Oct. 29th, 2016 08:13 pm
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We ate White Castle today :D!! And got ghost pepper sliders so it was great ^^

I think I'm going to start working on my 'how to program' tutorial thing, which is intended to be like a track to get a foundation of programming only through creating games, with the end goal of being able to develop games in Unity. Instead of focusing on learning programming through a bunch of theoretical situations, business software, example applications that do nothing practical, etc., it will focus on simply making games that grow increasingly complex, only using tools that are used in Unity development.

So it will avoid some topics you learn about programming, which can be researched on your own if you want to learn about them, but still give all the foundations for understanding object-oriented programming and how games are put together, without anything extraneous.

With that and the comic and my unsaga play, and streaming sometimes, I should be pretty busy lol.

I'm also still doing KA:

I have a 21-day stream going XD I want to get the achievement for 100 days... I'm already 1/5 of the way there...!! ( ;;; )

But yeah I filled in all those missing squares from the top. I'm doing geometry right now which is positioned after EVERYTHING algebra-related, so it's filling things in out-of-order -_-;;;

I've been having to do a lot of difficult stuff recently on there... like... well, actually very easy stuff, but I have to do a lot of multi-step problems and I often misread the instructions or mess up some kind of simple calculation in my head (like 64 + 9 = 75... I did that exact mistake like 3 separate times X_X) that screws the whole thing up. Or I forget a sign or make a typo while typing the answer >_> A really common thing I do is that a certain type of practice will ask for area like 4 times in a row, then next time ask for perimeter, and I'll just find area instead... because I won't even read the question X_X I've started forcing myself to underline what it's asking for, and for multiple-step things, I even write out like a little formula for the solution lol.

Like recently there have been these things like... where you're given some kind of coordinates for points and you have to figure out what would be the most direct route, and then it will ask 'what is the difference in meters between the direct route and the long route' or something, and I'll instead just give the length of the direct route... so I'll write out like LIR1 + LIR2 - LDR near the answer thing so I remember to do that ("length of indirect route 1" etc) and like circle the parts I need to remember LOL

I had a bunch of things I wanted to say but I forgot??

Also I started watching Hunter x Hunter... the uh, one that's on Netflix (apparently there are multiple HxH animes?) and it's cool but I kinda already forgot about it haha. But there are a lot of fun character designs and it's one of those kinds of stories that make no sense and you're just supposed to accept whatever it says, like Kingdom Hearts XDD so I'm enjoying it so far.

Sep. 22nd, 2016 11:34 pm
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I didn't realize the Texans were playing the Patriots tonight and I just checked on the score and it's 0-20 LOLOL I mean it's not too unexpected, but... >_>;;; Poor Texans :(

I actually posted crap all over facebook and stuff today because I have no idea what to do with myself. Like I have energy and feel super antsy but I have no willpower and no ability to concentrate so I've been doing much of nothing.

My anxiety calmed down kinda finally today, by the end of the day. I still feel a little anxious but I at least feel calm. I felt like I couldn't calm myself down no matter what for the last few days...

My two LJ buddies are busy with their own stuff and dealing with many things right now so this place has become empty again and it's making me less motivated to post XD

I kinda sorta started trying to use FA again today. Well, I went and posted some art I've done since the last time I was on (which was a year ago, and I literally had only 4 things to post) and nuked all my notifs and posted a journal. So I'll try to keep up on it... IDK why I don't check it more the way I check everything else? It's way more interesting and relevant to me than fb or tumblr or whatever but I'm ALWAYS freaking on those when I hate them?? And I love FA but I never go lol 9_9;

Also, I got a USB keyboard from my dad (he got it at like a garage sale or something) and it's super comfortable and has pretty firm/springy keys, and they clack a little, and it just feels really nice. It's not anything special, just some HP thing, but still, it's nice. And I've been wanting an external keyboard because it's uncomfortable to hold my hands up to the laptop on the desk because it's on the monitor part of the desk, and obviously not the keyboard tray. So now I can have a keyboard on the keyboard tray, and keep my mouse there, too, and it will be very nice.

