Sep. 21st, 2017 03:48 pm
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Oh yeah and Judy's scenario is finally complete :) Only one more to go...!

May. 31st, 2017 12:38 pm
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So I haven't updated in a while mostly because I've been obsessively playing dumb rhythm games lol. And I kinda fell into a fun depression time yay but I'm doing better now I think.

The website is almost done (like, for reals this time). I have all the programming for the play diaries site complete and now functioning a lot better than before, and a script for listing updates. I just need to make a sort of home page for everything, make a few assets for the diaries that I haven't made any for yet (Innocent Life and TokiMemo3), and finish editing the rest of the entries. Most of those things are easy/fast.

In other cool news, Imperial SaGa is FINALLY ADDING UNLIMITED:SAGA CONTENT! After tonight's update, there will be a new event based on Nakle Lines and Laura's story, it seems, and they're adding Laura and Henri to the game. that's it, just those two XD But hey, it's something! And hopefully they'll continue to add unsaga stuff after this, and not just them...

I'm really curious what art they're going to use for them. If they use the Naora art it will look really weird? But there's not really suitable Kobayashi art, so...? I wonder if they'll make new art for the game. I guess they used the weird cartoony-looking art for the SaGa 1 stuff, so... :\

Also I've been playing Tree of Savior with X and it is really fun. I kinda want to draw stuff from it but like... I always say I want to draw stuff and never do lmao.

May. 4th, 2017 05:25 pm
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Oh yeah some random stuff I wanted to mention earlier:

Imperial SaGa's 2nd anniversary is coming up and for part of it they are giving away these towels with little battle sprites on it -- pretty awesome, but probably won't be able to get one unless you live in Japan. But importantly!!! It had sprites to represent the various games that are in imsaga... and it had a sprite of Laura! Since she already has a sprite developed that either means that they made a sprite just for this stupid towel, or they've already been working on UNLIMITED:Saga assets for the game :D

And I also just wanted to say that I've discovered these games on mobile by a dev called Rayark and they are absolutely amazing. The ones I've been playing are called Voez and Cytus, and they not only are awesome mobile rhythm games, but even some of the best rhythm games I've ever played (and I have played a lot, let me tell you hahaha)

Voez has a pay-to-unlock stuff system, though you can earn free unlocks by improving your scores to see the story and participating in events and stuff. Plus there are a handful of free songs that cycle.

Cytus is free but ad-supported, but you can also buy the full version to get rid of the ads. And it's only TWO DOLLARS. It's a huge game with tons of content. I paid like $40 for DDR PlayStation discs back in the day, so $2 is really amazing. Plus this is more fun than DDR haha.

The tap charts are amazingly composed -- very musically satisfying and don't just stick to the rhythm of the main melody like so many rhythm games do anymore. And there are quite a few harder tracks in each game where you have to play two different rhythms with each of your thumbs (usually one is an easier part that follows the percussion track or something, or just straight beats, and the other is a melody or countermelody or something).

Voez in particular is neat because the background and where the tab "bars" are will move around with the feel of the song as you play. It's kind of hard to explain, but if you have an Android phone or WiiU, check out the game and you'll see what I mean easily.

Each game also has a "story," which is pretty simple, but accompanied by a lot of neat art. I really love the characters of Voez, they're all very cute. Well, the girls are. The guys don't really have personalities, but the story seems to focus on the girls more anyway.

I finished Cytus but the story makes absolutely no sense to me lmao. It's mostly told through pictures and weird abstract things and I'm bad at that haha. But from what I gathered from playing, I think the story is pretty much just... girl becomes robot (like human-AI hybrid), girl deletes her own empathy/memories to stop herself from mourning everyone who dies as she is immortal, girl ends up annihilating human race????????????????????????

IDK lmao. I actually haven't watched some of the later stuff, like the chapters they added later, like the Prologue and stuff, so maybe it will make sense once I see all that.

Anyway, there's a decent-ish variety of music, it's mostly expected electronica but there's some other fun stuff mixed in. The games are Taiwanese and it features music in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and English, so there's a lot of stuff there. A lot of non-lyrical stuff, too, though. A couple chiptunes in there, which is cool.

