Jan. 25th, 2017 11:09 am
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I had the weirdest dream that took place in some kind of crossover universe that also had my apartment in it and a bunch of my extended family and like... idk it was super weird.

Like, I only remember random pieces now so this isn't going to make a lot of sense but...

In my apartment I was taking care of my ... sister?'s baby because she was sick or something, and the baby was staying in my room, and like... it grew up like a year's worth of growth every day and was like a toddler in 2 days or something?

And then like the apartment also connected to some kind of weird research lab thing that was like super futuristic but also had lots of weird old rusty gate things and stuff idk;;; I can't even really explain this, but it kinda reminded me of stuff from The Journeyman Project, which I was thinking about last night in bed, so that probably inspired it (which, man, I'd love to play that again!)

Anyway also like Buffy and her friends were like part of my family as well (as in like, from BtVS), and I was part of this like scientist team that worked in the lab, but I wasn't me -- I was like some other character in this story, and sometimes the dream was 3rd person and sometimes 1st person, and I'd also switch characters and at times I was Buffy (as in the dream was from Buffy's POV in first person, none of this was 'me' lol)

But mostly I was the scientist.

Anyway, there was some kind of like... infection that was infecting everyone (lol) and once you caught it, it caused you to act completely randomly like how confusion works in RPGs or something. You seemed 'normal' at first but you were just doing completely random stuff, and if someone were to try to talk to you, you would say stuff that wouldn't make sense because it was just random, even though it was still like... complete sentences and sounded like coherent thoughts I guess??

Anyway, Scientist started noticing that more and more people were acting like this and somehow realized it was some kind of contagious thing. And then there were only a couple of people left in the apartment/lab (there were like at least a dozen people before, but now just three): Scientist, and two other scientists. When one of them started acting random he ran to the other and asked to add 5 + 7, and she got confused so he asked just 5 + 5 then, and she said something that didn't make sense, so he asked her to repeat what they had been talking about in the next room before he ran back to her, and she just said random stuff again, so he realized she was infected. And somehow he inferred that you got the infection through your feet or something idk. But as the story went on, you could get the infection pretty much through any kind of contact at all, including touching something after someone else touched it, like getting a cold or something.

Some other stuff happened?? And the lab was not helpful, so there was a lot of running around outside and running all through the city (it was like a downtown area, and this is kinda like this new downtown-like area that has been appearing in my dreams recently, though the previous dreams with this area have been nothing like this one) trying to find people who weren't affected, but it seemed like Scientist was the only one left who didn't have the infection.

I forget how, but Scientist got infected anyway and started doing random stuff, and then I was first-person from Scientist POV but doing such random stuff and couldn't control my actions, and it was frustrating and scary, because I was conscious of what was going on, but other than essentially being an observer inside the mind or whatever, I had no control.

Then this lasted for 13 years LOL (there was like kinda a timeskip eventually) and a truck pulled up to wherever Scientist was and Buffy and friends got out and Buffy was pregnant and eating cotton candy?! And like everyone was just doing random stuff and like it seems like the entire world was like... infected by this 'random' thing.

Then things changed to Buffy POV and there was a lot more random running around, but then in this alley, these like ... big blue butterflies perched on her hand, and these little yellow bugs started crawling out of her skin, and then the butterflies ate them. And the butterflies got bigger and then bigger like worm-like yellow things were being sucked out of her body lol and she started to regain her normal thoughts and control over herself, and realized that the yellow things were a parasite that was taking control of their host but leaving part of the mind at least conscious like a viewer? XD

Anyway, she realized that the butterflies were the cure and she needed to spread this to other people so once they finished with her she ran around trying to find more, but also avoid other infected people.

But then this like spaceship thing came and it was piloted by characters from FF13 LOLLL and it started shooting out like... these weird pod things full of antidote. At first I (Buffy) thought they would be full of butterflies but it was just a gas that cured everyone like instantly, and Buffy was kinda annoyed because she wanted to be the one to save everyone with butterflies, but also she was happy that all of this was over finally after 13 years.

Somehow also I knew that the FF13 people were time-travelers XDDD

And uh that's about when I woke up because I was freezing. We got a new heating system in the apartment and my room doesn't have heat in it (and never will) because it's not designed to reach this room X_X; But I think my brother has a space heater, so I'm going to ask him if I can borrow that.


Nov. 6th, 2016 01:17 am
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So I had another dream lol. This one was not nearly as long or involved, but basically Dens had decided to run for some kind of office so we were in some like... government building thing idk. It was in Ohio, too, lol. I have a lot of dreams that take place in Ohio.

Anyway, I was just kind of tagging along and he did all the things he needed to do to like... apply to run or whatever, and then left but I... stayed there?? And was like... playing 3DS or on my phone or something and like... said I was going to follow soon but then never left and it ended up being like the middle of the night and I was locked inside the building??

