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So, Imperial SaGa updated last night, and it brought an entire new game mode this time! There's also a new combat event. I'll talk about the combat event first since I don't have as much to say about it, but I'll bring up some of the cool new features. But I really love the new mode~

Combat is the PvP mode thing. If you don't know, basically you choose from four opponents who have the same win streak as you and face their party (AI-controlled, you don't face live opponents, even though it's their party setup).

Anyway it's funny because you see weird stuff like this person whose party was just Snowman...

Generally, combat events are my least favorite type of event by far. They're tedious and boring. It's not really that interesting to fight other people's teams -- usually there's a clear winner before it even starts, so it's just... a lot of waiting for the battle to end. And you'll generally keep reaching around the same streak (for me it's 5-7) and then losing and having to start over.

But the new 'quick mode' option helps a LOT. It reduces all the battle animations to really simple things, so you don't have to sit and watch all of that stuff. It's like turning attack animations of in Pokémon.

I actually made a video about this when I tried it out in the last update, because it speeds up grinding quest events by a LOT.

Even though quest events are the same kind of repetitiveness, I don't mind them nearly as much. I think it's because there's a lot of little transitions between battle and map and you're picking up little items and stuff, so it feels like you're always 'doing' something, instead of just waiting through five long battles in a row.

Another cool new feature with this update is that now you can see buffs and debuffs during action selection. Before, there was no way to tell if you had them or not, other than through memory. You could see status effects, but stuff like "attack up" was not shown. Now it's all shown.

Also, elemental buffs (like flame weapon and stuff) are shown with icons, but ... it took me a while to realize that the thing in the above screencap is a snowflake to show 'cold' damage. I thought it was some kind of gear or something.


The new mode is called Abyss Battle and it has its own little portal (well, big portal) on the main menu.

By clicking it, you can enter the Abyss where there are various series of bosses you can fight for prizes.

You get a list with difficulty star rankings like a typical quest list, but instead of normal quests, you just do boss rushes. You can preview what bosses will be in the set before embarking.

What's really cool about it, though, is that your ranking is based on how many of the 'challenges' you complete. And each challenge gives you rewards for completing it, too.

For example, in the series above, the challenges are to clear the set without anyone dying, to get a super critical or hyper critical in every battle, and to clear the set with 4 or less party members.

The bosses are way tougher than what you find in normal quests. Mostly it seems they just have huge HP, so it takes a very long time to take them down, so you have to be able to withstand a lot of attacks.

There's also a new option to completely restore a character by sacrificing 1 LP. However, regenerating LP is very costly, so I didn't want to do this. Then after I died, the game informed me that the expended LP is returned after Abyss Battle. Thanks for telling me after letting me get that far and dying lol :P

The rewards in Abyss Battle are extremely good. Just for clearing it, even without completing any challenge, I got a character ticket! And then for each challenge, there was a reward of 10 growth amulets, 10 time jewels, and 100kr! And getting the S Rank is another 100kr!!

If you don't play, those are premium items and currency that you mostly get through paying IRL money or waiting for daily login bonuses.

Of course, you can only get these rewards once each -- but that's still 400kr, 30 amulets and jewels each, and a free character. That's a lot for completing a single mission. Like a lot a lot.

Later sets have different rewards, too, including exclusive weapons and gold medals.

The difficulty jump between the Abyss Battles seems pretty big, though. I was okay in the second one, but definitely am not at the level to be able to clear all three of the challenges at once and get an S Rank. So it seems like they're meant to be milestone things.

They did say they will continue to add more stuff to the Abyss Battle mode with each update from now on. But I don't know if that means replacing the existing challenges, or if they're just going to add more and more. It would be sad to miss out on the weapons because you weren't at that level during the couple weeks it was up... but that's how all events are, so...

But this is supposed to be a new game mode, not an event.

I did manage to clear the first one with an S rank, at least, so I got all those goodies. I haven't tried the second one with a full party yet (the four-member party was too hard for me XD). And what's really nice is your characters are fully restored to how they were before entering the abyss when you leave, so you can attempt it as much as you want without wearing out your characters.

I never used my character ticket, so I'll go do that now...

I got Maria of the Holy Order (purple) from RSG2. Not very useful for me lol.

But yeah, I'm really happy about this update. Very cool :)


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