Sep. 4th, 2016 02:09 am
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Oh yeah, today was the day the roster had to be down to the appropriate number of players. Southward is sticking around, though Mitchell Van Dyk was booted.

Sep. 1st, 2016 10:45 pm
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just rambling as I watched the colts preseason finale game, and some pics )

Also I'm trying to do my mouse next to the laptop and I keep moving my hand to the keyboard tray anyway lololol. I must persevere and get used to this!!!

Aug. 27th, 2016 11:22 pm
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When a tab misbehaves and causes the browser to crash in Edge, it only crashes that one tab. The rest of your tabs and the browser itself stay open. That's... pretty cool?

I'm kinda trying to get used to edge for the reward points... and FireFox has been kinda mean to me recently anyway.

The second half the game was marginally more interesting than the first half, and I got to see Southward several times lol. He's doing really well, so I'm happy about that. And Van Dyk seems to have recovered from his injury and was playing again, too. And didn't get injured this time lol.

Anthony Castonzo, as much as I love him, is... often disappointing??? lol

I played a few minutes of this game called Reigns and it's really weird but funny and interesting. It's kinda hard though.

My stummy kinda hurts and I'm tired, but I can't go to bed yet. Maybe I'll just try to nap in this chair.

I've been wanting to complain about this somewhere for a while now, but I hate how GameFAQs has changed its timestamps on the boards to relative time? Like, my board list now says the last post was stuff like "2 days ago" or whatever, and that's a LOT harder for me to read? Like, it takes me WAY longer to look through the list of boards and see if any have updated since I was last on. When it used to just give the exact date/time of the most recent post, I could pretty much scan the whole list and instantly recognize updated boards. Now I have to slowly go through and think about each relative time. And since it gets less reliable the longer the time is ("____ days" can be within a range of many hours, "_____ weeks" can be within a range of many days) I'm not really sure if there's actually a new post or not and just have to go to the board to check and it's frustrating. I wonder if there's a way in the settings to change it back? I didn't even look lol.

I've been wanting to play Tokimeki Memorial a lot recently... Maybe I'll do a playthrough this week when I'm at home of TM3? I still need to get Tachibana's confession since I got too attached to Makihara last time and accidentally got hers instead lol.

ETA: The GameFAQs thing was an easy fix in the settings lmfao. There's actually a ton of new settings; it's pretty cool.
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Well, I watched the second preseason game. I got to see little bits of Southward so I was happy about that XD Both this week and last week at least his name was mentioned, so hopefully he'll be sticking around and I'll get to see more of him maybe even in regular season?? Last week he would have had an interception (!) if it wasn't for a flag on the play, and this week he was just credited for a tackle which is just like... idk, normal things. Safeties don't get a lot of action so hearing his name two weeks in a row sounds good XD Hopefully they'll add some more photos of the second half of the game to the website so I can search through them and see if I can find any of him.

Kevin Graf got injured again and was crying :( :( I felt so bad for him... Joe Haeg also was injured but it seems minor hopefully... All my beardy linemen are dying lol. But Mitchell Van Dyk (the one who looks like me lol) was in for most of the second half ? and I noticed he has a tattoo across his entire upper left arm and I'm curious what it looks like.

TY Hilton wasn't even dressed for the game and I only really saw him on the sidelines like once lmao.

Anyway, I played more Dragon Age so Isky's adventures continue :D Isky Adventures 1 and 2 were on tumblr but I'm going to continue them here because it's much easier and a better platform for this kind of thing.


But yeah I'm glad I was easily able to get past that part XD After this it seems I can choose a variety of tasks to work on, one includes going to Redcliffe which I might do because I think that Arl person is supposed to be there or learn about him there and for some reason when I played before I felt like that was who I wanted to go see???


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