Anyway, I had this like... portfolio thing full of documents that ... belonged somewhere in the building and I had just been like... borrowing it? But now because I had kept it too long, it was considered stolen.

So uh, the document-seeking dogs were coming after it LOL and like, they started to come around the corner one by one, like scary Dobermans... it was like a horror film XD there were four of them. And I was like "Oh, yeah, it was an accident guys, don't worry. I'll bring it back now." LOL like I was just talking to them XDD And then one like bit my hand but not like... attacking but like... to try to pull me along, like it didn't hurt, just like... lightly chewed on my hand and kinda tugged at me XD And I was like "OK OK calm down I am coming" XD

And then they took me to this office with this guy who looked like the mustache-version of Commander Grant that I did the art of in the last post. And like, He was wearing a pink shirt and tie (the shirt was pink; I don't remember the tie color but I think like silver XD) and omfggggggg he was the hottest person ever XD

And I apologized and gave them the documents and he laughed and said he'd escort me out (since I was still locked in the building). And so we went to leave and when we got back to the like weird lobby area (it looked more like... some kind of modern hipster office rather than a government building honestly) where I had been sitting and playing games when the dogs came, I like... stopped and was like "I know this is really weird, but I just have to say I think you're extremely attractive???"

And then like as I was saying that like... his friend came around the corner who was like this chubby guy who was going to let me out, like I guess he was the guy with the keys idk. And I was like omg why did I say it when this person was coming D:

And then the guy just like laughed again or whatever and was like "What do you want me to kiss you or something?" and I was like ?!?!?!?!?!?!

And then he just like... kinda grabbed me and like... was like licking on my neck and stuff? And I was like ... freaking out and melting LOL but then he like started doing it to the other guy too and I was like omfg what is even going on??

And then I woke up LOL

Today we went to like 6 different stores and I was dying. I even told Dens to leave me alone for the first time ever lol. Like... not in a mean-sounding way like that LOL but like I never say anything when I need space even though he's very smothering, but today I was like "I don't mean this in a bad way but I really need some time alone right now" lol. And he was cool about it thankfully so yay. Recently he's been really supportive ??? Of my like... mental health, I guess. Like... I don't really want to go into why this is different/important because it's frustrating/sad and I guess if you've read every single entry here you probably get it but like yeah It's very good lol.

I've been playing Imperial SaGa again because someone was talking about it on GameFAQs (like, someone actually posting on the imsaga board XD) and like... I remember why I quit LOL. Because I just have a million stupid tedious things I need to get done but I also get super addicted to the game and don't want to do anything else because I feel like I "have" to get stuff done in the game.

Because I hadn't played in a while, I had kinda accumulated a bunch of like... event tickets and stuff, so I got a ton of free characters. I almost got RSG3 Herman but I didn't get him X_X But he was in the race and looked like he was gonna win XD (Like, you get characters through a gacha/random draw, and like... they run a little race and you recruit the winner XD)

BUT I did get Nise-Robin

So I am very happy about that XD Not only is he a fat character but he's a fat middle-aged mustache character. And surprisingly popular??? Well, I think because the whole Robin thing is just really funny and memorable part of RSG3. They even made like... an animated music video thing of that scene LOL (Which also means that they gave Nise-Robin a voice ... a singing voice XDD And he has that kind of deep glottal voice that I like lmfao)

Romancing SaGa 3 honestly has such a great cast XD I really really really want to see a Minstrel-Song-style remake of this game...

Here's a cool pic of him from imsaga as well:

Though that's the art for the weaker version of him (most characters have two versions, a common one that is weak, and then a rare one that is stronger)

Of course, my FAV chara from RSG3 is Tiberius:

Who I'm still bitter isn't playable in imsaga -_-; Every other RSG3 character is playable, as well as like 5 or 6 NPCs... but not Tiberius who is a player character and part of a major/memorable quest???

I'm also quite fond of Herman:

He's the one I almost got in the gacha lol.

I guess while I'm at it, here's Wod:

Who is also my default lj icon lol.

That makes up my whole RSG3 fuzzy-face harem XDD

I'd really like to do a romasaga3 play diary? I think it would motivate me to actually finish the game (I keep getting kinda far but not really and never finishing it lol). But yeah maybe I'll do that when I finish unsaga diary.

I have had the weak versions of all of them in imsaga (well, not Tiberius since he doesn't exist) but Nise-Robin is my first strong one <3 <3 I have to be careful to train him well the first time so I don't have to like... do the resets or whatever X_X His stats are bad, though.

