Oct. 31st, 2016 11:19 pm
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Well, I finally got around to watching The Nth Degree. I was really excited about it because it's a Barclay episode but... it ended up being... underwhelming. Most of the episode had Barclay under essentially a mental reprogramming, so it wasn't really him, just... aliens using his body. I like Barclay for who he is, so... the very beginning and very end were nice but the rest of the episode was like... sad I guess XD

The next episode is the Robin Hood one XD

IDK what I want to do for the rest of the night lol. I streamed earlier but I didn't feel like doing much.

I got the Clean Bill of Health cheevo in FF9 on stream lololol. The chat was pretty inactive and people kept coming and then leaving immediately, and I super didn't feel like playing anything lol. I wanted to play DR2 on stream, but my computer was like NO NO NO and couldn't process the video fast enough to stream so the framerate on the viewers' side was really low, even though it ran well enough for me T_T

I really want a new computer D:

I have a skin tag in like... the most inconvenient place? It gets twisted up by like... sitting or walking around and it hurts lol X_X; It just appeared recently, like I think I noticed it yesterday or a couple days ago. I have tons of skin tags but the others are harmless.

Aug. 19th, 2016 11:30 pm
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Wrapping up FF9 )

And that's about it for FF9. My only achievements left are Excalibur II, Jump Rope, 79 ATEs, and the status effect thing. The status effect thing is just a matter of sitting with a checklist and forcing them on a character and I don't feel like doing that now. Jump Rope is ridiculous and I've already spent like 10 hours on this stupid minigame and don't feel like doing that now. The ATEs and EX2 require a second playthrough and I'm not going to do that right now either.

So, now I need to move on to another game XD I'm not sure what I even really feel like playing right now. I'd love to play Dead Rising again but 1. can't afford it and 2. it's not even out on Steam yet. DR2 would be nice but again can't afford lol. I'd be comofortable paying less than $5 for a game, but $8 is a bit much for me right now. And I'd only be comfortable with $5 for a game I knew I could get a ton of play out of. I played the original Dead Rising for at least 100 hours and could easily do that again. I'm way more motivated to play games on PC.

I could hook up the PS3 in my room and do another play of FF13 maybe. Or maybe it's a good time to start another Harvest Moon or something?

I just really feel like starting a new game but I don't really know what I want to play. Tokimeki Memorial sounds good but my brain can't think in Japanese right now. That is a game for Good Anxiety Times™ only. Maybe I should start over in Dragon Age XD or try to pick up where I left off...

The qualities I really need right now are:

  • Characters to perv over (as long as there are characters, this requirement will probably be satisfied LOL but having nice types would be good)

  • Engaging gameplay -- As in not a visual novel. Even just making strategic choices like TokiMemo or turn-based RPGs is fine. It doesn't have to be challenging, just that I have to pay attention and respond to things in some way.

  • Not TOO engaging. So not something like Mega Man or Sonic where I have to put a lot of effort in to play. Short periods of high engaging with lots of 'easy' parts (like Ys) would be fine though.

  • Not too tedious or demanding of my patience. So no MMOs or heavy-grinding games like FFE and Monster Hunter. Those are okay for when I can deal/devote.

  • Encourages thinking/strategy in some way. Even just a little.

  • I'm not really looking for a challenge necessarily now (though challenge is still fine) but I just don't want something too dull. If it's only reading, or if the game is not engaging enough, I can easily get distracted by anxiety, and if the game is too difficult or requires too much attention, I might not be able to handle it because of anxiety. I need something that is engaging enough that I'll constantly be required to put at least minimal thought into it so I'm less likely to get consumed by anxiety, but not engaging enough that I'm not able to handle it because of anxiety.

    I can handle pretty much any level of 'mental' engagement -- very complex puzzles or strategy is perfectly fine. It's 'physical' engagement that I can't do right now (reaction time, timing, etc.) The only real exception to this is rhythm games. But I don't want to play a rhythm game right now because I also want a world and characters to get absorbed with.

    Probably ideal games right now would be stuff like Skyrim or Dragon's Dogma or something, but I don't have those on PC.

    Oh, wait, I do still have Dragon Age hahaha. It's like the only big RPG like that I have, and I keep forgetting I have it because for so long I didn't have ANYTHING like that on PC lol.

