Jan. 30th, 2017

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In our last episode, we recruited our third member of the harem party, so there's only one more to go! We were supposed to be headed to the cave where the pirate Black hid his treasures to look for the orichalcum dolphin, but we're going to put that off for a bit, because we have one more harem member to recruit.

Our final man requires us to embark on a couple more adventures before we can actually find him, but the adventures are very fun and we get a delicious mustache reward at the end.

But we're not going to be seeing him right away, because we have other business to attend to.

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Jan. 30th, 2017 01:52 pm
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Last time we left off, we had received a possible, though fairly vague, lead on the Holy Emperor's Symbol in the form of Gon mentioning a red earring. Apparently Maximus, the head of the Church of the Divine King, wears an earring like that, and he for some reason gave Gon a Dream Devil's Potion.

With a bit of Mikhail Company business out of the way, we're off to investigate the Church in Pidona.

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Jan. 30th, 2017 06:25 pm
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IDK what game I want to play. I'm feeling just kind of anxious in general and it makes me feel guilty for doing anything enjoyable lololol so everything sounds like a bad idea, but once I get into it I'll be okay???

I'm getting kind of frustrated with the unsaga grind -- I've almost learned every tablet I had with every character who had one and still haven't found a single magic tablet in the ruins.

Scarlet Grace isn't exactly frustrating, it's just... very difficult so I need a lot of willpower to play it XD I still love it, though. And I wanna see more Rico and try to find more characters, because I was looking on the official site, to which they've added some character profiles now, and there's like... a lot of hotties on there XD

And then RSG3 I just feel like I've been playing it too much like my last 5 posts or maybe even more have been updates to that play diary. But like, it's easy to play, and the newest so I have more motivation to play it.

I need to get back to playing Trails oops, and I do have Typing of the Dead: Overkill to mess around with, too. And like, really, any of my steam games. *coughs and looks away from Sonic Adventure 2*

TOD:O is ... fun but I had forgotten how much I hated the "story" of HOD:O lol. Papa Ceasar is kinda hot tho and there are incest themes LOL. And I like all the main protagonists, as obnoxious as they are. But yeah the "humor" and "story" in this game are like Family Guy level and it's awful.

Dennis got Dragon Quest 8 and apparently they added this guy as a new playable character:

So uhhhhh I kinda really want to play that because hot damn. He's a baldie rectangle with nice friendly burns. In a way, I love that Toriyama draws like nothing but recolors of the same 5 characters because it means we get a bunch of Mr Satan clones.

Um I've also been playing Imperial SaGa and I keep meaning to update on it here but I never do lolol. I even had some screenshots but I accidentally deleted them.

I got the last jutsu in the game today, though, so now I have all of them available! I did so much of the last event, like the Forneus one. Like a ridiculous amount. I got enough points to buy both weapons and all the stat crystal things... The event is still going too LOL but the new event has started and I'm focusing on that. It's another Trial of the Gods, this time Mirsa. It's pretty fun -- Trials of the Gods are my favorite events by far. I've cleared up to trial 37 and I'm doing pretty well. I think I might even be able to make it to 40. I'm hoping to at least end in the top 50% this time.

I've been kind of feeling like drawing lately, mostly just because I want to draw Tiberius and Rico (not... together XD just each of them) because ugggghhhhh baldies are my thing right now I guess.


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