Oct. 31st, 2016 12:29 am
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I had a super weird dream last night but now I can hardly remember any of it. I wanted to write it this morning but I didn't really have time to because I did KA and then took a shower and watched the Colts game and then ... kept doing things basically and forgot about the dream and then JUST REMEMBERED.

But it was another mostly-third-person dream, but this time it was about a boy named Yuki and like, there was some kind of... huge apocalyptic disaster? Like these big waves crashed everywhere and like, idk, destroyed the Earth LOL but it didn't like flood just... everyone died and things were messy looking??? And like, he moved around, and people put potato chip bags in front of houses that no one was occupying, so you could tell if someone was occupying a house because there'd be no chip bag LOL. IDK, it actually made a lot of sense in the dream and was very linear and had a huge story but now I forget all of it but these random details... X_X I wish I could remember it now.

Today I had this SUPER DRAMATIC word problem on KA that literally started with "Only one remains." and I was dying:

I'm almost done with Geometry at this point. I think I'll finish it in a few days. Well, I should finish all the practice in 1-2 days, and then I'll have to do several master challenges to actually 100% it.

I was going to move on to trigonometry, but I think I might go back and pick up all the algebra stuff? I love trig and triangles but I do also love algebra and I feel like it will fill in the squares "in order" on the big map thing.

I started writing the game programming course, but I haven't published anything yet. The first 'project' the course will work through is just a number guessing game. I have multiple ideas for the future projects, so I need to really think about which will be best for learning the next set of concepts.

I wanted to get some drawing done this weekend, too (on the comic) but Dens interrupts me sooooo much that I hardly had time to do anything. Other than that little bit last night I worked on the programming course, this is my first time really having any time to do anything at all this weekend, and I have to go to bed in the next 2 hours lol.

I think I'mma try to stream tomorrow most of the day? Like a 'Halloween special' lmfao. I might play DR2? But IDK how well it will stream. Might be a bit much on the ol' processor. I don't think I really have any other monster/horror-themed games? WAIT LOL I have like RE4 and RE:Rev, PvZ, Afterfall Insanity... XD I also just got Dead Space from Dels, but I don't have the drive space for it right now (I reaaaalllllyyyyy need to clean up my drive but like... there's not much more I can delete?! My drive is just very small lol)

JSB has a new video and it's terrible. But Naoki is in it so I can forgive them. I have been largely unimpressed with JSB for a while now, and then I realize that I only really like a couple of their songs and the only reason I even really like them is because NAOKIIII and Ryuji too I guess. I mean I like all the members but if it was not for Naoki I would never have gotten into them?

DOBERMAN INFINITY has a new song/vid out too and it's... not so great, but there's a long part of nothing but Kubo-C so I can forgive that, too, I guess... But overall I just think the song... doesn't sound good? Like I feel like they're just trying to like... shove lyrics together and whatever, and the raps don't sound rhythmic enough??? And then I don't like the whole contrast with Kazuki's vocals, like... I guess it's supposed to be cool but it's just jarring to me idk. The whole thing just sounds like noise instead of music to me and I don't like it LOL. But Kubo-C! Even Ga Ga summer with its obnoxious and somewhat annoying MV was still fun to listen to. Plus it STARTED with Kubo-C hahaha.

Honestly I'm just generally disappointed by everything LDH/EXILE TRIBE, and I only really follow these groups because I want to perv over hot members??

Morning's new vid is bad, too, lol. It's not horrible, it's just... underwhelming. It's not what I want, I guess XD The song is kinda starting to grow on me (because despite being disappointed in it, I listen to it over and over lol) but I still wouldn't say I really like it? And the video is just... idk, long and annoying. Like haha they are acting like cats why do we need 5 whole minutes of this.

I'm starting to thing Haga is soooo cute though. I really love all of 12ki. I think this is probably my most liked generation overall, of all time. 4ki, 5ki, and 6ki are all really great, too, but... with each of those, there were some members that were like AMAZING BEST GREAT and then others that were really great but not at THAT level, and 12ki is just EVERYONE LOVE WONDERFUL YES

ANGERME is really the only idol group that is actually consistently satisfying me these days LOL. Oh, Country Girls have been on-point, too. And Magnolia Factory but like they haven't been doing much :\

Oh yeah I guess I should talk about the Colts game. But uh. It was just really horrible and sad and I don't even have anything to say??? TY Hilton got hurt and I was so worried. But yeah everyone did bad so I can't even say like 'well at least one of my boyfriends did this cool thing' lol. Actually Eric Walden may have gotten a cool sack or something idk it was just so bad.

