Aug. 26th, 2016 02:25 am
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I Am Setsuna spoilers )

I tried to look up fanart for this game and almost none exists. There's a few little things here and there. For porn I found literally 2 Aeterna pics and that's it. Was hoping to see how Fake Auron looked in other people's styles. Maybe I'll have to draw him. I'm not really into this game or him enough to want to draw him really though??? But I did find an official art where everyone looks a little different than their regular art at least. There's really not much art for this game at all (official or fan).

Aug. 22nd, 2016 09:10 pm
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Today like... they are doing renovation on our roof... and like... the pounding above my room was like making me cry plus it was like... knocking down parts of the ceiling??? like from where it got water damaged before... like it was crumbling and falling all over my desk and into my drink and all over my laptop..... so I had to move to the kitchen for most of the day.

Either last night? Or this morning or something? I forget, I played Setsuna a little bit. a little update on that )

Aug. 22nd, 2016 01:45 am
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OK, I did a little more I Am Setsuna and it's already improved a bit haha.

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But yeah, this is either going to turn into a really tedious item-hunting fest, or it's going to be an interesting game with fun mechanics.... stayyyyyyyyyy *morolians pop out* tuned.
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I played my first 1.5 hours of I Am Setsuna, which in this kind of game is pretty much nothing, but... it felt a little tedious to keep going at this point so I had to take a break. It sounds like this is probably what I'll play if I need a break from Dragon Age :P

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Aug. 21st, 2016 07:30 pm
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So, [ profile] dreamingmystic gifted me I Am Setsuna (thanks again~~~~) and I'm still kinda mad at Dragon Age... So I might play that a bit tonight and then tomorrow (when I'll have more time to play things) I might try going back and forth between the two? I need to wait til I have the energy to go back and re-listen to everything I have to listen to again. Since I just heard it all I don't want to hear it all again right away lol. Also Isky sucks at convincing people of anything and I think they won't let Big Man go free lol.

I've also been kind of dabbling in Her Story, which has been really fun. It's a NVL game in the format of watching video clips in this like... video clip search thing. Like it's like you're able to access this police database of video clips of interviews with a murder suspect. But you can only access the videos through a search... the videos are indexed by their script, so when you type in the search box, all videos in which the suspect says the words you typed will appear. But only the first five videos in the database for any given search will appear. So you have to try to search for very specific things or longer strings of words. If you just type "and" or "the" or something, you'll get every video in which she says one of those words. Which can be fun because you'll definitely get 5 videos out of that.

There's no real "game," as it's a visual novel, but there are achievements for finding and watching 50%, 75%, and 100% of the video clips. I played for a couple hours total and still haven't hit the 50% mark. The videos are usually about 10-30 seconds long, some even shorter than that, very few are longer.

The gameplay basically consists of watching the videos available to you and then picking up on things you might want to hear more about, and then searching for those. For example, the first search is "murder" (I don't remember if I typed that or if it had it typed for you) and then you see a clip of her saying "you think it's a murder?" or something like that... but another will say something like "I wouldn't murder simon! I loved him!" and so you try typing "Simon" and get clips where she talks about Simon... and you learn more but I mean there's like 147 clips that say Simon apparently, but you only get the first five lol. So you have to try to find more specific things to search for.

I never really ended up searching for more than one word at a time (I maybe tried like twice) but I discovered so much and watched so much videos...

It's completely just watching videos of this woman talking, and that's it... but the story ended up being really fascinating. But there's still a lot I don't know or understand and I want to learn more. But I really recommend this game if you like these kind of simulation NVL games. The video clips are a real person actor, not like an animated character, and there seems to be a TON of content. It's the kind of game that really encourages you to get out paper and take notes while playing... I'm going to have to do that next time... I'm actually pretty excited to. I want to see if I can get all 100% of the video clips (I have no idea how many there are) on my own. There are guides and apparently a way to cheaply see all of them but I'm gonna try on my own because it's really fun discovering the story that way.

I thin it's like $7 or something on Steam... I got it for a lot cheaper in a Humble Bundle a while back and just hadn't really played it til now.


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