    I still need to play Stardew, too. But I'm at a part where all my goals are far off and it feels 'too much' kinda like FFE feels... I think when a game gets to the point where I feel like I could play a whole play session without reaching any kind of meaningful goal, it starts to feel overwhelming to me...? I think that's also part of why I love UNLIMITED:Saga, because the gameplay is structured so that all you do is do quests that are somewhat limited in frame, and you're not meant to stop in the middle of an adventure. So you can just sit down and play one adventure, or more than one, but you always clear an adventure every play session. So there's always that feeling of accomplishing something.

    With something like "Oh, I got 1 of the 20 items I need to craft this thing..." in FFE, for example, it's not like that. That doesn't feel like an accomplishment. Same with Stardew. "Oh, I went 18 days and made some money" ok but I didn't really accomplish anything? I guess maybe this is my problem for feeling I need some kind of immediate reward? And not finding satisfaction in working toward something slowly?

    But I mean once I start playing them, I don't feel bad and I feel like I'm making progress and I like that feeling of making progress. But it's just actually starting the session that I feel overwhelmed about for some reason. Like, when I would sit down to play FF9, I always had some big thing coming up that I was excited about. "I'm going to collect all the chocograph treasures in this area!" or "I'm going to beat the next boss" or "I'm going to get this achievement" or something. It's always something that felt good to work on. "I'm going to grind at least 3 or 4 of these 17 items I need" is not an exciting reason to sit down and play. And I think that's why I hate MMOs. I enjoy them while I'm playing and in the beginning there's always something right around the corner that you're excited to work at, but eventually you know your entire play session is going to be tedium, and that's not fun. When I play a game I want it to be fun. I don't want to have to spend 10 hours of no fun so I can have an hour of fun. FF9 is always fun. Even if I don't accomplish much, the battles feel nice. The chocobo minigame is so fun. Catching frogs is fun. Playing cards is fun. Watching the cute characters is fun. It's always fun. UNLIMITED Saga is always fun. The battles are fun to play. Adventures are fun. Building the characters is fun. I can find something fun to do. Games like Skyrim are fun because even if you don't work on anything, you can find something to dick around and have fun with. Just wandering around is fun. Seeing if you can find any hidden caves or something is fun. Picking flowers is fun. It's mostly fun because you can feel immersed with that kind of game, though.

    Games that are solely about grinding lose their fun. There's not much interesting about fighting in FFE. It's pretty much a very complex slot machine. You're just pulling the lever and waiting for it to hit. It always gives you a little bit of a reward but you're just waiting for the big ones. Stardew and Harvest Moon are a little different in that there's fun in building a daily routine and stuff, but once you get late in the game you aren't building on your routine or making any more changes/decisions, it's just doing it over and over until you get to the next goal. Harvey suffers from this, too -- it's not just Stardew. But yeah, I can play 500 battles in FF13 because every single battle is fun. I can play countless stages in a rhythm game because playing the stages feels good. The game wouldn't even really have to reward me for it. It's like playing instruments or doing some other hobby IRL. I don't get money or items by playing a flute, I don't get rewards, and I don't even really feel myself getting better. It just feels good to play. Games need to have that. It can't just be about feeling good for getting rewards. Because after a while that doesn't feel good anymore because you realize it's just arbitrary and not really a reward. Because you can't use it for anything other than more grinding for "rewards." It would be like if you went to work at a job but instead of money they gave you like... tickets that let you come back to work the next day. In the beginning you might be like haha cool I got so many tickets. But then you realize that all the tickets do is give you more tickets and there's no real point. You're just doing something strenuous for a false "reward."

    There's still fun stuff about these kinds of games. Building up characters and watching your game avatar or whatever grow is fun. But these games also tend to get slower and slower where this growth requires a lot of dedication to doing completely unfun things like extremely repetitive but not engaging stuff, or waiting for RNG to hit. I love building up my farm in Harvey games and I love watching my character grow in FFE but eventually you get to a point where growing requires way too much work for it to even be fun anymore. This could easily be made up for if the battles were fun in FFE, but they're not. Because the game relies solely on the player's desire for 'rewards,' and not for any kind of gameplay. Harvey and Stardew at least are fun up until you have a solid routine that doesn't change and are just waiting for more money or a season change or something, which is usually VERY late in the game, and you can get tons of entertainment out of it before that. And that's one thing I hated about the newer Harvey games is because they made the progression forced and slow, so that the entire element of fun -- making your own decisions and forming changing routines -- is completely gone. It's just grindfest from the start. Not good. HMDS was really the last 'good' Harvest Moon game honestly. Some others have been tolerable -- ANB and SOS were at least addictive in the beginnings. The Lost Valley was great in theory but didn't give you enough freedom from the start. If I didn't enjoy the terraforming so much, I would have hated that game (that's why I have more hopes for ... whatever the new Harvey is from Natsume; I forget the name lmao), and Stardew uses that 'older' formula where you can really work on what you want at your own pace, which is good and makes it very fun. Also poly dating and same-sex marriage.

