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does anyone still come here

besides N who lives here

I keep forgetting to update/check here, even though I want to T_T

I think for a while I got caught up in doin' my site...

I'm hoping to chug out a ton of entries this week. Want to finish up FJF and Judy's scenario (gameplay is done, just gotta write) and the first ROCKMAN game (yes, I did the gameplay for the entire thing already and haven't written a single entry -- well, I've written one but it's not posted yet)

I kinda started Ventus's scenario but IDK if I really want to do it right now. I think I'm going to put SCARLET GRACE and UNLIMITED:Saga into the 'hiatus' section, but I've been kind of debating about that because RSG3 is in there, but because it's postponed in the middle of a playthrough. USg and SGSG are just between scenarios. But I don't know if I want to make a separate category for 'between playthroughs' lol.

And, uh, then I'll just have TokiMemo3 to work on. But I'm going to also start Save the Homeland, because I started streaming again and THE FANS ARE DEMANDING HARVEST MOON.

JK like, only two people who used to come around even still come around and only really is interested in Harvest Moon. But there's some new peeps too who want to see HM too XD And people showing interest in donating/subscribing, so I want to also finally get around to adding the donation part of thaaonet lol.

I also started playing Trails again last night in stream (but I forgot to change the stream game thing from Mega Man and no one comes to watch Mega Man lmao) and I like... realized I had been playing 'wrong' the whole time. Like... you can MOVE AND ATTACK IN THE SAME TURN LOLLLLL I DIDN'T KNOW

So, uh, I'm gonna start over on Nightmare ... again. I had started on Hard because I thought Nightmare was like... impossible. But it's because I didn't understand the game :);;;;

Also I like wrestling now (?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?) and should probably post about that soon or something?????? Even though it will probably be like Hello!Project where it consumes a lot of my life and energy and I love it a lot but for some reason never talk about it. (SPEAKING OF, HAGA GOT A PROMINENT SOLO LINE IN MORNING'S NEW SINGLE)

But uhhhhhhhhhh yet.


Jun. 14th, 2017 05:29 pm
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Here's an update yay.

I've been normal I guess, I'm being screened for bipolar lol. Maybe I just have every disorder that exists...

Well, it's really just like further specifying my troubles I guess?

Anyway, the website is coming along pretty well -- all the programming is 100% complete, including the blog and updates page, which means programming-wise it's launch-ready. Well, I'll probably test it a bit more but outside of a little bug testing it's launch-ready.

The only content I have left to edit is Laura's scenario so far, the Innocent Life diary, and the two entries in the TokiMemo3 diary. I also need to write introduction pages for all those things, and SCARLET GRACE as well. UNLIMITED:Saga and Romancing SaGa 3 already have theirs done.

The most difficult (as in, cumbersome, none of it is difficult, just ... consuming lol) thing will be finding all the images for Innocent Life since the links are almost all dead now, and they're buried in facebook somewhere. They're in albums that are separated by play session (which means probably also mostly separated by diary chapter) so at least it won't be like... trying to find them in a nonlinear fashion or something...

The second most annoying thing will be writing the SCARLET GRACE intro page, because I'm having the intro pages give the basic story background (like, what you would find in a manual or on the game's website or whatever. UN:Saga's I got from the manual and RomaSaGa3's is a translation of the intro story sequence thing in the game).

But I'm going to use the guidebook's little story section with the cool art to write this intro, which means translation fun!!! X_X Well, since I already played the game to completion once, hopefully I'll be familiar with all the vocabulary in it... but I'm sure I'll have forgotten tons of Chinese characters, which means looking them up in a kanji dictionary and I explained before how tedious and obnoxious that is in another post, and that's even using the most convenient electronic dictionary I can find lol.

In other news I've been really into a few games that are eating away way more time than they should.

First is Tree of Savior which is a free MMO I'm playing w/ X. It's probably the most fun and well-made f2p MMO I've ever seen? It's a really cool game and I really like it. I'm playing a healer and she's a destructive mage type and we go really well together. We just started doing instanced dungeons and they are a lot of fun. The story is a bit easy though, so it can be kind of tedious, especially if you want to do all the optional objectives like fill your monster diary thing by killing like 209580329850239580 of each kind of monster...

Another cool thing about it is that you're encouraged to have multiple characters and trade with yourself, and there are rewards in the game for doing things like collecting certain sets of items or completely uncovering maps of areas... but what's great is that these tasks are assigned to your entire team (account) and so you can do parts of them with each character or whatever if you want. And once you've finished one, all characters in your team can get the reward, even if you create a new character. And the rewards are EXP boosts and stuff, so once you've gotten very far in the game with one character, having completed lots of maps and collections, you can easily level up a brand new character and blaze through the early story stuff to get to the more interesting later-game stuff right away.

The game has a really cool class system where you choose one of 4 base classes and then every 15 class levels you 'rank up' and choose a new class in your base class's school. You get eight ranks up in all, and you get to keep all the abilities and bonuses you learn from each class, so which classes you pick will drastically change your character's build. And all the base classes have a lot of variety in the advanced classes (each one has 20 in all) so you can end up with a DPS cleric or a tank archer or something if you wanted to. There are also some hidden/secret classes but I don't know much about it...

The game encourages party play but works well for solo play if you want to play solo. This is not just in the large variety of skills and builds, but also in the way skills are designed. For example, the Cleric's healing spells work by placing magical symbols on the ground. If an ally steps on it, it heals them, and if an enemy steps on it, it hurts them. And you can power it up to place multiple seals at once... but it's cool because you can put the seal away from the enemy for your friends to walk on or place it right under the enemy to deal damage. And then you can augment it by going to a 'master' and spending ability points to give it additional abilities like increased damage, or to lose its damage altogether (so it only works as a support/healing spell).

The story seems pretty elaborate and cute, though nothing really super engaging. I still like reading all the text because the lore is neat enough, though.

The other games are SuperStar SMTOWN which is weird kpop game and IDK how I got into this but now I'm obsessively playing it...

And then Star Trek: Timelines which I just started which is a f2p phone game where you do little missions and collect crew members and level them up, your typical "buy stuff from the item shop or take forever" mobile game, but it's pretty cool for a free game and I'm really enjoying it so far.

There are two types of missions, ship battles and away team things. The ship battles are really stupid and boring and just 100% based on your setup and you just sit and watch it. You tap little buttons but there's like no real strategy to it out of like... the most basic strategy even a baby could do it...

