Sep. 15th, 2016 12:32 pm
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All the SCARLET GRACE hype and the fact that I've been talking about UNSaga a little bit both on Tumblr and GameFAQs, I kind of want to drop Innocent Life (I can't find an answer about the completion thing so I am starting to think I'll have to restart if I want to 100% it anyway) and Setsuna (this was pretty much already dropped because I haven't played it in a long time XD) and play through unsaga or minsaga or something? I have kinda been having hankerings to play one of them recently anyway but now I realllllyyyyy wanna play.

I also realized last night while playing Dragon Age that it is not a great game to play when I have too much to think about or too tired because it's too hard to RP Isky. I was just kind of clicking whatever and Isky did some stuff I don't think he would really do XD But Isky is also tired and confused and there's quite a sense of urgency so maybe that's also why he did it XD

I don't really have any of my old save data, so I'd have to start completely new games in each minsaga or unsaga. I mean, I would be starting a new game anyway, but I mean I won't be able to use my clear data. I still have never cleared all characters with clear data in either >_>

In minsaga, you get just a little bonus scene for doing it, but also there are a lot of important bonuses for continued clear data usage, importantly increased jewels rewards XD Building your clout over multiple games is nice, too. With unsaga, there's not really much reward between plays... your market rank is kept between plays, but I kind of like starting with a low market rank? Having mostly expensive items available from the start is kind of useless, since you don't get money any faster, plus there are some cheap items that are nice to collect up early like copse and mullock, since you can use them in blacksmithing. You do get a cute bonus credits roll for clearing all characters with clear data, though.

I think if I did unsaga, since I always start with Laura when I'm going to 'play them all!' again (which I never end up finishing more than like 4 characters XD) I might start with someone I haven't finished like Ruby or Mythe, and do a no-shopping run. This will keep the market rank at minimum XD Plus it's a really fun challenge... I've done a LLG and a SCC, and I don't know if there's anything else really challenging I can do besides no shopping (shopping is a huge deal in this game XD). No shopping and no smithing would be REALLY interesting, but perhaps a bit too boring since you'd probably just end up doing nothing but martial arts. I've considered doing no repairing, which seems significantly more interesting, because you can still use materials and weapons you found to make other things... though you can kind of circumvent this by just creating new weapons twice in a row (not going to explain this lol). Perhaps not being able to use weapons as the base ingredient would be a good rule? That seems to prevent you from repairing AND from cheesing it by using the broken weapon as a material to essentially recreate the original weapon. This would also allow Damascus, though. But I think that would be okay since getting Damascus without shopping is going to be pretty tough. I'd have no save-scumming, too. Actually, now I really wanna do that XD So I might start unsaga soon... XD

Oh, though you still have the whole OP martial arts thing. Maybe also ban martial XD;;; Or at least martial panels. Actually, that sounds good. You can use martial, just not the panels. You'd at least have basic Throw, but it would be way less OP than the high-level throws, and you wouldn't have access to Sinker and stuff, so you'd have to use staffs more...

I really wanted to do an all-characters run where each play was a challenge run (except the last one), but I already started that and now don't have the data anymore X_X;;; And I did SCC and LLG for Laura and Judy respectively, and was pretty far into a no-shopping with Ruby, too... I don't want to redo SCC or LLG because the final bosses were pretty much just replaying 100s of times until I scraped by the RNG. It's not something you can just do to win with a bad setup (if your characters are bad you cannot win) but both of those runs put me in a situation where I pretty much had to get the RNG planets to align in order to win.

Minsaga I have no plans for challenge runs as of yet; it's fun enough for now just playing regularly. Maybe because the only character I've ever cleared is Albert (albeit like 4 times or something now because I always feel like I want to start the whole clear-all-characters from the beginning every time I play, and I always feel like I have to start with Albert lolol)

Speaking of SaGa and challenge runs, even though it's not SaGa, I really want to do another run through LegLeg limited to using only Staff, Martial, and Charms... I actually started one but I had just finished two runs and got kinda burned out.

Or maybe I should play The Last Remnant XD But I think I really feel like playing unsaga? I also thought of playing SaGa 2 but honestly as much as I love that game in theory, I just can't get through it? It's way too tedious. I used to think I liked it better than SaGa 1 but I can play SaGa 1 multiple times through but I've never finished SaGa 2 even once... It's not as bad as SG3 though XD

Sep. 14th, 2016 10:02 pm
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I played Dragon Age. I am a bit too tired to write about it now, but Isky is feeling a bit urgent and brazen and did some stuff he normally wouldn't do. The team is in Redcliffe now. Morrigan is starting to upset Isky a little. That's a tiny recap. I've mostly just been talking to people and stuff.

Everyone in Redcliffe is hot. It was true. I forget everyone's name but I love them all. Even like random thug guy who was friends with... that dwarf guy who wouldn't come out of the house. Also Isky is terrible at talking to people and no one listens to him LOL. But he wants to become better at talking. He needs to be since he is a Grey Warden, and that is coming to have new meaning to him.

