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So, last time we had a few tests of our strength with Field Day and our first akido match, but now it's time for... our school exams!

We only have three weeks to prepare...

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Well, we have successfully completed our first date, and it was very cute! But it's back to the daily grind. But we will meet some new friends this time!

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Well, we finally got one of our invitations accepted! So it's time to go on our first date. Hopefully we can get past the initial meeting part...

But we still have to finish out this week of school, too.

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So, we watched the introduction to our new high school life at Moegino High last time, but we didn't get to any kind of actual gameplay. And today, have I got some gameplay for you! Well, I hope you like reading about game systems at least. And there are still cute girls, don't worry.

But if you're curious how the game plays, this will cover most of the basics of how the game plays out. So let's get started~

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This is a makeshift masterpost for now, just so I have easy links to all the entries. I'll dress this up later~

1. First day at Moegino High
2. Let's High School!
3. Our first date!
4. Fitness Tests
5. School Exams
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I've been meaning to start writing this for a while now, but kept getting distracted by stuff. But it's finally here and I'm pretty excited!

Tokimeki Memorial is a "love simulation" series by Konami that revolves around simulating the entire high school experience with a focus on dating and finding a girlfriend. But it's not all dating -- you'll still have to manage your studies, club activities, hobbies, and more.

The series took a lot of turns at its third entry, going from 2D portraits to fully-animated 3D models for the characters, and adding new gameplay systems and mechanics while changing some of the others. The large casts of the first two games have dwindled down to just a few girls you can get to know this time around, too.

In exchange, though, I feel that the characters were very fleshed out and all of the new game systems added a lot to the simulation aspect of the game, and made the game a lot more engaging to play. The biggest downside is that the new art direction is abysmal -- even though this is perhaps my favorite game in the series, I have to admit it is very ugly.

I'll go into more detail about what I like and dislike about the game and what makes it so ugly as we go, though! So let's just get started.

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Apr. 11th, 2017 10:46 pm
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So, I played a bit more into Laura's scenario today. I'm at the point in the story where I'm going to be doing a bunch of subadventuring (LIKE A BUNCH) and so I have a lot of entries to write leading up to that, and a lot of playing without really any entries to do, too. So I can kinda work on both without feeling like I'm falling behind or whatever.

I also started a TokiMemo3 game. I'm going to spend the first play re-learning the game and just trying to meet everyone (well, minus the secret characters) and going over the game flow and systems and stuff and end up with the bad ending, then hopefully let readers choose what to focus on the next time around? Or something, IDK.

To meet everyone:

Makihara - always meet lol
Aizawa - pretty much always meet? not hard
Kawai - takes long to meet, but I got her as 'destiny girl' so yay
Oda - can meet quickly enough
Tachibana - I often have trouble meeting?
Shinjo - can take a long time if you're not trying to meet her and don't know what triggers it lol

I've had trouble meeting Tachibana in the past, so I might join Akido to see if that helps. I shouldn't have any trouble meeting Aizawa and Shinjo, and I feel like Oda is not that hard to meet, either.

My last playthrough (on the actual PS2), I actually was trying to get Tachibana's ending and accidentally ended up getting Makihara's lol X_X;;;

Um but also the first ending I ever got was Kawai's, and because she is kind of obnoxious to meet, I usually don't meet her most games now, unless by accident, and even then, I don't talk to her much, so in a way it's been a long time since I've really paid attention to her.

But, um, she flaps her arms and looks around a lot while talking and does raptor hands and has awkward speech patterns, including talking slower and louder than normal, and has an extreme interest in robots.

Soooo yeah new headcanon: Kawai is on the spectrum. She's so adorable too. I mean, everyone is in this game, but she's maybe my favorite (but ummm I really love Makihara too)

Oh, and speaking of headcanons, I was like... lying awake forever last night coming up with all kinds of weird headcanons for unsaga and Save the Homeland, of all things.

Well, because I am constantly rethinking the dynamic of Gina/Dia/Katie in my head and like this is one of my ultimate OT3s lololol.

But StH headcanons make me sad because they always remind me of LONELY RONALD and yeah XD

Maybe I will think of AnWL/Cute headcanons tonight XD With that, though, I need to get to sleep. Meant to go like 30 min ago... But I was uploading the unsaga/tokimemo pics (got them all up to date XD) and then I decided to write this idk why.

