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It's time for things to get really random. Have fun trying to follow what I'm doing, because even I am having a hard time following it, and I'm the one who did it... But we did at least get one big thing out of the way this time...!

This post is kind of long and super random, because I wanted to end with something actually interesting, and not just... after any of this random stuff. You'll see what I mean lol.

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Now that Daddy Lighthouse Darling has officially become a member of the Lizleo crew, we can... run around and do a bunch of random stuff, because honestly that's what the SaGa series is meant to be about.

If you remember before, when we entered Cerenaif before, there was a person being chased by some kind of demon or something, and we ignored that to continue looking for blacksmiths lol. Well, we're going to head back there now and see what that was about.

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I spent a lot of time kinda running around and doing whatever, so I hope this isn't too random. I have about 400 screenshots on the Vita from these play sessions since the last time...

But yeah, I'll try to cut out a lot of the random stuff, so it shouldn't be longer than normal entries for these, and some pretty interesting stuff happened!

I feel like this game has an unusual amount of story for a SaGa game. And Leonard is supposed to have the least amount of story, so I really wonder what the other characters are like!

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So, when I last left off Scarlet Grace, we had just finished a bunch of stuff in Megdasse, and moved on to the Kei province. It seems to be a desert area, and I have no idea what I should be doing there.

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I keep forgetting to go to DW and import my lj lolol I guess I'll do it tomorrow. For now I wanna write about my progress in Scarlet Grace.

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