The away missions are really fun, though. You have an mission you have to work toward and there's a little story, and there are lots of different paths to get that objective completed. For each 'step' in the mission, you can choose different ways of accomplishing it. For example if you need to get past some security people, maybe you will have options to drug their food, sneak in another way, or fight them head-on. That's kind of a cliché example but there's really a lot of different things. You choose one of your crew to do the task, and each crew member has levels in different fields like science, engineering, diplomacy, medicine, command... (actually that's all of them except "security" which is essentially just fighting LOL) as well as special traits like 'Pilot,' 'Jury Rigger,' 'Public Figure,' whatever. Certain objectives will match up with certain traits and the crew member will get a boost.

Basically there's just a target number you have to reach to clear the objective, and you compare that with your crew member's base stat + any bonuses they got from traits + a random number that they roll based on their roll range (which you can also increase). Whether you clear or fail the objectives in the mission you continue moving forward, but the mistakes you make earlier in the mission will cause trouble in the final outcome, making it harder to pass.

Each objective has flavor text for success and fail and maybe critical success... I haven't paid enough attention to notice (since usually I either always get critical success or never get it, and I don't remember what it said last time anyway if I replay a mission). But yeah, it describes what happens based on your actions and how you move forward toward the main goal of the mission.

There's also various stories where you'll see lots of characters from the series which is fun, and the overall story arcs span many missions and you can change how the story goes in those through your choices, even to the point of the conclusion being different, and whatever happens at the end of an arc shifts the balance of power in the universe forever (lol). Basically your choices let you pick who 'wins' in a conflict or whatever, so you're usually choosing to support different factions or whatever. I ended up supporting the Klingons and Cardassians in the first two stories because they're hot LOLLL and because you get to recruit a member from that faction at the end, and the first story you got Worf, and the second one you got Dukat so I kinda had to pick those XD

You also influence your diplomacy level with the various factions as you do this and they can like or dislike you, which means when you try to buy items from them you might be locked out of some if they don't like you enough. You can also do shuttle missions which are just idle/waiting missions where you send someone to help out a faction and they're gone for like... 3 hour or something and then they come back and you get rewards XD

There's also various events in the game, like this PvP-ish shuttle combat thing which is stupid, some PvP crew member fighting thing that's going on right now (but I think it's ending today?), and these daily missions where you can only use low-ranking characters on the challenges...

Like most of these games, you mainly recruit crew members through a random pull, and what's annoying about this game is that the random pull will give items or characters so you can just end up getting tons of items... You also recruit crew members through the story and stuff, too. And you certainly won't find yourself lacking in crew members; I have already dismissed many because I had a bunch I didn't even want.

You can get like every character ever except for Dr Pulaski (I FEEL LIKE THIS IS LIKE HOW THERE'S NO TIBERIUS IN IMPERIAL SAGA) and many characters have multiple variations you can get... like there are like 10 different Picards or something. It's not just the main crew, like... pretty much any major subcharacter is recruitable. A good example, there are three variations of Lt Barclay. THREE. That's a lot!!! (But no Pulaski LOL and only 3 Archers...) and pretty much if there's a character that was in more than one episode or was just in one but it was a popular/memorable episode you can probably get them.

The event starting tomorrow you can get Robin Hood Picard and Nottingham Q :) Which means mustache Picard :)))))

It's really fun and you can also have friends and fleets (guilds) in the game, and there's even in-game chat. I ignore the global chat but you have a fleet chat, and maybe friend chat too (I have no friends so idk). I joined an LGBT fleet and people actually talk in it and it's scary. I want to make my own but I have no one to join :,) I'm trying to force my brother to play it XDDD Even though he doesn't like Trek (well, he pretends like he doesn't... he's only ever seen Enterprise and he liked it and watched the whole first season with me sooo uh LOL)

But yeah within your fleet you can also have squadrons, which are teams of five players, and certain events are squadron events where you work together... I don't know what it will be like because I've only been playing for like a day, but a squadron event (the mustache Picard event LOL) starts tomorrow... I joined a squadron in my fleet but I feel bad because they're all like Lv50+ and I'm like... level 12 LOLLL. Plus I'd rather play with friends and I kinda hate playing with strangers... but I want to see what the game has to offer. The event structure seems like it might be similar to Shpherd's Crossing Online which is great because that game had great events. And there's lots of Picard stuff to get from this event :D

Most of my pulls have been kinda boring. In the beginning my most powerful characters were like... Wesley Crusher and Alexander (Worf's kid LOL). But I've really powered up some others now and my best characters include Sisko (command, security), Archer (command, security), Spock (science), Data (engineering), Hoshi Sato (diplomacy), Dr Crusher (medicine), and Seven of Nine (science and engineering).

There are three old mustache Scottys available in the game so I really want those 8))))

I also recently got T'Pol and Trip so I have more than enough to make an entire away team of Enterprise crew :D With Archer commanding *___* Though they're like both really weak but I feel like eventually T'Pol could be better than Seven.

The art in the game is pretty cool, it's like comic bookish style illustrations.

Also at the beginning you get to choose one captain to be like your starter Pokémon... but uh... you can only choose Kirk, Picard, or Sisko!! I chose Sisko bc the art of him was very handsome XD I love his little voice clips, too.

Some characters have voice clips and it's like... weird who they chose to give voice clips to... Wesley has voice clips but Dr Crusher and Riker don't...???

Anyway talking too much. I actually came on here to get the Innocent Life diaries XD

May. 31st, 2017 12:38 pm
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So I haven't updated in a while mostly because I've been obsessively playing dumb rhythm games lol. And I kinda fell into a fun depression time yay but I'm doing better now I think.

The website is almost done (like, for reals this time). I have all the programming for the play diaries site complete and now functioning a lot better than before, and a script for listing updates. I just need to make a sort of home page for everything, make a few assets for the diaries that I haven't made any for yet (Innocent Life and TokiMemo3), and finish editing the rest of the entries. Most of those things are easy/fast.

In other cool news, Imperial SaGa is FINALLY ADDING UNLIMITED:SAGA CONTENT! After tonight's update, there will be a new event based on Nakle Lines and Laura's story, it seems, and they're adding Laura and Henri to the game. that's it, just those two XD But hey, it's something! And hopefully they'll continue to add unsaga stuff after this, and not just them...

