Sep. 2nd, 2016 04:57 pm
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After the wild ride that was week 10, week 11 was extremely dull. Almost all of this week was just... talking to some people to see if they would say new stuff (except for one day, there was pretty much NOTHING) and doing minimal farm work and stuff. There wasn't really anything to do lol.

Innocent Life Week #11 )

Sep. 1st, 2016 03:48 pm
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If you're reading these and actually "enjoying" the "story" of Innocent Life, make sure you have read Week #9 before reading this post, because there seems to actually be something of a narrative now and the last week's context is important for reading this week. If you didn't see the event where Masami was part of the Sunday Surprise, you didn't read Week 9 yet XD

Also, Harvey games typically do not have story, even the main storyline of Rune Factory games is pretty simplistic and it's still mostly about getting to know the characters, without them having any real narrative story (though RF does have a bit of story, especially in newer ones they've been putting more story), so honestly I was surprised that this story got... even as developed as it did? And uh, since I'm still in summer, I'm not even halfway through...??? I mean, I assume the story lasts at least an in-game year...

Also, I definitely never got this far in the story before??? Like I don't even have vague memories of any of this at this point, so... I guess I just thought I had got farther when I hadn't. My main memories weren't of the story, but rather the fall season and stuff, which... easily could have been confused with another seasonal game.

But yeah, on to Week 10!!

Innocent Life Week #10 )

Aug. 30th, 2016 06:21 am
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Innocent Life Week #7 ) Now I have to try to go to sleep IRL lol... it's so hot in here and I don't think I can really try to sleep in my room (it's like RIDIC hot in there, plus I can't turn the light on because I unplugged it because I brought my extension cord out here in to the kitchen.... and my bed is all messed up and I need to fix it before trying to sleep in it again. So I might try to sleep in the weird chair thing of my dad's in the front room :\ But who knows when he'll want to use it and kick me out. It's already 6AM though XD I guess I should go before it gets light outside. But I doubt I'll be able to sleep. I have tried to sleep in that chair before like when my roof was leaking another time and I just couldn't, no matter how tired I got... I can sleep on the couch even though it's painful and I don't sleep well, but at least I can get myself to fall asleep... but my brother is sleeping on the couch right now because his room is unusable too lol. So I guess I have no choice but to try the chair...


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