Oct. 31st, 2016 12:29 am
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I had a super weird dream last night but now I can hardly remember any of it. I wanted to write it this morning but I didn't really have time to because I did KA and then took a shower and watched the Colts game and then ... kept doing things basically and forgot about the dream and then JUST REMEMBERED.

But it was another mostly-third-person dream, but this time it was about a boy named Yuki and like, there was some kind of... huge apocalyptic disaster? Like these big waves crashed everywhere and like, idk, destroyed the Earth LOL but it didn't like flood just... everyone died and things were messy looking??? And like, he moved around, and people put potato chip bags in front of houses that no one was occupying, so you could tell if someone was occupying a house because there'd be no chip bag LOL. IDK, it actually made a lot of sense in the dream and was very linear and had a huge story but now I forget all of it but these random details... X_X I wish I could remember it now.

Today I had this SUPER DRAMATIC word problem on KA that literally started with "Only one remains." and I was dying:

I'm almost done with Geometry at this point. I think I'll finish it in a few days. Well, I should finish all the practice in 1-2 days, and then I'll have to do several master challenges to actually 100% it.

I was going to move on to trigonometry, but I think I might go back and pick up all the algebra stuff? I love trig and triangles but I do also love algebra and I feel like it will fill in the squares "in order" on the big map thing.

I started writing the game programming course, but I haven't published anything yet. The first 'project' the course will work through is just a number guessing game. I have multiple ideas for the future projects, so I need to really think about which will be best for learning the next set of concepts.

I wanted to get some drawing done this weekend, too (on the comic) but Dens interrupts me sooooo much that I hardly had time to do anything. Other than that little bit last night I worked on the programming course, this is my first time really having any time to do anything at all this weekend, and I have to go to bed in the next 2 hours lol.

I think I'mma try to stream tomorrow most of the day? Like a 'Halloween special' lmfao. I might play DR2? But IDK how well it will stream. Might be a bit much on the ol' processor. I don't think I really have any other monster/horror-themed games? WAIT LOL I have like RE4 and RE:Rev, PvZ, Afterfall Insanity... XD I also just got Dead Space from Dels, but I don't have the drive space for it right now (I reaaaalllllyyyyy need to clean up my drive but like... there's not much more I can delete?! My drive is just very small lol)

JSB has a new video and it's terrible. But Naoki is in it so I can forgive them. I have been largely unimpressed with JSB for a while now, and then I realize that I only really like a couple of their songs and the only reason I even really like them is because NAOKIIII and Ryuji too I guess. I mean I like all the members but if it was not for Naoki I would never have gotten into them?

DOBERMAN INFINITY has a new song/vid out too and it's... not so great, but there's a long part of nothing but Kubo-C so I can forgive that, too, I guess... But overall I just think the song... doesn't sound good? Like I feel like they're just trying to like... shove lyrics together and whatever, and the raps don't sound rhythmic enough??? And then I don't like the whole contrast with Kazuki's vocals, like... I guess it's supposed to be cool but it's just jarring to me idk. The whole thing just sounds like noise instead of music to me and I don't like it LOL. But Kubo-C! Even Ga Ga summer with its obnoxious and somewhat annoying MV was still fun to listen to. Plus it STARTED with Kubo-C hahaha.

Honestly I'm just generally disappointed by everything LDH/EXILE TRIBE, and I only really follow these groups because I want to perv over hot members??

Morning's new vid is bad, too, lol. It's not horrible, it's just... underwhelming. It's not what I want, I guess XD The song is kinda starting to grow on me (because despite being disappointed in it, I listen to it over and over lol) but I still wouldn't say I really like it? And the video is just... idk, long and annoying. Like haha they are acting like cats why do we need 5 whole minutes of this.

I'm starting to thing Haga is soooo cute though. I really love all of 12ki. I think this is probably my most liked generation overall, of all time. 4ki, 5ki, and 6ki are all really great, too, but... with each of those, there were some members that were like AMAZING BEST GREAT and then others that were really great but not at THAT level, and 12ki is just EVERYONE LOVE WONDERFUL YES

ANGERME is really the only idol group that is actually consistently satisfying me these days LOL. Oh, Country Girls have been on-point, too. And Magnolia Factory but like they haven't been doing much :\

Oh yeah I guess I should talk about the Colts game. But uh. It was just really horrible and sad and I don't even have anything to say??? TY Hilton got hurt and I was so worried. But yeah everyone did bad so I can't even say like 'well at least one of my boyfriends did this cool thing' lol. Actually Eric Walden may have gotten a cool sack or something idk it was just so bad.