The headline on the official website is even "Colts take step back after biggest loss of 2016" AND WE'VE HAD A LOT OF BIG LOSSES so uhhh lol.

While I was watching, I was kinda dicking around on tumblr on my phone and then found that like... it wasn't connecting to the wifi so I used like all my data for the month in like 3 minutes LOL (I don't get a lot of data lol). And I haven't been able to get it to connect to the wifi at all since then? I turned it off earlier and meant to turn it back on to see if that "fixed it" but I forgot to turn it back on oops.

OK, seems to be working now. Weird.

I think I'mma just sleep now lol.

Sep. 6th, 2016 06:30 pm
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So, after I got over my weird little episode from the last post, I was watching Morning videos -- actually, I specifically was looking for some of those solo videos they do where like... they make versions of the music video where they just take the long cut they used for each member and put it to the music and make it like "solo version" of the video for them, because I was going to post that and say I wish they made J Soul vids like that because I want Naoki solo vids...

But then I saw this and was like "ooh 2016 performance" and from the title you would think it's just a regular performance but... they're like, honoring the memory of the crying guy's daughter who had died young and dreamed of being in Morning when she grew up and like... I was really not prepared for that laksdjflaskdjflaskdfjaslkdfjasldkfj

Sep. 2nd, 2016 12:02 am
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I hate to say this but I think right now, Morning Musume is like... my least favorite H!P group...?!

Er, no, but they are down there. Of all the ones that I actually like and follow actively (I only passively am into c-ute and Camellia Factory) actually they'd be at the bottom?

Right now, I'd rank them roughly:

1. ANGERME (no contest)
2. Magnolia Factory
3. Country Girls
4. Morning Musume.
5. Juice=Juice

I think that's everyone...? JuJu and MoMusu are very close though. Both have been very boring recently, but MM has had a little bit more hit than miss (comparatively, I mean, they both have been more 'miss' overall lmfao) and JuJu I just fondly remember their debut and stuff, but MM at least has a huge history of greatness. Though I'm basing them on their recent things only (as in, just what 'feels' recent to me lol, there's no real cutoff date.

ANGERME is by far my fav group and has been for a while. I've been saying for over a year now, maybe longer, that I like ANGERME more than Morning. Magnolia and Country only recently jumped up... Country has always been nice but now that they're really trying to hit on 'retro' vibes in their songs, and that Risa Yamaki is getting a little more focus, they are top-notch. Magnolia I have loved since their debut and they haven't let me down yet.

As for Camellia, they only JUST got their first videos and stuff so I'm not really sure what to think of them. They actually got three videos right at the start... but all three are really all over the place and just... the group doesn't seem to have great synergy yet (and they're already adding a 2nd generation of members, it's a mess!)

And then c-ute I just never really got into a lot? I love c-ute and think they're one of the best idol groups to ever exist. But I'm just not personally invested in any of the members too much (I do love all of them though), and too much of their songs are too boring for me. I definitely respect anyone whose fav group is c-ute though. Well, I mean, I respect anyone for whatever group they like, but I mean like... I guess more like I think it would be unsurprising to hear anyone loved c-ute a ton and more than any other group. In fact, I'm more surprised if people say they're not that into them. I even realize that I'm a bit odd for that. But somehow they just never clicked for me. I think for a while I was into the whole Beri-kyu rivalry thing and would ONLY like Berryz lmfao.

Anyway, c-ute is disbanding soon so I guess it doesn't matter at this point XD I'll be sad to see them go in a way, but at the same time, they've been around forever, accomplished a lot, and will always be loved. They're all adults now and have their own lives, and the idol world is very shackling. I'm happy to see them be able to gain some freedom.

Anyway, here's my fav recent songs from each group: Read more... )

Aug. 23rd, 2016 10:22 pm
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OK so when I said 123 was superior song to TukiTuki-ZokuZoku (it looks weird no matter how you try to romanize it LOL) I may have been wrong hahaha. I think 123 is more "fun" in my head because 1. nostalgia and 2. I know all the words and it's really fun to sing and do the dance and 3. it has catchy english crap in it so my friends can easily catch on to it and play along LOL.