The game has even... given me an appreciation for dubstep hahaha. I used to think it was kind of annoying, but the way they work the tap charts into it is so fun and clever. So I actually like playing dubstep tracks XD Well, in Cytus at least. I don't remember if I've even encountered any dubstep in Voez.

Anyway, highly rec the games, both are free to download and play, and you can spend money to remove ads or unlock stuff if you want. I'm easily playing Voez without spending any money at all. And I splurged and spent $2 on Cytus to remove the ads. Honestly, the devs deserve it. When/if I have more money available, I will definitely buy a pack of keys in Voez solely to support the developers. Hopefully they will continue making great rhythm games.
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The final Elemental Gear we need to collect was entrusted to the Anubito Tribe, the same Tribe that Dagul Bos comes from, which is a little unnerving.

Before we set out, we have a few little errands to run, though.

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With more than half of the Elemental Gears collected and a couple new friends in the party, Laura and Henri are close to unraveling the secret of the Blade of Escata.

The two remaining Gears were entrusted to the Anubito and the Petran. Dagul Bos, who destroyed Escata looking for the Blade, is an Anubito, so we're going to save that adventure for last. So it's off the Petran Tribe, who says their Gear is hidden in the Cavern of Murals.

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After obtaining the Crown of Ares from Daddy Lord Galeos and meeting with Armic to plunder the Boots of Vayu from the Regal Lion's treasury, we're off to look for another one of the Elemental Gears.

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After learning about the Elemental Gears from King Foujant's books in Escata Palace, four new adventures open up in the inn (drowning out subadventures, too). We're able to search for the Elemental Gears in any order we want, so we're going to head to Chapa to ask about the Boots of Vayu.

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After an arduous journey south, we've finally reached Vaftom and made it to the festival, even if we were a bit late. Luckily, there don't seem to be any assassins at the festival (well, I guess there are those ones Kurt dealt with, but we don't need to worry about those now!) so we are free to uh... enjoy ourselves. Or cry.

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Last time, Laura met Henri, the Prince of Escata, as he was escaping assassins and literally ran into her at the funeral for her late husband Pablo. Laura agreed to escort Henri to Vaftom, which is the only place he's ever been besides Vaftom.

A quick stop at the inn, and we're ready to embark on the road again south.

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It's time for yet another UNLIMITED:Saga adventure! I actually started this and have been playing for a while -- just haven't been making the posts. I also got almost all the way to the end of the story and then realized my screencaps weren't working at all, and I couldn't go back to the last point they had worked, so I had to restart the entire game from the beginning :) Fun!

I've played Laura's scenario several times, and it was the first one I actually cleared in the game. There are two story paths, but I've actually only ever seen one of them. Though, I think, like Kurt's, they're not huge differences, but a little different at how things end up. So I'll try to get both this time.

Since I've played this before, and since I've been playing this game a lot for a while now and shopping is getting super tedious, I'm going to be doing a "No Shopping" challenge. It doesn't sound all that difficult to me, but I wanted to kind of gauge how difficult no shopping + no repair + no martial might be, without having to get myself stuck doing something that might be way too frustrating right away.

So, with that bit of explanation, we're going to load our clear data from Armic, which tells us we have cleared 4 characters total now, and start a new game!

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Apr. 11th, 2017 10:46 pm
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So, I played a bit more into Laura's scenario today. I'm at the point in the story where I'm going to be doing a bunch of subadventuring (LIKE A BUNCH) and so I have a lot of entries to write leading up to that, and a lot of playing without really any entries to do, too. So I can kinda work on both without feeling like I'm falling behind or whatever.

I also started a TokiMemo3 game. I'm going to spend the first play re-learning the game and just trying to meet everyone (well, minus the secret characters) and going over the game flow and systems and stuff and end up with the bad ending, then hopefully let readers choose what to focus on the next time around? Or something, IDK.

To meet everyone:

Makihara - always meet lol
Aizawa - pretty much always meet? not hard
Kawai - takes long to meet, but I got her as 'destiny girl' so yay
Oda - can meet quickly enough
Tachibana - I often have trouble meeting?
Shinjo - can take a long time if you're not trying to meet her and don't know what triggers it lol

I've had trouble meeting Tachibana in the past, so I might join Akido to see if that helps. I shouldn't have any trouble meeting Aizawa and Shinjo, and I feel like Oda is not that hard to meet, either.

