May. 31st, 2017 12:38 pm
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So I haven't updated in a while mostly because I've been obsessively playing dumb rhythm games lol. And I kinda fell into a fun depression time yay but I'm doing better now I think.

The website is almost done (like, for reals this time). I have all the programming for the play diaries site complete and now functioning a lot better than before, and a script for listing updates. I just need to make a sort of home page for everything, make a few assets for the diaries that I haven't made any for yet (Innocent Life and TokiMemo3), and finish editing the rest of the entries. Most of those things are easy/fast.

In other cool news, Imperial SaGa is FINALLY ADDING UNLIMITED:SAGA CONTENT! After tonight's update, there will be a new event based on Nakle Lines and Laura's story, it seems, and they're adding Laura and Henri to the game. that's it, just those two XD But hey, it's something! And hopefully they'll continue to add unsaga stuff after this, and not just them...

I'm really curious what art they're going to use for them. If they use the Naora art it will look really weird? But there's not really suitable Kobayashi art, so...? I wonder if they'll make new art for the game. I guess they used the weird cartoony-looking art for the SaGa 1 stuff, so... :\

Also I've been playing Tree of Savior with X and it is really fun. I kinda want to draw stuff from it but like... I always say I want to draw stuff and never do lmao.

May. 4th, 2017 05:25 pm
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Oh yeah some random stuff I wanted to mention earlier:

Imperial SaGa's 2nd anniversary is coming up and for part of it they are giving away these towels with little battle sprites on it -- pretty awesome, but probably won't be able to get one unless you live in Japan. But importantly!!! It had sprites to represent the various games that are in imsaga... and it had a sprite of Laura! Since she already has a sprite developed that either means that they made a sprite just for this stupid towel, or they've already been working on UNLIMITED:Saga assets for the game :D

And I also just wanted to say that I've discovered these games on mobile by a dev called Rayark and they are absolutely amazing. The ones I've been playing are called Voez and Cytus, and they not only are awesome mobile rhythm games, but even some of the best rhythm games I've ever played (and I have played a lot, let me tell you hahaha)

Voez has a pay-to-unlock stuff system, though you can earn free unlocks by improving your scores to see the story and participating in events and stuff. Plus there are a handful of free songs that cycle.

Cytus is free but ad-supported, but you can also buy the full version to get rid of the ads. And it's only TWO DOLLARS. It's a huge game with tons of content. I paid like $40 for DDR PlayStation discs back in the day, so $2 is really amazing. Plus this is more fun than DDR haha.

The tap charts are amazingly composed -- very musically satisfying and don't just stick to the rhythm of the main melody like so many rhythm games do anymore. And there are quite a few harder tracks in each game where you have to play two different rhythms with each of your thumbs (usually one is an easier part that follows the percussion track or something, or just straight beats, and the other is a melody or countermelody or something).

Voez in particular is neat because the background and where the tab "bars" are will move around with the feel of the song as you play. It's kind of hard to explain, but if you have an Android phone or WiiU, check out the game and you'll see what I mean easily.

Each game also has a "story," which is pretty simple, but accompanied by a lot of neat art. I really love the characters of Voez, they're all very cute. Well, the girls are. The guys don't really have personalities, but the story seems to focus on the girls more anyway.

I finished Cytus but the story makes absolutely no sense to me lmao. It's mostly told through pictures and weird abstract things and I'm bad at that haha. But from what I gathered from playing, I think the story is pretty much just... girl becomes robot (like human-AI hybrid), girl deletes her own empathy/memories to stop herself from mourning everyone who dies as she is immortal, girl ends up annihilating human race????????????????????????

IDK lmao. I actually haven't watched some of the later stuff, like the chapters they added later, like the Prologue and stuff, so maybe it will make sense once I see all that.

Anyway, there's a decent-ish variety of music, it's mostly expected electronica but there's some other fun stuff mixed in. The games are Taiwanese and it features music in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and English, so there's a lot of stuff there. A lot of non-lyrical stuff, too, though. A couple chiptunes in there, which is cool.

The game has even... given me an appreciation for dubstep hahaha. I used to think it was kind of annoying, but the way they work the tap charts into it is so fun and clever. So I actually like playing dubstep tracks XD Well, in Cytus at least. I don't remember if I've even encountered any dubstep in Voez.

Anyway, highly rec the games, both are free to download and play, and you can spend money to remove ads or unlock stuff if you want. I'm easily playing Voez without spending any money at all. And I splurged and spent $2 on Cytus to remove the ads. Honestly, the devs deserve it. When/if I have more money available, I will definitely buy a pack of keys in Voez solely to support the developers. Hopefully they will continue making great rhythm games.
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Today is tharpy dayyyyyyyyyyyy

I've had not so great a week I feel??? But I did ok today. I kind of want to bring up the topic of disability but I also feel ashamed about it so who knows what will happen lmao.

But um... Imperial SaGa got a new update today~~ The old event ended and we got our prizes. I kinda didn't try too hard so I was only in the top 50th percentile, but I still got character tickets. There was also a character ticket for logging in on the day of the first showing of Romancing SaGa The Stage (which was 4/20) and then a character ticket for logging in on the anniversary of the release of Minstrel Song (4/21) and since the day switches over at 11AM here, I got both today haha.

But uh, the one from RSG The Stage gave me...

Undine!!! I was expecting a bunch of reds and maybe a purple so to get not only a gold, but someone who fits pretty well on my team is really cool????

Also, there's a promo day for Nina coming up, where 50% of all golds will be her, and if you get her, she's Rainbow instead of gold. It's still only like a 0.4% chance of actually getting her but... it's in the Series Gacha, so if I don't get her, I'll still get SaGaFro2 characters which is cool? So I'm thinking about trying.

Not that I have any particular love for Nina or something. I mean, I like her but I haven't played enough SGF2 to really know her so she's just a cool idea? BUT not only do I like her design, but she has really cool abilities that would be perfect for my team lmao (it boosts the magic power of anyone with wind, water, or earth arts and most of my party are characters with two or three schools of magic arts already and they all fall into that category XD).

Plus, she's the last promo, so I'll be able to see the news about whatever updates are coming next to see if I want to actually spend my Kr or not. Though since they just now added SaGa 1 stuff, I'm guessing they will go through SaGa 2 and SaGa 3 before ever getting to UNSaga...


If they add SaGa 2 stuff soon, that means there is a chance we could get Dad or Mask???? So I'd like to have them??? But, uh, it would probably be better to wait until they've been around a while and wait for a promo gacha that focuses on him (which there surely will be). And the only thing they've added from SG1 so far are Human Man and Human Woman (yeah lmao they're just added generic characters now but STILL NO TIBERIUS).

But anyway, along with this event, they've added new characters. What's cool is anymore they don't only add promo characters, but just add some new gold characters to the regular roster, and give an increased chance of getting them in the regular gacha during the event, and they using them in your party will boost the event items you get from quests.

The two new golds are Mikhail and Holy Emperor, and in my Play Diary, I talked about how I was unsure of how to translate Holy Emperor because the common fan translation is "Holy King," but uh in Imperial SaGa she's definitely a woman, so I'm glad I ended up choosing "Emperor" in the end. Even though I realize "Empress" is a word, like... "Emperor" just sounds a lot less gendered than "King."

Um but the new Holy Emperor art has stupid boob window lol... The one thing I hate most about Imperial SaGa is that they sexualized all the women and girls in the new art. One thing I've always liked about SaGa is that it doesn't really have oversexualized female characters, but Imperial SaGa like... destroys that lol.

Like, uh, for example, Monica is a great character, for instance, who has a really interesting story and grows so much and despite being a princess is really badass and independent like...??? She's so great on her own and could have so much really cool art but instead we get like... Monica laying seductively on a bed with her tits about to burst out of her clothes like...


Not only is this completely unrelated to anything she does ever in the game, and not only is it missing out on an opportunity to capture so many great aspects of her character, but it's like... actually out-of-character for her...?

And like... it's not like I don't like sexy art or whatever because I very much do and I even do really like the Monica art I'm complaining about because she looks very pretty in it but... leave that to the pervy fan artists? If you're going to make official art of your characters for a game please make them... somewhat... relevant... to... the game...???????

Like IDK there's just so much to love about Monica and we have this opportunity to get super cool new Monica art, new art of a great and interesting character that does a lot of things and has a really interesting story and has so many situations that would be awesome to see illustrated...

And she's reduced to "look at titty."

It makes me mad!!

Anyway, the promo character for the event right now is Ward! Which means new Ward art!!


And see, characters can be hot as hell without being sexualized. If they're already sexy they don't need like... awkward sex poses and beds they will just be sexy anyway???????????