The headline on the official website is even "Colts take step back after biggest loss of 2016" AND WE'VE HAD A LOT OF BIG LOSSES so uhhh lol.

While I was watching, I was kinda dicking around on tumblr on my phone and then found that like... it wasn't connecting to the wifi so I used like all my data for the month in like 3 minutes LOL (I don't get a lot of data lol). And I haven't been able to get it to connect to the wifi at all since then? I turned it off earlier and meant to turn it back on to see if that "fixed it" but I forgot to turn it back on oops.

OK, seems to be working now. Weird.

I think I'mma just sleep now lol.

Oct. 23rd, 2016 05:18 pm
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Well, today is fooble day yet again. I don't really have anything to say but IDK what to do for the next 40 mintues LOL

This weekend was my bday weekend and Dens gave me mustache balloons. They are so cute. I hate balloons but I will tolerate these ones XD I don't have to touch them or hear them or anything so it's okay, they're just sitting there with their cute mustaches XD

He also gave me another potted flowers. I like it more than a dying plant like cut flowers or whatever because it's not dead but... I don't want the responsibility of taking care of all these plants lol I just end up killing them and so yeah maybe already-killed plants would be better. IDK honestly I don't want plants as a gift ever XDDD

Also the best part is I got 2 bottles of Crystal Pepsi XDDD I already drank one. IDK when I will drink the other. I might take it back to the apartment with me and have a relax time drinking it and listening to music or something. Or drink it on stream. I also got some tea and some dark choco reese's mini cup things. So mostly snacks, mustache things, and ... responsibility for the welfare of a living being. Pretty nice in all XD

Also we went to the place with the mackerel!!!!! I ate a lot of mackerel but I actually had a variety of stuff. Now they will make soup for you; it's really cool. You order one of the soups and they make it quickly. I got shrimp udon; I wish I would have asked not to put the shrimps in it but I was too scared.

And then I'm gonna go there with my dad and brother again this week hopefully XDDD I am not telling either that I went with the other because they'd be like "oh you don't need to go again" and then refuse to go (wtf) even though I would go every day if I could.

There are these problems on KhanAcademy that I just can't get the hang of. I'll have to complain about them later.

OK I didn't post this and then watched the game lol. We finally won something XD There were a lot of scary moments though. And it's more like... we didn't do that great, just Tennessee did even worse XD;;; Leg Dad set an NFL record, though, for most consecutive successful field goal kicks (43) which is cool. Also he is 43 years old how neat XD

I had a million more things to say probably but I forget everything. My ear kind of hurts. I don't want to go to the doctor tomorrow lol.

Oct. 9th, 2016 05:58 pm
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So, a little fooble stuff.

The Colts are such a scary team to watch lmfao. Why do we have to do so bad XD We won, though, today so huzzah XD But there were a lot of moments where I was just like "oh no..."

This was really cool <3 <3 <3 <3

Also Brian Hoyer is a cutie.

Actually, that's about it. Not much happened with any of my other boyfriends besides TY who always does stuff. I didn't watch any other games or highlights or anything because I'm not feeling so up to it.

I did KhanAcademy for the first time in a long time today. I had a ton of notifs because one of my answers on a question got popular and there were a lot of thanks and stuff on it, which was nice.

I want to do things but I have no energy and can't concentrate on anything for more than like 15 seconds. I can't even tell you how many times I've gotten distracted trying to write this short post.

I slept really poorly last night. I don't know why but I just couldn't fall asleep. I wasn't really doing the scared-awake thing either (only like once or twice) but I just felt so uncomfortable. But like, not physically uncomfortable. I was super tired waking up. I'm tired of being tired lol.

I might do Undercity Pharos now.

Oct. 2nd, 2016 10:33 am
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Good morning world lol.

I have actually been up for a couple hours. The Colts are in London today so I am up watching them. The local news was there and doing stupid stuff like faking British accents. But we get to watch the national coverage for the game so I get to see a good bit of Coach Cowher hahaha.