Have a Sorrow Stare though:

Aug. 21st, 2016 07:30 pm
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So, [ profile] dreamingmystic gifted me I Am Setsuna (thanks again~~~~) and I'm still kinda mad at Dragon Age... So I might play that a bit tonight and then tomorrow (when I'll have more time to play things) I might try going back and forth between the two? I need to wait til I have the energy to go back and re-listen to everything I have to listen to again. Since I just heard it all I don't want to hear it all again right away lol. Also Isky sucks at convincing people of anything and I think they won't let Big Man go free lol.

I've also been kind of dabbling in Her Story, which has been really fun. It's a NVL game in the format of watching video clips in this like... video clip search thing. Like it's like you're able to access this police database of video clips of interviews with a murder suspect. But you can only access the videos through a search... the videos are indexed by their script, so when you type in the search box, all videos in which the suspect says the words you typed will appear. But only the first five videos in the database for any given search will appear. So you have to try to search for very specific things or longer strings of words. If you just type "and" or "the" or something, you'll get every video in which she says one of those words. Which can be fun because you'll definitely get 5 videos out of that.

There's no real "game," as it's a visual novel, but there are achievements for finding and watching 50%, 75%, and 100% of the video clips. I played for a couple hours total and still haven't hit the 50% mark. The videos are usually about 10-30 seconds long, some even shorter than that, very few are longer.

The gameplay basically consists of watching the videos available to you and then picking up on things you might want to hear more about, and then searching for those. For example, the first search is "murder" (I don't remember if I typed that or if it had it typed for you) and then you see a clip of her saying "you think it's a murder?" or something like that... but another will say something like "I wouldn't murder simon! I loved him!" and so you try typing "Simon" and get clips where she talks about Simon... and you learn more but I mean there's like 147 clips that say Simon apparently, but you only get the first five lol. So you have to try to find more specific things to search for.

I never really ended up searching for more than one word at a time (I maybe tried like twice) but I discovered so much and watched so much videos...

It's completely just watching videos of this woman talking, and that's it... but the story ended up being really fascinating. But there's still a lot I don't know or understand and I want to learn more. But I really recommend this game if you like these kind of simulation NVL games. The video clips are a real person actor, not like an animated character, and there seems to be a TON of content. It's the kind of game that really encourages you to get out paper and take notes while playing... I'm going to have to do that next time... I'm actually pretty excited to. I want to see if I can get all 100% of the video clips (I have no idea how many there are) on my own. There are guides and apparently a way to cheaply see all of them but I'm gonna try on my own because it's really fun discovering the story that way.

I thin it's like $7 or something on Steam... I got it for a lot cheaper in a Humble Bundle a while back and just hadn't really played it til now.

Aug. 21st, 2016 12:35 am
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OK I'm pissed off at Dragon Age I like walked around town talking and stuff for over an hour and then I guess went ~too far~ near the edge of town and like 400 bandits came and slaughtered me and my last save was like... before I even started this play session because I didn't save at all and it didn't autosave during that time either so I have to do it all over again and I don't remember who I talked to before the save and after and lasdjlaksdjf

Also Isky is too nice and polite and declines rewards and stuff and donates to people and gives bandits money and crap so we have to like no money and as a player I want money but Isky can't do that because he's too nice. Also I met... the red hair girl and she was really cool and weird but talks funny and why does everyone hate Grey Wardens. I mean I know why but whyyyy
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Well, I watched the second preseason game. I got to see little bits of Southward so I was happy about that XD Both this week and last week at least his name was mentioned, so hopefully he'll be sticking around and I'll get to see more of him maybe even in regular season?? Last week he would have had an interception (!) if it wasn't for a flag on the play, and this week he was just credited for a tackle which is just like... idk, normal things. Safeties don't get a lot of action so hearing his name two weeks in a row sounds good XD Hopefully they'll add some more photos of the second half of the game to the website so I can search through them and see if I can find any of him.

Kevin Graf got injured again and was crying :( :( I felt so bad for him... Joe Haeg also was injured but it seems minor hopefully... All my beardy linemen are dying lol. But Mitchell Van Dyk (the one who looks like me lol) was in for most of the second half ? and I noticed he has a tattoo across his entire upper left arm and I'm curious what it looks like.

TY Hilton wasn't even dressed for the game and I only really saw him on the sidelines like once lmao.

Anyway, I played more Dragon Age so Isky's adventures continue :D Isky Adventures 1 and 2 were on tumblr but I'm going to continue them here because it's much easier and a better platform for this kind of thing.


But yeah I'm glad I was easily able to get past that part XD After this it seems I can choose a variety of tasks to work on, one includes going to Redcliffe which I might do because I think that Arl person is supposed to be there or learn about him there and for some reason when I played before I felt like that was who I wanted to go see???


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