He and Mikahil (and probably Holy Emperor) are part of the story (it's about fighting Byunei) for the event but I just skip the story so IDK what it's really about lmaooooo. There's like a gallery mode where you can watch all past event stories and stuff so I figure if I ever care about the story of this game I'll go watch that. I still don't even really know the main plot of the main story because I just skip through literally everything LOL.

Oh and his Commander Skill is that he boosts the attack power of anyone with light magic arts, which in my current party is just Leon, but Leon also uses foil so his attacks are ridiculously strong right now (like just his regular Final Letter is doing more damage than Boston's super critical thing LOL). Though if I used Screwdriver I'd get Ultra Critical every time too (since it's effective against women) but I think the power of his Screwdriver is so low that just using Final Letter would be better? (Uh, also, his Final Letter is really beefed up).

Also when characters level up they say like little quote things, like each character just has one they always say. Leon says like "Follow Me" (but in a way that sounds much cooler than that??) And uh... Ward's was "You wanna take a job?" and I was like wtf why did they choose that?? And then I realized that's pretty much HIS ONLY LINE OF DIALOGUE IN THE ENTIRE GAME LMFAO

IDK why I get attached to SaGa characters when they are hardly more than visual character concepts LOL

But yeah the boss of the event quests is Byunei, and she's weak to piercing damage, so Boston's special art that he came with always Super Criticals on her because it's piercing damage (despite being a punch) plus is effective against Abyss creatures and characters (which means it always gets a critical, and using weakness + critical hit = Super Critical XD)

You can actually Ultra Critical which is dual weakness + critical hit, but you have to hit with elemental and physical weakness and get a crit at the same time so I've never seen it lmao.

IDK what to do for the next 20 minutes lol. I'm feeling anxious. I guess I'll do KA a bit and then pack up my stuff so it's ready for going to Dens or something. I'm going early again this week. I hope all the patterns get back to normal soon~~


Apr. 4th, 2017 08:21 am
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So, I'm kinda angry at the world recently and my patterns are all messed up soooo I have like no motivation really lmao. So I don't know if I'll work on the site much this week? Maybe a little. But it's taking forever to get it done now X_X

Anyway, I ended up starting a new game in unsaga even though I was gonna wait until the site was ready buuuutttt oops :) So if I feel up to it I'll write the first entry of Laura's scenario later...

I also have an entry to write for RSG3 that I keep... not doing... for some reason.

Some SaGa announcements:

Romancing SaGa 3 is getting a remaster for PS Vita and mobile, similar to how Romancing SaGa 2 did. With any luck (especially if people buy RSG2!!) we might get a localization of this just like we did with RSG2! Which will mean all SaGa games have at least some form of an official localization (with RSG1 only being in the form of a remake though), except for now Scarlet Grace, too, I guess... XD; Though I'm really hoping they do decide to localize it because it's really great.

Also, Imperial SaGa is getting some new content. Now that the Cube Route was completely finished, I was wondering if they would add content from another game next, and was really hoping it was unsaga... but it seems they're adding SaGa 1 stuff next. :\ Which means they'll probably go through the whole Game Boy trilogy before ever getting to unsaga.

And we still don't have Tiberius lmao.

I also went to the Emperors SaGa site because it's still linked on the imsaga site even though I thought that game was long dead or something, but it seems like it even has some kind of expansion now called Glacies, with new characters and everything. It's probably really old since I've only looked at this site like literally once before and it was over a year ago.

The RSG3 thing was actually announced some time last week. It didn't seem to appear on SaGa's FB page nor on imsaga's home page, and it's not on the SaGa official site (though they like, never update that) sooo idk LOL. But Square-Enix announced it, I guess they just didn't think to inform SaGa fans. Maybe they're waiting to make a little site and stuff for it.

Since they're going to be remastering all the sprites and stuff like they did with RSG2, I'm really hoping that they add mustaches back to the mustache characters on their little battle sprites. The Imperial SaGa sprites do indeed have cute little mustaches, so...

I'm also really hoping they add some of the content that was cut from the original. RSG2 added a new dungeon and stuff, and since RSG3 already had content in the works, it shouldn't be too hard to add it in?

Maybe we'll eventually get remasters of sagafro and unsaga that add all the cut content from those. I could actually see Frontier getting that eventually, or maybe a remake, but unsaga is unlikely lol. Though that would be pretty awesome to finally get that "eighth scenario" and flesh out the other characters and lore some more. Plus any excuse to play more unsaga is good. And if they released it on modern platforms, that would mean unsaga with trophies and achievements which is fantastic.

In non-SaGa news, a tumblr mutual linked me to this thing called Sexy Congress which renewed my interest in the Senate and is even making me like the House now, which is... no bad please don't... like, it's just WAY too much stuff to learn and I hate getting new interests because interests are like all-consuming and I don't want to like... be distracted from SaGa lmaoooo.

But I did find a bunch of new mustache boyfriends, so...

Read more... )

New York has a lot of lookers XD

Also lol @ my tastes.

And speaking of politicos, I'm kinda mad at Joe right now lol. he's still hot has hell but he's really pissed me off to the point where I might break up with him lmaooo. I'm strongly considering voting against him in the primaries; like, it would not take much for another candidate to seem more appealing right now lmao. And don't get me wrong; I love Joe, and I think he really does want to help Hoosiers, but... he's also ridiculously conservative, and passes off his support for harmful shit as being ~bipartisan~ but it's just him being super conservative hiding under the label of Dems.

Not that I have much regard for either of the US's political parties, and I do think Joe works in my best interest a lot of the time (much more so than someone like Todd Young ever would), I just think a less conservative candidate would be able to do so much better.

Also I still miss Evan Bayh lol. And honestly I liked Dick Lugar, and I even liked Dan Coats. But Todd Young is gross, and Joe is hot and tries but he's nothing compared to Bayh lmao.


I just want to hug all the cute congressppl ok.


I'm hungry but I still haven't been able to go to the grocery :);;;;;;;;; I don't know if I cried about this here yet, but I decided to try going to the grocery with Dens on Friday, which means I'd have to bring the food home from his place on Monday. Getting the food wasn't so bad, though I was pretty anx about it, but then I ended up forgetting it, probably because I wasn't feeling so great as I was leaving.

But that means I had no food for this week at all :) And then my dad said we could go to the store yesterday, but come like 10PM he still was not home and said it would be "later" and I texted him saying I was going to sleep and to wake me up when he wants to go, unless he'd rather go early tomorrow (as in today). And he just said "OK." And he never woke me up so...

I'm at least glad I was able to sleep but uhhh I need food??? I had enough to eat yesterday but today is another story. And it's 930 AM now and he's still asleep so IDK. I want to exercise today since I skipped yesterday because I was feeling super shitty, but I don't want to start now and halfway through my dad wake up and be like OK LETZ GO X_X But I also don't want to sit and put it off all day and him end up being like NVM NOT GOING like... late in the afternoon or something...

Yesterday he gave me some quinoa though that was leftover from someone else's breakfast (idek) and it was so good :O It makes me want to start buying quinoa but it's too expensive lol.

Mar. 22nd, 2017 04:28 pm
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IDK if I updated about this last night but

The programming for all of the play diary sites is done. Well, not Innocent Life but I'm not going to add that til later I think. Because that's a ton more editing and going back and finding images I deleted and stuff...

So I'mma work on editing the rest of the entries (partly done with Scarlet Grace and need to do all of RSG3) and programming the grammin tut site. Then I'll be ready for launch. IDK if I'll launch right away or try to finish up some more of the play diaries and iron out the programming site or what.

I also plan to eventually have many subsites, like an art portfolio site, and I was to make some game fansites (well, maybe not multiple, but I at least want to create a serebii-like site for unsaga, then might expand it to the whole series?)

So I'm feeling pretty good lol.

I have therapy tomorrow and am actually looking forward to going. I think I might (MIGHT) be able to deal with the waiting room better this time. But I have a lot to talk about and like... usually a big thing that makes me nervous is I feel like I won't have anything to say and won't know what to say and stuff >_>;

But I have many things this time XD From things I looked up about that we talked about last time, and what's happened in the last 3 weeks, and stuff I realized about myself, etc.

I think I already posted about my SUDDENLY SUICIDAL day a week ago, and then I thought I was falling into depression again, but I feel like I'm not anymore lolol. I think maybe I had a very short depressive episode or something, or I'm just like... a lot better at dealing/recovering from one because of meds and stuff.

BUT a thing happened today, too. After getting an autism diagnosis, I've been more analytical about my behaviors and actions. I didn't really want to think too much about it before since I wasn't really sure if I was autistic or not, but after having a doctor say so I feel more comfortable like... really analyzing myself with that perspective I guess.