The Colts are doing terribly as always lmao. I am sorry, England, for sending you these teams of all things. Apparently Jaguars are like the most popular team in England??? Anyway it is nice to see an AFC South game I guess.

I played unsaga last night like "oh this adventure is short" but all this story stuff happened too LOL.

I had a terrible time sleeping because when I have to wake up at a certain time I have like mini panic attacks all night long. When I finally got to sleep I had a weird nightmarish dream. In the dream I had a friend who had been like coerced into prostitution??? But it ended up turning into some weird thing where they were like making her hurt people too idk, and like she had a taxi she drove around as part of it, and somehow I knew about everything and was trying to convince her to stop, but then there was this like... Flood... Inside a building... And the taxi was flying around in it, and like some kind of debris flew at her head and like cut her head in half... So I like... Took her wallet and other stuff that would link her to the weird like prostitution people??? And swam away with it like to protect her dignity lol idk and then I had to like... Get out of the building and woke up lol.

Before that I had a bunch of short anxiety-themed dreams, like going to perform in a band concert and losing my music folder.

But yeah I guess I will go back to just watching BC I don't know what else to write and I kinda hate typing on my phone.

Sep. 26th, 2016 01:30 am
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lol I've failed at updating these last couple of days >_> I didn't write my health journals either. It was pretty standard stuff though so it shouldn't be hard to write those.

Tonight was more foobles. We finally won a game~~~~ It was supposed to be an easier win but we were scraping by lmfao. But uhhh honestly it's to be expected IMO lolol.

Almost all of my boyfriends did great stuff; Erik Walden did a very exciting thing. He had a few great plays today, I was happy XD

Also this <3 TY always does great things tho XD Which is always good but I like it when the less-prolific players get in the highlight reels too xD Would be nice to see more Jack Doyle highlights show up XD He did pretty good today but nothing that would make a highlight reel, sadly...

Also I'm very glad that the NFL has started a YT page and the way they're doing it because they pretty much are just cramming it full of content... They post a bunch of highlights every week, and post legacy content, and some random other stuff... they've even started uploading full games (like past superbowls and famous/exciting games of the past) twice a week. They also have playlists for every team and player that collect all the videos of them so if you have a fav you can go watch it. Well, only players that show up regularly in highlights have playlists.

Also we're the only team that won in the division this week which is good for our standing but sad because I love everyone in our division and I wish we could all win every game somehow even when we play each other and everyone go undefeated LOL

Anyway, watching the Chargers I discovered some lovely faces:

lots of images )

Oh yeah also today there was a lot of talk of Manti Teo like for the entire first half because he was important and then injured and they just kept mentioning him and like his name is pronounced the same as mine and since they refer to everyone by last name mostly I just kept hearing Teo over and over and like it's so weird because I'm not used to hearing my name??? Like other people probably run across other people with the same name as then but... I never... hear other people named Thaao so it's like so weird feeling LOL

That's about all I have to say on foobles I guess.

Dennis gave me his Dragon Quest IX game and was like 'you should play it' and I was like ;;;;;;;;; and then later I was playing LegLeg and he was like 'oh are you playing DQ????' and I was like ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; so I ended up playing it...

Generally if people encourage me to play a game it makes me not want to play it LOL but this is the first time Dens has ever recommended or encouraged me to play a game so I feel like I have to try it XD

It's actually really fun though, but like the steal rate is really atrocious?!? Like I seriously would steal like 40-50 times from an enemy and it would fail... and then finally it would succeed and I'd get the common steal, and you seem to get the rare one maybe like 10% of the time??? So it's SUPER obnoxious... but to finish your monster book thing you have to get both the normal and rare drop from every enemy (stealing just has them produce one of their drops) soooo uh yeah. After I finish the area I'm in (one more monster to go XD) I might stop trying to get all the steals and just go on with the game and hope I get an easier way to do it later...? Or at least get to where I can change jobs and change EVERYONE into a thief and learn Steal with everyone... I think it transfers over? Also it's not called Steal it's called like... Halfinch or something, like everything in this game has super weird names and like 95% of it is bad puns...

