Feb. 15th, 2017

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Well, coming off of Kurt's scenario, I'm pretty eager to get back into playing another adventure (every time I finish this game I want to start again IMMEDIATLEY hahaha).

This time I decided to go with Armic. I was originally saving him for last, because I thought he was the most 'open' scenario, but learning a bit more about how his scenario works, I actually think that title belongs to Ventus. Ventus and Armic are the only two I haven't cleared yet (though I've played pretty far in Ventus's scenario), so it's still saving one I haven't finished for last.

Armic is one of my favorite characters in design, though. He's super cute and I absolutely love his voice. He's voiced by Tiffany Grant! And I've never heard her do a voice like this before -- Armic is a unique Tiffany Grant voice, and I think that's pretty cool. (She also voices Michelle!) Personally if I ever could meet Tiffany Grant I'd probably ask her to sign a copy of UNLIMITED:Saga instead of an Eva thing or whatever hahaha. But ... that's probably just because I love this game so much, not because the voice work here is particularly amazing.

She does a good job as Armic, though. He's very cute and funny.

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Now that we've reached Loch Vaan and given the rainmaking tablet to Yun to decipher, we're able to start our quest to gather the items for the ritual. There's no real structure here -- you just try to find the items in any way you can. You can get them through monster drops, treasure chests, and (primarily) through shopping.

The first thing we'll do is go to the inn in Loch Vaan and reconnoiter.

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With Yun deciphering the rainmaking tablet for us, we continue to search for the items on our list while doing various subadventures in Loch Vaan and Chapa.

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Things are not going so smooth for our poor little Chapa friend.

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