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So, I've been working on the website. I have the unsaga diary page pretty much done, now I just have the process of converting all of the entries to html pages. I know I could probably do this with a script, but I'm also going back through and editing them as I go. I want to make sure that I use the correct terms for stuff (like say Growth Panel instead of 'panel thing' and stuff XD) and capitalize stuff and fix some grammar and typos... I'm also changing misinformation and stuff as I go.

Here's what it looks like right now. The next/back buttons in the bottom corners are fixed, so they'll stay there as you scroll the page. I actually have a few different designs (uh, they're all just like this but slightly different margins/borders) so feel free to go to fb and give me advice? XD

In the end, I will have a 'main menu' bar at the top with links to the other play diaries and my home page, too. It will be very simple.

I thought it would be tedious to go through and edit all these old entries, but I'm actually having a lot of fun reliving the old adventures with Ruby right now. Plus I'm using vim to edit, and it's been forever since I've used vim, and now I'm like.. frustrated having to use other text editors (like, I'm trying to use vim commands on the DW text editor right now LOLOL) but yeah I loooove vim so it feels very nice to use it. Makes me want to go back to using Linux XD But I have my sql server and stuff set up on Winny already, so it would be a pain to try to migrate over there. I do have a web server and stuff set up there, and all of the web dev tools I'd need (including a much more 'tricked out' vim lol, though I guess I could just copy my vimrc from there to here lol) but uh setting up the sql server again and stuff just... I don't want to XD Plus all my content is on Winny and I already have a database and tables on here and... yeah XD But I miss Lenny. I really would like to get another laptop for gaming and stuff and turn this one into a work computer that only runs Lenny.

ANYWAY. I used to want LJ (and I guess now DW) to be like, a detailed chronicle of my life lol but I hardly ever update here anymore. I think I have almost no social needs anymore (not that I had too much before) so as long as I like... tell one person about something I generally don't feel like I need to share it any more. And between Dens and my family and friends I usually end up telling someone everything before posting online, so all you get here is like OMG I HAVE ANXIETY I WANT DIE and crap.

But uh, I do want to talk about this one thing just so I can like... come back and laugh about it later XD

And that thing is that... somehow I stumbled onto this uh... nursery... rhyme? thing called "Johny Johny Yes Papa" which is this stupid song sung to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but the lyrics are like:

Johny Johny Yes Papa
Eating sugar No Papa
Telling lies No Papa
Open your mouth Ha ha ha

And like it's supposed to be a conversation between Johny and Papa lol. Anyway, there are like 203598230958029358320958 videos of this on youtube, but somehow I stumbled onto like... this one made by this dad and his kid but they changed it to include all kinds of sweets, and it was dubbed over in Spanish?! And I have no idea how I even ended on that because I am not one of those like... youtube explorers who just clicks on random stuff like... I pretty much exclusively watch Hello! Project videos.

But somehow I saw that and clicked it which is weird on its own. BUT UH THE DAD WAS HOT and so I randomly started watching more of these and like... then I was just watching any Johny Johny Yes Papa thing I could find because it was funny and the song was stuck in my head and like there are so many weird ones... for two days I spent many hours of my day like... watching these stupid kid song things????????????????????????

And I even found like the official channel of the family that made the original one I found (as in, official channel of hot dad) and like... there's actually a lot of cute stuff on there and even though it's made for toddlers I like... watched so much lmfao.

And now constantly I have that stupid Johny Johny Yes Papa song stuck in my head, and this like Don't Put the Peeps in the Microwave thing, too...

Also I really wished I talked about H!P here ??? Well, like... more? Even when I was originally doing LJ I didn't talk about it much? Like... I have been into H!P for like 15 years now and it's one of my fav things of all time and like... idk, I feel like H!P is important to my life but I never talk about it??? But I think it's because I already have someone to talk about it with (and back then, I like... FORCED everyone around me to be into it too LOL) so I guess I don't need the outlet here??? lol. idk.

Also, I was thinking about the play diaries and it might be... quite a while before I'm able to get the website actually up and running, with all the editing and stuff, plus I might not want to publish it right away with the diaries like only partly finished?

So what I can do is just disable auto-formatting and format the entries properly on here and post them, then it will just be a matter of copy/pasting them to an html file and changing the img srcs, which shouldn't be hard at all. I can even go ahead and copy the proper images to the web directories so I pretty much can quickly just go in and change the urls... in fact, I'd be able to do it with just minimal effort after posting them to DW.

So I'll probably start doing those when I'm tired of editing the pages.