My last playthrough (on the actual PS2), I actually was trying to get Tachibana's ending and accidentally ended up getting Makihara's lol X_X;;;

Um but also the first ending I ever got was Kawai's, and because she is kind of obnoxious to meet, I usually don't meet her most games now, unless by accident, and even then, I don't talk to her much, so in a way it's been a long time since I've really paid attention to her.

But, um, she flaps her arms and looks around a lot while talking and does raptor hands and has awkward speech patterns, including talking slower and louder than normal, and has an extreme interest in robots.

Soooo yeah new headcanon: Kawai is on the spectrum. She's so adorable too. I mean, everyone is in this game, but she's maybe my favorite (but ummm I really love Makihara too)

Oh, and speaking of headcanons, I was like... lying awake forever last night coming up with all kinds of weird headcanons for unsaga and Save the Homeland, of all things.

Well, because I am constantly rethinking the dynamic of Gina/Dia/Katie in my head and like this is one of my ultimate OT3s lololol.

But StH headcanons make me sad because they always remind me of LONELY RONALD and yeah XD

Maybe I will think of AnWL/Cute headcanons tonight XD With that, though, I need to get to sleep. Meant to go like 30 min ago... But I was uploading the unsaga/tokimemo pics (got them all up to date XD) and then I decided to write this idk why.

Also, it's so hot in my room??? Like I am really sweaty X_x;

Apr. 11th, 2017 11:11 am
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It seems like lj's new TOS broke DW because too many people were rushing here at once or something hahaha.

I'm almost caught back up to where I realized I wasn't taking any screencaps at all in Laura's scenario lol.

I haven't played with Urpina in a couple of days, but I missed out on a bunch of the characters I was planning on having in my final team. I think I may have talked about this already...? So I'm just kinda picking the best from who I do happen to find, and I'm not going to "try" for any characters from here on out. There are just SO many options and so many missable things in this game, which is both good and bad, but I do have a nice team of 9 and am looking for a 'male' mage for the party now, as the only role I don't really have filled. Though I did look through the characters and it seems there's only one even left available, and getting him seems to require some pretty specific choices, so I MIGHT try for him when I get to that turning point, but I'm also not wanting to look at guides much, so...

Also Urpina has like a million endings or something X_X; Leo only had two and it was based solely on your decision just before the end. Urpina's different endings are impacted as early as finishing the little intro chapter of her story it seems.

But I'm really trying not to look at the guide too much lol. I just looked more when I couldn't find the characters in the locations they were supposed to be, and realized I missed out on a lot of stuff.

I might start writing the Laura scenario play diary later today. I have a looootttt to write because I pretty much am going to be done with the entire story except the last couple of adventures lol. I should probably upload the Urpina caps and start on those, too, because it will take forever...

I've been having a hankering to play SaGa 1 or SaGa 2 recently. I want to make play diaries of them eventually, but I don't want to start them right now, so maybe I'll just play through one of them for fun. I've cleared SaGa 1 a few times, but never SaGa 2, though I've gotten pretty far. Or maybe I should play SaGa 3 even though I ... really don't like it that much haha.

I might actually start the TokiMemo play diary this week, too. Especially since I'll probably get my book today. I'm kinda slowing down on the website because I've been feeling burned out and a friend and my therapist recommended I pace myself better and not put too much pressure on myself.

Also, I mentioned that I looked for a job the other day and my therapist was like shocked and seemed hesitant to accept that and was saying more stuff about how I have to do stuff at my own pace.

In one way I still feel kind of... weird/bad/tired about being treated like a "severe" case (IDK if I mentioned this but I was also instructed to take all sharp objects out of my room lololol) but at the same time it's a bit... reassuring/validating that... I'm not just lazy/stupid and I have serious problems that make it difficult for me to find and maintain jobs and complete tasks and maintain interpersonal relationships and stuff.

Oh, Joe was in town this week and we played Catan yesterday and it was fun but a little awkward, and I guess he and his wife got a divorce, but I didn't know, and I asked them if they were planning on having any kids (which I know is an obnoxious question, but we were already talking about kids/pregnancy so it was not like super random?) and then he was like "oh about that" and I felt terrible, but I guess it was a civil parting, they just realized marriage wasn't for them and are still friends and still work/live together? Er, they might not live together anymore, but I think they still work at the same school (idk lmao I don't ask about details on anything so I never know anything).