Anyway, I've notice that I'm more attached to routines than I thought previously. I used to think I didn't really have any attachment to routine (which was also something that made me wonder if I might not have autism) but rather it's that I am very adverse to changing or forcing routines. Because the word "routine" makes me think of forced routines, my immediate reaction to the word "routine" is I HATE THEM lmao lmao. But I noticed that I have to do a lot of things the same every time, and things that are really not problematic at all are stressful simply if they happen out of order or at weird times or whatever, and trying to force new routines or whatever is DOOOMMMM so...

But yeah anyone who knows me (especially who knew me in college where I had a lot more control over what I ate and stuff) knows that I even do stuff like eating the same food for every meal every day for years and stuff soooo lmao. And maybe even this is a reason I don't like going places because I'm used to being at home and only going places at a certain time.

ANYWAY that was way too much introduction to the THING. One thing I'm particularly comfortable about is going to the laundromat every Wednesday morning, and then walking to the grocery while the clothes are washing because they're in the same strip mall thing.

BUT TODAY I LEARNED THE GROCERY IS CLOSING. And there was like... nothing in it. Like, just a bunch of candy (and tons and tons of Peeps). And everything was like 90% off. But there was nothing there anyway.

So uh this was stressful one because DIFFERENT and two because WHERE DO I GET FOOD NOW? It's the only grocery within walking distance, and the market is closed during the time I'm at the laundromat... I can go with my dad to the grocery if he goes on a weekday but it's really stressful not knowing what day it's going to be and sometimes he even goes on a day or at a time when I can't go soooo uh LOL JUST NO FOOD I GUESS. I guess I can start going to the market some time on like Tuesday afternoon or something idk...

ANYWAY so it was actually kinda fun in the empty grocery except the music was loud and the people cleaning up made some loud noises and I got scared lmao. But I did get some cherry jujus for only 15 cents!! And I had 54 cents so I was able to get three lol. I gave one box to my brother and going to give one to Dennis too.

So, I was needing to get groceries today but I couldn't, so I asked my brother if he would go to the market with me and he said no. So I went by myself. And like a fire truck came by and the noise about killed me, and then I got to the market and realized it was closed, even though I know it opens at 9, but I'm just... not used to being out walking around before 9.

So being in empty parking lot with like siren noises and SUDDENLY realizing my Wednesday grocery time will never come back and that I don't have any food kind of hit me all at once (uh plus I was not planning on walking this far and didn't wear a coat and was very cold) and I had a meltdown like... in this parking lot lmao. Well, I was able to get to the building and like... cry against the wall lol. It only lasted like... idk, 5 minutes, and then I walked back to laundro and no one could tell I had been crying because I was also just frozen so it looked like I was just super cold which I was.

Then I tried to drink coffee but I didn't want to touch the Styrofoam so I was like carrying with a napkin and drinking from a stir stick but I was trying not to look at the Styrofoam and I dropped it lololololol. But I was next to trash and I could feel it slipping so I like... leaned toward trash bin and dropped it in there. Then I didn't want to try to get another one. I actually drank a whole cup and that was my second one so yay?

Anyway, after dropping coffee and crying in a parking lot, I came home and somehow felt a lot better. Usually stuff like this would like... make me dead for a whole day but I still was able to exercise and play Imperial SaGa and work on the website a bit. I have less spoons than normal but like way more spoons than like... any other day that starts like that lmao. Also I still had a bit of food so I can still eat today and my dad said we could go to grocery tomorrow. But I was thinking of trying to start going to the grocery on like... Mondays? Like, replace my exercise that day with walking to the grocery lol and like... try to start buying more produce. Buying it on Thursday and not eating it til like Tuesday sounds like a bad idea. But the grocery is gone now so it doesn't matter so I'm going to just keep eating bologna every day lol. I have all this motivation to do actually make changes in my life but not the material wealth required to make those changes. And who knows how long this motivation will last and if it goes away when it will ever come back so LOL

But I'm feeling good for this moment so that's good LOL. And maybe by a stroke of luck someone will buy me tokimemo 3 limited edition XDDD *nudges everyone reading* and by that I mean I'm nudging no one lmaoooo

Oh yeah, in Imperial SaGa, I trained Old!Will and Tetis and they turned out pretty awesome. I also retrained Bear alongside, and he turned out good, too. I could have enjoyed a bit more Attack from Tetis but I'm still not unhappy. I've also crafted a lot of stuff, so I have enough Wisdom Pendants to outfit all my mages, and three Unparalleled Rings! I'd like to have like... at least five or six of those though. But even just having 3 is really nice.

I'm hoping Tetis will glimmer Grand Slam soon. I keep spamming the 9-star event quest (and GS is even a rank 9 art!) but it's a no-go. I sacrificed the promo Hawke I had (which had a Kobayashi art I'd never seen before?!) to give her a powered-up Shell Smash, which is pretty nice. I also cashed in all my meisei and had enough to get like 600 characters from it LOLOL but I dumped them all in the castle for medals and bought another mage robe thing and ... power suit... I don't remember the names of the armors really. WAIT, no, I bought the Vernie Suit thing, which I had none of. But it's the only armor that offers magic defense, so I think I'd like to have it for Bear.

Sadly this event is giving not very many of the ore things I need to upgrade all these armors -_-; And you can only get these ores from events and like... once this event is over the next like... several events will probably have the other kind of ores (there are 4 kinds of event ores), so like... I'll probably have to wait like 2 months before I can even collect these again :\ I do have most of my Powered Suits to +2, and I would really like to get the Witch Robe to +5 (it's at +4). And power up the Vernie Armor a couple times? But uhhhh don't have that much ore. I'd have to spam this event quest like nonstop to get enough...

Though I might spam it a lot because I really want to get the prize for 20,000 event points (or maybe it's 200,000 idk) but I'm over 3/4 of the way there, and the prize is a gold medal.

But yeah lol imsaga. I'm thirsty but all I have is water and I want like a soda or tea or something so bad XD I mean I have coffee and tea but I want a cold thing and I don't want to like make hot thing and ice it and alskdjfklasdjf just someone deliver me a Dr Pepper please. And TokiMemo3 Limited Edition. And like, a pizza or something. Er, no, I want like... curry XD

want T_T

Mar. 21st, 2017 04:51 pm
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So, I got an email from ebay saying that I had a $10 coupon which was cool, but it seems you have to spend a certain amount to use it so that is lame. While there, I decided to see if anything interesting had popped up since the last time I searched and found The limited edition box set of Tokimeki Memorial 3 for only $24 D: But uh, the shipping is $26 so it's like... $50. I'm so sad tho because I defo can't afford that D: And it's one of my fav games of all time... and it even comes with little figures of all the girls D: Well, the six 'main' ones. It's the first and only time I've ever seen it for sale :\ though I saw another one on there for even more lol. it had the obi around the box so that's cool but I can easily go without that lmao.

I also saw the limited edition tokimemo 2 which comes with a PocketStation which is neat XD I wonder if you can use in on the US version of FF8 and play the chocobo game XD

You can use it with Rockman COMPLETE WORKS, but you have to play with someone else who has a PocketStation and the game, too... As it's a little multiplayer-only thing :\

But yeah it sucks not having money to spend on luxuries .__. generally I don't think much of it because I can get along pretty well with what I have, but when I see things I want it feels bad XD I should just not go to ebay ever XD

Anyway, I caught up with all the unsaga play diaries for my site, now I need to actually put together the sagasca and romasaga3 subsites, but it will be mostly c/p of the unsaga site with some minor changes, and then do all those entries... Shouldn't take too long to do them. Then I'll start on the tutorial which may take a while, but...

Also, here's some imsaga crap: Read more... )
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So once I got to where the images are on tumblr, it's actually a lot faster to edit the play diary posts... because the images are still in the posts! I can just save them all quickly and then rename them as I go a lot more easily, too. I've made a bunch of vim recordings that help me reformat various things, so overall it's going much faster. I could probably finish unsaga by the end of the weekend if I would actually work on it lolol.

But I suddenly got hit with a wave of demotivation. Or rather like... restless frustration? I'm like angry at life and don't want to do anything, and keep randomly worrying about things in the far future that I have no reason to worry about. I'm trryyyyiing not to but lol.

But yeah I might force myself to keep up editing the play diaries for the rest of the night since I don't have anything else to do anyway. I'm in Kurt's scenario now. I also played a little bit more of unsaga and have something great to add to that diary too~~

A new event started in imsaga and there's a promo Baldyhad *_* Of course, promo characters are way too weak for me to use them anymore, but it's still cool to get a Baldyhad~~

I have enough kr for two more big pulls, but I think I'm going to try to save them up again. There's really nice character with Rainbow chance tomorrow but... I think I'd rather save it for my favs or when they add unsaga stuff.

I've mastered some of the highest level roles now, and I have crafted two wisdom pendant things, which is awesome (it boosts magic like 15 or 20 or something *_*!)