I'm really curious what art they're going to use for them. If they use the Naora art it will look really weird? But there's not really suitable Kobayashi art, so...? I wonder if they'll make new art for the game. I guess they used the weird cartoony-looking art for the SaGa 1 stuff, so... :\

Also I've been playing Tree of Savior with X and it is really fun. I kinda want to draw stuff from it but like... I always say I want to draw stuff and never do lmao.
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OK So I have had this tab open for days, just so you know LOL

At first I was going to put pictures and everything but it's a bit much work so I'll maybe just link to pictures if I want you to see them or something LOL Or maybe I'll go back and add pictures later idk... OK I DECIDED NO PICTURES SORRY LOL JUST IMAGE SEARCH SOMOENE IF YOU REALLY CARE IDK

I got 6 things but some of them I'm going to expand into multiple things because I'm like that XD

I'm going to start with Harvest Moon because it's prol my fav thing to actually ship and think about characters since talking to characters and seeing characters interact is like... half of the game. Though I'm going to start with Innocent Life which had horrible character interaction LOL But because I played it most recently and you guys read the posts about it XD

Innocent Life

1. The first character I first fell in love with - Liberta. This should come as no surprise. I was in love with him and his big mustache before I even played the game, just looking at the character art on the game's web page. I spend way too much time arguing with myself over a headcanon for his hair -- he's always wearing a hat, so we only know what part of his hair looks like. But what's on top? It just just all long? Bald and he grows out the back and sides? Does he have a mullet???? Or maybe he's baldying and the top of his head is a mess so he always wears a hat, and he's too attached to his hair to get rid of it for now (I had a period like this LOL) My favorite interpretation is that he's balding gracefully, with a receeded hairline that still looks shapely, making him have a big forehead and still a bit of baldiness up there but also long hairs and everything is wonderful. My second favorite idea is that he's just bald on top but grows the rest out XD

2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now - CHUCK. Definitely Chuck!! Chuck fuckin' Gremley. And holy crap do I love that guy. He's absolutely adorable! He may have even become my favorite -- though it's really hard to decide between him and Liberta. And I still like Moonlight, too. But yeah, when I first met Chuck, I thought he was a complete asshole -- because he kind of is, if you interrupt him while he's working. And his son is super weird and annoying at first, too. You also think that he's behind a lot of the problems that the island is currently facing, but I guess it was really Marco's influence after all. I went from pretty much hating the guy to being head-over-heels for him, hahaha. Chuck is fantastic.

3. The character everyone else loves that I don't - Other people played this game...? Honestly I have literally 0 clue who is popular in this game, and I don't really dislike any of the characters enough that I would probably even have an answer to this if I did know.

4. The character I love that everyone else dislikes - Similar to the last answer, but I have a feeling if I found other people who played this game, I would find almost no one who loved Chuck lmao. I think people like Liberta because he does the funny dictionary and stuff, and completing his dictionary gets you a really great reward.

5. The character I used to love but don't any longer - N/A. I love everyone either the same or more.

6. The character/person I would shag anytime - ... It depends on HOW I guess lmfao. I want Chuck to hold me down and choke me and stuff, but I want to molest Liberta while he's drunk or sleeping lmfaoooo don't tell anyone. And I'd always be up for fun or romantic stuff with Moonlight or Jessica. But honestly I'm probably not going to turn down sex with imaginary people ever sooo lol. IRL I'd just have a panic attack if anyone approached me (feel free to continue anyway, Chuck~)

7. The character/person I'd want to be like - This is hard. I admire a lot of qualities of a lot of the characters. I like Moonlight's free spirit and creativity, Dr Hope's optimism and engineering abilities, Max's devotion and passion for his wife and hobbies, etc. I'd want to be like a lot of those things.

8. The character/person I'd slap - Probably Big. That kid is a douchebag lmfao. Though I'd only slap him if I were one of the other kids.

9. A pairing that I love - HOO BOY. When I first played this game I really liked Liberta/Life which is like... so stupid LMAO Anyway, I love all the canon pairings, especially Chuck and Dorothy, because they're absolutely adorable together, and I love both of them individually, too. Max and Nana are super cute, too.

For non-canon, I of course like Liberta pairings -- depending on the context, I go for Liberta/Jean, Liberta/Masami, Liberta/Emma... lol. I... don't even think about Liberta/Life??? I don't really think about Life at all anymore. Life is barely even a character to me, despite being... the protag... But yeah, I also want to mention Chuck/Marco, or rather Chuck>Marco (IDK how to imply this with punctuation, but I think that the only reason Chuck even listens to Marco so often is because Marco is providing him with 'favors' LOL)

There are many more I'm interested in but I guess those are the ones I think about most often. Despite the fact that IL was kind of a crappy game and the character writing was really underwhelming for a HM game, I for some reason really like the designs of the characters and the setting and think about them a lot, even when I haven't played the game recently.

Liberta is also probably the character I've fantasized the most about over the course of my life LOLLL

10. A pairing that I dislike - To be honest I never think about stuff like this. All pairings are good. Even if I'm not into it I don't dislike it...? I think if it was like... canonically abusive and people shipped it as if that were 'romantic' then maybe I'd have a problem with that. But there are no abusive relationships in Harvest Moon AFAIK lmfao.


This is the cast from Mineral Town and Forget Me Not Valley, which spans like... 9 games, I think. Some questions I'll answer both separately, since the games are mostly separate, but since the casts interact, there's like... shipping to be done there LOL.

1. The first character I first fell in love with - For Mineral Town, Mary. She loves cabbage very much. Actually, that line is from HM64, which used the same characters (in appearance) but they're not... the same characters. I'm.. not really going to explain it. But anyway, Mary was my first wife and still probably my favorite wife. For FMNV, it was of course Griffin. He needs no explanation, really, lol.

2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now - Um. Karen, I guess. Well, because when I first played HM64 and BTN, I was young, and Karen reminded me of bullies I had to deal with at school, so I thought she was a brat and hated her. I didn't even bother befriending her in the game because I disliked her so much. But now I find her to be one of the most interesting and relatable characters in the series.

3. The character everyone else loves that I don't - Uh, I don't know. Skye. I just could never get interested in him.

4. The character I love that everyone else dislikes - Rick LOL. I've loved Rick since HM64. And I have to tell you... it was for the stupidest reason ever. At the time, I was in like... 6th or 7th grade, and that's when I had my first IRL crush ever over a teacher whose name was Rick. And I even named my character in the game Rick. And Rick has a shop in the game, and I kept going when it was closed, and the door said "Rick's shop" with opening hours, and I thought that I was going to get my own shop. Anyway, when I finally went during the open hours, I found there was a guy in there named Rick, and I loved him SOLELY FOR BEING NAMED RICK. Though I've come to love him anyway, because he's a REALLY interesting characters, and probably one of the best written in the whole series, honestly. He's very realistic and complex, and was my first husband in MFoMT. But yeah everyone hates him because he's "mean" to Popuri and Kai, but... Well, I'm not going to go into it right now. I'll probably Play Diary these games eventually and talk a lot about it then because I really love Rick. Oh, and he's kinda goofy looking while the other bachelors are conventionally hot guys.

