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Last time, Mythe went to Loch Vaan to talk to the fortuneteller Sapphire in hopes of learning the whereabouts of a girl named Tiffon, who had apparently sold the photograph to Fugar that caused Mythe to go into an obsessive craze.

However, instead of Sapphire, her younger sister Ruby appeared and gave a bad reading, telling Mythe to go to the bottom of a well and look for Tiffon there. And that's where we'll start today.

But first, I want to mention that each character has theme music specific to their scenario, which plays when you're in the 'town' segment of the game (when you're not on adventures), just like in the Romancing SaGa games. Mythe's is particularly cool. You can listen to it here. Ruby's has a really different feel to it, though I never mentioned it when I was playing her story. You can listen to that one here if you want. They're both really cool, though. All the music in this game is cool.

But anyway, let's go well-diving.

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well, the time has come. Ruby has visited all but one of the Seven Wonders, and has collected... some... Tetra Forces. It's time for her for final travel with Iskandar, to Hanging Garden.

This is going to, obviously, contain major spoilers without further warning for the rest of Ruby's scenario and her ending.

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So, we have finally gotten to our third wonder filling up a complete party of seven. There are still more characters we can recruit, but at least now there are no empty slots in the party. More of the story seemed to unfold, and we got to go to the festival of Regina Leone, which is kind of a big thing (but wasn't terribly interesting in Ruby's story as it seemed almost optional.

We also get to recruit another of my fav characters (OK, I really like most of the characters in this game) and visit one of my favorite Wonders. (... OK, I like most of the wonders, too...)

So, let's start from the beginning. There are some more minor spoilers as we go, then marked more major spoilers at the end. Also, this entry may seem long, but so much of it is just screenshots I thought were pretty so most of the length is from that.

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Spoilers are marked :O

Still not Isky >_>; )

That's all my adventuring for tonight. Not too much happened XD

BTW random note: this game has a pretty stellar voice cast. Lots of popular VAs in here. Tiffany Grant, Hilary Haag, Vic Mignogna, etc.


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