There are these enemies called... like... Sacksquatch... they are supposed to look like burlap sacks but they look like pizza rolls and every time one pops up in the field, it like falls from the sky and lands on its face so it just looks like someone dropped a pizza roll onto the field from heaven LOL.

The battle choreography in this game is really great. The characters run around during the fights and there's so many little animations. Also when you get a crit or block with your shield, there's this like slight slo-mo effect that is so satisfying XD Like, this is the kind of battle animation/choreography you'd expect from stuff like Paper Mario. Really nice. I mean I guess DQ is like a top franchise so it shouldn't be that surprising, but... XD Final Fantasy is also a big square franchise and their battle choreo is not nearly as interesting. I mean, it's pretty, but it doesn't have the same kind of... satisfying... feel to it? Even UN:Saga which I think has nice battle choreo is nothing close to this XD

The story is pretty cute, it's like just a big series of substories which I think is what DQ is always like, idk (this is my first one besides playing a couple hours of DQ8 but Dens is playing DQ7 and it seems like that too and the little I played of DQ8 seemed like that, so... XD) and the two I've really played through so far have been pretty interesting, albeit silly. Sadly there have been no hot characters yet at all. But it's Akira Toriyama so like the game is just like ... a million clones of the same 5 ugly people and then Mr Satan clones and I will like those when I get to them I guess LOL

But yeah I ended up playing it like all day lol. I probably burned myself out.

I might try to do an Ys Origin Time Attack this week and stream it. Despite being called Time Attack, time is the least concern. It could take ALL day to finish it. Basically, it's a boss rush, and you have to fight all the bosses in a row. You can retry each boss as much as you want, but there's no quicksave/suspend feature, so if you quit the game, you have to start all over from the beginning.

It's not that there's a lot of bosses, it's that bosses in this game are extremely difficult and require a severe level of pattern recognition and precision timing/reaction. Mistakes are heavily punished so you die a LOTTTTT. My last Time Attack took like ... 6-8 hours I think? And there are eight of them, and you have to finish all eight to get an achievement. It's my last achievement I need :P I've finished... two I think? Maybe three. But I'm pretty sure two. I've attempted a couple more but ended up giving up after 4-5 hours or playing all day and still not finishing it and having to quit.

Yeah, I've done 2 so I have 6 more to go... One of those will be fairly easy. There's two for each character, four characters total, and one character is pretty easy because his bosses are easier and he's kinda OP. I already did one of his, though.

But yeah, if I do stream it, my twitch channel is here so you can come watch if you'd like. If you subscribe, turn on the email alert thing or else you'll not get alerts XD

Anyway, I am the tired and I will sleep now. Even though I don't feel like sleeping at all. I'm kinda worked up from today because I didn't get a lot of 'break' lol.

Sep. 19th, 2016 01:12 am
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Oh yeah, I watched the Colts game today, and all my boyfriends got at least 1 good play so I was happy with that (actually they all got like literally one except Hilton who always gets lots). Overall I think we did... okay... but not really that good. I was kinda disappointed and it was another loss. I don't really have a lot to say about it, I guess.

Here's a really cool thing that happened, though. I'm still really impressed by it. To imagine all the quick thinking and body control that went into that very brief moment... it's amazing XD

Jaguars had a miserable game today hahaha.

Wish I could have seen the Tennessee game... seemed pretty exciting?

Texans won again so they're leading the division. Not a lot of highlights from that game, it seems, though, so IDK what it was like.

Sep. 4th, 2016 02:09 am
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Oh yeah, today was the day the roster had to be down to the appropriate number of players. Southward is sticking around, though Mitchell Van Dyk was booted.

Sep. 1st, 2016 10:45 pm
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just rambling as I watched the colts preseason finale game, and some pics )

Also I'm trying to do my mouse next to the laptop and I keep moving my hand to the keyboard tray anyway lololol. I must persevere and get used to this!!!

Aug. 27th, 2016 11:22 pm
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When a tab misbehaves and causes the browser to crash in Edge, it only crashes that one tab. The rest of your tabs and the browser itself stay open. That's... pretty cool?

I'm kinda trying to get used to edge for the reward points... and FireFox has been kinda mean to me recently anyway.