5. The character I used to love but don't any longer - Do I ever really fall out of love with characters...? I'm going to just say Duke, but my no means am I saying I don't love Duke. Because I really, really love Duke. But there was a time when Duke was my #1 love of all loves, like... I considered him my Mr Perfect or something. But since then I've kinda gotten over that. I still love him to death, though. Just not like I used to.

6. The character/person I would shag anytime - Again, like... anyone honestly. But uh, probably special mention to ... Takakura, Van, Vesta, Carter (dig site guy, not the priest), and uh... probably Duke, too. I realize I did not say Griffin and as much as I love Griffin and he has like all the features I find ridiculously sexy I for some reason only ever think of him romantically without like... much physical interaction LOL. Like, I want to hug him and pat him on the head but I like... never think about him sexually. Another suspiciously missing character is Doug. I can't really explain this one. Doug is one of the hottest guys in the series but for some reason I have moments where he just feels 'eh.'

7. The character/person I'd want to be like - Um. Wow, I don't know? Pony? Carter? (Again, dig guy). Ummm... IDK I don't really want to be like any of these people I guess LOLLL

8. The character/person I'd slap - ROCK ROCK ROCK ROCK ROCK DEFINITELY ROCK.

9. A pairing that I love - Muffy/Griffin is kinda my Harvey OTP. Kinda. And Pony/Griffin, too, of course. Duke and Manna are nice, too. And uh whoever I marry in the game x my player character, I guess... lmfao. That's all canon stuff, though.

For non-canon stuff uh... Duke/Doug was something I originally loved and it has evolved into the most complicated relationship ever in my head and it is based on both of their inability to deal with pain and loss and getting mixed up in things and it's like... so weird and depressing but it's also old men banging so... XDDDD

Muffy/Pony I guess is technically possibly canon if you marry her in the JP version of DS Cute, but I never really think about that. But honestly I like to imagine an alternate version of her series of events in AnWL where instead of realizing she loves Griffin, she realizes she loves Pony instead. I feel like it really could go either way hahaha.

The whole reason I did these together was because you could ship people cross-setting but like... I'm not even doing that??? LOL. I think usually when I tend to think of cross-town stuff, it's like... big group things like, weird bar orgies or something LOLLLLL.

Oh, also I like Takakura with Pony or Griffin, too. Tak/Griffin is like a bros with benefits thing and even then I hardly ever think about it because of the not-thinking-about-Griffin-sexually thing, but if you were to ask me for my HM pairings I would always list this one and think of it soo lmao XD

10. A pairing that I dislike - Maybe I should just cut this question off the end XD I don't think I'll ever have an answer to it??

Final Fantasy IX

Similarly, since there are so many FF games, I'm just going to do a couple that I think about the most...? if you have any specifically, feel free to ask those too~~

1. The first character I first fell in love with - Probably Steiner, IDK. This was so long ago now hahaha.

2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now - Most of the characters? I mean, I expected to like some but I did not expect to love them all as intensely as I do. Oh, actually, I'll say Quina, because I kinda disliked them at first for being weird, but now they're one of my favorite characters in the entire franchise~ Also shout out to Big Red who I didn't like at first but have come to like a lot, too.

3. The character everyone else loves that I don't - I love everyone so??? I don't know??? I feel like Eiko is pretty popular but she's never been one of my favorites. I remember being mildly offended that everyone would always recommend her for the party instead of Dagger.

4. The character I love that everyone else dislikes - Uh... who is disliked? Quina maybe? I'm too detached from other people to answer these kinds of things honestly hahaha. But I think Quina is probably not that popular but I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove Quina.

5. The character I used to love but don't any longer - This seriously... isn't a thing that happens to me I feel? Hahaha. Even if I move on to loving some other character more, I don't like... stop loving the old ones, I just think about them less because I'm absorbed with someone else at the moment XD

6. The character/person I would shag anytime - Regent Cid. Dat mustache. And probably Garland. The character designs in this game are very round and cute so I don't think of them all that sexually honestly.

7. The character/person I'd want to be like - Zidane! I really admire his character a lot. He's both relatable and admirable, it's really fun. Though I would probably tone down the whole uh... sexually aggressive thing because it doesn't seem to work very well for him LOL

8. The character/person I'd slap - IDK. Kuja probably needs to be slapped a couple times. Maybe Beatrix once or twice, but by the end she doesn't deserve it any more.

9. A pairing that I love - Zidane/Dagger and Steiner/Beatrix and pretty much anything canon as always lmfao. Cid/Dagger, Zidane/Steiner, IDK prolly like a million other things. Oh like... Tantalus member x Tantalus member (put whoever you want and I'm sure I like it LOL)

10. A pairing that I dislike - It's not that I dislike it, but I am not really into Zidane/Kuja, which seems to be a thing.

Final Fantasy XII

1. The first character I first fell in love with - Probably Penelo, since you meet her right away...? I love like everyone from this game, too, lol.

2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now - Uh... maybe Balthier. He probably annoyed me when I first met him?? IDK I feel like I liked him from the start. I like everyone LOL

3. The character everyone else loves that I don't - Is there anyone I don't really love...?? I don't know LOL I'm not as into Fran as everyone else maybe. Nothing against her, though. I love Fran XD

4. The character I love that everyone else dislikes - I'm not sure who everyone dislikes, but uh, probably Larsa...? I have a feeling he's not particularly popular but I love love love him.

5. The character I used to love but don't any longer ... idk lmfao

6. The character/person I would shag anytime - Um. Scraggly Basch like when you first get him as a prisoner and when he steals the hair tie from the dead guy. But not after he shaves (I still would just maybe not ANYTIME lmfao). Also definitely Old Dalan. And uh, I guess anyone in Judge armor, as long as they kept the armor on alsdkfjlasdkjf (particularly Ghis or Zargabaath lmao), and probably some other characters I'm forgetting, like, there is a person... in a place... and I can imagine the place and even the surrounding map in my head but don't remember where really it is or what it's called or who it is or whatever LOLLL so uh. Yeah. XD

7. The character/person I'd want to be like - Um. I don't know; everyone is super weird in this game honestly LOL. Ondore? Larsa?

8. The character/person I'd slap - I feel like everyone at some point needs to be slapped in this game lmfao. Probably Vaan though. I like him though. But he randomly says stuff and you just want to slap him.

9. A pairing that I love - Like, literally anything? And also definitely anything involving Judges lmao. I don't really think about long-term pairings with this game, just like... situations.

10. A pairing that I dislike - Uhhhh... I don't know lol.


1. The first character I first fell in love with - Oh, man, I don't know. I loved like... every single character design in this game from the start. I think the first character I really super loved was Galeos?