Also, it's so hot in my room??? Like I am really sweaty X_x;

want T_T

Mar. 21st, 2017 04:51 pm
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So, I got an email from ebay saying that I had a $10 coupon which was cool, but it seems you have to spend a certain amount to use it so that is lame. While there, I decided to see if anything interesting had popped up since the last time I searched and found The limited edition box set of Tokimeki Memorial 3 for only $24 D: But uh, the shipping is $26 so it's like... $50. I'm so sad tho because I defo can't afford that D: And it's one of my fav games of all time... and it even comes with little figures of all the girls D: Well, the six 'main' ones. It's the first and only time I've ever seen it for sale :\ though I saw another one on there for even more lol. it had the obi around the box so that's cool but I can easily go without that lmao.

I also saw the limited edition tokimemo 2 which comes with a PocketStation which is neat XD I wonder if you can use in on the US version of FF8 and play the chocobo game XD

You can use it with Rockman COMPLETE WORKS, but you have to play with someone else who has a PocketStation and the game, too... As it's a little multiplayer-only thing :\

But yeah it sucks not having money to spend on luxuries .__. generally I don't think much of it because I can get along pretty well with what I have, but when I see things I want it feels bad XD I should just not go to ebay ever XD

Anyway, I caught up with all the unsaga play diaries for my site, now I need to actually put together the sagasca and romasaga3 subsites, but it will be mostly c/p of the unsaga site with some minor changes, and then do all those entries... Shouldn't take too long to do them. Then I'll start on the tutorial which may take a while, but...

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So, getting TokiMemo3 to run in the emulator was pretty exciting, so I'm thinking of doing a TokiMemo Play Diary soon. Like, after I finish one or two of the SaGa games that are going on right now (like, the current playthroughs, not the WHOLE thing).

TokiMemo is a VERY short game -- you can clear it in 7-10 hours usually. It's meant to be replayed over and over. So I'll probably try to shuffle them in between SaGa plays or something? It wouldn't be too terribly hard for me to finish a whole playthrough's diary in a single week or something.

But I'm curious what game people would want to see the most.

The ones I'm considering doing first:

Tokimeki Memorial 3 - My personal favorite, as well as the least popular of all the games lol. It's kind of the UNLIMITED:Saga of TokiMemo in a way. Um, a very vague way. It has a lot of unique systems that you don't see in the other games. It's also pretty ugly, though. The 3D models looked kinda cool when it was new, but the end result was a bunch of creepy-looking clone girls with different hair. They're even all the same height! I still love it anyway, though, and it has great characters. I've even cried at this game!! I've gotten about half the endings, but the other half, I haven't seen yet.

Tokimeki Memorial 4 - The newest game in the series, and definitely the most polished and fleshed out, too. Lots of content, great characters/stories, and some interesting new mechanics which include a sort of New Game+ feature that was sorely missing from the rest of the series. I can't get it to run perfectly in the emulator and have no other way to screencap my PSP, so it might have some minor graphical glitches similar to UNLIMITED:Saga's when I started those diaries.

Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side - The first of the Girl's Side series, which is a spinoff series where you play as a girl character and date boys. This is up there with TokiMemo3 for me as a fav, and while there are more games in the Girl's Side series, I always come back to this one because I love the characters too much. The GS games don't have as interesting or developed characters, IMO, as the 'normal' series, but they do have some unique gameplay systems, are super cute, and have great art and stills, and the characters are still great even if they're more static.

Those three are the ones I'm considering. I maaaaaybe would do the first game if there was enough demand for it. It's not bad but it feels very lacking in content compared to the newer games, so it hasn't aged all that well. But it might be interesting to see where it started from the beginning.

I don't have the 2nd game, actually.

And if I do GS, there's also the question of playing the PS2 version or the DS version. I want to do the DS version because I've already 100%'d the PS2 version, and the DS version has more content and features, but it's also... ugly because it's a DS game. Hard-to-read text, obnoxious split-screen CGs, low resolution... It's probably worth all the extra content, honestly, and I have played it quite a bit, but I like playing on the PS2 because I like having the nicer graphics and music, as well as the anime intro thing.

So if anyone would like to see any of the three of these, let me know.
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So some excited news in the world of emulation hahaha. Well, for me at least.

