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It's finally time to head to Kurt's final adventure! We're going to see both story paths, too!

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It's subadventure time! We have five more adventures to take on before Kurt's story progresses any further. I'll keep the details out of those since we've done them all before, so we can get on with the story parts.

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In our last exciting episode, Kurt and friends adventured into a weird house with weird keys just for the hell of it and ended up taking down a creepy necromancer who had for some unknown reason locked himself in the far back of a basement. And since we passed enough time, we learned that Leon has started to show his own interest in the gauntlet, in a sort of ominous way, and we've gained access to three new cities -- Longshank, Chapa, and Loch Vaan. We traveled around to them to see what's up, and in the Loch Vaan magic shop, the wizard there asked Kurt to take along his apprentice, so we gained a strange-looking new friend.

Today, we're off to Longshank, where there seems to be some hubbub around town.

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When we last left off, we had traveled to Serin past the Vale of Swords and saw some disturbing activity with the knights, and along the way rescued (and recruited) the bandit Armand.

But as I said before, I am in a hurry to get to Sadovos, so today, we're going to adventure through the Jade Forest to find our way there.

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Welcome back! It hasn't been long since I finished Mythe's story, but I'm already excited to start adventuring with Kurt. Kurt is one of my favorite characters even if his scenario is the most annoying to play, and he was also one of the first characters I ever cleared. Since then, I've never replayed his game (you'll soon see why), so I've forgotten a lot about the story. This game came out more than 10 years ago, after all!

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Oct. 12th, 2016 07:01 pm
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I was looking at the developer notes for the unsaga scenarios, and Kurt's is seriously just "His story makes no sense and is super annoying. ADVANCED PLAYER ONLY" which is pretty much the most accurate way to describe Kurt's scenario...


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