Editing all these pages is also nice because it gives me something to do that I can do without having to concentrate or think too hard, which means I can do it even with distractions, which is good, because literally everything distracts me. So a lot of times I just sit around and feel frustrated because I can't do anything. And that's something I'm going to be talking about more with my therapist lol.

but yeah since I'm just editing paragraphs at a time, and I can easily like... stop in the middle of one and restart just by rereading it from the beginning, and I can keep track of where I am because vim saves your cursor position plus the things I haven't done yet won't have the HTML tags on them... So it's something I can be interrupted with and continue doing.

But yeah, I'mma go back to editing entries now XD

Oh, yeah, I have screenshots and need to make a post about imsaga's new Roll System, which is pretty awesome XD

Sep. 4th, 2016 12:06 am
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I just realized my posts are out of order, and I realized it's because LJ uses your system time to make the time of the posts, and Windows was doing the stupid like "you used Linux so we're going to mess up your clock and not fix it and make you go through 17 menus to get to the one where you can fix the clock" thing and I didn't bother fixing it for a while and so yeah some of my posts are out of order, but none of them need to be viewed in order so it's okay but yeah it's just annoying I hate Windows and I love run-on sentences.

Sep. 3rd, 2016 08:53 pm
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OK so here's my like... Linux testimonial LOLOL more like I just wanted to like... idk, show some nice stuff about Linux Mint that I like and why it's a lot nicer to use than Windows albeit a little difficult at first? But not really if you know what to do.

screenies and stuff )
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Does anyone know if there's a way on Windows 10 to access Recycle Bin except from the desktop???? This is probably my #1 complaint with Windows anymore hahaha. Honestly I wish they'd just delete your files without doing the whole recycle bin thing (is there an option to have the OS do that instead?) I need to research this but trying to find answers to questions about Windows can be a headache in itself...

I also kinda want to get another file manager instead of the built-in File Explorer... something like Midnight Commander that also launches files. I haven't really looked for one, so I'm sure something like that exists.

Honestly (I know I say this all the time lol) if it wasn't for games and other Windows-specific software, I would never use Windows again lol. But Windows is the only place to play games, and holy shit is Visual Studio the greatest IDE I've ever known. It was such a pain having to use KDevelop for work, and even vim (as much as I love vim) for personal projects in Linux. VS's autocomplete is just leagues above anything else; I can't stand using any other IDE because they don't have an autocomplete that matches up with VS's, and VS's is built-in even in the free version!

Just thinking of how much I love VS's autocomplete makes me want to go write some code LOL

I should probably start a tag set for computers in general... And speaking of, if I can ever have some sort of income, I'd really like to get into robotics? The biggest problem with robotics as a hobby is how quickly it gets expensive. It's not too hard to build some cheap, simple bots, but I'd like to continue to create more difficult projects? But even if you want to start out, you at least need SOME spare cash, because it's not like you just have robot parts lying around your house. Though actually I remember some homeless or poor man from China? building a working prosthetic arm or something out of scraps he found around his house and in the trash and stuff??? And I guess you could use parts from like... old junk and broken electronics and stuff. I always keep my old broken phones and things because "one day I might use the parts."

Maybe I should change my game dev tag to 'softdev' or something? Because I make things that aren't necessarily games? Or should software development and game development get their own tags? I think there's a lot more to game dev than 'normal' software development... I mean you have all the same stuff, but then you also have a TON of other stuff that goes into it, like story writing, making assets (well I guess you make assets for non-game software, but it's generally WAY more for games XD), etc.

I wish I had motivation and energy to dev anymore though. I love thinking about it but when I go to actually try I get overwhelmed and cry or something.

omfg like some rando just added me on Steam and I was like 'yay new friends' and they messaged me and were like "HI CAN YOU PLEASE BUY ME FINAL FANTASY IX" and I was like.... uh sorry friendo but I don't have the money for that; I can't even buy myself the games I want lol. And they responded like "Well how much money do you have?" And like??? omg?? It's so funny to me lol. I'm not even uncomfortable because it's so weird? After they asked how much money I was just like "I'm not gonna buy you a game lol" and like yeah if they keep like pressuring I might get really uncomfo though because I succumb to pressure easily (uh I've like not bought groceries before because someone else asked me to buy them something and just ate rice and water for a while, etc.) so uhhh I should probably block them or something? But like they didn't do anything "mean" so I feel bad??? XD;;;; Though I guess some people would consider asking a stranger to buy you stuff is "mean" but personally I don't think there's anything wrong with it XD I mean, I wouldn't do it myself, but... capitalism is way more fucked up and destructive and "mean" that asking people to give things of their own free will, but nobody seems to ever criticize that lolol (ok many people do, but you know what I mean, and I don't want to go into an anticapitalist rant right now LOL)

They seemed to move on after I said I'm not buying them any games though. I kinda feel bad loollll. I'll forget about it quickly though.

I was gonna have natto and eggs for breakfast but I forgot and now I feel like it's too late to make it lol.