The second half the game was marginally more interesting than the first half, and I got to see Southward several times lol. He's doing really well, so I'm happy about that. And Van Dyk seems to have recovered from his injury and was playing again, too. And didn't get injured this time lol.

Anthony Castonzo, as much as I love him, is... often disappointing??? lol

I played a few minutes of this game called Reigns and it's really weird but funny and interesting. It's kinda hard though.

My stummy kinda hurts and I'm tired, but I can't go to bed yet. Maybe I'll just try to nap in this chair.

I've been wanting to complain about this somewhere for a while now, but I hate how GameFAQs has changed its timestamps on the boards to relative time? Like, my board list now says the last post was stuff like "2 days ago" or whatever, and that's a LOT harder for me to read? Like, it takes me WAY longer to look through the list of boards and see if any have updated since I was last on. When it used to just give the exact date/time of the most recent post, I could pretty much scan the whole list and instantly recognize updated boards. Now I have to slowly go through and think about each relative time. And since it gets less reliable the longer the time is ("____ days" can be within a range of many hours, "_____ weeks" can be within a range of many days) I'm not really sure if there's actually a new post or not and just have to go to the board to check and it's frustrating. I wonder if there's a way in the settings to change it back? I didn't even look lol.

I've been wanting to play Tokimeki Memorial a lot recently... Maybe I'll do a playthrough this week when I'm at home of TM3? I still need to get Tachibana's confession since I got too attached to Makihara last time and accidentally got hers instead lol.

ETA: The GameFAQs thing was an easy fix in the settings lmfao. There's actually a ton of new settings; it's pretty cool.

Aug. 27th, 2016 08:27 pm
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I got through about half of 2010... It has gotten a lot more dense, like... Multiple entries a day. I am kinda getting worn out lol. Now it is time for colts game lol. I almost want to just nap through it since I am already laying down and I am so tired lol. But I will probably snore and Dens would get mad lol.

I have leftovers I can eat later and I am excited but I am still so full from lunch so I hope I get hungry enough to eat them.

I am posting from my phone lol. Maybe I will just kinda live blog throughout the game if there is anything interesting... Like Rick Venturi hosts on these pregane things and he is cute (he is on the screen now lolol). Autocorrect didn't fix pregame. It is really hard to fix stuff once you get past it on lj's mobile site on my phone for some reason. I am gonna switch to another app and see if it lets me continue this entry...
Yeah, seems to work, yay.

Lol I did fall sleep for a little but I didn't get caught lmao. I only missed a couple plays.

Lol colts are... Not... So good... At football LOL

Yeah I don't have much else to say about this except that colts are not great lmfao. I am heating the oven to warm up my leftovers lolol. Most of my fave are not playing and we are doing really bad so it is not so interesting lol. Maybe I should try napping again after I eat lmfao.

Lol yeah it is halftime and this game is bad lol. I think I am just gonna post this and then dick around on my phone for the rest of the game.
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Well, I watched the second preseason game. I got to see little bits of Southward so I was happy about that XD Both this week and last week at least his name was mentioned, so hopefully he'll be sticking around and I'll get to see more of him maybe even in regular season?? Last week he would have had an interception (!) if it wasn't for a flag on the play, and this week he was just credited for a tackle which is just like... idk, normal things. Safeties don't get a lot of action so hearing his name two weeks in a row sounds good XD Hopefully they'll add some more photos of the second half of the game to the website so I can search through them and see if I can find any of him.

Kevin Graf got injured again and was crying :( :( I felt so bad for him... Joe Haeg also was injured but it seems minor hopefully... All my beardy linemen are dying lol. But Mitchell Van Dyk (the one who looks like me lol) was in for most of the second half ? and I noticed he has a tattoo across his entire upper left arm and I'm curious what it looks like.

TY Hilton wasn't even dressed for the game and I only really saw him on the sidelines like once lmao.

Anyway, I played more Dragon Age so Isky's adventures continue :D Isky Adventures 1 and 2 were on tumblr but I'm going to continue them here because it's much easier and a better platform for this kind of thing.


But yeah I'm glad I was easily able to get past that part XD After this it seems I can choose a variety of tasks to work on, one includes going to Redcliffe which I might do because I think that Arl person is supposed to be there or learn about him there and for some reason when I played before I felt like that was who I wanted to go see???


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