    Anyway, I think the main thing stopping me from playing Dragon Age is because I don't want to jump back into my old game really because I forget so much about it and won't even remember how to play, but I also don't want to go through the beginning again because I think it would be really tedious? I really enjoyed the game but it wasn't until later that I realized the game was kind of on-rails and it was more a Fire-Emblem-style progression, where you're kind of limited to the path the game puts ahead for you, so you want to try to optimize all your opportunities. I didn't really know that going in (or maybe it's not like that later?) so I just kinda did whatever I wanted and didn't worry about messing up or missing out on things. I think it would be good to start over with the right mindset? Maybe play a different kind of character and then come back to Isky later?

    Though DA might be a little too challenging for me right now. But I guess I could stop being stubborn and play on something other than the hardest difficulty :P TBH I would really love to play Dragon's Dogma right now but I only have it on PS3 so I could only really play it at certain times on weekdays, and I want something I can play on weekends, too. So something I have on PC would be nice.

    Dragon's Dogma is $18 on sale on Steam right now. That's the cheapest it ever gets. It's never been below $18 lol. I don't know why. It's pretty old now and isn't incredibly popular. And that's only 40% of the full price. $18 is way more than I'm willing to spend on a game, even something I already know I love like DD.

    Maybe I'll wait until I get home and start Rune Factory 4 again? I've started it so many times but I still don't ever finish it XD I kinda don't feel like playing that, though. There's just SO MANY THINGS in that game, that I think it would get overwhelming fast XD Yeah, I don't want to play that lol. IDK what I'm going to do XD

Aug. 18th, 2016 10:04 pm
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Ok remember when I said Vivi was probably stronger than Dagger? I lied. Dagger's Diamond Dust is doing 8000-9999 damage against Grand Dragons, while Vivi's Blizaga is doing like 5000-7000. If Dagger is in trance, the summon does 9999 consistently.

Blizaga also costs 24MP and Shiva costs only like 18 or something. I am on my phone and can't check easily right now but it is less than Blizaga. So Dagger uses less MP for significantly more damage. She also has non-elemantal damage (and yes, Bahamut is stronger than Flare or Meteor, though I think in this case Bahamut costs more than Flare, but less than Meteor, iirc).

The only time Eiko's Holy outclasses dagger is when Dagger can't exploit elemental weakness. But she usually can, and even then Bahamut is just as good as Holy, it just costs more MP.

In fact, when exploiting weaknesses, Dagger's eidolons consistently do like 8000+ damage against every enemy, and that is without utilizing the Boost support ability (and idk if Concentrate affects summons). If concentrate affects it and you use boost, she would probably get close to 9999 against pretty much any opponent at any time. Collecting ores to power up her abilities is way easier than catching frogs or stealing a ton like you need to do to power up other abilities.

Plus, eidolons deal even damage to all enemies, unlike Vivi's magic which divides the damage if you target more than one enemy at a time, and stuff like Thievery can only target a single enemy.

So Dagger us stronger than pretty much everyone in the game once you are able to collect the gems to power up her eidolons. She also reaches that potential faster than other characters, though early in the game she doesn't have access to eidolons and is overall not built for fighting. But as the game progresses she becomes one of the best offensive characters, kinda how her character transforms from a self-questioning proper princess to a confident adventurer.

Anyway, as for cheevo progress, I went and ate frogs but needed 8 more (thinking on that now, I could have just went back and caught the "parents" of every marsh, oops) to get to 99, so I went to the forest outside Dali since strong enemies don't seem to pop up there, and I fought battles while doing lots of Goblin Punch and used the AP to learn the last two abilities I needed for the Pillar of Support achievement. One was some obscure Amarant thing, and the other was actually Absorb MP on Quina which I was really surprised I hadn't learned. I also nabbed the rest of the ragtime quiz while doing it.

After that I went back to marshes and ate frogs until I got 99, defeated Quale and got the Gastro fork. So that was 5 achievements down!