The problem is I'm so used to leaning over and typing on the laptop's keyboard that I'm literally leaning EVEN MORE because the keyboard tray is out and then typing on the stupid laptop LOLOL when the keyboard is right in front of me...

I'm using the keyboard right now, but before I started the "I got a USB keyboard" part, I had been using the laptop keyboard >_>;;;; Also it's taking me forever to type up this post because I can't concentrate on anything and I keep randomly opening facebook or like staring at the wall or looking around my room thinking of various things.

I get like this normally but I wonder if this might be a side-effect of the medication I'm taking. Along with headaches and increased general anxiety, I've been having racing thoughts and been easily-distracted (which are pretty much sub-symptoms of anxiety anyway) and a side-effect of this medication is increased anxiety even though I'm supposed to be taking it for anxiety (it's actually for depression though??? like that's it's intended use??? but it also helps people stop smoking, and Dens said that when his doctor diagnosed him with social anxiety, he was prescribed this, too, and it made him feel weird so he quit taking it).

Since I do get like this normally and it could just be a coincidence that I'm having a bout of increased anxiety now, and I don't feel like this is particularly alarming or anything, I'm just gonna keep taking it and see how it goes. Like I said, it's only been three days. The headache is finally over (I hope -- I thought it was gone last night then struck SEVEREEEE in the middle of the night) and I'm feeling better than I have felt the last few days starting just now tonight...

I just tried to make Kool-Aid and forgot the water cooler is out of water and so I put ice in the glass and then put tap water in it but then couldn't really stir it because the ice was in it and ended up having to drink like red-colored tap water with a goop powder in the bottom lol. I am sad. I'm thirsty too and we don't even have water. The tap water here is gross and I hate drinking it. I made tea with it and I couldn't even taste the tea and it was just that gross tap water taste. I'm dying squirtle. I'm thirstyyyy...

I just reached for the laptop keyboard again. After randomly getting distracted and going on tumblr??? why????

Anyway, I guess I should stop typing because I'm not even really saying anything. Maybe I'll head to bed early and spend some time trying to think up ideas for strip poker game lmfao. Though I should have the notes for it somewhere... IDK where, though. I'll probably have to re-write them.

I'm considering adding a sleepy route that essentially you get to by playing too many card games (and thus too many drinks) without getting to the 'action' so your boss falls asleep on you. Now I want to sit and write out notes x____x; I might do that for a bit before going to sleep.


Seriously I don't know how to end posts???

Sep. 22nd, 2016 05:30 pm
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I walked to Taco Bell and walked back after eating. That's my exercise for today lmao. My head hurt a lot from the walking and being around the manager talking on the phone the whole time I was there. Honestly I feel like the walking made me feel worse. Though now that I'm back home, I feel better, I guess. But I think that's just relief lol.

I kind of want to start up a project or work on an abandoned one... I was thinking about this last night when I wasn't sleeping and I have had a few things I've wanted to do for a while.

One that I've been thinking about for a while is a porn game that essentially revolves around seducing your boss in a hotel room, a kind of a mixture of a short VN and a 'strip poker' type of game.

Essentially I got the idea because I was like 'Hey I should just make a dumb strip poker game but with the kinds of guys I like since they aren't that common' but then of course like every idea I have it grew increasingly complex the more I thought of it.