2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now - Ummm... Mythe, I guess. I don't know. I really liked everyone from the start. Mythe was kinda uninteresting to me at first, but not completely, but I ended up liking him a lot.

3. The character everyone else loves that I don't - I love literally everyone and everything in this game to death soooo it's impossible XD People seem fond of Ruby's scenario in the game and I think it's by far the worst...???

4. The character I love that everyone else dislikes - No one even plays this game and the few who do seem to love everyone too so????? I seem to like a lot of underappreciated characters like Pharr, though.

5. The character I used to love but don't any longer - It only grows and growssss

6. The character/person I would shag anytime - LOL UH. Galeos, Joachim, Thomas, Rebecca, Vearst, Pharr, Nuage, Fugar, Josef, Jeanne, that like... one NPC guy... like... idk, half the cast, and a handful of monsters, too. Like Draconids LOLLLL. Just bring 'em all on. Let's go.

7. The character/person I'd want to be like - Uh. I'm starting to dislike this question because I never know what to say. I really like a lot of things about a lot of characters in everything so???? I'll say Kurt, though. But a bit less street brawling.

8. The character/person I'd slap - Um. Clyde? I don't know. Oh, Leon. Definitely Leon.

9. A pairing that I love - GRACExPHARR. This is like, my for-realz OTP anymore hahaha. Seriously. I love both of them so much and laksjdflkasdjf. Also, uh Tom x Becky, and like, a million other things, like a bunch of non-con or manipulative things involving Galeos LOL and uh, like, everyone x everyone idk.

10. A pairing that I dislike - RUBY/HIRO LOLOLOL. Finally I dislike one. It's not that I hate the idea of it but I just really hated its "execution" in the game.

Sailor moon

1. The first character I first fell in love with - Ami. Definitely Amy. Wow how old was I even...?

2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now - Oh, definitely Rini. I hated her when I was a kid???? I don't know why, but I thought she was so stupid and annoying and like... now she's my fav LOL

3. The character everyone else loves that I don't - IDK, I love everyone. I'm pretty indifferent toward Seiya who seems popular???? Also IDK if he's popular but I don't like Jadeite LOL

4. The character I love that everyone else dislikes - Who is even disliked? Whoever that is, then I love them LOL. Unless it's Jadeite.

5. The character I used to love but don't any longer - Nope. XD I kinda go back and forth on how much I like Mina though.

6. The character/person I would shag anytime - ... Zoisite? Um, the priest guy who had a rainbow crystal??? (Also that Boxy monster he turns into... I AM A CHAMPION LOVELY PUNCH LOL) and uh like... that composer guy that I took a bunch of screencaps of in Stars. I don't even know lmfao.

7. The character/person I'd want to be like - Everyone honestly lol. I think it would be cool to be like Michelle or something but I think I would get bored with myself LOL.

8. The character/person I'd slap - Sammy lmfaoooo.

9. A pairing that I love - Zoisite/Kunzite of course. Isn't Kunzite's name different in English...? It's been... so... lo-MALACHITE. But yeah, them. But uh specifically JP Zoi/Kun because the gay. But I actually don't dislike girl!Zoy either. And um, Luna x Rhett Butler LOLLLLL. And uhhhh... Raye/Serena, Amy/Lita, like... OH OF COURSE HARUKA/MICHIRU. And Amara/Michelle because it's cool they decided to put a canon incest pairing in the English version XDDDDD

10. A pairing that I dislike - Seiya/Usagi, and like... To be honest I'm not that fond of Mamoru so like Usagi/Mamoru LMFAOOOO;;; I mean I wouldn't say I dislike them but like... IDK their relationship doesn't develop, it just suddenly IS, and I realize that like... it's because they are reincarnated or whatever but like... canonically their past relationship is just as random and nonsensical so???????????????????????

Star Trek

I actually did TOS on Tumblr already ~~

1. The first character I first fell in love with: Spock. Before I ever even saw TOS hahaha. I started, like most 90s kids, with TNG, and was a little slow to get into TOS but I always loved Spock without even really knowing him XD Because I used to pride myself on how ~logical~ I am (lmfao) and plus damn that nose XD

2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Kirk. I know I complain about how much I hate Jim a lot but I hate him in a loving way. It’s hard to explain. I have a very complicated relationship with him, hahaha. I love him and hate him at the same time.

3. The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Please don’t hit me but I’m going to say Sulu. It’s not Takei playing Sulu that I don’t like, though, it’s that I can’t stand how the script was written for him. I feel like he’s solely there to be a plot device, when they want to make something happen but don’t want it to happen to any of the actual relevant characters. They made no effort to give him much of any importance or personality outside of that, and I do appreciate Takei’s Sulu a lot, and I think his acting gave a lot of personality to a badly-written character but I feel like overall the character is unnecessary at worst and badly-written at best. I want to like him but I just… can’t. His presence annoys me lol.

4. The character I love that everyone else dislikes: This is hard because I feel like the entire cast is pretty well-liked…? And I love everyone really so tell me someone that is disliked and I guess it’s them.

5. The character I used to love but don’t any longer: My love for these space nerds has only grown and grown. I don’t think I can honestly say my love for anyone went down. My thoughts on Sulu plummeted quickly and I never had a chance to love him in the first place LOL.

6. The character/person I would shag anytime: The honest answer is “pretty much everybody” but I think the most appealing to me at all times would be… probably Old!Scotty, like as in from the movies (with a mustache and a belly haha~)

7. The character/person I’d want to be like: Uhura. She’s super badass and graceful at the same time, and everyone seems to like her. That seems good.

8. The character/person I’d slap: JIMMMM. So bad. But then I’d want to apologize and hug him. I hatelove him too much T_T

9. A pairing that I love: LITERALLY ANYTHING SERIOUSLY but of course Spirk is probably the best and most obvious XD I’m fond of Scotty/Anyone because I love him and uh, I tend to like a lot of McCoy pairings for some reason. Also I haven’t mentioned Bones yet lmao so I need to.

