Feb. 27th, 2017

Feb. 27th, 2017 08:30 am
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Imperial SaGa announced a new "Role System" coming to the game, probably named after roles in Scarlet Grace.

It looks pretty neat, like you'll be able to customize your characters more... but also stressful because it seems like you'll have to choose paths. Hopefully they are transparent and different enough that it's easy to make the decision. And hopefully it doesn't try to like... randomize which one you get influenced by how you fight or something lol...

I spent like all day yesterday grinding X_X but I got all my reds 'cleared out' and I was able to upgrade my blacksmith to Rank 9. But I had to spend pretty much everyone, so I'll be nowhere near Rank 10 :\ I was really hoping to get closer than that.

But Boston will have finished studying his jutsu tonight, and I'll probably get 'stuck' in the current event soon, so I might start training him soon. Or maybe just wait for the next event to start.

Pretty much the pattern seems to be that there's a Quest Event that lasts two weeks, then halfway through it, a Combat or Trials Event will start, while you can continue to work on the Quest Event if you want. That will last the last week of the Quest Event, then both will end at the same time, and a new Quest Event starts. Combat and Trials Events seem to alternate as well. So since we'll be finishing the current Quest and Trials with the next maintenance, and a new Quest is starting, we'll probably have a Combat event start after a week.

I really don't like Combat too much lmao (it's the pvp thing). But you get healed after doing them, so it might be a good time to train Boston... but it would also be nice to have Boston available for the Combat itself...

Also, I thought it would be completely impossible, but I saw someone has already completed and uploaded an entire SCC playthrough of SaGa SCARLET GRACE (with Urpina). One nice thing about SGSG is that like unsaga, you don't even have to use the protagonist, so you could do a SCC with any character in the game.

Not that I'm planning on doing a SCC any time soon, or even maybe at all, but it's just cool that you can XD

I've sifted through all the pics of Scarlet Grace now up to Leonard's ending, so I just have to get around to writing the entries for them.

Feb. 27th, 2017 10:15 am
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After somehow setting off a volcano by trying to free a sea creature but it didn't work, we now have a new Wu Xing weapon, and there's not much left to do in the Thranici Province. I did go fight the battles in the other "Killer Stone" things but it didn't seem to advance or change anything, and the people of the nearby cities like Elhuacan don't seem to care that their town has been overrun with lava.

So, we're heading off to explore around again.

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Feb. 27th, 2017 01:22 pm
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With... whatever the hell that was we just did... out of the way, let's... go running around again. Because that's what this game is about. On this week's exciting episode, we're traveling back to Rhea. That coastal place with all the little "land pockets."

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Putting Rhea behind us, it's time to roam the world again and look for things to do and collect materials to make cool weapons. I mean, look for Scarlet Shards...

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With two Wu Xing weapons, it's time to wander around some more and see if we can find more things to do. At this point I'm mostly just running to a region I know has unfinished business or I suspect may have something new when I run out of things to do in another region.

So this time, we're headed back to Jusitania. That's the place where we killed the queen and got the pirates drunk.

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Well, the party has gotten worn down from a lot of random exploring, so I'm going to give them a bit of a break. We head back to Thranici to check out the geysers, which have easy battles in them, so we can switch in a bunch of substitute members, and see what some of our newbies look like.

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