I'm probably just going to grab the witch robe thing from the current event and that's it. Maybe I should like... try to run through the story a couple more times while I'm not doing much with events? Like, get some more stuff in my history. I think I have all the 7 and 8 star quests now. But I can S-Rank up to 9 star easily enough. There's probably some egg route quests I don't have. I don't think I'm really up to trying the cube route yet... I think the very first quest in it is like 10 or 11-star?! I can clear up to 12 stars but they are hard. And if the first quests are that high, I probably would get stuck somewhere...

But yeah seeing Baldyhad makes me wanna play Minstrel Song D:

ETA: lol forgot I disabled auto-formatting for the sake of writing the last romasaga3 entry. Actually maybe I'll work on those. I have one more of those to write, and a couple unsaga entries to write, too.
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Oh yeah, I forgot to ever make a post about this, and it's like... two weeks old now.

Imperial SaGa added a new "Role System" to the game!

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Mar. 2nd, 2017 03:50 pm
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So, I had my second therapy session today. It went really well. I actually like therapy even though I get super anxious about it, but that's the reason I'm there anyway, so...

I got an autism diagnosis today, too. So now I don't have to worry about that anymore lol. Also I got various anxiety techniques and perspectives... IDK, I don't really want to go into it too much lmao.

I'm getting pretty close to finishing Armic's scenario in unsaga. I'm not sure how I want to do the upcoming posts. I think instead of doing a 'subadventures digest,' I might just highlight one or two interesting subadventures and then just kind of gloss over the most important things that happened. Because in a lot, nothing particularly interesting happens, and we've already covered all of these adventures in more detail before.

Knight's Mausoleum is one that I haven't gone over yet, and I really want to. That might really be the only 'big' one left before the final adventure.

But yeah Armic has not only achieved but surpassed the role I was trying to go for with Kurt and Mythe before, so I'm really excited about that. He's a little magical powerhouse.

I've also been playing a bit of RSG3. But not enough to write a post yet.

I got all my grinding done in imsaga though XD And even raised Boston. Oh yeah, I wanted to upload a pic about that.

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Feb. 27th, 2017 08:30 am
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Imperial SaGa announced a new "Role System" coming to the game, probably named after roles in Scarlet Grace.

It looks pretty neat, like you'll be able to customize your characters more... but also stressful because it seems like you'll have to choose paths. Hopefully they are transparent and different enough that it's easy to make the decision. And hopefully it doesn't try to like... randomize which one you get influenced by how you fight or something lol...

I spent like all day yesterday grinding X_X but I got all my reds 'cleared out' and I was able to upgrade my blacksmith to Rank 9. But I had to spend pretty much everyone, so I'll be nowhere near Rank 10 :\ I was really hoping to get closer than that.

But Boston will have finished studying his jutsu tonight, and I'll probably get 'stuck' in the current event soon, so I might start training him soon. Or maybe just wait for the next event to start.

Pretty much the pattern seems to be that there's a Quest Event that lasts two weeks, then halfway through it, a Combat or Trials Event will start, while you can continue to work on the Quest Event if you want. That will last the last week of the Quest Event, then both will end at the same time, and a new Quest Event starts. Combat and Trials Events seem to alternate as well. So since we'll be finishing the current Quest and Trials with the next maintenance, and a new Quest is starting, we'll probably have a Combat event start after a week.

I really don't like Combat too much lmao (it's the pvp thing). But you get healed after doing them, so it might be a good time to train Boston... but it would also be nice to have Boston available for the Combat itself...

Also, I thought it would be completely impossible, but I saw someone has already completed and uploaded an entire SCC playthrough of SaGa SCARLET GRACE (with Urpina). One nice thing about SGSG is that like unsaga, you don't even have to use the protagonist, so you could do a SCC with any character in the game.

Not that I'm planning on doing a SCC any time soon, or even maybe at all, but it's just cool that you can XD

I've sifted through all the pics of Scarlet Grace now up to Leonard's ending, so I just have to get around to writing the entries for them.
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So, now that I have a sex lobster, I'm really eager to progress in Imperial SaGa. Which means a ton of grinding stuff.

But I was kind of thinking maybe there's a way to do it either faster or better.

game mechanics rambling & testing )

Feb. 25th, 2017 04:22 pm
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Soooo even though I said I was going to save my kr for when they finally add unsaga content on imsaga, today they were having a special where you had a 50% chance of all gold characters being Farah (and even a chance of her being rainbow). And she came with a really cool attack that damaged the enemy a lot AND healed status effects from the whole party. And I really need a status healing person in my party.

So I ended up going for it... I found that I had about a 60% chance of getting any gold character, so like 30% chance of getting Farah.

I only got one gold character, and it wasn't Farah... which was sad, but...!

It was the sexy art Boston XDDDD And not only is the portrait nice, but he's actually pretty strong, so I'm excited about that. And he can do water jutsu which means he can learn both status-healing jutsu.

Still would have rather had Farah prolly, but this is still pretty cool, too.

And speaking of SaGa characters I want to fuck, I want to do a fanart of Koumei:

I started drawing him once before but it was horrible and I scrapped it XD

Anyway, I did 22 pulls so I have a bunch of other characters now. I'm leveling up all these purples and reds so I can dump them in the blacksmith and level it up. I think I'll definitely get it to Rank 9... I hope I can get it to Rank 10, but probably not...

But I also have like... over 100 characters to get from meisei too lol. I mean it will mostly just be greens but I'll probably pop a few reds there from all that. And blues at least add up to push the rank up experience a little. Like a whole slew of 10 blues maybe makes a little sliver of experience on the bar XD


Feb. 17th, 2017 07:58 pm
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Sooooo this week has been pretty bad but not bad just like... I'm so exhausted now.

On Monday I had appointment with new psychologist. He is a nice guy and I was very comfortable with him. He doesn't make eye contact and is pretty blunt and those things are easy for me lmao. He also looks like egg (in cute way). I think I talked about this already because I remember saying the egg thing.

Then on Tuesday I had to make a phone call which as always is like an ALL DAY EVENT and is bad.

The phone call I made on Tuesday was for a thing I had to do on Wednesday -- well, I didn't have to do it on Wednesday, but I knew I would just worry about it until I did it, and I was already at the laundromat (at like 6AM so there was no one there) and I was already awake and able and stuff and idk it was just a very good opportunity so I just made myself do it, which was VERY HARD but I did it.

Anyway, the Wednesday thing was getting registered for therapy and getting a psych evaluation and this place -- it's this place that I wasn't very comfortable about before because their website refers to patients as "clients" and they have testimonials, and they seem like ridiculously focused on like... making the "clients" get jobs. Like if you hid the name you would 100% think it was an employment agency...

Anyway, so I felt like that is not really a proper environment for getting better because I was worried they'd like... just push for you to work and try to find ways for you to work and not focus on like... the actual problems you're having?

But uh it actually wasn't like that but uhhh the website still gives me that feeling and I still don't like how they call patients "clients" (they do this in the facility too??) but when I actually went there they were like... not all about jobs lol.

Anyway, on the like... paperwork they had a like 'assigned sex' and 'gender expression' part so that was cool. The gender expression had like... male and female and then like a blank so I wrote nonbinary in the blank, idk if that is what it was for so *shrug*

OK so let me tell the story about the place though.

When I went in, the person on the phone had told me I'd need to go to a desk that's immediately on the right. And I knew I had to talk to 'access services' or something. And when I got in there, there was a desk to the right called 'access services' and there was no one there. So I figured I'd just wait for someone to come.

Well, this wasn't the desk I was supposed to go to and no one even uses that desk I guess??? So I was just standing around for like 20 min lol ;;;; and uh there were a lot of people in there.

While I was standing there a guy came up to me and asked me if I liked the Colts, then asked me if I was bipolar. When I said I was here about anxiety he apologized because he might be scaring me and told me he loved me (but he wasn't IN love with me lol) and that everything would be okay.

I said thanks lol.

Anyway that made me about die and then I finally went to one of the check-in windows (but I had to wait until everyone in the building was sitting down, which took a while LOL) and asked them what I was supposed to do and they were like uh you were just supposed to come here lol X_X

Anyway, so then I did the paperwork and like, part of it is a little survey like "do u want 2 b ded" and stuff and like, then I had to go to some office with this woman who like... entered it all in the computer... but I was like... not filling out the rest while she was asking me questions and like she thought I needed help and I was trying to explain that like... I just can't switch tasks like that like I can either answer her questions or do the paperwork but not both lol. But I was like so nervous that nothing I said made much sense.