The "base" idea I ended up having, which would be fine on its own, is that essentially you have a flirty boss who you think you might be able to hook up with on a business trip where you're sharing a hotel room. At the end of the day, you have drinks together and play cards to unwind, which leads to a strip game. But instead of just a simple 'strip poker' game, there's also a visual-novel-esque interaction game. You'll have to make a lot of dialogue choices before and between hands of cards, which will encourage how the night unfolds. You can end up annoying or turning him off and end up with just both of you going to bed, or you could get into quite a variety of sexual situations depending on how you interact. The kinds of choices you make and how you talk to your boss would establish dominance, too, so you could end up in a sub or dom role, or a more mutual/neutral event could occur. And the more aroused and interested you got him, the more kinds of scenes you could see, too. Plus, the card game would have an effect on what happens, as some scenes would only be able to take place if you won or lost enough hands before the action takes place.

I have notes for this somewhere, with a bunch of ideas for possible outcomes and scenes and what kinds of triggers would lead you to seeing them.

Of course, I can't just let things be that simple in my head. I started to expand this into an entire complex game where it starts before retiring to the room for the night, where you can choose where to go instead of just spending the evening with your boss. Hang out with one of your friends local to the place you're travelling to on business, go to the hotel bar and hook up with the bartender or a fellow patron, or decide to unwind in the hotel's fitness room and hook up with the other guy working out there. Stuff like that. I figured each scenario would go pretty much the same, you end up alone in a hotel room and play some cards and your interaction choices influence what kinds of stuff you guys get into.

But why stop there? How about each guy has his own preferred game to play, so it's not always the same little card game. Hell, add strip chess!! And what if you could unlock even better bonus scenarios by being allowed to do multiple things with your evening and meet multiple guys and have group hookups by doing well enough at convincing everyone?????

AND WHY STOP THERE??? You could play a whole week simulation of this trying to get all kinds of different scenes hooking everyone up and ---

Yeah, this is why I can't think of ideas properly XDDD

But I do think at least just the 'seduce your boss' scenario would make a good little stand-alone game, especially if there were a lot of outcomes.

And I think if I was ambitious enough about it, it wouldn't be too bad to have a few options of what to do with your evening so you could go for different guys instead of the boss, each just being a pretty similar type of thing to each other (talk them up a bit, go to the hotel room, seduce them over some cards and drinks).

I figured if I made a game like that, you could also have a free-play mode where instead of dealing with the whole 'scenario mode' you could just play some quick games of strip poker with no context (though this wouldn't have all the sex scenes available, pretty much just a strip game).

I think that sounds like a pretty solid game, even if it ended up just being once scenario. I don't think it'd be that hard to start out building just that, then add on a couple extra scenarios later if I felt up to it, as well as a free-play mode. Definitely wouldn't go as far as the convoluted multi-hooking-up system or whole-week scenario LOL.

I'd like to actually make a lot of games like this, because I have a lot more ideas than just the hotel scenario. I'd also like to make a game like this where there are a variety of gender options among your potential partners. I have an idea for an office-themed game where you actually can organize group action lmao. And like, other settings too than just office (I just like office attire, OK???) including like medieval-fantasy type setting. But those are less developed and I've actually thought a lot about this hotel-boss thing XD

I feel motivated and have a lot of... energy? the last few days (despite also feeling tired idk) but I'm having trouble concentrating and calming myself down. I keep getting distracted and lost in thoughts even just trying to write this post. IDK how long I've been trying to type this out 9_9

Anyway, probably my biggest downfall to making stuff in general is that no one sees it because I'm very unsocial LOL. I've abandoned my FurAffinity and y!Gallery accounts (I mean, they're still there, but I certainly don't use them LOL). Maybe I can get myself back into them the way I got back into lj XDDD but yeah even when I was there I wasn't as social as most people? So if I made a game and even if it was good, no one would see it XD The key to being a successful creator honestly is networking. The reason a lot of popular artists are able to sell their stuff isn't necessarily the quality of their work, but moreso their dedication to making sure people see it. Some people just do it naturally. And some people are terrible at it even when they put effort into it, like me XD

But yeah, honestly, that shouldn't stop me from creating. I also think if you create enough stuff and it's good stuff that you put effort into, someone will stumble upon it eventually and share it. But if you don't create anything, no one will see it because there's nothing to see lol. So you at least have to create it...