I wasn't really sure what to do so I synthed more ores to get Ifrit powered up with 99... Topaz or whatever it is (my phone just autocorrected topaz to tops... It was spelled correctly lol...)

Now I am trying out a method of autoleveling I thought of... I took one of the little hair bands I got for when my beard was long and put it around the analog sticks to make Zidane run in circles, and then used an autoclicker program and lined up the mouse so it could click on both "attack" and the enemy's name. I have the game speed up "cheat" turned on so it goes faster.

This is exactly what I was doing before except I was manually playing... Running in circles and mashing out the enemies. Instead of just attack, though, I was having Zidane steal, Eiko extract ores, and Vivi and Dagger attack with magic. It was a little slower but I was powering up Thievery and collecting ores that way. And it made it a little more engaging and fun trying to see how fast I could input the commands and memorize the menu order instead of just mashing attack. Though I guess I could have put the cursor to memory mode and still just mashed the confirm button... In fact, if I could get my controller to auto-press circle button somehow, I would do that?

Anyway, I have it grinding outside Daguerro on that little plateau. At first I was trying outside Gizamaluke's Grotto on Popos Heights, but Zidane would eventually get stuck running in mostly forest and fighting Garuda was not productive, plus there is a minor risk of them killing the party with Stop?? Maybe?? Anyway, I switched over to the place outside Daguerro because you will still encounter Grand Dragons most of the time, but sometimes run into Gimme Cat, which is better than hitting Garuda most of the time, even though it only gives you 1exp... You do get lots of money and sometimes ore for killing it though.

Haha, I just looked up and the achievement for 1000 battles just popped. For 10000 I guess I can do this somewhere else where there are more enemies in the encounters, preferably weak ones to go even faster... Maybe outside Treno or Dali. But I want to get my main party (Zidane, Dagger, Vivi, Eiko -- I went with an all-magic party this game XD) to level 99 for the achievement, and then try fighting Ozma.

In the time since I started writing this post, Zidane has gone from level 71 to level 79. Btw I have Auto-Regen and the anti-status support abilities, and from regen alone there is no real threat of my party dying I don't think. I should probably stop and save sometimes just in case. It also kinda sucks because I can't use the computer while this is going, because the game has to be in-focus and the mouse can't be moved so that the autoclicker works.

I guess I will eat something and respond to my notifs on here and then see how it is going. If I can get to level 99 soon, I can leave it on for the 10k kills overnight now and then, and it shouldn't be too hard to get. Idk who thought putting such a grindy achievement in the game was a good idea. Getting to level 99 requires way less than 10k kills... In fact when I beat the game I only had about 400 kills... And that was with a lot of subquests done, too.

Aug. 18th, 2016 08:27 pm
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I finished FF9 lol. I haven't been updating because I have just been playing... I literally stayed up for like 40 hours straight doing almost nothing but playing it?? I mean I did do other things, I take breaks, but... just to do stuff like eat or whatever... I'm stressed out over the doctor thing still so getting completely absorbed in something is nice. Especially since at this point there's nothing I can do for like... a month.

Anyway, I'm getting kind of tired of typing up a bunch of stuff for all my screencaps so I'm not going to post as many caps this time... and since I've mostly been talking about what I like about this game, I guess I should probably talk about what I don't like, too XD So I will mention that... as much as I really love FF9 (it's one of my fav games of all time, for a long time I said it was my #1 fav game).

Anyway, instead of trying to be analytical and stuff I'm just going to basically post caps of the best parts and characters/monsters I think are cool or hot or whatever and fangirl over it LOL

major spoilers and ending )Post-game achievement stuff, not really any spoilers in this part. )
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So, uh, I've been just playing FF9 and I keep playing til I have to sleep or whatever and not making time to make an entry oops lol. I actually played through all of Disc 2 since the last time I updated I think LOL Not that there are discs on the PC version, but I just remember where Discs 1 and 2 end XD I don't remember where Disc 3 ends though.

But yeah, uh, there's a lot, so I guess let's just get to it... XD

Spoilers will be more frequent and more major now since a lot goes down during these parts and I will talk about it XD

so much XD )

Aug. 13th, 2016 01:06 am
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Just finished watching the finale of Great British Baking Show. I kinda wanna go back and watch the earlier ones (in the US, we only got to see the three most recent ones, and hopefully we'll see the upcoming 2016 series next year in 2017... I don't know why they make us wait a whole year. It's not like they need to re-edit the show or anything?) It was a really fun finale and I would have been happy if anyone won, really. I was glad to see my fav Paul come back for the tea party at the end XD And he picked the winner correctly hahaha.

