Feb. 22nd, 2017

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So, there's this promotional event with Yahoo! Games Japan right now where you get these like 'tickets' for playing games and then can turn them in for 'tokens' (a random amount) and then put the tickets toward raffles, and one is 11 character tickets for Imperial SaGa, so I'm participating.

It seems like you might be able to earn more tickets for playing more games, and one of the suggest games was called Dragon Quest: Monster Parade, so I figured I'd try it out.

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I got unsaga kr todayyyyyyyyyy. I was not expecting it for a while. I was looking on ebay to see if anyone had pictures of the inside of the Scarlet Grace book, and stumbled upon the Korean version of unsaga for like... $6, so I had to get it.

It came today unexpectedly and I've been playing around in it and taking screencaps to show comparisons and stuff, as well as took some quick photos of the physical stuff, too.

Though the first thing I want to mention is the Korean version has KOREAN VOICE ACTING. This was really surprising -- other Korean games I've played had English voice acting, or in more rare cases, no voices or Japanese voices. But they actually recorded Korean voice for this game! That's awesome!

If you don't know, Japanese products were banned in Korea for quite a while after the Occupation (understandably), so Korea didn't ever really get TV video game consoles until the ban was lifted, so the first game consoles there were the PS2 generation. But even then, attitudes toward Japanese stuff was still pretty negative, so a lot of games took localization assets from the US versions, like voice work, so the games wouldn't have Japanese content.

And around this time, the practice was pretty common, especially for Square games. Final Fantasy X and X-2 had English voices in the Korean version, and those came out around the same time as UNLIMITED:Saga (the US and EU versions come with FFX-2 previews.)

Anyway, Korean voice acting is super cool and I was really excited about this. I wasn't expecting it AT ALL, so the fact that a game like UNLIMITED:Saga got special treatment (though probably just because it doesn't have a ton of voiced lines overall) makes me pretty happy.

I recorded a video of all the characters' introduction scenes so you can hear the voices. Henri's voice is deep, which is super weird.

Anyway, time for a bunch of pics!

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And that's about all I have to say about the packaging. Now to talk about the game itself!

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