It's hard to really describe but... your stat gains are random, but after so many quests, your stats stop raising. And then each stat has a growth rate for each character, and there's also a max for each stat. Basically his potential for defense is HUGE but his other stats are bad. Which... in this game, you pretty much just want tons of speed and attack. I guess there are moments where defense would be nice but they are few and far between. Still, I'm gonna raise him up the best I can... he also has a sword (which is a weapon I don't have ANYONE of high rank with, so that's cool).

Anyway, the TV went off so I'm going to sleep now. The only other thing I was really going to say is that I finished geometry (though I think I said that) in KA and have been doing algebra more. Today I practiced anew like 13 squares/skills or so. So hopefully I can master them quickly.

Oct. 31st, 2016 01:40 pm
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Last night I had yet another vivid dream. I mean, I dream vividly a lot, but I seem to be having long/memorable ones recently.

I wasn't really thinking of anything like multiverse theory or whatever much, though I did read a tumblr post that said "There exists an alternate timeline in which America unanimously voted Vermin Supreme as President" or something like that.

Anyway, in the dream, I had had my consciousness shifted into the body of an alternate-timeline version of me, in which I lived in that same giant dorm castle tower thing that I've talked about before (the one where JSB was there last time lol). I was in the process of moving out, though? And there was a lot of walking around. BTW, I've forgotten a lot of the dream by now, again, since I didn't make too much effort to remember it this morning, and have done many things since then XD

Anyway, the main point is that I was friends/roommates with Coby Fleener, and I was a very outgoing, successful, and driven person lmao.

It made me wonder -- what if the reverse had happened? What if an alternate timeline me shifted their consciousness into the current IRL me? Let's say that doing this gives you both sets of memories -- so you'd have both the original memories from your original timeline, and the memories of your self from the timeline you shifted into. And let's say that these timelines were parallel until a certain point, like around 2005. I'd have memories of things that didn't happen at all in the past decade, but also all these memories of things that seem sort of surreal and conflict with all the memories I'm accustomed to. Let's also imagine that the timeline shift involved time travel, so it was maybe like a botched experiment in 2040 that sent me back to 2016 in an alternate timeline, which had diverged from the original timeline around 2005. We're not assuming that everything outside of my bubble would have stayed the same, since after the point of divergence, any and all aspects of the entire universe would become divergent, so the decade would have played out quite differently.

Anyway, let's say alt-timeline me had developed into a socially successful person who had overcome disability and whatever, and was now faced with living like I am now, with the state of society being the way it is now.

It just seems like an interesting prompt for fiction. I was mostly entertaining this thought after waking up which is why I forgot most of the dream lol.

But I wonder what it would be like? I'm also assuming that I would realize this was going to happen. Like it wouldn't have been a possibility that I had mentally prepared for or expected in any way, so I would be pretty terrified, suddenly waking up on the floor of this apartment that I'd never been in before, surrounded by outdated technology.

I was wondering how I would come to figure out (or at least theorize about) what had happened, and figure out when in time I was. I'd probably struggle with all the conflicting memories, which would at least give me a general sense of time, even though it would feel wrong, like a dejavu or hallucination at first. I'd also probably feel like I needed to get out of the apartment? I'd probably feel a lot of danger. But maybe I'd try to use the computer -- it's hard to imagine exactly what the conflicting memories would do. I would just "somehow know" this was my room and my computer and stuff. Maybe it would feel like a dream? But I'd eventually realize it wasn't.

IDK it's kinda hard to imagine, really. The more I think about it, the less sense it makes and the harder it is to really fathom what it would be like.

Today I'm gonna stream later, if I can. I might do Dead Rising 2.

Also, happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] thenicochan!!!

Oct. 31st, 2016 12:29 am
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I had a super weird dream last night but now I can hardly remember any of it. I wanted to write it this morning but I didn't really have time to because I did KA and then took a shower and watched the Colts game and then ... kept doing things basically and forgot about the dream and then JUST REMEMBERED.

But it was another mostly-third-person dream, but this time it was about a boy named Yuki and like, there was some kind of... huge apocalyptic disaster? Like these big waves crashed everywhere and like, idk, destroyed the Earth LOL but it didn't like flood just... everyone died and things were messy looking??? And like, he moved around, and people put potato chip bags in front of houses that no one was occupying, so you could tell if someone was occupying a house because there'd be no chip bag LOL. IDK, it actually made a lot of sense in the dream and was very linear and had a huge story but now I forget all of it but these random details... X_X I wish I could remember it now.

Today I had this SUPER DRAMATIC word problem on KA that literally started with "Only one remains." and I was dying:

I'm almost done with Geometry at this point. I think I'll finish it in a few days. Well, I should finish all the practice in 1-2 days, and then I'll have to do several master challenges to actually 100% it.

