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OK what I actually came on here to post was that I had the 'disability' talk with Dennis today and surprisingly he already thought it was a good idea for me even before we talked about it. I'm seeing Dr Nolan on Monday so I guess I'll just ask him for advice or something because I feel like at this point I'm probably going to apply for it very soon.

But yeah surprisingly I was expecting Dens to have not ever really thought about it, and to kind of be unsure what to think or something...? But he seemed pretty adamant not only to convince me that I should get it as soon as I can and just get rid of it when/if I don't need it anymore (which... is how you're supposed to do it but lol) and that I shouldn't feel guilty or ashamed about it.

Dens also keeps urging me to get new glasses (I haven't gotten new glasses in like 15 years) since my health insurance might just poof soon and I'll have no real options after that, especially since I have some apparently severe pre-existing conditions, so it will be pretty much impossible to get insurance without being rich...

But I keep forgetting to do it lol. Maybe I should look into it this weekend and try to do it this week...? I have like... super weird and limited options for optical stuff through Medicaid, so...

I think if I get Soc Sec Disability (though it sounds like the chance of getting it is extremely low because I've known people with really severe cases like, being physically unable to stand or walk or pick up even lightweight things... getting rejected... though you can get lawyers for it and like, I would assume these lawyers would not require you to be rich considering it would be very common for their clients to not have access to work because they're disabled...?), I might have to change over to Medicaid Disability ...?? But I feel like... the plan is jut for people who need it and I'm able to cover the treatment I need with regular Medicaid. But it might be something I have to do anyway??? I don't want to lol. I guess if I get disability interview I can ask about it then since I'm pretty sure it's all handled by the same office (at least at that level).

I want to play Voez especially since there's new songs in the rotation and I haven't played but like one or two of them, but I'm tired and kind of want to just sit on the couch with Dens and wind down so I can sleep easily. For my next Chuchu I need to All-Perfect three songs on Special which is... lol. It took me so long to get the first and I had to choose a super easy Special stage... The others like... Don't even feel doable LOL. Colorful Voice might be possible... but I don't know what else I could do. I want more Chuchus though D: I'll get one soon because they're getting rid of all the 52hz I Love You songs, which is sad because I looooove all of them. And I had even bought one with a Chuchu, so when they dump them, they'll be reimbursing Chuchus.

I really want to draw Qian Qian because I love herrrr. I actually love all the characters, really. Well, the girls. I think I talked about this already hahhaa. But I like, went out of my way to like... learn who was who (if you just read the story casually it's kind of hard to follow, so I had to re-read it carefully to tell which name matched up with each character's art XD)

Qian Qian is my favorite but Yuko is soooooo cute and fun and I wish she was real and I'd read her blog, and Chelsea is adorable and I can't wait for her to develop more because I feel like she's going to be an interesting character??? Like she seems to be like... prominently displayed in the art and in the opening and stuff...? IDK maybe I'm overanalyzing XD But she's cute and I want to know more about her.

I wish the boys were more interesting, though. Like Ocean and Jessy are pretty much the same and I actually had them mixed up at first because they may as well be the same person. The only differences between them are how the girls react to them/think about them lol.

Lance is okay because he's kind funny but he's also like super annoying because he bullies Chelsea lol.

But yeah I'mma go rest/sleep now.
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