Anyway I finally communicated and she like said she wouldn't ask any more after she finished all her things and let me finish in my own time so I finished it. And then like... I had to get a psych eval but they were already booked for the day, and were going to like... idk, tell me when to come back (like you have to get a walk-in psych eval before you can get an appointment with a therapist here, even tho I like... had a doctor's referral for therapy lmao)

Anyway, like... after looking over my like paperwork the paperwork lady like... called someone on the phone and was like "I have a high-risk client in here and need a doctor" lmao so I guess they like... didn't want me to leave until like... a doctor like calmed me down and told me who to call for suicide or whatever lmaoooo. And I was like hahah yeah I don't use phone. Except I didn't say it to them I just let them talk to me. And when the Dr came in I like... couldn't even introduce myself properly and they were like 'okay let's just calm down don't worry' etc lmao

Anyway like as all this was going on someone came in and was like "hey we have an opening suddenly" and the people were like "oh good thank goodness he needs it" LIKE IDK IT WAS KINDA WEIRD THEY WERE SAYING THIS STUFF IN FRONT OF ME LOL?? But uh like tbh it was kind of nice bc like... people were actually like... taking me seriously and caring??? And uh yeah idk that doesn't happen much LOL

(For the record Dens cares a lot but I also hide a lot from him bc I feel ashamed or anxious about telling him or whatever.)

Anyway, so then I got to have psych eval but they told me I'd have to wait 40 minutes. So I tried to play Scarlet Grace in the lobby but I couldn't concentrate on it and more just like... held my Vita and stared at the floor. And then like, some angry mother was running to all the different clerks and windows and yelling "this is bullshit" because like... she couldn't pick up her daughter's medication when 1. it wasn't her medication to pick up and 2. they aren't even her daughter's pharmacy so even the daughter wouldn't be able to pick it up there because they just literally didn't have it. And while she was yelling at all the staff she was also on the phone and yelling at someone about buying windows or something.

SO I WAS LIKE DYING LOL. But then like she finally went away and like, these two Korean guys came and sat next to me and were speaking Korean and I was like... trying to understand (uh, not to eavesdrop, but to test my Korean -- I couldn't understand enough to eavesdrop anyway LOL) so I could like, focus on that. But uh they were also filling out paperwork but like... one guy was translating it for the other guy but there was some stuff neither of them knew so they like... couldn't fill it out and said they had to come back later when they could like... bring someone who could understand it all and I felt bad for them.

Anyway then the psych eval person came and got me and she was extremely nice and comforting and easy to talk to so that was good, and I often didn't understand questions and had to ask for clarification or like... have her repeat it a lot and she was very patient so yay.

But yeah they ask like a million really specific questions and like... at the end like... give you a list of everything that's wrong with you LMAO. And like, it was pretty much the same list that Dr Nolan gave me on Monday so yay? Also they were like... telling me I have a history of trauma LOLL and I was like ummm are you sure LOL. And they were like uhhhh yeah.

Anyway then like she called someone on the phone to like... set up my first appointment, and like the whole purpose of the eval and everything is so like... they can set you up with a therapist who like... fits you. And like... she was just like "Yeah just give me anyone. I just need a name." And at some point she answered a question with "Male." And I was like UH MY THING SAYS NONBINARY AND I CERTAINLY DIDN'T SAY A PREFERENCE FOR MALE THERAPIST (in my head).

Anyway they got me an appointment for the very next day. And she like... asked me if it was okay, and that I could get one later if I wanted like... I guess realizing that's pretty sudden. And I was like no it's fine. Even though I really didn't want to because this was three days in a row doing terrifying things but I was anxious and like didn't say that but also I'm glad I didn't because like... I would have just been terrified for an entire week or more or whatever.

Anyway, so that was that and I had an appointment and went home lol.

Then so yesterday I had to go to therapy. My therapist's name is Val and he's like... an old beardly guy which is cool I guess. But I was like scared the whole time and like staring at the floor and like... trying to make eye contact sometimes but it was hard and like... for a while I think he thought I wasn't listening because I wasn't making eye contact but he didn't ask or say anything just like... would kind of stare at me for a while like... as if waiting for me to respond??? So I started like nodding my head the whole time lol.

Anyway he told me helpful things and it was actually very good (also he said I have history of trauma so uh LOL) but I was like scared the whole time and I think I made him annoyed or something lol. Also at this place they like... walk you everywhere like they don't like just tell you were to go they like... walk with you. Which is good and I like that because I hate walking around places I don't know.

Anyway now I will be going to therapy bi-weekly yay??? Hopefully I won't be so messed up next time and can actually like communicate properly lol. I also was like... mumbling or talking softly a lot I guess and he had to keep asking me to repeat everything loooollllll

Also for some reason we talked about my YouTube channel and Five Nights at Freddy's LOLLLL Well because I was talking about Clock Tower (The First Fear) because I said it had a phone sound in it and I couldn't deal with it and stopped playing XDDD And uh then he said his like grandson plays FNAF or something and I said that game triggers my anxiety and I can't play it but I think it's well-designed LOL. Except I don't remember why we talked about YouTube.

Oh yeah because he asked me what my days were like, like what a typical day was like and I was like... I wake up and feel bad a lot LOLLL. And I said that I eat and like... recently I've been writing these play diaries and then explained them and he asked if other people read them and I was like... uh at least one LOL and then mentioned my YT channel and said lots of people watched it lol idk.

ANYWAY so after all this was over I had had like... four days of things that are very hard for me to do and I was like... so exhausted and like... could barely even stand up and like... even sitting up was hard and I was like "Well, maybe I'll lay in bed and play Scarlet Grace and if I get sleepy I can take a nap."

I pretty much immediately fell asleep (I didn't even finish a battle in SG lol) and then slept for 14 hours straight and then when I woke up I felt even more tired and more exhausted and like... it was a struggle to move like... all my muscles felt weak.

I had corn flakes because I realized I hadn't eaten in a long time since I was sleeping for so long, and it was so hard just to like... pour them and eat them because my body felt so weak that after eating I just kind of like... tumbled to the floor and laid there for like... a couple more hours.

Then I finally got up and like... didn't have the energy to shower even though I was going to see Dens and was like super gross but I just... couldn't. So I like... just kind of sat around until he came and like. Things started feeling very surreal and I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or if this was real life or what.

Dens came and I went to his car and started to feel a lot better and like... explained to him how exhausted I was and he even said like... he realizes therapy is a private thing and won't ask about it but I am free to tell him anything LOL because he's usually very nosy about everything and will ask a ton of things and I die. So I was really happy about that and I told him some stuff and like... when I told him they said I had trauma he was like 'Yeah I don't think your childhood was good' and I was like wtf wtf and then earlier I had told my brother that they said that and he said 'I could have told you that' so I guess everyone else thinks I had a traumatic childhood and I just thought it was normal????????

Anyway we went to buffet and I like was ridic hungry and ate like 4 plates of food and two desserts lmao and then felt kinda sick and then we went to grocery and it was like... scary but I was also like... too tired to be anxious or something and got through it. Like, things were still feeling kind of surreal.

Then we got back to Dens place and I just lounged in chair and played Imperial SaGa lazily while Dens did coloring and talked to me and I started to feel a lot better over time. Then I like made up an excuse of why I wanted to take a shower because I was like... idk too ashamed to say I was just too exhausted even though I'm sure he would have understood and been fine with it lol. So then I took shower and after that I felt a lot better. I'm still kinda tired now but like I don't feel like super fatigued like I did for most of the day.

Anyway probably the most helpful thing (well, it seems helpful at least) that my therapist told me was a way to deal with getting anxious about getting anxious is just to accept it's going ot happen and think of how you don't really have to wait that long until it's over like... IDK it's hard to describe in words because he used example but like...

Basically you wake up feeling anxious for no reason and ofc that makes you more anxious and you're like omfg here we go is this going to be all day? Am I going to fail at everything? Will I even eat?

But instead of like... thinking like that just like... say to yourself like... okay these things usually last like half a day so we only have like 6 hr left I've done this a million times.

And like each time it seems to really bother you just kind of think about it like that. And like, IDK, I really think that might be helpful. Because sometimes I am actually able to "trick" myself into doing things by like... telling myself I don't actually have a problem and I'm just a faker. Of course it's a lie and I know it but like... this is actually not a lie and like... I really do have tons of experience getting through anxiety days so like... I think it might be helpful. I don't think it will just solve the problem of course, but like... I like the sound of it at least. Basically he told me a few like... self-care/coping things like that, and he had to like... redo parts of my psych eval because the person who did it before used like the wrong software or sth (idk).