I was going to move on to trigonometry, but I think I might go back and pick up all the algebra stuff? I love trig and triangles but I do also love algebra and I feel like it will fill in the squares "in order" on the big map thing.

I started writing the game programming course, but I haven't published anything yet. The first 'project' the course will work through is just a number guessing game. I have multiple ideas for the future projects, so I need to really think about which will be best for learning the next set of concepts.

I wanted to get some drawing done this weekend, too (on the comic) but Dens interrupts me sooooo much that I hardly had time to do anything. Other than that little bit last night I worked on the programming course, this is my first time really having any time to do anything at all this weekend, and I have to go to bed in the next 2 hours lol.

I think I'mma try to stream tomorrow most of the day? Like a 'Halloween special' lmfao. I might play DR2? But IDK how well it will stream. Might be a bit much on the ol' processor. I don't think I really have any other monster/horror-themed games? WAIT LOL I have like RE4 and RE:Rev, PvZ, Afterfall Insanity... XD I also just got Dead Space from Dels, but I don't have the drive space for it right now (I reaaaalllllyyyyy need to clean up my drive but like... there's not much more I can delete?! My drive is just very small lol)

JSB has a new video and it's terrible. But Naoki is in it so I can forgive them. I have been largely unimpressed with JSB for a while now, and then I realize that I only really like a couple of their songs and the only reason I even really like them is because NAOKIIII and Ryuji too I guess. I mean I like all the members but if it was not for Naoki I would never have gotten into them?

DOBERMAN INFINITY has a new song/vid out too and it's... not so great, but there's a long part of nothing but Kubo-C so I can forgive that, too, I guess... But overall I just think the song... doesn't sound good? Like I feel like they're just trying to like... shove lyrics together and whatever, and the raps don't sound rhythmic enough??? And then I don't like the whole contrast with Kazuki's vocals, like... I guess it's supposed to be cool but it's just jarring to me idk. The whole thing just sounds like noise instead of music to me and I don't like it LOL. But Kubo-C! Even Ga Ga summer with its obnoxious and somewhat annoying MV was still fun to listen to. Plus it STARTED with Kubo-C hahaha.

Honestly I'm just generally disappointed by everything LDH/EXILE TRIBE, and I only really follow these groups because I want to perv over hot members??

Morning's new vid is bad, too, lol. It's not horrible, it's just... underwhelming. It's not what I want, I guess XD The song is kinda starting to grow on me (because despite being disappointed in it, I listen to it over and over lol) but I still wouldn't say I really like it? And the video is just... idk, long and annoying. Like haha they are acting like cats why do we need 5 whole minutes of this.

I'm starting to thing Haga is soooo cute though. I really love all of 12ki. I think this is probably my most liked generation overall, of all time. 4ki, 5ki, and 6ki are all really great, too, but... with each of those, there were some members that were like AMAZING BEST GREAT and then others that were really great but not at THAT level, and 12ki is just EVERYONE LOVE WONDERFUL YES

ANGERME is really the only idol group that is actually consistently satisfying me these days LOL. Oh, Country Girls have been on-point, too. And Magnolia Factory but like they haven't been doing much :\

Oh yeah I guess I should talk about the Colts game. But uh. It was just really horrible and sad and I don't even have anything to say??? TY Hilton got hurt and I was so worried. But yeah everyone did bad so I can't even say like 'well at least one of my boyfriends did this cool thing' lol. Actually Eric Walden may have gotten a cool sack or something idk it was just so bad.

The headline on the official website is even "Colts take step back after biggest loss of 2016" AND WE'VE HAD A LOT OF BIG LOSSES so uhhh lol.

While I was watching, I was kinda dicking around on tumblr on my phone and then found that like... it wasn't connecting to the wifi so I used like all my data for the month in like 3 minutes LOL (I don't get a lot of data lol). And I haven't been able to get it to connect to the wifi at all since then? I turned it off earlier and meant to turn it back on to see if that "fixed it" but I forgot to turn it back on oops.

OK, seems to be working now. Weird.

I think I'mma just sleep now lol.


Oct. 16th, 2016 04:12 pm
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So I had a super weird dream last night... I kinda forgot a lot of it but I've been trying to remember it so I could post it, but a lot has gone already. There were multiple scenes and a lot of them I have forgotten.

The dream in general was about this... girl? And uh... she lived with her mother whom she disliked a lot, and sometimes her aunt and uncle would come pick her up and let her stay with them for a weekend so she could get away. She super loved her dad but her dad was not supposed to see her ever, so he would sneak in to meet her when the mom was out and she'd get excited about it.