Anyway yeah. For now my biggest block to creating this game is I don't have enough confidence in my art to create the images for the game XD I can't draw characters on-model, even my own characters. So it would look horrible and inconsistent. I guess I just have to keep at it... if it looks bad, redraw it XD

Ummm the end. I don't really have anything else to say but IDK how to end this post LOL

Sep. 13th, 2016 02:14 am
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So, I found this super embarrassing thing when I was trying to find clips of the show Matt is on now because I can't watch it because I'm with Dens on Sundays and he doesn't have cable or anything XD But yeah it's horrible and embarrassing and Matt's part is the absolute worst ??? LOL Like he's all trying to be tough like LETS GOWE LETS GOWE but he's just a quiet softie so it's super awkward and weird, and then like his "dancing" is like ???? so wtf??? XDD Also Boomer can't even pronounce 'Hasselbeck' like alskdfjlaskdfjalksdfj

Also Trent Dilfer looks nice. His name has 'DILF' written right in it LOL.

The only clip I could even find was this and it's cool because Matt is cute and Dilf is like "yes yes you are right and best and smartest" LOL

OMGGGG I tried YT and apparently THIS happened just before that HAHAHAH lskdjglksadjglkasdjglkasjdg omgggg poor Boomer XD it kinda stressed me out honestly but also it's funny?? And embarrassing XD

But yeah that's about all I can find, I found a clip of Dilfer saying stupid shit about the Colin Kaepernick thing (and Randy Moss looking PISSED) so I already stopped liking him lol. It's a shame, a cutie baldy but why you gotta be racist?? Ruins any appeal you may have XD Moss is cool tho. I like his eyebrows lmao.

I wanna post about Country Girls's new vid but I'm tired and I wanna post a lot because it's amazing and wonderful LOL but I think I'mma sleep. I need to go to the grocery tomorrow; I ate literally my last bit of food today so I will have nothing but coffee and two Twinkies tomorrow lol. Oh, I do have natto, and I can take my dad's eggs. So I might make myself some breakfast with that (and toast, because my brother has bread LOL yay stealing other people's food XD but I'm allowed to take the eggs and my brother and I share bread so it's all good XD I even was talking to him today and he mentioned that I could eat it XD)

I did play a little more into Innocent Life. The post game is kinda dumb. It will be fun from a gameplay perspective MAYBE, but the story does not get developed anymore. Basically the Fire Spirit wants me to harvest 5000 crops in his wasteland field where you can't use Naoki or the rail system or jewels or anything. And if I don't do it in one year, he'll release an alien invasion on the town??? lol... And everyone is still saying the same dumb stuff they've been saying so you don't even get any more townie dialogue -_-; I can't get Million to take the Cool Pins, even though Gallion keeps saying I need to give Million a fashion item. Though he always seems busy??? But I even went to him at night (with the Cool Pins in my bag) and he wouldn't take them. Maybe I have to get there in the morning? Or when he's on holiday and hanging out with Emma by the wine barrels? IDK...

Playing this has been making me want to play a real, actually good Harvest moon game a lot though. For a bit now... Maybe I'll play something once I finish this?

Though I kinda wanna just... finish this and Setsuna so the only thing I really have to play is Dragon Age? XD So I can kinda play that when I feel like playing something but I don't want to feel like I have games I 'need to finish' right now ?? XD Oh, I guess there's still FFEX too. I kinda forgot since I don't play it on the PC XD I'm close to the end of that, too? At least the story end.

But I kinda wanna stop playing games for now and get back into Rogue Nightmare's development? I don't know if I can mentally handle that right now, though... But I want to at least try. Like I think I could at least work on some of the assets or something right now, even if I couldn't handle programming or designing anything. I have a few characters mostly designed and am in the middle of making battle sprites. I need to rework a lot of the character controller and camera because I'm turning it into a kind of 2.5D game instead of a first-person 3D game... both because the game will play better that way and because I can actually make proper assets for a 2D game lol.