I also wanted to bring up autism because I feel like it's always abrupt and people are just like 'uh no.' Actually when I talked to the psych eval person she was like... well I can't really say if you have it but that's a good thing to ask your therapist about. And I told her I have like sensory issues and stuff and like... no one things I can possibly be autistic because I like... am decent at having a conversation. Even though like I'm really not and I've just practiced a lot and have a lot of scripts lol. But yeah she said I had good points and should ask so I think I will ask next time maybe. Especially since like... my doctors have like... specifically wanted to focus on anxiety and were "ok one thing at a time" or w/e when I tried to bring it up but during the therapy session after the beginning stuff he just like... asked me what I wanted to work on and I was like IDK I CAN'T MAKE DECISIONS. But eventually I just said I want to be able to be alive without being scared all the time lol. And so he talked about anxiety stuff like... so I'm kinda happy about having a therapist like... it seems a lot more useful than a regular doctor or w/e. I mean, for this type of thing. Having regular doctors are useful for their own things and I'm not saying like Dr Marlin and Dr Nolan are useless; they've both been very helpful and useful and nice to me, I just mean like... there are things that you need therapy for and can't really get that from regular doctor lol.

Anyway so that was my exciting week and I still feel worn out but at least I don't feel like DEAD anymore. And I keep having like little bouts of anxiety but I think my brain is even like... too tired to be anxious and like gives up. So I'm doing a lot of just like... spacing out or doing mindless stuff like Imperial SaGa. But I keep like messing up and using wrong attacks and stuff oops.

Oh also like my ears are weird today like... how they feel when you're in an airplane?

Uh minor game updates tho:

The new imsaga event is like... Monster Hunter theme and they have like... all the SaGa Frontier protags in like... Monster Hunter cosplay and they're kinda cute. I'm tempted to try for the Lute one bc he would suit my team well but I'm not like super into Lute (I do like him a lot but there are charas I like way more that I could potentially get later) and I want to try saving my krowns for when there's finally unsaga content.

Anyway the event is like super easy so I can clear the 9-star without taking damage like... 90% of the time. If I get bad luck with accuracy sometimes I get hit but it's NBD.

In unsaga I like... literally stopped playing in the middle of an adventure because I got anxious or tired or something (or both) so uhhhh I hope I can remember what I was doing. I just used a save state instead of using a quicksave so I can just load my last normal save if I want to.

In sagasca I've been playing a TON but like... it's this extremely tedious quest where you have to like... fight like 50 battles in a row. I'm probably just doing it wrong (it's the ice cap/polar bear thing). I actually think I got past the ice cap part because I made 3 snowmen and I think there's only supposed to be three.

Some people have been revealing the mechanics of certain things on the GameFAQs board to answer ppl's questions (and a few people already have the guidebook) and like... I keep reading it even though I don't want to know everything just yet but like... some of the way mechanics work in this game seem disappointing like... the way glimmers work is really dumb. The magic-learning system was weird at first, but I like it overall.

Actually I say the way glimmers work is dumb but in Rogue Nightmare I was literally going to make a glimmer-like mechanic for learning skills and like... it was going to be exactly like what Scarlet Grace's is pretty much LOLOL. Not exactly, but very similar, in the same way that I'm complaining about so... XD

But basically each character keeps a hidden count of how much BP they've used with each weapon, and then your chance of glimmering is that divided by a certain 'threshold.' So like the first one is 40, so if on your first turn using that character, who has glimmered 0 things for that weapon, and you use a weapon art that costs 2 BP, their chance of glimmering will be 2/40, or 5%. But this also means once you've used 40 BP you're guaranteed a glimmer. And what you glimmer is just completely random -- like you'll just randomly get something from that item's glimmer set lol. But uh once you have glimmered 6 arts or more for a weapon the threshold is freaking huge like.. 10,500 or something. Which means it's ridiculously difficult to glimmer even the weakest most basic arts if you haven't yet.

In Rogue Nightmare I was going to do something very similar, with each weapon skill having a 'level' threshold, and it would be related to your skill level with that weapon. So as you use the weapon, you have a chance of learning the skill early, but once you get to the appropriate level, you'll definitely learn it. But in that game your levels restart to 0 every time you re-enter the dungeon, so it's more a reward for being able to last long enough. You can't really grind in that kind of game. (Once you learn a skill, though, you keep it permanently, even between nightmares.)

I think HP might max at 999 in this game (it does in other SaGa games, and there's no more 'space' for digits other than 3 in the display) and my characters are passing 700 HP. So I think I'm getting kind of far. In unsaga it's normal to have 500-600 HP at the end of the game.

I've also noticed that characters grow more the further they are in strength from the enemy or the party. I actually think in this game, there is a hidden "party level" to assess the party's overall strength. But like, I'll use the same five characters a ton in a row and they'll be growing like... 2-5 HP at the most per battle, some not even growing, and then I'll sub in characters with lower endurance but just generally weaker/underused and they'll be jumping like 10-20 HP every battle.

So you can have characters 'catch up' if you get them late in the game or whatever.

Though the hardest thing seems to be catching them up with arts. Like the new mustache guy I got, because he just got arts new, he still hasn't Ranked them Up much yet so there's things that other characters can do with 1BP that costs him 3BP... it's kind of annoying. It makes him seem super weak compared to others. I'm slowly getting him there, though. But meanwhile everyone else is still powering up and moving ahead of him, so idk...

Anyway I'm super tired and gonna head to bed. I've been meaning to for a while but keep saying I need to finish this entry but then keep like getting distracted lolol.
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So, Imperial SaGa updated last night, and it brought an entire new game mode this time! There's also a new combat event. I'll talk about the combat event first since I don't have as much to say about it, but I'll bring up some of the cool new features. But I really love the new mode~

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Feb. 3rd, 2017 10:07 pm
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Sooo in Imperial SaGa they added this new like 'speed effect' mode where waza and jutsu animations don't play, which makes the game SO much faster and it's perfect for grinding like... I can clear a quest in under a minute now?!

The current promo event (well, one of them) is Valentine's Day themed and today you can get like... a special Katalina where her portrait image is like... making chocolates. It looks so cute and I love it and she's actually strong and would be good for my team, too.

I really thought about trying for her, but it's only a 30% chance of a gold character being her, and you only have a 4% chance of getting a gold character to begin with, so that means it's like... barely over a 1% chance of getting her, and I don't want to spend 3600kr on that.

I uploaded the screencaps from RSG3 and SGSG recently. There's still more caps on the Vita from my last play session, though.

In SGSG I really feel like I've stretched my party's training too thin? Like, the enemies are so much stronger than me now. I know I talked about it a bit already but... I've been trying to train all the different characters, and train each character in a variety of weapons... so now I just have a bunch of weak characters that are not good at anything in particular, as the enemies have been getting steadily faster. I barely scrape by most battles, and there are battles I feel like I couldn't win even with luck manipulation.

I want to do play diaries of Tokimeki Memorial games, too. Sadly I can't really emulate many of them? Actually, I never tried ripping the CD for TokiMemo1 (I have the PS1 version). TokiMemo3 does not work in an emulator (at least I can't find a way to get it to work and can't find help for it either since it's pretty obscure game anyway). I don't have TM2.

GS emulates fine, but I'd want to do the DS version maybe...? But making a play diary of that seems... kind of annoying because I'd have to crop all the images... I have a method of mass cropping in The GIMP, but I still have to save each image individually and it takes forever and is so tedious and I hate doing it like a lotttt.

TokiMemo4 emulates OK, it just has some really ugly graphical problems, like the screen tearing that happens in UN:Saga, but like... even worse and more obnoxious. And like, there's constantly boxes tearing around the characters' heads because the portraits move as they talk and the emulator doesn't seem to like this lol.

If I could just easily do any of them I'd probably want to do TokiMemo3 because it's my favorite. But TM4 is not a bad choice, either, I guess. Or really GS for DS, but... the cropping. Plus honestly I like playing it on PS2 better. But then you miss out on all the extra content. And there's a lot...

I might do a play diary for Save the Homeland? And maybe some other Harvest Moon games. Like, I'd kinda want to eventually do a play diary for all the games in my 'top 5' series but... that's also stupid because Ys and Mega Man would be horrible for play diaries.

I also kinda want to do a Save the Homeland Let's Play (as in, again). Because I started it before the hard drive failure and never got to finish. I don't have my save data anymore, though, so I'd want to start over.

If I did Harvest Moon play diaries, they'd be a lot less screenshotty. Like, I'd probably just like... make an actual day-by-day diary and then screenshot only important events or milestones. Actually thinking about it, it would be kind of hard to do like that, too? Maybe I could do a separate entry with like... character profiles or something LOL. I think this series works better as videos too hahaha.

If I had a decent capture device, I could easily do TokiMemo3. My old Gamebridge died though and getting a new capture thing is expensive lmao. And I'd want to get a good one like an El Gato. I could do Rune Factory Frontier and Tides of Destiny that way, too.

