yeah I guess I should talk about the Colts game. But uh. It was just really horrible and sad and I don't even have anything to say??? TY Hilton got hurt and I was so worried. But yeah everyone did bad so I can't even say like 'well at least one of my boyfriends did this cool thing' lol. Actually Eric Walden may have gotten a cool sack or something idk it was just so bad.

The headline on the official website is even "Colts take step back after biggest loss of 2016" AND WE'VE HAD A LOT OF BIG LOSSES so uhhh lol.

While I was watching, I was kinda dicking around on tumblr on my phone and then found that like... it wasn't connecting to the wifi so I used like all my data for the month in like 3 minutes LOL (I don't get a lot of data lol). And I haven't been able to get it to connect to the wifi at all since then? I turned it off earlier and meant to turn it back on to see if that "fixed it" but I forgot to turn it back on oops.

OK, seems to be working now. Weird.

I think I'mma just sleep now lol.

Oct. 29th, 2016 08:13 pm
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We ate White Castle today :D!! And got ghost pepper sliders so it was great ^^

I think I'm going to start working on my 'how to program' tutorial thing, which is intended to be like a track to get a foundation of programming only through creating games, with the end goal of being able to develop games in Unity. Instead of focusing on learning programming through a bunch of theoretical situations, business software, example applications that do nothing practical, etc., it will focus on simply making games that grow increasingly complex, only using tools that are used in Unity development.

So it will avoid some topics you learn about programming, which can be researched on your own if you want to learn about them, but still give all the foundations for understanding object-oriented programming and how games are put together, without anything extraneous.

With that and the comic and my unsaga play, and streaming sometimes, I should be pretty busy lol.

I'm also still doing KA:

I have a 21-day stream going XD I want to get the achievement for 100 days... I'm already 1/5 of the way there...!! ( ;;; )

But yeah I filled in all those missing squares from the top. I'm doing geometry right now which is positioned after EVERYTHING algebra-related, so it's filling things in out-of-order -_-;;;

I've been having to do a lot of difficult stuff recently on there... like... well, actually very easy stuff, but I have to do a lot of multi-step problems and I often misread the instructions or mess up some kind of simple calculation in my head (like 64 + 9 = 75... I did that exact mistake like 3 separate times X_X) that screws the whole thing up. Or I forget a sign or make a typo while typing the answer >_> A really common thing I do is that a certain type of practice will ask for area like 4 times in a row, then next time ask for perimeter, and I'll just find area instead... because I won't even read the question X_X I've started forcing myself to underline what it's asking for, and for multiple-step things, I even write out like a little formula for the solution lol.

Like recently there have been these things like... where you're given some kind of coordinates for points and you have to figure out what would be the most direct route, and then it will ask 'what is the difference in meters between the direct route and the long route' or something, and I'll instead just give the length of the direct route... so I'll write out like LIR1 + LIR2 - LDR near the answer thing so I remember to do that ("length of indirect route 1" etc) and like circle the parts I need to remember LOL

I had a bunch of things I wanted to say but I forgot??

Also I started watching Hunter x Hunter... the uh, one that's on Netflix (apparently there are multiple HxH animes?) and it's cool but I kinda already forgot about it haha. But there are a lot of fun character designs and it's one of those kinds of stories that make no sense and you're just supposed to accept whatever it says, like Kingdom Hearts XDD so I'm enjoying it so far.
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So, I went to do the last couple of things I needed in that 6th grade mission on KA (since they just added a couple squares, and I did the 'ordering negative numbers' one for the sake of that example already, and so I only had one other thing to do) and ended up being able to master both because it gave me challenges for them. So then I went on and did the same for 7th grade since I only needed one square there, and then 8th grade I had about 5 squares so I did those, but it didn't let me master those, just practice.

So I was going to see what I had to do in Algebra (I was working on geometry and stats both when I last left off) but it seems they changed some stuff about it? And I didn't really want to mess with it haha. So then I was feeling a bit more awake and not so tried-panicky so I was like "Well, I'll go ahead and play the last subadventure I watned to do" (btw I got screencaps of Anzan with gun XD) and now I'm like super pumped for the end of the game so uhhhh expect the subadventure digest tonight at least. I'll probably finish the playthrough tonight but IDK if I'll write the final entry about it -- depends on how awake I feel lol. I'm super awake now though, but after finishing it that hype will prolly fade and maybe I'll crash. But I'm also kinda hyped about being able to type the last entry so WHO KNOWS.

Even though this just talks about KA, I'm going to start a "study" tag because I talk about and enjoy studying a lot. I'm not going to try to go back and tag everything from before like I did with the characters thing, though, lol. But I'll probably use this in the future, so hey. I'm always trying to study and learn random things, so... I figure this will be a tag I will use enough to warrant creating it now.


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