I was messing around with the graphics plugin for PSCX2 a lot last night and this morning and I fixed two major things!

Firstly, I fixed the sprite tearing issue in UNLIMITED:Saga, so now the screen looks like what it's actually supposed to look like! No more weird lines on the text boxes in town or in battle, no more black lines outside of characters while they animate sometimes, and best of all, no more "cracks" between spaces on the map!

But the most important and cool thing...

I got Tokimeki Memorial 3 to actually run! I have to use software rendering which means poor lappy is going to work a bit hard, but it's working! Before, when a character was on the screen (which is like 80% of the game), the game would slow to a crawl and really have trouble rendering the characters. Instead of seeing Makihara like above, you'd see like... a fragment of her hair and then like... the 256th stage of Pac-Man.

Everything seems to render properly, though I didn't actually get into the life-management part of the game -- I just talked to Makihara and quit. But the management part of the game is a lot simpler and I really doubt it will have trouble rendering -- it's just some sprites. Doesn't require any kind of shading or alpha or anything.

But before I couldn't even get past the Makihara part because the game would glitch up so badly trying to render in PCSX2.

I got Shinjo as my 'Sakura Girl' at the beginning :) I love every character in this game lmao. Even though they're all just like... the same model with different hair XD

Anyway, stuff is kinda blurry, but I have to keep it blurry to use blend interlacing, or else the game will shake the entire time.

There's a lot of motion blur in the 'cutscene'-type animations, but these are pretty few throughout the game. Pretty much it's the opening theme, and each girl has like a few throughout their story. And some of them won't have a lot of movement so it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

But it's better than what the game looked like before:

The cutscenes looked like this at the best I could get them before. And the cutscenes looked better than anything else, too, so imagine if this was the best I could get the game running lmao. And while it was making everyone mostly disappear, the game would slow and the audio would get all messed up.

It was all just a problem with the rendering, though. There weren't any actual audio problems or whatever.

So now the game plays pretty much exactly like on the PS2 it seems. Well, at least the talking parts. Which is most of the game. And it's actually blurry on an actual PS2, too, so this looks a lot like how it looks on my PS2, which is awesome.

I can't tell you how happy I am about this, because I really love this game and have wanted to share it for a while, but without my capture device, I'm limited to like... taking pictures and video of my TV with my phone which is ... not good LOL.

I'm not going to start it right now or anything, but I'm just glad to know I can get it working now.

Aug. 27th, 2016 11:22 pm
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When a tab misbehaves and causes the browser to crash in Edge, it only crashes that one tab. The rest of your tabs and the browser itself stay open. That's... pretty cool?

I'm kinda trying to get used to edge for the reward points... and FireFox has been kinda mean to me recently anyway.

The second half the game was marginally more interesting than the first half, and I got to see Southward several times lol. He's doing really well, so I'm happy about that. And Van Dyk seems to have recovered from his injury and was playing again, too. And didn't get injured this time lol.

Anthony Castonzo, as much as I love him, is... often disappointing??? lol

I played a few minutes of this game called Reigns and it's really weird but funny and interesting. It's kinda hard though.

My stummy kinda hurts and I'm tired, but I can't go to bed yet. Maybe I'll just try to nap in this chair.

I've been wanting to complain about this somewhere for a while now, but I hate how GameFAQs has changed its timestamps on the boards to relative time? Like, my board list now says the last post was stuff like "2 days ago" or whatever, and that's a LOT harder for me to read? Like, it takes me WAY longer to look through the list of boards and see if any have updated since I was last on. When it used to just give the exact date/time of the most recent post, I could pretty much scan the whole list and instantly recognize updated boards. Now I have to slowly go through and think about each relative time. And since it gets less reliable the longer the time is ("____ days" can be within a range of many hours, "_____ weeks" can be within a range of many days) I'm not really sure if there's actually a new post or not and just have to go to the board to check and it's frustrating. I wonder if there's a way in the settings to change it back? I didn't even look lol.

I've been wanting to play Tokimeki Memorial a lot recently... Maybe I'll do a playthrough this week when I'm at home of TM3? I still need to get Tachibana's confession since I got too attached to Makihara last time and accidentally got hers instead lol.

ETA: The GameFAQs thing was an easy fix in the settings lmfao. There's actually a ton of new settings; it's pretty cool.


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