Anyway, yeah, that was weird, and we talked about Star Trek which is good and now I feel like watching Trek but I don't because I hate watching things and I'm playing like three SaGa games right now and feeling like starting another for fun and starting Tokimemo and like... lol. And I feel like drawing recently, too -- I want to be able to make a coloring book for dens for his birthday, which is over two months away, but making an entire book's worth of drawings could easily take two months or more, so I should get started on it. Probably I should dedicate at least one day a week to it, and I don't want to do it when he's around because I want the contents to be a surprise (though I could easily hide it from him when he's around anyway since it's not like he looks at my computer screen that much and his eyesight is very poor so he hardly can see anything on it anyway, and I can just zoom or minimize when he's near so he can't see what it is... actually I might be more motivated to work on it around him, so... maybe I'll start doing that...)


Apr. 7th, 2017 07:55 pm
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OK I finally got around to adding everyone back and looking at your journals and stuff here lol. I didn't have internet for 3 days. Now I'm at dens. I can't remember if I like... talked about this already.

I've been playing a lot of Scarlet Grace because it's like the only thing I could really do without internet LOL and uhhhhh I'm kinda mad at it XD Not really but... I made a list of all the characters I wanted to recruit and the place where you get them (like the province only) so I could try for them without too much spoilers...

But uh...

Your choices in this game seem to DRASTICALLY change things and you can easily just get locked out of TONS of content because your response in a conversation wasn't the right thing or whatever lol. And when I wasn't able to find a couple characters, like ones who were listed specifically as Act I (Urpina's story is divided into three acts) I like... looked at the little walkthrough outline for what I had finished and realized just how much I missed.

I mean, it's like... by missing some stuff you get to see other stuff so it's like... not like you're just... missing out and not getting anything else, it's just that there are so many different ways it can go and this means completely missing out on recruitable characters and stuff and like uh ALL THE CHARACTERS I WANTED I either missed or can't get til like... the very end of the game apparently so?? I don't know what I will do now XD

Even though I was so mad about having to completely restart Laura's scenario I like... already feel like playing again LOL. Usually that kind of thing like makes me super discouraged and not want to touch a game for a long time but... I just really like unsaga or something hahaha.
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Sooooo my internet has been out for over 24 hr lololol I die.

I'm at the library now.

Also, I was playing unsaga yesterday since there was no internet, figuring I'd just make a bunch of progress in my playthrough...

Well, apparently if you're not connected online, screenshots just... DON'T SAVE to the OneDrive folder?????????? Like I figured they'd still save there and then like... upload later when you have a connection but instead it just doesn't even take the screenshots at all. So I got like... almost entirely through Laura's story (I got all the EGs lol) and didn't get a single screencap. So, uh, I guess I'll just start Laura's scenario over from the beginning later for the play diary X_X

So without internet I had no idea what to do with myself, other than like... eat. So I ended up playing Scarlet Grace, and it's really fun. So I think I might put unsaga off for a while since I'm frustrated with it and just play sgsg right now? IDK LOL. I came to the library just to do KA and catch up on imsaga and 3gks... I thought there was going to be more imsaga to do but I reached my limit in the current event and can't really beat the next trial, so... I don't have anything to do now XD

My entire week was so messed up lol X_X Well, it's still messed up. It won't be normal again until like... Monday.

lol also now that I've arrived here, it's storming and it's supposed to be thunderstorms until like... tonight. So I'll have to walk home in the storms. Yay this week :)

Also it's like... noisier here than I thought it would be lol. Not as quiet as GPL. I miss GPL lololol. I'mma try moving to another desk, though. Because I'm very close to the information desk so I keep hearing voices and phones nad stuff and it's making me very anxious lmaoooooooo I'm so broken I can't even feel comfo at a library.


Apr. 4th, 2017 08:21 am
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So, I'm kinda angry at the world recently and my patterns are all messed up soooo I have like no motivation really lmao. So I don't know if I'll work on the site much this week? Maybe a little. But it's taking forever to get it done now X_X

Anyway, I ended up starting a new game in unsaga even though I was gonna wait until the site was ready buuuutttt oops :) So if I feel up to it I'll write the first entry of Laura's scenario later...