Anyway, I sleep now, I guess.
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Does anyone know if there's a way on Windows 10 to access Recycle Bin except from the desktop???? This is probably my #1 complaint with Windows anymore hahaha. Honestly I wish they'd just delete your files without doing the whole recycle bin thing (is there an option to have the OS do that instead?) I need to research this but trying to find answers to questions about Windows can be a headache in itself...

I also kinda want to get another file manager instead of the built-in File Explorer... something like Midnight Commander that also launches files. I haven't really looked for one, so I'm sure something like that exists.

Honestly (I know I say this all the time lol) if it wasn't for games and other Windows-specific software, I would never use Windows again lol. But Windows is the only place to play games, and holy shit is Visual Studio the greatest IDE I've ever known. It was such a pain having to use KDevelop for work, and even vim (as much as I love vim) for personal projects in Linux. VS's autocomplete is just leagues above anything else; I can't stand using any other IDE because they don't have an autocomplete that matches up with VS's, and VS's is built-in even in the free version!

Just thinking of how much I love VS's autocomplete makes me want to go write some code LOL

I should probably start a tag set for computers in general... And speaking of, if I can ever have some sort of income, I'd really like to get into robotics? The biggest problem with robotics as a hobby is how quickly it gets expensive. It's not too hard to build some cheap, simple bots, but I'd like to continue to create more difficult projects? But even if you want to start out, you at least need SOME spare cash, because it's not like you just have robot parts lying around your house. Though actually I remember some homeless or poor man from China? building a working prosthetic arm or something out of scraps he found around his house and in the trash and stuff??? And I guess you could use parts from like... old junk and broken electronics and stuff. I always keep my old broken phones and things because "one day I might use the parts."

Maybe I should change my game dev tag to 'softdev' or something? Because I make things that aren't necessarily games? Or should software development and game development get their own tags? I think there's a lot more to game dev than 'normal' software development... I mean you have all the same stuff, but then you also have a TON of other stuff that goes into it, like story writing, making assets (well I guess you make assets for non-game software, but it's generally WAY more for games XD), etc.

I wish I had motivation and energy to dev anymore though. I love thinking about it but when I go to actually try I get overwhelmed and cry or something.

omfg like some rando just added me on Steam and I was like 'yay new friends' and they messaged me and were like "HI CAN YOU PLEASE BUY ME FINAL FANTASY IX" and I was like.... uh sorry friendo but I don't have the money for that; I can't even buy myself the games I want lol. And they responded like "Well how much money do you have?" And like??? omg?? It's so funny to me lol. I'm not even uncomfortable because it's so weird? After they asked how much money I was just like "I'm not gonna buy you a game lol" and like yeah if they keep like pressuring I might get really uncomfo though because I succumb to pressure easily (uh I've like not bought groceries before because someone else asked me to buy them something and just ate rice and water for a while, etc.) so uhhh I should probably block them or something? But like they didn't do anything "mean" so I feel bad??? XD;;;; Though I guess some people would consider asking a stranger to buy you stuff is "mean" but personally I don't think there's anything wrong with it XD I mean, I wouldn't do it myself, but... capitalism is way more fucked up and destructive and "mean" that asking people to give things of their own free will, but nobody seems to ever criticize that lolol (ok many people do, but you know what I mean, and I don't want to go into an anticapitalist rant right now LOL)

They seemed to move on after I said I'm not buying them any games though. I kinda feel bad loollll. I'll forget about it quickly though.

I was gonna have natto and eggs for breakfast but I forgot and now I feel like it's too late to make it lol.

Um, I had something I actually wanted to talk about????????????????? In this post??? But I just randomly started talking about Windows and kept distracting myself and now I don't even know???