Then one day, the dad came up with a brilliant plan to try to get custody of the girl -- they were going to make it look like the mom was violent and abusive. They knew the aunt and uncle were coming up to pick her up, and mom was away. So the dad convinced the girl to let him shoot her with a gun and slash at her with a knife, so she could go running out to the aunt and uncle, and tell them that the mom did it, since the aunt and uncle didn't know the mom was away and didn't know that the dad came to visit the girl.

So... they did just that, and he shot her in the arm and slashed at her other arm while she was in pain from the gunshot, then gave her a jacket to wear to soak up the blood (because it would make it look "more real" idk) and then she was supposed to run to the aunt and uncle and ask them to speed away because the mom was trying to kill her and then she could blame the mom later after they were away from the house.

She wanted to make it look like the mom had locked her in, so instead of just... going out the door, she was like... banging on the door and trying to get the aunt and uncle to hear her from outside (they were just waiting in the car for her). But they didn't hear it, so she decided to jump out the window and make it look like she had to jump out in desperation.

But unknown to the girl and the dad, the mom had arrived home early and noticed aunt and uncle were there, so she had stayed outside to have a chat with them. So now she couldn't blame it on the mom and the dad was still inside with the mom about to go inside so they were busted. Also the mom didn't seem concerned that her daughter was shot and cut with a knife and just came busting out of a window covered in blood. She was just like "wtf what are you doing why are you like that?" LOL

Anyway, that scene ended and then it cuts away to the future. The mom and daughter still lived in the same house that used to be secluded but now some other houses were popping up nearby. The daughter was older now, like an older teen. She was more like young teen age before. The daughter had reconciled with her mother somehow, and now she had grown to fear her dad.

She had started to develop an interested in a young man who lived alone in one of the nearby houses, and they would hang out a lot. One day she was visiting him and they were flirting and stuff, when the dad showed up. He went to the mom's house first and they saw him, and the girl got scared. The man told her she should get naked and hide in this little wardrobe that he had. It was so small, it didn't look like a person could fit in it, so the dad would not likely suspect anyone was inside, and the man said he'd like to the dad and say he hadn't seen her in a while.

The dad eventually came to the man's house demanding to know where the daughter was, and the man said he didn't know. But somehow the dad knew that she was in the wardrobe and opened it. Even though she was hidden behind items, he knew to throw them aside and reveal her shaking underneath. He grabbed her violently and drug her from the room.

BTW, this entire dream was a third-person kind of thing, like watching a movie, EXCEPT this part, when the dad showed up, then I was the girl and hid in the wardrobe so a lot of that seen was just black, and it was still me when the dad grabbed me and pulled me out, but as he was leaving the room it turned back into the third-person/movie-like perspective again.

Then there were many other scenes, and the mom and daughter did a lot of things together happily. The next scene I remember they were out in some open field near a cliffy hill area, and there was a well. And they had met these two men who were trying to be nice to them and encourage them to go into the well. The mom and daughter knew they were only being dubiously nice and were going to do something bad if they went into the well.

So they started climbing down the ladder first, and the two men were going to follow them. But since the mom and daughter knew they were going to do something bad, they flipped around so they were on the back side of the ladder (idk lol) and covered the ladder in some kind of slippery stuff? And then the guys dropped a giant hammer down into the well, and I guess it was supposed to knock the mom and daughter off the ladder. So then they started to come down the ladder, too, but slipped on the slippery stuff and fell into the well and died. Then the mom and daughter... put these... straw things in their mouth, that when hooked to your phone battery give you "unlimited oxygen" and it just got super weird from then on out. Usually my dreams are not that weird like that LOL. And they were down in the well and like there was like ... a whole cave under there like filled with water and they were like bouncing around, idk, I don't remember. And some more happened after that, too, but I don't remember.

Oct. 2nd, 2016 10:33 am
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Good morning world lol.

I have actually been up for a couple hours. The Colts are in London today so I am up watching them. The local news was there and doing stupid stuff like faking British accents. But we get to watch the national coverage for the game so I get to see a good bit of Coach Cowher hahaha.

The Colts are doing terribly as always lmao. I am sorry, England, for sending you these teams of all things. Apparently Jaguars are like the most popular team in England??? Anyway it is nice to see an AFC South game I guess.

I played unsaga last night like "oh this adventure is short" but all this story stuff happened too LOL.

I had a terrible time sleeping because when I have to wake up at a certain time I have like mini panic attacks all night long. When I finally got to sleep I had a weird nightmarish dream. In the dream I had a friend who had been like coerced into prostitution??? But it ended up turning into some weird thing where they were like making her hurt people too idk, and like she had a taxi she drove around as part of it, and somehow I knew about everything and was trying to convince her to stop, but then there was this like... Flood... Inside a building... And the taxi was flying around in it, and like some kind of debris flew at her head and like cut her head in half... So I like... Took her wallet and other stuff that would link her to the weird like prostitution people??? And swam away with it like to protect her dignity lol idk and then I had to like... Get out of the building and woke up lol.

