Sep. 19th, 2017

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does anyone still come here

besides N who lives here

I keep forgetting to update/check here, even though I want to T_T

I think for a while I got caught up in doin' my site...

I'm hoping to chug out a ton of entries this week. Want to finish up FJF and Judy's scenario (gameplay is done, just gotta write) and the first ROCKMAN game (yes, I did the gameplay for the entire thing already and haven't written a single entry -- well, I've written one but it's not posted yet)

I kinda started Ventus's scenario but IDK if I really want to do it right now. I think I'm going to put SCARLET GRACE and UNLIMITED:Saga into the 'hiatus' section, but I've been kind of debating about that because RSG3 is in there, but because it's postponed in the middle of a playthrough. USg and SGSG are just between scenarios. But I don't know if I want to make a separate category for 'between playthroughs' lol.

And, uh, then I'll just have TokiMemo3 to work on. But I'm going to also start Save the Homeland, because I started streaming again and THE FANS ARE DEMANDING HARVEST MOON.

JK like, only two people who used to come around even still come around and only really is interested in Harvest Moon. But there's some new peeps too who want to see HM too XD And people showing interest in donating/subscribing, so I want to also finally get around to adding the donation part of thaaonet lol.

I also started playing Trails again last night in stream (but I forgot to change the stream game thing from Mega Man and no one comes to watch Mega Man lmao) and I like... realized I had been playing 'wrong' the whole time. Like... you can MOVE AND ATTACK IN THE SAME TURN LOLLLLL I DIDN'T KNOW

So, uh, I'm gonna start over on Nightmare ... again. I had started on Hard because I thought Nightmare was like... impossible. But it's because I didn't understand the game :);;;;

Also I like wrestling now (?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?) and should probably post about that soon or something?????? Even though it will probably be like Hello!Project where it consumes a lot of my life and energy and I love it a lot but for some reason never talk about it. (SPEAKING OF, HAGA GOT A PROMINENT SOLO LINE IN MORNING'S NEW SINGLE)

But uhhhhhhhhhh yet.


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