Jan. 25th, 2017

Jan. 25th, 2017 11:09 am
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I had the weirdest dream that took place in some kind of crossover universe that also had my apartment in it and a bunch of my extended family and like... idk it was super weird.

Like, I only remember random pieces now so this isn't going to make a lot of sense but...

In my apartment I was taking care of my ... sister?'s baby because she was sick or something, and the baby was staying in my room, and like... it grew up like a year's worth of growth every day and was like a toddler in 2 days or something?

And then like the apartment also connected to some kind of weird research lab thing that was like super futuristic but also had lots of weird old rusty gate things and stuff idk;;; I can't even really explain this, but it kinda reminded me of stuff from The Journeyman Project, which I was thinking about last night in bed, so that probably inspired it (which, man, I'd love to play that again!)

Anyway also like Buffy and her friends were like part of my family as well (as in like, from BtVS), and I was part of this like scientist team that worked in the lab, but I wasn't me -- I was like some other character in this story, and sometimes the dream was 3rd person and sometimes 1st person, and I'd also switch characters and at times I was Buffy (as in the dream was from Buffy's POV in first person, none of this was 'me' lol)

But mostly I was the scientist.

Anyway, there was some kind of like... infection that was infecting everyone (lol) and once you caught it, it caused you to act completely randomly like how confusion works in RPGs or something. You seemed 'normal' at first but you were just doing completely random stuff, and if someone were to try to talk to you, you would say stuff that wouldn't make sense because it was just random, even though it was still like... complete sentences and sounded like coherent thoughts I guess??

Anyway, Scientist started noticing that more and more people were acting like this and somehow realized it was some kind of contagious thing. And then there were only a couple of people left in the apartment/lab (there were like at least a dozen people before, but now just three): Scientist, and two other scientists. When one of them started acting random he ran to the other and asked to add 5 + 7, and she got confused so he asked just 5 + 5 then, and she said something that didn't make sense, so he asked her to repeat what they had been talking about in the next room before he ran back to her, and she just said random stuff again, so he realized she was infected. And somehow he inferred that you got the infection through your feet or something idk. But as the story went on, you could get the infection pretty much through any kind of contact at all, including touching something after someone else touched it, like getting a cold or something.

Some other stuff happened?? And the lab was not helpful, so there was a lot of running around outside and running all through the city (it was like a downtown area, and this is kinda like this new downtown-like area that has been appearing in my dreams recently, though the previous dreams with this area have been nothing like this one) trying to find people who weren't affected, but it seemed like Scientist was the only one left who didn't have the infection.

I forget how, but Scientist got infected anyway and started doing random stuff, and then I was first-person from Scientist POV but doing such random stuff and couldn't control my actions, and it was frustrating and scary, because I was conscious of what was going on, but other than essentially being an observer inside the mind or whatever, I had no control.

Then this lasted for 13 years LOL (there was like kinda a timeskip eventually) and a truck pulled up to wherever Scientist was and Buffy and friends got out and Buffy was pregnant and eating cotton candy?! And like everyone was just doing random stuff and like it seems like the entire world was like... infected by this 'random' thing.

Then things changed to Buffy POV and there was a lot more random running around, but then in this alley, these like ... big blue butterflies perched on her hand, and these little yellow bugs started crawling out of her skin, and then the butterflies ate them. And the butterflies got bigger and then bigger like worm-like yellow things were being sucked out of her body lol and she started to regain her normal thoughts and control over herself, and realized that the yellow things were a parasite that was taking control of their host but leaving part of the mind at least conscious like a viewer? XD

Anyway, she realized that the butterflies were the cure and she needed to spread this to other people so once they finished with her she ran around trying to find more, but also avoid other infected people.

But then this like spaceship thing came and it was piloted by characters from FF13 LOLLL and it started shooting out like... these weird pod things full of antidote. At first I (Buffy) thought they would be full of butterflies but it was just a gas that cured everyone like instantly, and Buffy was kinda annoyed because she wanted to be the one to save everyone with butterflies, but also she was happy that all of this was over finally after 13 years.

Somehow also I knew that the FF13 people were time-travelers XDDD

And uh that's about when I woke up because I was freezing. We got a new heating system in the apartment and my room doesn't have heat in it (and never will) because it's not designed to reach this room X_X; But I think my brother has a space heater, so I'm going to ask him if I can borrow that.

Jan. 25th, 2017 12:05 pm
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Well, I got the space heater from my bro, and I got all of my taxes paid, so that's finally out of the way.

Uh, that's it. Just wanted to report that lol.
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Last time, we were finally given free control of Mikhail, so it's time to go on some adventures!

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