OH YEAH I MOVED BACK INTO MY ROOM AT THE APARTMENT NOW LOL. I don't think they're done with the roof completely, but they seem to be done at least with heavy work that makes my ceiling crumble, so I think I should be safe in here. My desk is not suited for laptop though, so I kinda miss having a more proper 'height' like at the kitchen table or like I do at Dens. Actually, it might help if I move my mouse to the top so everything is high? At least it will prevent a lot of obnoxious movement of my arm... like right now my mouse is on the little keyboard sliding tray thing, and the laptop is of course on top of the desk. So I have to like... pull my hand away from the laptop, past the top of the desk, then put it under the desk to the mouse... like... it's really obnoxious because typically you'd just move your hand a little to the side, and I pretty much live on the computer, so I'm doing this all day.

For a while, I was in the habit of not using the mouse much at all... I guess I could try just unplugging the mouse and forcing myself to get into that habit again. It's a lot easier on Linux because it's friendly to keyboard-only stuff (holy shit Windows 10 is horrible when it comes to keyboard controls... this is another reason why I need a better file manager software lol, and then trying to navigate the Win10 start menu with the keyboard is a nightmare in itself...)

I guess I could just put all the software I use in PATH and use the command line as a file manager but....... LOL. I already don't use the start menu despite loving the aesthetic (it's good for touch devices though)

Also another annoying Windows thing is that it re-enables my touchpad thing every time I reboot which is REALLY obnoxious. I absolutely hate that thing and just want it personally disabled. Removing the drivers just makes it run off some kind of built-in driver or something, and there's not much I can do short of taking apart the laptop and dismantling it or something lol.

Anyway that's enough ranting for now. It's almost September which is THE MONTH OF THE DOCTOR... less than 3 weeks to go.

I think after I finish Innocent Life and I Am Setsuna, I might do a run through Ark of Napishtim again, because I'd like to chronicle it here on LJ, even though I've already played through it twice? It's not the most amazing game, but... I just want to be able to talk about the characters and stuff, and talk about my stupid gross headcanons for that game. I still need to make a gross headcanons post about Innocent Life, but I might wait til I finish it and learn more about some of the characters. Since they don't really change much, I feel like I already know them pretty well, but I feel like my thoughts on the relationship between Jean and Liberta has already changed quite a bit. I can still imagine pretty much the exact same fantasies between them, just the motivation for Jean is a bit different now.

I love coffee but it often makes me weak and jittery. Other caffeine (tea, soda, etc.) doesn't seem to do this, at least not nearly as bad as coffee. I never have more than one cup but like 80% of the time it seems to make me feel NG, whereas I can drink like 3 Dr Peppers back-to-back and feel fine lol. I don't know what it is about coffee?

OK I'm gonna stop rambling and probably go play IL now. My anxiety about "doing things" is coming back, sadly, and it makes me not want to play... I was going pretty well there for a while, playing Setsuna, DA, and IL without worrying about it. But now I feel like I'm worrying again. Maybe it's because the Dr appointment is getting closer...? IDK. I don't really want to think too much about it because at least with this, analyzing it is not particularly helpful. I've pretty much analyzed it to death and it's inconclusive, so... XD

Oh yeah, my OneDrive space is getting kinda full, I think I only have like 1GB left. The only thing I plan on adding is a bunch more pictures, but I realized that it will probably get full pretty fast. Maybe I should buy more space? I really do love OneDrive a lot and I think it would be worth it... as long as the space doesn't expire quickly? Maybe I can get it with Bing points?

Nope, it's $2/mo for 50GB. The only way to get 1TB is also subscribe to Office365 which I have no interest in. Kinda sad. Plus I don't want to make monthly payments... Why can't I just drop $20 and get a year and then not have to think about it? I realize with autopayments I can "not think about it" but the problem with that is I don't have steady income, and if my account is ever too low, I can screw myself over by not thinking about it lol. $2/mo is really not that bad, though, even in my current condition (which is... having a lot saved up from my last job, though the more I spend, the shorter it will last, and I need this money for food lol). I guess I'll wait until I get closer to filling the whole thing up. It's just images that I'm adding now, so... it's not that big of a deal, since it takes forever just to add up to 0.1GB... I think with all the screencaps I've posted of Innocent Life so far, including all the ones I took but never used in the lj entries, I've not even reached .1GB?