I also have an entry to write for RSG3 that I keep... not doing... for some reason.

Some SaGa announcements:

Romancing SaGa 3 is getting a remaster for PS Vita and mobile, similar to how Romancing SaGa 2 did. With any luck (especially if people buy RSG2!!) we might get a localization of this just like we did with RSG2! Which will mean all SaGa games have at least some form of an official localization (with RSG1 only being in the form of a remake though), except for now Scarlet Grace, too, I guess... XD; Though I'm really hoping they do decide to localize it because it's really great.

Also, Imperial SaGa is getting some new content. Now that the Cube Route was completely finished, I was wondering if they would add content from another game next, and was really hoping it was unsaga... but it seems they're adding SaGa 1 stuff next. :\ Which means they'll probably go through the whole Game Boy trilogy before ever getting to unsaga.

And we still don't have Tiberius lmao.

I also went to the Emperors SaGa site because it's still linked on the imsaga site even though I thought that game was long dead or something, but it seems like it even has some kind of expansion now called Glacies, with new characters and everything. It's probably really old since I've only looked at this site like literally once before and it was over a year ago.

The RSG3 thing was actually announced some time last week. It didn't seem to appear on SaGa's FB page nor on imsaga's home page, and it's not on the SaGa official site (though they like, never update that) sooo idk LOL. But Square-Enix announced it, I guess they just didn't think to inform SaGa fans. Maybe they're waiting to make a little site and stuff for it.

Since they're going to be remastering all the sprites and stuff like they did with RSG2, I'm really hoping that they add mustaches back to the mustache characters on their little battle sprites. The Imperial SaGa sprites do indeed have cute little mustaches, so...

I'm also really hoping they add some of the content that was cut from the original. RSG2 added a new dungeon and stuff, and since RSG3 already had content in the works, it shouldn't be too hard to add it in?

Maybe we'll eventually get remasters of sagafro and unsaga that add all the cut content from those. I could actually see Frontier getting that eventually, or maybe a remake, but unsaga is unlikely lol. Though that would be pretty awesome to finally get that "eighth scenario" and flesh out the other characters and lore some more. Plus any excuse to play more unsaga is good. And if they released it on modern platforms, that would mean unsaga with trophies and achievements which is fantastic.

In non-SaGa news, a tumblr mutual linked me to this thing called Sexy Congress which renewed my interest in the Senate and is even making me like the House now, which is... no bad please don't... like, it's just WAY too much stuff to learn and I hate getting new interests because interests are like all-consuming and I don't want to like... be distracted from SaGa lmaoooo.

But I did find a bunch of new mustache boyfriends, so...

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New York has a lot of lookers XD

Also lol @ my tastes.

And speaking of politicos, I'm kinda mad at Joe right now lol. he's still hot has hell but he's really pissed me off to the point where I might break up with him lmaooo. I'm strongly considering voting against him in the primaries; like, it would not take much for another candidate to seem more appealing right now lmao. And don't get me wrong; I love Joe, and I think he really does want to help Hoosiers, but... he's also ridiculously conservative, and passes off his support for harmful shit as being ~bipartisan~ but it's just him being super conservative hiding under the label of Dems.

Not that I have much regard for either of the US's political parties, and I do think Joe works in my best interest a lot of the time (much more so than someone like Todd Young ever would), I just think a less conservative candidate would be able to do so much better.

Also I still miss Evan Bayh lol. And honestly I liked Dick Lugar, and I even liked Dan Coats. But Todd Young is gross, and Joe is hot and tries but he's nothing compared to Bayh lmao.


I just want to hug all the cute congressppl ok.


I'm hungry but I still haven't been able to go to the grocery :);;;;;;;;; I don't know if I cried about this here yet, but I decided to try going to the grocery with Dens on Friday, which means I'd have to bring the food home from his place on Monday. Getting the food wasn't so bad, though I was pretty anx about it, but then I ended up forgetting it, probably because I wasn't feeling so great as I was leaving.

But that means I had no food for this week at all :) And then my dad said we could go to the store yesterday, but come like 10PM he still was not home and said it would be "later" and I texted him saying I was going to sleep and to wake me up when he wants to go, unless he'd rather go early tomorrow (as in today). And he just said "OK." And he never woke me up so...