10. A pairing that I dislike: I don’t think I have any. I don’t really dislike pairings? Like even if one is not particularly appealing to me, to say I dislike it would be… way too much. Does that make sense? I’m pretty much like that with everything though so this is a bad question for me I guess XD

Star Trek TNG

Because yay let's do more XD

1. The first character I first fell in love with - Uh I think it was Riker probably, because of the beard.

2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now - Worf. Well, when I first started watching this I didn't like Klingons because they were mean LOLOLOLOL but now I love Worf and want to hug him 500 times. Also Q, who I thought was annoying but now I love him too XD

3. The character everyone else loves that I don't - ?????

4. The character I love that everyone else dislikes - DR PULASKI. DOCTOR PULASKIIIIII. It bothers me that everyone hates her when she is like... such a great character and was so interesting and I love her and she is the best and DR PULASKIIIIII

5. The character I used to love but don't any longer - Uh, I guess Wesley. I think everyone hates Wesley? I actually like him more than most people but... yeah, he's a very badly written character so XD

6. The character/person I would shag anytime - Literally everyone I'm not even kidding. Especially, uh, Picard, I guess? And Data, of course. Probably Bev and Riker, maybe Tasha, and uh, definitely Worf and like EVERY KLINGON EVER THAT EVER EXISTS I'M NOT KIDDING. And uh, Gul Macet? And like probably a million others and like half of the one-shot/side characters like... pretty much everyone that isn't O'Brien or Wesley I guess. LOL

7. The character/person I'd want to be like - Data lol. No more emotions pls.

8. The character/person I'd slap - I feel like everyone's answer here would be Wesley so I'm going to say Picard. Not because I dislike him but I think there are a few times he's a bit too stubborn XD He can slap me back though~ ♥

9. A pairing that I love - ANYTHING EVER. All the obvious stuff like Picard/Riker, Picard/Crusher, Crusher/Troi, etc. Um, Picard/Macet LOL like any Klingon x any Klingon pretty much, Data x various, Picard/Q.... You know how it goes XD

10. A pairing that I dislike - Riker/Troi like... I feel like it's too forced XD I also feel like Deanna would not go for someone like him at all XD

Dead Rising

It's been forever so this will be low quality, sorry XD

1. The first character I first fell in love with - I guess Frank. I fell in love with him from the very start XD And then after that, Jessie and Brad. I loved all three of them right away.

2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now - Chuck. At first I was mad because he wasn't Frank, so I guess I didn't expect I'd end up loving him so much. But I love him even more than Frank hahaha.

3. The character everyone else loves that I don't - I love everyone. I'm not really into Isabella. She's cool but I don't like her as much as other people seem to, I guess?

4. The character I love that everyone else dislikes - IDK. Brad? Chuck? Who do people dislike?

5. The character I used to love but don't any longer - *joey bosa*

6. The character/person I would shag anytime - Brad and Chuck are definites. Uh that one survivor guy I took a million pics of in the first game. I feel like his name was Nathan?????? *bings* omfg it was. Yeah, him, too. That beard guy from DR2 (you know XD). Sean Keanan lol. Probably tons more I am forgetting. I need to play again.

Oh and zombies of course.

7. The character/person I'd want to be like - Uh... I don't want to be like any of these people I don't think LOL. I guess Chuck.

8. The character/person I'd slap - Can I just slap a zombie? I kinda want to slap Frank sometimes.

9. A pairing that I love - To be honest I never think about DR pairings really, it's more like... random situations???????????? Chuck/Anyone really, Brad/???? IDK.

10. A pairing that I dislike - None. Just none. I'm tired. XD

May. 5th, 2017 09:48 pm
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OK what I actually came on here to post was that I had the 'disability' talk with Dennis today and surprisingly he already thought it was a good idea for me even before we talked about it. I'm seeing Dr Nolan on Monday so I guess I'll just ask him for advice or something because I feel like at this point I'm probably going to apply for it very soon.

But yeah surprisingly I was expecting Dens to have not ever really thought about it, and to kind of be unsure what to think or something...? But he seemed pretty adamant not only to convince me that I should get it as soon as I can and just get rid of it when/if I don't need it anymore (which... is how you're supposed to do it but lol) and that I shouldn't feel guilty or ashamed about it.

Dens also keeps urging me to get new glasses (I haven't gotten new glasses in like 15 years) since my health insurance might just poof soon and I'll have no real options after that, especially since I have some apparently severe pre-existing conditions, so it will be pretty much impossible to get insurance without being rich...

But I keep forgetting to do it lol. Maybe I should look into it this weekend and try to do it this week...? I have like... super weird and limited options for optical stuff through Medicaid, so...

I think if I get Soc Sec Disability (though it sounds like the chance of getting it is extremely low because I've known people with really severe cases like, being physically unable to stand or walk or pick up even lightweight things... getting rejected... though you can get lawyers for it and like, I would assume these lawyers would not require you to be rich considering it would be very common for their clients to not have access to work because they're disabled...?), I might have to change over to Medicaid Disability ...?? But I feel like... the plan is jut for people who need it and I'm able to cover the treatment I need with regular Medicaid. But it might be something I have to do anyway??? I don't want to lol. I guess if I get disability interview I can ask about it then since I'm pretty sure it's all handled by the same office (at least at that level).

I want to play Voez especially since there's new songs in the rotation and I haven't played but like one or two of them, but I'm tired and kind of want to just sit on the couch with Dens and wind down so I can sleep easily. For my next Chuchu I need to All-Perfect three songs on Special which is... lol. It took me so long to get the first and I had to choose a super easy Special stage... The others like... Don't even feel doable LOL. Colorful Voice might be possible... but I don't know what else I could do. I want more Chuchus though D: I'll get one soon because they're getting rid of all the 52hz I Love You songs, which is sad because I looooove all of them. And I had even bought one with a Chuchu, so when they dump them, they'll be reimbursing Chuchus.

I really want to draw Qian Qian because I love herrrr. I actually love all the characters, really. Well, the girls. I think I talked about this already hahhaa. But I like, went out of my way to like... learn who was who (if you just read the story casually it's kind of hard to follow, so I had to re-read it carefully to tell which name matched up with each character's art XD)

Qian Qian is my favorite but Yuko is soooooo cute and fun and I wish she was real and I'd read her blog, and Chelsea is adorable and I can't wait for her to develop more because I feel like she's going to be an interesting character??? Like she seems to be like... prominently displayed in the art and in the opening and stuff...? IDK maybe I'm overanalyzing XD But she's cute and I want to know more about her.

I wish the boys were more interesting, though. Like Ocean and Jessy are pretty much the same and I actually had them mixed up at first because they may as well be the same person. The only differences between them are how the girls react to them/think about them lol.

Lance is okay because he's kind funny but he's also like super annoying because he bullies Chelsea lol.

But yeah I'mma go rest/sleep now.

May. 4th, 2017 05:25 pm
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Oh yeah some random stuff I wanted to mention earlier:

Imperial SaGa's 2nd anniversary is coming up and for part of it they are giving away these towels with little battle sprites on it -- pretty awesome, but probably won't be able to get one unless you live in Japan. But importantly!!! It had sprites to represent the various games that are in imsaga... and it had a sprite of Laura! Since she already has a sprite developed that either means that they made a sprite just for this stupid towel, or they've already been working on UNLIMITED:Saga assets for the game :D

And I also just wanted to say that I've discovered these games on mobile by a dev called Rayark and they are absolutely amazing. The ones I've been playing are called Voez and Cytus, and they not only are awesome mobile rhythm games, but even some of the best rhythm games I've ever played (and I have played a lot, let me tell you hahaha)

Voez has a pay-to-unlock stuff system, though you can earn free unlocks by improving your scores to see the story and participating in events and stuff. Plus there are a handful of free songs that cycle.