Anyway, I need to stop typing here and go do something.

(new computer tag is 'com,' for now it will refer to both hardware and software I guess lol... and I'll keep game dev and software dev separate... btw if anyone ever wants to learn to program feel free to ask me for help; I'd love to have programming buddies but don't want to actually meet new people lolol... I plan on making an online course eventually, when my health is better)

Game :)

Dec. 24th, 2012 01:07 am
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So, my game is coming along. I have prepared some very basic graphics to use for the prototype. I've begun working on the core of the programming now. I have the visual interface planned out--I kinda of have two programs built at once. One is a basic visual interface (though this is not as necessary since the engine I'm working with is already very visual) and the other is the "mechanics" part, that does all of the numbercrunching and whatever. There will be another level for UI navigation and stuff, and then I will start working on the aesthetics and whatever.

Anyway, I spend like 4 hours trying to figure out how to get the leveling system to work... I made a little program where I could press Enter to create new monsters and give them unique IDs, then press Space to cycle through all available monsters. When I pressed S, it would boost their "speed" stat by 1 (this is of course not how it would work in the game!)

Well, with the code I had written, I made a bad error and it would only work if I was working with monster #1. If I cycled to any of the other monsters, it wouldn't boost their stat.

But I figured it out after like 4 hours of debug (it was hard because it was a semantic error that was really difficult to uncover...) and thinking I had done something completely different the wrong way... but when I figured it out with some help from a guy on a forum I've been PMing, I was able to move quickly and create the formulas for stat increases.

Now any time during the game, when you do something that should boost your EXP in a stat, I can pick a "base" for how much that action should boost it, send it to the stat booster, and it will boost the monster's stat EXP!! It works pretty well, and is also quite random, while still being somewhat reasonable.

The first few things I tried seemed too wild, and later things generated only low numbers.

The stat boost is based on the following things:

* Randomly generated numbers
* The monster's "talent" in that stat
* The base number send into the function (so like, going for a walk would boost your swiftness with a very low base, while sprinting trials would boost your swiftness with a high base...)
* How much stress the monster is under (high the stress level, the bigger penalty to your stat gain)
* Your current overall "Big S" level for that stat(each stat is governed by one of the three "big S" stats: Speed, Strong, Smart)
* The stage in your monster's life (adult monsters will be better at training than babies, of course!)

As you can see, I wanted to have LOTS of factors that contribute to the stat growth so it would seem very "fluid" and pretty random. I don't want it to be like Pokémon where you can calculate your stats of a monster when it's at level 5, and know exactly what it will be at level 100 and how to get there.

The focus of the game is on caring and nurturing, so your decisions will affect the growth the most. If you are neglect your monster and don't pay attention to its needs and desires, you won't train as well. This is because stress and the monster's personal talents factor into the equation. Your monster's likes will also determine how often they will refuse to train. For example, if your monster HATES running laps, but you constantly try to make it run laps, it will often give up (not get any stat gain at all). Not only that, but its stress will still go up, and its affection may go down.

I want to pull the player away from thinking about numbers, and to have a more "real" experience. I want them to think about how they want to treat and interact with the monster, not about what its stats may become. If you nurture the monster and work with its natural interests and talents, you will be the most successful. If you try to force it to become what you want it to be, even if it hates it and is not good at it, you may see moderate success from never giving up, but your monster will be very unhappy and may even die very young from all the stress.

Once players really get into the system, I hope they will be able to find a way to balance both, where they can raise monsters the way they want, while keeping them happy and healthy, too. That is the kind of game I am yearning to create.


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