Before that I had a bunch of short anxiety-themed dreams, like going to perform in a band concert and losing my music folder.

But yeah I guess I will go back to just watching BC I don't know what else to write and I kinda hate typing on my phone.

Sep. 28th, 2016 10:34 am
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I had a dream that I had moved into this apartment/dorm thing to go to school? and I had agreed to be roommates with Kenny but there were like 5 people in the apartment and I didn't know the other 3 people but I figured I could just avoid them or something idk. Anyway it was in this like giant castle/mansion thing and like ... it was divided into subsections so people could live in separate 'apartments,' but I can't really explain what this was like because it was some kind of weird, surreal dream concept.

Of the other 3 people, 2 were really aggressive and rude and looked like (but were not them actually) the cashier from the dollar store that I went to yesterday and this really annoying person I went to college with who was in my Japanese class and always tried to brag about how he 'lived in Japan' when he literally was there for like 3 weeks or something and was always like talking as if he knew everything about Japan and Japanese when he was one of the worst students and never knew anything lol. But it wasn't him, it just looked like him, and I only detail that because I don't know his name or whatever and when I read this in the future, I will want to know who I was talking about because I go back and read my dream journals sometimes XD

Anyway, the two annoying people kept making comments about the third, and calling them "Paul" or something and were like "uh have you tried to talk to that freak Paul he won't even talk to you he is horrible" or something idk, but basically saying like that "Paul" pretends nobody is there and avoids them and is 'mean' or something and I was like uh yeah I would ignore these people, too. And like the way the apartment was situated, "Paul" lived in like, an attic kind of area, up stairs from everyone else (though it wasn't an attic because this was the middle of some mansion/castle thing and not at the top so idk LOL)

Anyway, I went to go see "Paul" (this was all on the first day of living there lol) and at least introduce myself and then figured after this I'd ignore everyone except Kenny XD So I went up the stairs and just WENT IN LOL I didn't even knock?? but yeah "Paul" was really my friend Mog (Raven) and she was playing some GameCube game about Samus, but I guess it was like... some crossover adventure game about lots of characters from games and was like "Hey, remember when you played the Link part of the game with me?" and I was like oh yeah I remember that and we sat together and played GameCube and I was like 'wtf was wrong with those other people' and then Kenny came in and Mog let Kenny play, and he was playing as Yunica from Ys and we were all just sitting and playing GameCube together (it was like a single-player game and we were taking turns).

Anyway Mog had to go to school or something so we quit playing the game but it was just me and Kenny in Mog's room and Kenny took his shirt off and we started like... aggressively cuddling lmao and then like the two annoying people just barged in (even though that's what I did when I entered I guess LOL) and were like OMFG YOU HAVE BETRAYED US I CAN'T BELEIVE YOU'RE HAVING SEX and Kenny like ran off and I was like uh we weren't having sex we were just on top of each other LOL

Anyway the other two people were like super mad and I didn't even understand why??? And then when I like left they like... HAD STUFFED MOG IN A DOG CARRYING CAGE THING??? And I was like uh wtf!?!?! And they wouldn't let me near to let her out?? And the girl was like "I needed more items for my item list so now I have one" (idk what that meant really but still they were calling Mog an 'item' and like referring to her as an object and like a dog?!?!) and I was like getting really mad and like yelling at them and trying to get to the cage so I could like grab it and run and then let her out?? (like as if I'd be able to just easily pick up and run with a huge cage thing carrying an entire human being inside XD Mog is kinda tall but slender so maybe she weighs like 160-180lb??? IDK LOL)

And yeah idk exactly what happened next but somehow I did get her out? I think maybe they just... left? Or Kenny came back and they listened to him?? idk, but somehow we got her out and Kenny did come back and was now mad too and so was Mog obviously and we like... left but it was like... "the time when everyone was there" and idk what was going on but like... Hillary Clinton was there?? And like a bunch of famous celebrities and stuff??? And like various important people idk. And they were all like in line slowly moving up a giant stairwell that led to elevators and trying to get to the top and we were like pushing through people and stuff trying to get to the top too ?? And like there were these like security people trying to stop us LOL

Anyway we were pretty close to the elevator and Mog just like grabbed this lady by the shoulder and was going to ask her if we could cut but it was like some super famous important celebrity person and she was standing right next to Clinton and Mog got both of their attention from doing this somehow and they were like shocked and appalled and like EVERYONE was freaking out because a commoner touched the important person or whatever and we were just like "uh these people are like trying to capture our friend and treating her like a dog/object so we HAVE TO GET TO THE TOP"

And yeah idk then I woke up XD I slept pretty poorly and when I went to bed at first I had a like weird sadness episode where I just felt super hopeless and was crying and super wanted to die??????? And I went to the bathroom and then like... came out and couldn't remember if I actually used the toilet or if I had just stood in there??? And I was like "well I don't feel like I have to go anymore so I guess I did" but then like when I laid down I had to go really bad so I guess I didn't??? Anyway I feel okay now I guess. I feel defeated and unmotivated but that's pretty normal for me lol.

