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With two Wu Xing weapons, it's time to wander around some more and see if we can find more things to do. At this point I'm mostly just running to a region I know has unfinished business or I suspect may have something new when I run out of things to do in another region.

So this time, we're headed back to Jusitania. That's the place where we killed the queen and got the pirates drunk.

Actually, maybe this is all we really need to do...

Teehee. Okay, so we found a pile of boxes a bit north of Misery that weren't here before. Liz says that they're definitely supposed to be hidden... so why don't we try opening them? I love how Liz and Leo are just like... Chaotic Neutral throughout the whole game lol.

Anyway, Leo tells her to stop. Oh, maybe he's growing a conscience? No, he says that probably some weird poison gas will come out or something lolol.

As we're looking at the boxes, this older gal appears like RIGHT BEHIND LIZ and tells us not to mess with the boxes, scaring the crap out of our poor friend. Liz scolds her and tells her she needs to let someone know she's there and not just sneak up behind people.

The lady says she hasn't seen us around before and asks if we're travelers. When Leo confirms that we are, she apologizes for making Liz mad, and starts talking about how great this country is. You know, good weather, nice people. I'm not really sure if we've met any "nice people" here, but...

Amusingly enough, we get the option to go along with it or tell her it's not really a good place LOL. I just went along with it, though, saying yeah it's great.

The lady hesitates before agreeing again. Maybe she doesn't really like this weird place, either. Anyway, she reiterates that it's nice and easy to live here.

Then she says this is no time for saying reckless things -- if the Grumon (no, that's not a Digimon -- that's the Queendom of which we killed the queen) people hear us, things will get bad.

I don't really know what she's talking about, but she goes on to tell us that she produces traditional Grumoral textiles, which are in these boxes. By law, she has to give 60% of what she makes to the Queen.

Liz comments that that's stupid, and the lady says it's sad to hear kids saying stuff like that. But she asks if we'd like to help her out anyway.

Leo makes sure to tell her that we're not children, and asks what she needs help with.

She says that she's not giving these textiles to the queen, and wants them transported to Bicyniro. Ah, a contraband mission!

We're give the option to accept, and I do. Smuggling textiles sounds like fun.

The lady seems pretty shocked that we actually offered to help. And so does Liz -- she says we can't be doing this kind of work. What will happen if we get caught?

Leo insists we're helping deliver justice (vigilante smugglers!) so we should just do it, and asks where we need to carry them to. The lady tells us that she has a contact in standby tunneling in the mines across the river. Hey, we know that guy.

She goes on to tell us that we'll be able to easily get across the river if we look for a fisherman. Just answer him with 'Completely.' and he'll take us across.

A fisherman appears on the map by the river to the east. Approaching him, he talks about how the fish aren't biting and that maybe it would be better to fish out on the boat. He asks if we'd like to go along, and we're given three options: Yes, No, and Completely.

I don't remember what I picked, but I think I picked "Yes" first to see what he would say, planning to pick "Completely" last. But he just kind of made an excuse of why he can't use the boat right now, and then some person with knives suddenly appears behind us...

The person is just labeled as "Bandit" and shouts that she finally found us dissenters. The old man begs her to calm down, saying he knows nothing. All he does is sit here and fish all day. See, he even has his fishing license!

It seems to check out, so Bandit asks us for our papers. We're given the option to try to power past her, or just say we don't have a fishing license. I just said we don't have a fishing license and she says she's talking about money, but then decides to turn us in.

Or rather, turn Leo in. He seems to be the only one that got locked up. Anyway, we're in jail now. We have various options like clamoring on the bars or shouting, but we just get scolded and don't seem to get anywhere. The only option that seems to advance the game is to go to sleep.

When Leo goes to bed, Liz comes and busts him out. Leo just asks "What are you doing here?" and Liz is like "wtf" and we escape together.

We're just kind of... where the Grumon Queendom used to be. I really don't think the game expects you to kill the Queen...?

We apologize to the lady for getting her textiles confiscated, and head down to Misery.

And there's some more pirates. They're probably here because they think there's treasure in Misery like before. We're given the option to help out or just sit and wait. I tried waiting this time, and the pirate ship just kind of circled around in the water a lot and came back.

So I helped this time, and Leo asked Misery Guy why pirates keep coming if there's no treasure here. He says he really doesn't know anything, and these pirates just keep coming and coming, again and again.

Then as we leave, some undead pirates show up and we fight them, too. Leo notes that undeads would have no idea to seek treasure, so the idea that pirates keep coming because they 'think there's treasure' doesn't work now. Misery guy just keeps claiming to know nothing, and no more pirates come...

We head across the river to Tunnel Guy's Tunnel, and the battles here not only award us their regular prize of some earth crystals and earth materials, but the guy gives us some extra metal crystals, too! Metal materials seem to be less common than the others, at least in my experience, and I need a lot for some smithing. So I battled many times to build up some materials.

And while we were fighting, Liz glimmered Million Dollar!

This is the ultimate all-enemy weapon art. She aims the bow toward the sky, and some like... chaos emeralds spin around and get absorbed into the arrow.

She fires, and the arrow flies up and then explodes into a bunch of rainbow arrows!

The rainbow arrows pour down upon the enemy party, dealing a lot of damage to everyone.

... But it costs NINE BP. The biggest max BP we have for a formation is eight, so we can't even use it... We'll have to use it every time we get a BP discount through rengeki and wait for it to finally rank up...

I tried switching Liz over to foils for a bit to see if she could maybe learn some new roles or something, since she was already a master of the bow. The best foil I had actually had a unique weapon art that I hadn't even noticed! I'll call it "Hundred Flowers" but it's another thing that doesn't translate well, referring to tons of flowers blooming at the same time.

Anyway, a bunch of flowers bloom around the enemy, and Liz like POPS OUT of each bloom and stabs or slashes the enemy. It apparently has the ability to instakill, but it never landed for me.

I also got into a pretty intense battle with a Baku, where Mayor was the only person left at the end, barely surviving. He did have the ability to paralyze the Baku with Shadow Sew, and it worked!

I also happened to get a Grace that restored a lot of HP...

But in the end, we weren't able to defeat it anyway... but it was amazing how much HP we were able to chip away, considering Mayor is still pretty weak and his bow level is maybe about 8? When everyone else's weapon skills are in the 25-30 range.

There seemed to be not much else to do it Jusitania since it seems like we keep ruining all the quest lines by making bad decisions... so on our travels away, we passed through Rhonicum (it's sort of central, near Gladion, so we pass through it a lot) and decided to stop and see Boat Dad, in case anything was new...

And he offered to join! Despite the fact that he's hot, I'm really happy with the party at this point, and I'm already trying to juggle a bit too many characters than I feel like I can handle.

So, he's going to have to hang out on the bench and wait for another playthrough. (Also, I love how he's like... BARELY even a recolor of the drunk pirate guy. Like they just turned the value down on all the colors a few notches...)


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