Cytus is free but ad-supported, but you can also buy the full version to get rid of the ads. And it's only TWO DOLLARS. It's a huge game with tons of content. I paid like $40 for DDR PlayStation discs back in the day, so $2 is really amazing. Plus this is more fun than DDR haha.

The tap charts are amazingly composed -- very musically satisfying and don't just stick to the rhythm of the main melody like so many rhythm games do anymore. And there are quite a few harder tracks in each game where you have to play two different rhythms with each of your thumbs (usually one is an easier part that follows the percussion track or something, or just straight beats, and the other is a melody or countermelody or something).

Voez in particular is neat because the background and where the tab "bars" are will move around with the feel of the song as you play. It's kind of hard to explain, but if you have an Android phone or WiiU, check out the game and you'll see what I mean easily.

Each game also has a "story," which is pretty simple, but accompanied by a lot of neat art. I really love the characters of Voez, they're all very cute. Well, the girls are. The guys don't really have personalities, but the story seems to focus on the girls more anyway.

I finished Cytus but the story makes absolutely no sense to me lmao. It's mostly told through pictures and weird abstract things and I'm bad at that haha. But from what I gathered from playing, I think the story is pretty much just... girl becomes robot (like human-AI hybrid), girl deletes her own empathy/memories to stop herself from mourning everyone who dies as she is immortal, girl ends up annihilating human race????????????????????????

IDK lmao. I actually haven't watched some of the later stuff, like the chapters they added later, like the Prologue and stuff, so maybe it will make sense once I see all that.

Anyway, there's a decent-ish variety of music, it's mostly expected electronica but there's some other fun stuff mixed in. The games are Taiwanese and it features music in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and English, so there's a lot of stuff there. A lot of non-lyrical stuff, too, though. A couple chiptunes in there, which is cool.

The game has even... given me an appreciation for dubstep hahaha. I used to think it was kind of annoying, but the way they work the tap charts into it is so fun and clever. So I actually like playing dubstep tracks XD Well, in Cytus at least. I don't remember if I've even encountered any dubstep in Voez.

Anyway, highly rec the games, both are free to download and play, and you can spend money to remove ads or unlock stuff if you want. I'm easily playing Voez without spending any money at all. And I splurged and spent $2 on Cytus to remove the ads. Honestly, the devs deserve it. When/if I have more money available, I will definitely buy a pack of keys in Voez solely to support the developers. Hopefully they will continue making great rhythm games.
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Today is tharpy dayyyyyyyyyyyy

I've had not so great a week I feel??? But I did ok today. I kind of want to bring up the topic of disability but I also feel ashamed about it so who knows what will happen lmao.

But um... Imperial SaGa got a new update today~~ The old event ended and we got our prizes. I kinda didn't try too hard so I was only in the top 50th percentile, but I still got character tickets. There was also a character ticket for logging in on the day of the first showing of Romancing SaGa The Stage (which was 4/20) and then a character ticket for logging in on the anniversary of the release of Minstrel Song (4/21) and since the day switches over at 11AM here, I got both today haha.

But uh, the one from RSG The Stage gave me...

Undine!!! I was expecting a bunch of reds and maybe a purple so to get not only a gold, but someone who fits pretty well on my team is really cool????

Also, there's a promo day for Nina coming up, where 50% of all golds will be her, and if you get her, she's Rainbow instead of gold. It's still only like a 0.4% chance of actually getting her but... it's in the Series Gacha, so if I don't get her, I'll still get SaGaFro2 characters which is cool? So I'm thinking about trying.

Not that I have any particular love for Nina or something. I mean, I like her but I haven't played enough SGF2 to really know her so she's just a cool idea? BUT not only do I like her design, but she has really cool abilities that would be perfect for my team lmao (it boosts the magic power of anyone with wind, water, or earth arts and most of my party are characters with two or three schools of magic arts already and they all fall into that category XD).

Plus, she's the last promo, so I'll be able to see the news about whatever updates are coming next to see if I want to actually spend my Kr or not. Though since they just now added SaGa 1 stuff, I'm guessing they will go through SaGa 2 and SaGa 3 before ever getting to UNSaga...


If they add SaGa 2 stuff soon, that means there is a chance we could get Dad or Mask???? So I'd like to have them??? But, uh, it would probably be better to wait until they've been around a while and wait for a promo gacha that focuses on him (which there surely will be). And the only thing they've added from SG1 so far are Human Man and Human Woman (yeah lmao they're just added generic characters now but STILL NO TIBERIUS).

But anyway, along with this event, they've added new characters. What's cool is anymore they don't only add promo characters, but just add some new gold characters to the regular roster, and give an increased chance of getting them in the regular gacha during the event, and they using them in your party will boost the event items you get from quests.

The two new golds are Mikhail and Holy Emperor, and in my Play Diary, I talked about how I was unsure of how to translate Holy Emperor because the common fan translation is "Holy King," but uh in Imperial SaGa she's definitely a woman, so I'm glad I ended up choosing "Emperor" in the end. Even though I realize "Empress" is a word, like... "Emperor" just sounds a lot less gendered than "King."

Um but the new Holy Emperor art has stupid boob window lol... The one thing I hate most about Imperial SaGa is that they sexualized all the women and girls in the new art. One thing I've always liked about SaGa is that it doesn't really have oversexualized female characters, but Imperial SaGa like... destroys that lol.

Like, uh, for example, Monica is a great character, for instance, who has a really interesting story and grows so much and despite being a princess is really badass and independent like...??? She's so great on her own and could have so much really cool art but instead we get like... Monica laying seductively on a bed with her tits about to burst out of her clothes like...


Not only is this completely unrelated to anything she does ever in the game, and not only is it missing out on an opportunity to capture so many great aspects of her character, but it's like... actually out-of-character for her...?

And like... it's not like I don't like sexy art or whatever because I very much do and I even do really like the Monica art I'm complaining about because she looks very pretty in it but... leave that to the pervy fan artists? If you're going to make official art of your characters for a game please make them... somewhat... relevant... to... the game...???????

Like IDK there's just so much to love about Monica and we have this opportunity to get super cool new Monica art, new art of a great and interesting character that does a lot of things and has a really interesting story and has so many situations that would be awesome to see illustrated...