Anyway that's thinking a bit far ahead, I still need to finish the three that I'm working on now. Though I do plan on playing though all the stories in unsaga without much break between, I don't know if I'll do that with RSG3. In fact, I'll most likely not do that with RSG3 because it would be too tedious. Scarlet Grace is a ton of fun and I already know I'm going to want to play again as soon as I finish.

The Scarlet Grace art+guide book came out, and it was only $20! I used my Christmas money to get it lol. Just gotta wait for the shipping. I'm really excited though.

I don't really want to use the guide portion yet, but I'm hoping for lots of cool art and stuff. And I will skim the guide portion just to see if they have like... some useful lists, like where all the blacksmiths are. I've been writing them all down but my list is just a huge handwritten list in the order I found them, while in the guide they could have something like... all of them organized by type with color coding and stuff.

Actually, I could probably find something like that online. I have a Scarlet Grace fan guide thing bookmarked -- I use it to reference names of stuff that I've forgotten or whatever (mostly the names of the weapon arts lol).

Ehhh I didn't see a blacksmith list there :\

Feb. 2nd, 2017 11:41 pm
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In the Imperial SaGa event, I managed to end JUST within the 40th percentile!

So I got a bunch of goodies ^_^

The event right now has like... Valentine characters. One of the special ones coming up in the promo is Katalina making chocolates... lol. I kinda wanna try for her but idk.

I've been playing Scarlet Grace today. I played unsaga and romasaga3 this week, too. I have stuff ready to write an entry for rsg3 and scarlet grace I just haven't felt like sorting through all the screencaps.

I feel bad for not updating but it's like... no one is like demanding updates or something LOL right now no one's really even reading so it's not like I have to like... get them out fast or something XD It might even be better to end up going slower.

But yeah unsaga is coming along, I did like... a ton of trying to farm tablets and then gave up when I didn't find a single one. And now I'm just moving on. But it's just subadventures and nothing to really make a post about yet XD

RSG3 I have quite a bit to post about, like maybe 2 or 3 posts?? I'm kinda mad at it though because there is a thing about Mikhail's money that I didn't realize until now and I'm mad XD

Scarlet Grace like... I'm dreading making an entry bc I've just been running around like mad doing the most random stuff and like it will be so confusing XD

The game is starting to get REALLY hard. There are times I'm like... barely scraping by even Normal battles. I've even game over'd on them...

It's REALLY important to have heavy hitters. Like really, really important. You can't just slowly wait out enemy deaths like in other games. If you don't kill them fast, they will overpower you.

I've said that before but it's becoming more and more critical.

I did get another cute guy on my team called Lewis Darling XD Um and a cute girl too.

Also I'm kinda "stuck" in a certain part of the world, because while that stupid sea monster thing is there (the thing that came out of the pot) like ... they won't let me go through the north exits, because those exist just... play a little scene about the pot and put me back in Gladion. So I can't go back to like... a majority of the places I've been, so there are shop discounts I like... can't even reach. So I'm running around new places trying to find more shops XD But it makes me run into a bunch of random events...

Also I think I'm getting pretty close to like... the end of the game (as in, the place where the game ends, not close to being finished). I heard that you can pretty much run straight to Leo's final boss with only a few battles beforehand, but it will be impossible to win if you get there that early?

But yeah I think I'm getting close XD

I reeeaaaalllly hope they make an English version of this game even though I'm like... really not expecting them to.

Jan. 30th, 2017 06:25 pm
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IDK what game I want to play. I'm feeling just kind of anxious in general and it makes me feel guilty for doing anything enjoyable lololol so everything sounds like a bad idea, but once I get into it I'll be okay???

I'm getting kind of frustrated with the unsaga grind -- I've almost learned every tablet I had with every character who had one and still haven't found a single magic tablet in the ruins.

Scarlet Grace isn't exactly frustrating, it's just... very difficult so I need a lot of willpower to play it XD I still love it, though. And I wanna see more Rico and try to find more characters, because I was looking on the official site, to which they've added some character profiles now, and there's like... a lot of hotties on there XD

And then RSG3 I just feel like I've been playing it too much like my last 5 posts or maybe even more have been updates to that play diary. But like, it's easy to play, and the newest so I have more motivation to play it.

I need to get back to playing Trails oops, and I do have Typing of the Dead: Overkill to mess around with, too. And like, really, any of my steam games. *coughs and looks away from Sonic Adventure 2*

TOD:O is ... fun but I had forgotten how much I hated the "story" of HOD:O lol. Papa Ceasar is kinda hot tho and there are incest themes LOL. And I like all the main protagonists, as obnoxious as they are. But yeah the "humor" and "story" in this game are like Family Guy level and it's awful.

Dennis got Dragon Quest 8 and apparently they added this guy as a new playable character:

So uhhhhh I kinda really want to play that because hot damn. He's a baldie rectangle with nice friendly burns. In a way, I love that Toriyama draws like nothing but recolors of the same 5 characters because it means we get a bunch of Mr Satan clones.

Um I've also been playing Imperial SaGa and I keep meaning to update on it here but I never do lolol. I even had some screenshots but I accidentally deleted them.

I got the last jutsu in the game today, though, so now I have all of them available! I did so much of the last event, like the Forneus one. Like a ridiculous amount. I got enough points to buy both weapons and all the stat crystal things... The event is still going too LOL but the new event has started and I'm focusing on that. It's another Trial of the Gods, this time Mirsa. It's pretty fun -- Trials of the Gods are my favorite events by far. I've cleared up to trial 37 and I'm doing pretty well. I think I might even be able to make it to 40. I'm hoping to at least end in the top 50% this time.

I've been kind of feeling like drawing lately, mostly just because I want to draw Tiberius and Rico (not... together XD just each of them) because ugggghhhhh baldies are my thing right now I guess.
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Also, here's a little update on some Imperial SaGa stuff, since I've been getting a lot done there recently, it seems XD

There's a "combat" event going on right now, which is kinda like a PvP thing, but not really. You register a party for the event, and then you fight other players' parties, but it's AI-controlled. I mean, you control your own party, but the other players are AI. But the setups are what other people have, and this is the only way to fight other characters in the game, so it's pretty interesting.

Anyway, I ran into this team that was just six Aisha (the commander was Aisha, too). I said this on Facebook, but in the current event, all Romancing SaGa (including Minstrel Song) characters get +10 to every stat (which is a LOT).

My battle party has a character each from Romancing SaGa 2, Romancing SaGa 3, SaGa Frontier, SaGa Frontier 2, Emperors SaGa, and SaGa Scarlet Grace. Every game represented in Imperial SaGa except Romancing SaGa or its remake lmao. The few 'alternates' I have seem to mostly be from RSG2 (there's more RSG2 than anything in this game, it seems), though I do have a Hawke (SFC version), but he's not even fully trained, and I screwed him up so I need to redo him anyway. And he kinda sucks in general. Which is sad because I love Hawke XD Though PS2 Hawke is a thousand times better so it's NBD.

I also saw someone with a Baldy!Galahad with 76 speed, which is ridiculous. You can even see how the little yellow bar has that huge lighter-colored area -- those are all the points given from modifiers, the darker part is his normal speed. His speed is almost doubled, which is ridiculous. How do they even do it?!

Speed is important in combat events. There are some battle formations that will give you a fixed turn order, and your entire party will move at the speed of the character in a certain position. Once that 'anchor' character acts, the rest of the party will act immediately in the order of the formation.

So normally you only need one character with a good speed, and everyone else's speed can be ignored (as long as you're using one of those formations). But in combat events, those fixed turn order effects don't work, so every character's speed is important.

I got three more gold characters (Bear, Rose, and Ivan) to hit crown. I guess Ivan doesn't really count since he's a story character and will die as soon as I move on.

Rose's stats actually grew pretty well, but I'm really disappointed in Bear. I'm disappointed in Ivan, too, but I don't actually plan on using him unless I have to for some reason.

I've probably explained this like a million times before, but I'll explain again anyway :P

In this game, your characters get stronger by random stat-ups at the end of battle. The entire game is composed of "quests" which are series of battles (they're a little more interesting than just that, but the point is that you have a limited number of battles per quest, and that's the only way to fight battles and train characters).

Each character has a 'crown point,' a limit to the number of quests they can do before they stop getting stat-ups. Once they've participated in that many quests (even if you give up or die on the very first battle of each, so they get 0 stat-ups lol) they will get a crown on their status page, and will never be able to raise stats again. They can still glimmer weapon arts, equip new items, etc., but their base stats will never raise again.

The rate at which your stats grow is highly based on the difficulty ranking of the quests the character embarks on. So you want to try to complete the highest-level quests you can, or else your character will not grow very much before they crown.

Each character also has a set maximum to each of their stats, indicated by the little bars above. If you fill up the whole bar, it means you got the maximum available for that stat. It's not very common, unless you use the growth crystal things, which cost real money (well, you can get them in the game normally, just not very frequently).

