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So some excited news in the world of emulation hahaha. Well, for me at least.

I was messing around with the graphics plugin for PSCX2 a lot last night and this morning and I fixed two major things!

Firstly, I fixed the sprite tearing issue in UNLIMITED:Saga, so now the screen looks like what it's actually supposed to look like! No more weird lines on the text boxes in town or in battle, no more black lines outside of characters while they animate sometimes, and best of all, no more "cracks" between spaces on the map!

But the most important and cool thing...

I got Tokimeki Memorial 3 to actually run! I have to use software rendering which means poor lappy is going to work a bit hard, but it's working! Before, when a character was on the screen (which is like 80% of the game), the game would slow to a crawl and really have trouble rendering the characters. Instead of seeing Makihara like above, you'd see like... a fragment of her hair and then like... the 256th stage of Pac-Man.

Everything seems to render properly, though I didn't actually get into the life-management part of the game -- I just talked to Makihara and quit. But the management part of the game is a lot simpler and I really doubt it will have trouble rendering -- it's just some sprites. Doesn't require any kind of shading or alpha or anything.

But before I couldn't even get past the Makihara part because the game would glitch up so badly trying to render in PCSX2.

I got Shinjo as my 'Sakura Girl' at the beginning :) I love every character in this game lmao. Even though they're all just like... the same model with different hair XD

Anyway, stuff is kinda blurry, but I have to keep it blurry to use blend interlacing, or else the game will shake the entire time.

There's a lot of motion blur in the 'cutscene'-type animations, but these are pretty few throughout the game. Pretty much it's the opening theme, and each girl has like a few throughout their story. And some of them won't have a lot of movement so it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

But it's better than what the game looked like before:

The cutscenes looked like this at the best I could get them before. And the cutscenes looked better than anything else, too, so imagine if this was the best I could get the game running lmao. And while it was making everyone mostly disappear, the game would slow and the audio would get all messed up.

It was all just a problem with the rendering, though. There weren't any actual audio problems or whatever.

So now the game plays pretty much exactly like on the PS2 it seems. Well, at least the talking parts. Which is most of the game. And it's actually blurry on an actual PS2, too, so this looks a lot like how it looks on my PS2, which is awesome.

I can't tell you how happy I am about this, because I really love this game and have wanted to share it for a while, but without my capture device, I'm limited to like... taking pictures and video of my TV with my phone which is ... not good LOL.

I'm not going to start it right now or anything, but I'm just glad to know I can get it working now.


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