Sep. 11th, 2016 12:33 pm
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I had a dream about Naoki last night XD Actually Eunice from Rune Factory was in it too XDD

I don't remember some of it because I'm not allowed to use the computer when I first wake up at Dennis's but I've been trying to remember it for the past couple hours so I think I remember most of it.

I don't know how it started but I was downtown and I saw J Soul wandering around?! And I was like omfg that is JSB, I wonder if they are doing some kind of event here (lol like why would JSB be in Indy of all places XD) but yeah so I was like "The best course of action is follow them and stare at Naoki as much as I can" LOLOL

Anyway, so I was following them and when they got to this one place they just like... started performing one of their songs (I don't think it was any specific/recognizable song in the dream though) but like no one cared because no one knows JSB here and like... there's not even that many people outside downtown LOL so I just kinda leaned at this little pillar thing like RIGHT in front of Naoki (for some reason he was on the end of the formation instead of in the center so I could be off to the side AND stare right at him, lucky~) and like stared at him and I was like literally a meter away from him like staring intently XDDD But it was a performance so it's not weird to stare at them right???

Then I guess this attracted some other weebs because some people came over and were like "sugoi kawaii I love jpop!!!" and started trying to talk to me and this girl was like "Don't you just love the singer? Why do they even have dancers, so dumb!" and I was like stfu biznatch the dancers are the best part and there are two singers stop talking to me...

But I mean I do really love Ryu and Omi but it's nothing like my love for Naoki XD

But she kept talking to me and was like "I think I know this jpop from somewhere, what are the members' names?" And I was like "omfgggggg gtfo scrub" in my head but I started naming the members and was trying to name the most popular ones first and she didn't know who ANY of them were even though I said all of them... except I didn't say Naoki because I didn't want her to be like "OH YEAH HE'S THE ONE I LOVE" or something and then start following him too. But I mean we were standing right in front of him and I was intently staring at him so if she knew Naoki she would have recognized him I think???????

Anyway, so this started to attract a weeb crowd but then they finished and went inside this building and were gonna like... do some kind of rooftop performance but you had to watch from the ground??? So I was like... uh... we won't be able to see anything?? And was trying to devise plans to try to see Naoki best LOL and so I went into the building where they were going to perform on the roof, and was going to try to sneak onto the roof (AS IF I WOULD BE THIS BOLD IRL?) and uh I guess I lived here too? And it was some like... giant hotel where a lot of people also lived? And like I had roommates idk. Before going in though I ran around town trying to find spots while also trying to avoid other people who were trying to watch but this was largely uneventful.

I wasn't able to get onto the roof so I like... got sad and decided to go swimming (???) and went to my room which was on floor 13 or something, but definitely not floor 9. And then got my trunks and didn't get a towel or anything... actually I like, changed into the trunks there and then just left with nothing but trunks on??? And no towel or anything and then went to the public indoor pool thing and swam around for a bit and no one was there. And then when I was done, I went into the pool shower room and I guess JSB were staying at this hotel too and using this as their actual bathroom LOLLL and I caught Naoki coming out of the shower XDD though he was putting a town around his waist so I didn't get to see him naked and shirtless Naoki is a thing I see regularly so it wasn't anything special XDDD And then he went to a urinal and I was like... trying to peek but I wanted to act natural since I lived there and was pretending to not know who JSB was (if I IRL ran into all of JSB naked in a bathroom I would probably just fall over dead right there... like I'd pass out and then not ever recover...)

Anyway I didn't really get to see much but I did get to see a wet towel-only Naoki for a while and he had mustache and glasses LOL (my dreams are surprisingly realistic/consistent because he didn't perform with the glasses but would wear them only when doing private things like this XD)

Then I went to go back to my room but couldn't remember the floor, and I was like "I think it's 9" and like... I was just walking around in trunks and dripping water everywhere and really worried about how I was almost nude + getting water everywhere, and I knew everywhere I went there would be puddles and people would know it was me even hours later like as if they would never dry and I was the only source of water in the world.