Bear is special in that he seems to have a HUGE potential base defense, but I'm really sad that he only reached 70, with all that empty space in his bar...

I did screw up training this crew, though. I was doing rank 10 quests to raise them, but once I accidentally did a rank 9 that I didn't mean to select, and instead of just finishing it, I just ran, without thinking much (I was tired lol) and so they lost out on an entire quest's worth of battles to grow. And then another time, I picked that same rank 9 on accident again, but I competed it that time. And the very first time I took them out, they both died because I was not prepared properly, but they only died on the last battle. But that's about 15 missed opportunities for growth. Granted, they don't grow so rapidly that that would make a HUGE difference, but they'd probably have 3 or 4 extra points across the board each.

You can get 'reset' items in the game, too, which will set your number of battles completed back to 0, but also revert your stats back to their starting positions (which is about halfway of each bar filled up).

What's also annoying is that Rose's most important stat is magic... but that stat is hidden, and I have no idea how it works. It's very clearly a part of the game, because you can boost the stat with equipment, buff spells, formations, but you can't actually see what your current magic stat is. And I have no idea if it grows like the other stats do while you're training or what??? And so it's hard to really know if your mages are any good or not, except through teaching them jutsu and trying to compare them to each other.

A nice thing about magic, though, is that it has 100% accuracy all the time. Weapon arts have an accuracy rating and can miss. You can boost the accuracy to 100, but there's still stuff like the darkness status effect or enemies with some kind of evasion boost. Magic tends to be weaker in general, but you can pretty much unlimitedly boost the power of any art in the game (it just takes a very long time), and you don't have to worry about boosting accuracy (with weapon arts, when you boost power, accuracy drops a bit, and when you boost accuracy, power drops a bit...) so you just have to worry about balancing SP cost (which is not hard).

So anyway, I'm wanting to get more 'mage' characters (one way to tell if a character may have a good magic stat, though, is that characters each have various 'tags' or I guess like classes, stuff like 'male' or 'female,' 'non-human,' 'imperial guard,' stuff like that -- and one of those tags can be 'mage,' so...) to utilize this, but it's annoying because I have no idea how good they'll actually be.

I'm getting closer and closer to upgrading the jutsu facility to rank 10 (the highest rank), which will give me access to the final set of magic arts. I think that will really make mage characters worth using at that point.

Anyway, I also got my first 7-win streak in a combat event :D So that's yay.

Right now I don't have too much to do... I'm just training a bunch of characters I'm going to throw away. To upgrade the facilities, you have to sacrifice characters to them, and they seem to give the facilities much more 'exp' or whatever toward upgrading if they're fully trained when you dump them. So I just have been running through the current low-rank event quest with a party of Leon and a bunch of randos that I can dump. I probably won't have enough to upgrade to rank 10 when I finish all of the characters I have currently, but I'll be very close. Considering I've been playing for like a year now, being close means I'm REALLY CLOSE but also very far lmao. And my blacksmith is still rank 8 lol.

Characters come in a few 'rarity' levels, and the higher this is, the higher starting stats and potential final stats they have, as well as the more quests they can do before they crown. Where I am now, only gold (the rarest-- well, for over a year the rarest) characters are worth adding to my party anymore, in addition to the new 'rainbow' rarity which seems almost impossible to get.

Gold characters are hard enough to get -- there's only a 2% chance of getting a gold character when you get a new character, and you have to save up the premium currency to try for a new character. During certain events, there will be a 50% chance of getting a certain character as your gold character if you get a gold character, and then I think that character has a small chance of being rainbow only during that event period. So it'd be less than 1% chance and only for a specific character at a specific time. Though there's pretty much ALWAYS some rainbow character on promotion at any given moment. Right now it's Ginny.

So basically I wait until I have 3600kr (which is enough to buy 10 new characters, and you get a free 11th if you spend all 3600 at once) and there's an event for a rainbow I want going on at the same time. I went for a rainbow Leon recently (I would easily put two Leons in my party, no questions hahaha) but I did get Bear instead. But he's one of my most useless golds. I may even consider dumping him into a facility or trading him in for gold medals. You can trade charaters in for medals, and only gold and purple characters give you gold medals, and these can be used to buy items from the shop that are only available through gold medals. One of these is a gold character ticket, which lets you hire a character, but it's guaranteed to be gold.

I really wish they'd make an English version of this game because I want other people to be able to play it, plus I'd be able to make another account and play on there XD I mean, I could make a second account on this one but I don't want to manage two accounts lol.
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So, I have a huge hankering to play Romancing SaGa 3 recently. I'd have three SaGa games going at once though >_> I'm very slowly chugging along at Scarlet Grace because using the dictionary a lot is giving me a headache lmao. But the game uses lots of weird language.

But yeah I wanna play RSG3 because I keep thinking about it and there's some really cool systems in that game that I miss, but am constantly reminded of from playing these other games :P I guess I'd actually be actively playing four SaGa games, since I still play Imperial SaGa every day, too.

I also got Trails in the Sky thanks to X today, so I'll probably start that, too... I don't know if I'll do a play diary type thing for it or not. Quite possibly, though.

I've done a bit with both Kurt and Leo but don't have enough content for new posts yet. Leo just did a lot of running around and looking at things, but not too much happened (well, one big thing did happen, so maybe I'll go ahead and post?), and Kurt did two subadventures that I covered before in previous scenarios. I think one more, though, and he might have another story scene?

I have a bit of a headache today which is always so much fun lmao.

In Imperial SaGa, I finally got another mage armor thing, so now Rose and Eleanor have one to share. I want a third one, though. But it takes forever to save up all the Valk medal things.

I'm doing not so terrible in the combat event. I can get 6-win streaks kind of a lot now. In the last one, I only got a 6 once.

The current combat event, though, gives a big boost to all characters from Romancing SaGa and Minstrel Song. My six character party actually has characters from six different games: Romancing SaGa 2, Romancing SaGa 3, SaGa Frontier, SaGa Frontier 2, Imperial SaGa, and Emperors SaGa.

That's every game represented currently in Imperial SaGa except the original Romancing and its remake lol. I do have a Hawke (SFC version) in my army but he's terrible and even with +10 to all stats I don't think he'd be that helpful. Plus I screwed up training him and need to restart him anyway.

Um, that's about it I guess XD
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Wooo so uh things. My holiday times were fairly uneventful -- I went to my family's and it wasn't too terrible. My cousin came to our apartment afterward and we played this game called Quelf until like 5AM and then I had to get up at like 9AM to go to Dens, and I was tired, but it was fine. Then I had dinner with Dens and I've been here since. That's about it LOL. I didn't get any gifts or anything, though I did get SaGa SCARLET GRACE on the 24th, which was super lucky, because if I didn't get it then, I wouldn't be back to the apartment til some time in January to get it.

So, I'm gonna talk about that! Actually, this might even become a full-blown play diary like the UNLIMITED:Saga one O_o But I'll walk you through the opening to the game I played, and try to explain how it feels compared to past games in the series.

I haven't played too far because I'm being meticulous about using a dictionary to make sure I understand every last little thing, instead of just assuming things through context (I've started doing this with English, too, and you'd be surprised how many English words you don't actually understand despite it being your native language. But of course in Japanese there's even more stuff I'm unsure about XD It hasn't been too much so far, though, but of course fantasy games like to use lots of weird words...)

Plus I restarted the game once I learned my way around a bit. My first time through I was doing terribly, and I'm doing so much better this time. I'm kinda taking my time to prepare my party a lot and taking battles slowly to be careful, so the game is going even slower.

So, SaGa SCARLET GRACE is the newest entry in my fav turn-based RPG series, SaGa. This is particularly exciting, because the last new entry into the series (other than the casual browser pay-to-win Imperial SaGa) was UNLIMITED:Saga, which was released over 10 years ago. We've also had a handful of ports and remakes since then, like the recent enhanced port of Romancing SaGa 2 for Vita and mobile (the mobile version is available in English for the very first time! And the Vita version is supposed to be coming eventually).

Anyway, EXCITE.

Read more... )

In other news, I'm finally at the point in Imperial SaGa where I can clear a 10 star quest and still bring along two untrained party members... Maybe after Eleanor and Urpina get leveled up, I can try to redo Doll. She's great but her stats didn't come out so well the first time I trained her. Also, if I sub in Cat for Leon, I could have an all-women party. I think I have a Commander who gives bonuses to women, and Cat's special martial art boosts the defense of all women when she uses it. But Cat, Doll, and Eleanor are all speed-focused, so that might be something to wait for when I get access to better jutsu so Doll and Eleanor can be more offensive.

But yeah, this means I can finally train gold characters to their full potential (er, in theory, it's still kinda random, but it will be much better than training on lower-level quests), and even two at a time!


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