I'm at least glad I was able to sleep but uhhh I need food??? I had enough to eat yesterday but today is another story. And it's 930 AM now and he's still asleep so IDK. I want to exercise today since I skipped yesterday because I was feeling super shitty, but I don't want to start now and halfway through my dad wake up and be like OK LETZ GO X_X But I also don't want to sit and put it off all day and him end up being like NVM NOT GOING like... late in the afternoon or something...

Yesterday he gave me some quinoa though that was leftover from someone else's breakfast (idek) and it was so good :O It makes me want to start buying quinoa but it's too expensive lol.
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It's time for Armic's arduous adventures to come to a close, so he can finally get back to his home in Chapa, and his tribe can perform Iskandar's rainmaking ritual.

Yun told us that the final item we needed to collect, Ares's Banner, is at Flying Island, one of the Seven Wonders. Seems a strange place for Ares's Banner to be, really... but off we go!

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Well, it's finally time to recap everything that happened in Armic's adventure leading up to going to the final Wonder. I did almost all the subadventures, so it took a while, plus I haven't really been playing as much recently, trying to work on the site.

This time I'm going to feature a subadventure that I kind of just glossed over before, because it's pretty neat. But first, the other junk:

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Mar. 31st, 2017 05:00 pm
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I finished Armic's scenario in unsaga last night. I have two entries to write for it. I have only a couple of entries left to clean up for the site, then I'll just be working on the tutorial part mostly. Which is also mostly written but I think I'm going to redo a lot of it.

Even though I was going to stop playing after I finished these scenarios to get the website up then resume playing, I like... really want to start on Laura's scenario already lollll.

Mar. 25th, 2017 10:37 am
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Was thinking today -- for a long time I said my favorite unsaga character was Thomas but now I like... super super love Grace and Pharr like... probably even more than him? So I was wondering if I just had like... a "tier list" of favorite characters, who all would be in the top tier.

Grace, Pharr, Thomas, Rebecca, Roy, Marie, Fae, Vearst, Anzan, Platy, Josef, Michelle... and if non-player characters count then also Jeanne and Galeos (and uh Joachim LOL)...

I just really love a lot of characters XD Like half the cast is top tier hahaha. Other SaGa games I usually have a smaller top tier. SaGa Frontier is unique in that it probably has the smallest top tier... It would probably just be Emelia, Liza, and Annie. And uh, maybe Asellus. I need to actually play through her scenario. I only ever finished the intro which was pretty cool.

RSG2 doesn't have many either but I also haven't really played it much. Leon, of course, but it's like 90% the hair/mustache. And Koumei for like... the same reasons lol. But most characters in that game are like... generic units, so :\

Anyway, I mostly just wanted to say the unsaga thing, not get into all the rest of this XD Also, here's a survey thing that I stole from Kenny on fb:

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want T_T

Mar. 21st, 2017 04:51 pm
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So, I got an email from ebay saying that I had a $10 coupon which was cool, but it seems you have to spend a certain amount to use it so that is lame. While there, I decided to see if anything interesting had popped up since the last time I searched and found The limited edition box set of Tokimeki Memorial 3 for only $24 D: But uh, the shipping is $26 so it's like... $50. I'm so sad tho because I defo can't afford that D: And it's one of my fav games of all time... and it even comes with little figures of all the girls D: Well, the six 'main' ones. It's the first and only time I've ever seen it for sale :\ though I saw another one on there for even more lol. it had the obi around the box so that's cool but I can easily go without that lmao.

I also saw the limited edition tokimemo 2 which comes with a PocketStation which is neat XD I wonder if you can use in on the US version of FF8 and play the chocobo game XD

You can use it with Rockman COMPLETE WORKS, but you have to play with someone else who has a PocketStation and the game, too... As it's a little multiplayer-only thing :\

But yeah it sucks not having money to spend on luxuries .__. generally I don't think much of it because I can get along pretty well with what I have, but when I see things I want it feels bad XD I should just not go to ebay ever XD

Anyway, I caught up with all the unsaga play diaries for my site, now I need to actually put together the sagasca and romasaga3 subsites, but it will be mostly c/p of the unsaga site with some minor changes, and then do all those entries... Shouldn't take too long to do them. Then I'll start on the tutorial which may take a while, but...

Also, here's some imsaga crap: Read more... )


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