Um, I had something I actually wanted to talk about????????????????? In this post??? But I just randomly started talking about Windows and kept distracting myself and now I don't even know???

OH YEAH I MOVED BACK INTO MY ROOM AT THE APARTMENT NOW LOL. I don't think they're done with the roof completely, but they seem to be done at least with heavy work that makes my ceiling crumble, so I think I should be safe in here. My desk is not suited for laptop though, so I kinda miss having a more proper 'height' like at the kitchen table or like I do at Dens. Actually, it might help if I move my mouse to the top so everything is high? At least it will prevent a lot of obnoxious movement of my arm... like right now my mouse is on the little keyboard sliding tray thing, and the laptop is of course on top of the desk. So I have to like... pull my hand away from the laptop, past the top of the desk, then put it under the desk to the mouse... like... it's really obnoxious because typically you'd just move your hand a little to the side, and I pretty much live on the computer, so I'm doing this all day.

For a while, I was in the habit of not using the mouse much at all... I guess I could try just unplugging the mouse and forcing myself to get into that habit again. It's a lot easier on Linux because it's friendly to keyboard-only stuff (holy shit Windows 10 is horrible when it comes to keyboard controls... this is another reason why I need a better file manager software lol, and then trying to navigate the Win10 start menu with the keyboard is a nightmare in itself...)

I guess I could just put all the software I use in PATH and use the command line as a file manager but....... LOL. I already don't use the start menu despite loving the aesthetic (it's good for touch devices though)

Also another annoying Windows thing is that it re-enables my touchpad thing every time I reboot which is REALLY obnoxious. I absolutely hate that thing and just want it personally disabled. Removing the drivers just makes it run off some kind of built-in driver or something, and there's not much I can do short of taking apart the laptop and dismantling it or something lol.

Anyway that's enough ranting for now. It's almost September which is THE MONTH OF THE DOCTOR... less than 3 weeks to go.

I think after I finish Innocent Life and I Am Setsuna, I might do a run through Ark of Napishtim again, because I'd like to chronicle it here on LJ, even though I've already played through it twice? It's not the most amazing game, but... I just want to be able to talk about the characters and stuff, and talk about my stupid gross headcanons for that game. I still need to make a gross headcanons post about Innocent Life, but I might wait til I finish it and learn more about some of the characters. Since they don't really change much, I feel like I already know them pretty well, but I feel like my thoughts on the relationship between Jean and Liberta has already changed quite a bit. I can still imagine pretty much the exact same fantasies between them, just the motivation for Jean is a bit different now.

I love coffee but it often makes me weak and jittery. Other caffeine (tea, soda, etc.) doesn't seem to do this, at least not nearly as bad as coffee. I never have more than one cup but like 80% of the time it seems to make me feel NG, whereas I can drink like 3 Dr Peppers back-to-back and feel fine lol. I don't know what it is about coffee?

OK I'm gonna stop rambling and probably go play IL now. My anxiety about "doing things" is coming back, sadly, and it makes me not want to play... I was going pretty well there for a while, playing Setsuna, DA, and IL without worrying about it. But now I feel like I'm worrying again. Maybe it's because the Dr appointment is getting closer...? IDK. I don't really want to think too much about it because at least with this, analyzing it is not particularly helpful. I've pretty much analyzed it to death and it's inconclusive, so... XD

Oh yeah, my OneDrive space is getting kinda full, I think I only have like 1GB left. The only thing I plan on adding is a bunch more pictures, but I realized that it will probably get full pretty fast. Maybe I should buy more space? I really do love OneDrive a lot and I think it would be worth it... as long as the space doesn't expire quickly? Maybe I can get it with Bing points?

Nope, it's $2/mo for 50GB. The only way to get 1TB is also subscribe to Office365 which I have no interest in. Kinda sad. Plus I don't want to make monthly payments... Why can't I just drop $20 and get a year and then not have to think about it? I realize with autopayments I can "not think about it" but the problem with that is I don't have steady income, and if my account is ever too low, I can screw myself over by not thinking about it lol. $2/mo is really not that bad, though, even in my current condition (which is... having a lot saved up from my last job, though the more I spend, the shorter it will last, and I need this money for food lol). I guess I'll wait until I get closer to filling the whole thing up. It's just images that I'm adding now, so... it's not that big of a deal, since it takes forever just to add up to 0.1GB... I think with all the screencaps I've posted of Innocent Life so far, including all the ones I took but never used in the lj entries, I've not even reached .1GB?

Anyway, I need to stop typing here and go do something.

(new computer tag is 'com,' for now it will refer to both hardware and software I guess lol... and I'll keep game dev and software dev separate... btw if anyone ever wants to learn to program feel free to ask me for help; I'd love to have programming buddies but don't want to actually meet new people lolol... I plan on making an online course eventually, when my health is better)


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