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So, getting TokiMemo3 to run in the emulator was pretty exciting, so I'm thinking of doing a TokiMemo Play Diary soon. Like, after I finish one or two of the SaGa games that are going on right now (like, the current playthroughs, not the WHOLE thing).

TokiMemo is a VERY short game -- you can clear it in 7-10 hours usually. It's meant to be replayed over and over. So I'll probably try to shuffle them in between SaGa plays or something? It wouldn't be too terribly hard for me to finish a whole playthrough's diary in a single week or something.

But I'm curious what game people would want to see the most.

The ones I'm considering doing first:

Tokimeki Memorial 3 - My personal favorite, as well as the least popular of all the games lol. It's kind of the UNLIMITED:Saga of TokiMemo in a way. Um, a very vague way. It has a lot of unique systems that you don't see in the other games. It's also pretty ugly, though. The 3D models looked kinda cool when it was new, but the end result was a bunch of creepy-looking clone girls with different hair. They're even all the same height! I still love it anyway, though, and it has great characters. I've even cried at this game!! I've gotten about half the endings, but the other half, I haven't seen yet.

Tokimeki Memorial 4 - The newest game in the series, and definitely the most polished and fleshed out, too. Lots of content, great characters/stories, and some interesting new mechanics which include a sort of New Game+ feature that was sorely missing from the rest of the series. I can't get it to run perfectly in the emulator and have no other way to screencap my PSP, so it might have some minor graphical glitches similar to UNLIMITED:Saga's when I started those diaries.

Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side - The first of the Girl's Side series, which is a spinoff series where you play as a girl character and date boys. This is up there with TokiMemo3 for me as a fav, and while there are more games in the Girl's Side series, I always come back to this one because I love the characters too much. The GS games don't have as interesting or developed characters, IMO, as the 'normal' series, but they do have some unique gameplay systems, are super cute, and have great art and stills, and the characters are still great even if they're more static.

Those three are the ones I'm considering. I maaaaaybe would do the first game if there was enough demand for it. It's not bad but it feels very lacking in content compared to the newer games, so it hasn't aged all that well. But it might be interesting to see where it started from the beginning.

I don't have the 2nd game, actually.

And if I do GS, there's also the question of playing the PS2 version or the DS version. I want to do the DS version because I've already 100%'d the PS2 version, and the DS version has more content and features, but it's also... ugly because it's a DS game. Hard-to-read text, obnoxious split-screen CGs, low resolution... It's probably worth all the extra content, honestly, and I have played it quite a bit, but I like playing on the PS2 because I like having the nicer graphics and music, as well as the anime intro thing.

So if anyone would like to see any of the three of these, let me know.


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