So I got on an elevator and some weird guy got on too but he was kinda cute, and actually he reminded me of this guy I went to college with who I watched Elfen Lied with? But not at the same time. Anyway, I pressed 9 quickly and tried to get the door to close before he got on because I saw him coming (I used to have a crush on him and wouldn't mind being in an elevator with him but just in general I don't want to be with other people on elevators so in this case that anxiety won LOL) but he got on the elevator anyway and when I pressed 9 (IDK why I pressed it again, it was even still lit up, or maybe I was pressing it to pretend like I hadn't pressed it yet to try to get the door to close XD) he like... sang a little song about number 9 and I was like "Hahaha I always think that when I press 9! Because I live on that floor" and he was like "Wow really? that's so funny" and like yeah IDK this part was stupid.

Then I got out of the elevator and this floor looked super weird and I knew it was wrong, like it had this kind of extra little foyer area that was really lavish and strange. BTW around this point, I realized that this was actually a recurring location that I have in dreams (I have many recurring locations in dreams -- some are just locations that appear a lot though I've never been to it IRL, and the others actually have stories attached to them and the story continues every time I'm there in the dream, though this was just one of the former). Then I realized I was definitely on the wrong floor, though I always live in a different floor every time I'm in this place. This was also like... a slightly futuristic version of "The Dormitory" than in normal dreams... mostly the same but it was more decorated/hotel-like, rather than dorm-like. But everything was in the same places and everything.

Anyway, I wandered around for a while until the guy was gone and in his room because I didn't want him to see me get back on the elevator. Then I went back on the elevator and went to the right floor.

It was only then that I realized that I didn't have anything but my trunks which means I didn't have my keys, so I wouldn't be able to get back in. But maybe my roommates would be there and let me in? So I went to the door to my room and just stood there because I didn't want to bother my roommates by knocking (even though it was the middle of the day, but this is a pretty normal anxiety thing for me that I would do IRL too lol) so I just stood there at the door holding a pose that would make it look like I was just about to open the door, so if they were to open the door (like on their way out) I could be like "Oh hey I just got here) or if someone came around the corner or something I could make it look like I was just leaving. Yeah, this is a real thing I've done many times IRL LOLOL and I could stand there for hours (well, when someone came I'd of course leave and come back, so I wasn't JUST standing)

Anyway, after standing there for a bit, I decided to check my pockets to see if I had my keys, and I did! But just as I was about to unlock the door, Eunice (from Rune Factory) came around the corner and was like "oh, don't worry about it, I was just going in there!" because she was like a maid. Except she was like... really tiny, like... 10cm tall LOL.

And she just HOPPED up to the door and put a key in even though she was like barely larger than the key LOL and like turned it by hanging on the side of it and stuff XD and like then we went in the room and she gradually started to grow to a normal person size. At first I was like "This is weird being in a room with a tiny person who is slowly enlarging" but then I realized she was going to turn into normal size and I was like "ohhhh crap I'm going to be alone in my room with Eunice--------" and then I woke up LOL

There was also another part, I don't remember when exactly this happened... before Eunice but after the flash mob... so I guess before I decided to go swimming? Maybe instead of getting disappointed I missed the rooftop thing, this happened, and then when it was over I decided to go swimming? IDK

Anyway, the 'missing piece' is that JSB actually gave a little mini-concert in the main lobby of the building, just on a tiny little stage like you'd have for an open mic night or something, and they didn't even all fit on the stage. So Naoki was like... just kinda standing off to the side and mostly the performance was about Omi and Ryu. And of course everyone was like crowding the stage so I like moved over to the edge of the crowd so I'd be by Naoki LOL but most of the time he was just like... looking at the stage too and I was trying to look at him but I thought it would be weird if I was looking at him then since he wasn't part of the performance LOL so I kinda tried to stand in a way I could look at him from the side and not be noticed XD

Anyway, after a song like then Naoki was like OK now we need a volunteer who is very cute! And I was like wtf wtf but I like raised my hand anyway like thinking maybe it would be a 'funny joke' that I was cute and they'd pick me LOL and Naoki was like haha ok you and then just came over and kissed me LOLLLL like just a little cheek kiss. And I started crying XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Oh yeah, also somewhere in here I performed with the brass band I used to be in, and my brother was in it too (he also lived in The Dormitory I guess) and I was hoping Naoki would come watch. I think this was after the above scene but before the pool, too. My dreams tend to have somewhat coherent timelines so things don't really happen "out of order" and things stay fairly consistent, so once I went swimming and was wandering around in just trunks and dripping water everywhere, I would have stayed in that state until I dried off or got clothes or something? I mean sometimes things can just JUMP to being solved like I could just suddenly be dry and have clothes, but that would still be notable in the dream and I would notice, and it's unlikely to hop around between states like that without reason, like... things usually are pretty linear.

Anyway, I kinda forgot about that part until now. It was one of the more 'random' parts.

But yeah, that was my dream. Wow, that was kind of long.

But I got kissed by Naoki and saw him naked so it's a good dream XD


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