And she's reduced to "look at titty."

It makes me mad!!

Anyway, the promo character for the event right now is Ward! Which means new Ward art!!


And see, characters can be hot as hell without being sexualized. If they're already sexy they don't need like... awkward sex poses and beds they will just be sexy anyway???????????

He and Mikahil (and probably Holy Emperor) are part of the story (it's about fighting Byunei) for the event but I just skip the story so IDK what it's really about lmaooooo. There's like a gallery mode where you can watch all past event stories and stuff so I figure if I ever care about the story of this game I'll go watch that. I still don't even really know the main plot of the main story because I just skip through literally everything LOL.

Oh and his Commander Skill is that he boosts the attack power of anyone with light magic arts, which in my current party is just Leon, but Leon also uses foil so his attacks are ridiculously strong right now (like just his regular Final Letter is doing more damage than Boston's super critical thing LOL). Though if I used Screwdriver I'd get Ultra Critical every time too (since it's effective against women) but I think the power of his Screwdriver is so low that just using Final Letter would be better? (Uh, also, his Final Letter is really beefed up).

Also when characters level up they say like little quote things, like each character just has one they always say. Leon says like "Follow Me" (but in a way that sounds much cooler than that??) And uh... Ward's was "You wanna take a job?" and I was like wtf why did they choose that?? And then I realized that's pretty much HIS ONLY LINE OF DIALOGUE IN THE ENTIRE GAME LMFAO

IDK why I get attached to SaGa characters when they are hardly more than visual character concepts LOL

But yeah the boss of the event quests is Byunei, and she's weak to piercing damage, so Boston's special art that he came with always Super Criticals on her because it's piercing damage (despite being a punch) plus is effective against Abyss creatures and characters (which means it always gets a critical, and using weakness + critical hit = Super Critical XD)

You can actually Ultra Critical which is dual weakness + critical hit, but you have to hit with elemental and physical weakness and get a crit at the same time so I've never seen it lmao.

IDK what to do for the next 20 minutes lol. I'm feeling anxious. I guess I'll do KA a bit and then pack up my stuff so it's ready for going to Dens or something. I'm going early again this week. I hope all the patterns get back to normal soon~~
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So, last time we had a few tests of our strength with Field Day and our first akido match, but now it's time for... our school exams!

We only have three weeks to prepare...

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Well, we have successfully completed our first date, and it was very cute! But it's back to the daily grind. But we will meet some new friends this time!

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Well, we finally got one of our invitations accepted! So it's time to go on our first date. Hopefully we can get past the initial meeting part...

But we still have to finish out this week of school, too.

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So, we watched the introduction to our new high school life at Moegino High last time, but we didn't get to any kind of actual gameplay. And today, have I got some gameplay for you! Well, I hope you like reading about game systems at least. And there are still cute girls, don't worry.

But if you're curious how the game plays, this will cover most of the basics of how the game plays out. So let's get started~

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This is a makeshift masterpost for now, just so I have easy links to all the entries. I'll dress this up later~

1. First day at Moegino High
2. Let's High School!
3. Our first date!
4. Fitness Tests
5. School Exams
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I've been meaning to start writing this for a while now, but kept getting distracted by stuff. But it's finally here and I'm pretty excited!

Tokimeki Memorial is a "love simulation" series by Konami that revolves around simulating the entire high school experience with a focus on dating and finding a girlfriend. But it's not all dating -- you'll still have to manage your studies, club activities, hobbies, and more.

The series took a lot of turns at its third entry, going from 2D portraits to fully-animated 3D models for the characters, and adding new gameplay systems and mechanics while changing some of the others. The large casts of the first two games have dwindled down to just a few girls you can get to know this time around, too.

In exchange, though, I feel that the characters were very fleshed out and all of the new game systems added a lot to the simulation aspect of the game, and made the game a lot more engaging to play. The biggest downside is that the new art direction is abysmal -- even though this is perhaps my favorite game in the series, I have to admit it is very ugly.

I'll go into more detail about what I like and dislike about the game and what makes it so ugly as we go, though! So let's just get started.

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The final Elemental Gear we need to collect was entrusted to the Anubito Tribe, the same Tribe that Dagul Bos comes from, which is a little unnerving.

Before we set out, we have a few little errands to run, though.

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With more than half of the Elemental Gears collected and a couple new friends in the party, Laura and Henri are close to unraveling the secret of the Blade of Escata.

The two remaining Gears were entrusted to the Anubito and the Petran. Dagul Bos, who destroyed Escata looking for the Blade, is an Anubito, so we're going to save that adventure for last. So it's off the Petran Tribe, who says their Gear is hidden in the Cavern of Murals.

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After obtaining the Crown of Ares from Daddy Lord Galeos and meeting with Armic to plunder the Boots of Vayu from the Regal Lion's treasury, we're off to look for another one of the Elemental Gears.

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After learning about the Elemental Gears from King Foujant's books in Escata Palace, four new adventures open up in the inn (drowning out subadventures, too). We're able to search for the Elemental Gears in any order we want, so we're going to head to Chapa to ask about the Boots of Vayu.

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After an arduous journey south, we've finally reached Vaftom and made it to the festival, even if we were a bit late. Luckily, there don't seem to be any assassins at the festival (well, I guess there are those ones Kurt dealt with, but we don't need to worry about those now!) so we are free to uh... enjoy ourselves. Or cry.

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Last time, Laura met Henri, the Prince of Escata, as he was escaping assassins and literally ran into her at the funeral for her late husband Pablo. Laura agreed to escort Henri to Vaftom, which is the only place he's ever been besides Vaftom.

A quick stop at the inn, and we're ready to embark on the road again south.

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It's time for yet another UNLIMITED:Saga adventure! I actually started this and have been playing for a while -- just haven't been making the posts. I also got almost all the way to the end of the story and then realized my screencaps weren't working at all, and I couldn't go back to the last point they had worked, so I had to restart the entire game from the beginning :) Fun!

I've played Laura's scenario several times, and it was the first one I actually cleared in the game. There are two story paths, but I've actually only ever seen one of them. Though, I think, like Kurt's, they're not huge differences, but a little different at how things end up. So I'll try to get both this time.

Since I've played this before, and since I've been playing this game a lot for a while now and shopping is getting super tedious, I'm going to be doing a "No Shopping" challenge. It doesn't sound all that difficult to me, but I wanted to kind of gauge how difficult no shopping + no repair + no martial might be, without having to get myself stuck doing something that might be way too frustrating right away.

So, with that bit of explanation, we're going to load our clear data from Armic, which tells us we have cleared 4 characters total now, and start a new game!

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