Look at this adorable man XD

Anyway, they didn't actually make any foods that sounded appealing today though XD But I don't really like sweets so I don't really think most stuff is appealing when they make it... I like bread week LOL. But still, I just like the way the stuff looks and love watching them make it. And I love how nice everyone is to each other and supports each other despite their rivalry. When they tried to make an American version, there was a mean guy that trash talked and was rude and cheated and sabotaged people's stuff and pretty much bullied everyone out of the competition until he won. It was annoying. But we got to have Jeff Foxworthy on ours so I guess there's that :P

I was gonna post about my FF9 progress tonight but... I'm too tired XD I'm just about to enter Treno (well, I might end up doing a lot of random exploring and stuff outside first... I forget exactly how much you can do before entering the city... I already went back to Dali and played some cards and got the treasure chest behind the farmer lady now that she's moved... I guess it depends on how much chocobo stuff there is to do here, plus I think I can find the friendly Ghost before going into the city... hopefully you can get the red chocobo or whatever it is at this point already? Because I want to try to get back to Lindblum and synthesize some stuff... Choco is light blue now though :D)

Aug. 12th, 2016 07:18 pm
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Like I said last night, I'll post about FF9 today XD But first, today is our anniversary. We went to the mackerel place hahaha. They also had flounder. It's a buffet so it's all-you-can-eat. I ate so much... I had 3... pieces... of flounder (idk what to call them, it was like just a big cut of the fish down the middle?) and like at least 15 pieces of mackerel sushi. I had a few other things but eating the raw flesh of a dead fish is the best lmfaoooo. Well, only really mackerel. I mean other raw fish is good but mackerel is just so amazing XD Then we came back to Dennis's and he gave me a box of Cheez-It as present and I gave him nothing. Now he's sitting with heat pad because he is in pain. And now I'm on the computer. And that's about that.

So I'm gonna go through FF9 and try to remember the stuff I wanted to talk about while posting my screenies :P

There are early-game spoilers ahead. I'm mostly going to keep to opinions of the game/characters/etc. and not really try to detail the story too much, so I think if you haven't played it, it won't really give too much away. But still some stuff will be revealed anyway, and you'll see random screens from the game (though without too much context, as I'll just assume the reader either knows what it is already or doesn't want to know the spoilery details XD)

lots of pics ahead )

So yeah, that's about it lol. I had some other things to say but I forgot oops. I have way more screencaps on Steam (and way way more in the local files) so you can check them out there I guess if you wanna see more. I like to kinda take them and make little comments as I go.

Aug. 12th, 2016 04:45 am
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Um. I mostly played FF9 today. I got mad at FFE and I've felt like starting a new thing and still waiting for X so we can start Oath in Felghana, so I was like 'I'll just do the stupid jump rope thing in FF9' because I didn't know what to do. And I failed at jump rope many times. Then I looked up about it and asked on forum, and you can get all the other achievements without doing jump rope. Like, I thought for the S-Rank Treasure Hunter thing you had to find like EVERY ITEM EVER including the jump rope trophy thing, but YOU DON'T, so I decided to actually... play the game!! I've played FF9 like at least 4 or 5 times through now, but this is first time on the PC version.

I got to just before Gizamaluke's Grotto before I stopped... I played for like 9 hours;;;

I don't have too much to comment about it... I have a ton of screenshots but I'll have to bother hosting them later and then maybe I'll talk about it then. I don't know if you can hotlink screenshots you sent to Steam?

I'll try it...

test )

Ooooooh, from the entry preview, it looks like you can!! This will be REALLY convenient... now I can upload screenshots as I play, then use that as a memory of what I wanna talk about and just copy them all to here... that's great XDDDD And I can do this with all Steam games, too~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nice nice nice. I'm kinda excited haha.

I'm a bit tired though, so I'll write about the game tomorrow, I guess. Though tomorrow is also me and Dennis's anniversary. Maybe he'll want to go eat mackerel lmao lmao we always go to the place with the mackerel for special things XD Though he's been fairly unwell/immobile recently so maybe not.

I need to like... shave and shower... I stayed up way too late playing this game lol.


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