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well, the time has come. Ruby has visited all but one of the Seven Wonders, and has collected... some... Tetra Forces. It's time for her for final travel with Iskandar, to Hanging Garden.

This is going to, obviously, contain major spoilers without further warning for the rest of Ruby's scenario and her ending.

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The time to tackle the final of the six Wonders before the final adventure. This is one of the more interesting Wonders, and actually a lot easier than I remember it being.

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But for now, we have subadventuring to do. I want to learn some more magic with Sapphire, get a L4 bow panel for Roy, and glimmer those last few arts that I'd like to have for the end. I have decent equipment, and plenty of good panels now. Not perfect, but I think we'll be okay. We've gotten through some pretty rough spots, and the party is pretty powerful at this point, just missing a few key things I think we need.
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So, we have finally gotten to our third wonder filling up a complete party of seven. There are still more characters we can recruit, but at least now there are no empty slots in the party. More of the story seemed to unfold, and we got to go to the festival of Regina Leone, which is kind of a big thing (but wasn't terribly interesting in Ruby's story as it seemed almost optional.

We also get to recruit another of my fav characters (OK, I really like most of the characters in this game) and visit one of my favorite Wonders. (... OK, I like most of the wonders, too...)

So, let's start from the beginning. There are some more minor spoilers as we go, then marked more major spoilers at the end. Also, this entry may seem long, but so much of it is just screenshots I thought were pretty so most of the length is from that.

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It's time to start taking on the seven wonders...! The more I play Ruby's story again, the more I'm starting to realize this was probably meant to be the final scenario you play :P Almost nothing is explained to you and there are so many random little cameos and reference to anything else with no context lol. Anyway, on to Starship Anchor, the first of the wonders we have to conquer... for Sapphire... for some reason.

This post is going to contain a bit of story spoilers for both Ruby and Laura's scenario (yeah, Ruby has a Laura spoiler in her story LOL) as well as the solution to Starship Anchor. I marked where the spoilers start, but just be warned.

Also we meet like... three of my favorite sub-characters (one playable) on this adventure :D

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I know I've played more than this but I don't know exactly how this unfolds after this. This is as far as I really can remember clearly. So from here on out the story should be surprising to me too XD But uh... the story is pretty much told in this fashion for the whole game so it will be a lot of ... trying to figure out even what is going on and who these people are and stuff because it will hardly make sense XD


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