I don't know the dance to tktkzkzk at all, but it probably would be super fun to sing if I knew the words. But I haven't put any effort into learning the words really XD And idk the dance is probably not as fun as 123 dance honestly, 123's dance was meant to be catchy and funny so people would do it on their own and make videos of themselves doing the dance and stuff.... like it was so simple and dumb and fun that just watching it you wanted to go along with it, hopping around and stuff. I mean, look at this lol.

OK, I went to find a dance cover of tktkzkzk and found this vid which other than the camera not being stabilized is really cool and there's a cute guy (well all the guys are kinda cute but I really like the tall guy LOL, in some of the other vids one of the other guys looks even cuter???) and they do a lot of hp vids and they have some drag queens in their group too omg.

I can't really tell who is who between vids because face blindness and IDK if in some of them it's just some other tall guy who isn't as cute or if he's just not cute without mustache LOL

omggggg they did Masara Blue Jeans and tall cute guy is Nacky... not only is he my fav member but this song has the hump thrusting section where they sing "Even if I'm being noisy *heavy thursting* LOVE ME LOVE ME LOVE ME LOVE ME" (this song was originally sung by like 8 year olds with this same dance LMFAO)

OK his name is Yuki because they credit the dancers in the desc, in tktkzkzk he was Akari and that also says Yuki so it's the same guy XDDD Now I can look for Yuki in the descs to know if it's him or not XD It's kinda weird that I know like... what position is which girl in the dances though LOL Well, it helps that they also wear their member colors... Like I knew in Blue Jeans that the position Yuki was in was either MaiMai or Nacky's spot, but I wasn't sure which, but since he was wearing blue (and the other person in the same spot on 'flank' on the other side had yellow) I knew who it was XD For Akari's position, it was easy because she sings prominent lines and stuff in that song XDD

But the colors are not always reliable because I was watching their vid for A little corner of the world called Tokyo (the "official" English names and lyrics for the songs are so messed up, like they just use Google translate and that's how you get stuff like songs called "GUNDAN" of the Love instead of "Love Corps," and lyrics like "warmth like home unawares" and "notice my sign with my breast cleavage hey" and shit which are the namesakes of my blogs and stuff LOL)

ANYWAY in the Tokyo song, he's wearing Makino's color (which I loooooooooooove Makino and I just assumed he was dancing Makino at first so I was really excited) but then I realized he was in Ikuta's position because Ikuta becomes prominent in the second verse and it's obvious that's her spot XD Also the guy in Ogata's spot in that vid is hot too... Actually so is the one in Nonaka's LOL The guy in Suzuki's position is cute in a different way XD I like the girl doing Ishida's part, too.

OK I don't even remember what this post was originally about... Oh yeah, tukitukizokuzoku vs 123. LOL. Oh well I don't even care anymore, this group is so fun *_*

BTW they are still working on the roof... but it seems like it's just one or two people doing light stuff. I thought maybe they were cleaning up but sometimes there's still hammering. It's 10:30PM now. They've been up there for more than 14 hours. They took one break for 30 minutes the entire day... It's quiet enough that it doesn't bother me at this point, with just the one person, and they're not like slamming down heavy objects and shaking the whole apartment and stuff... and the hammering is usually light and far away. But I can't believe they are still working...

ETA: OK everyone seems to dance the same girl's parts in each vid, so Yuki is always Ikuta... in Oh My Wish he is so fantastic like... he doesn't have the mustache but his dancing is so nice and he can kick so high and his legs and alksdjflaksdfj Also the girl doing Oda in this one is SO cute but I don't think she was in the other as Oda??? I mean barely being able to make out their faces and having face blindness I just go off stuff like hairstyle and height so idek if they like... wear their hair different or have a hat I suddenly can't tell who it is anymore so... OK yeah she's credited as Oda in the other vids, she just changed her hair LOL.

ETA2: omfg I'm watching like an entire 45-minute performance concert thing of them alskdfjalksdjf Yuki is awesome he even does the like acro stuff, I'm glad he does Ikuta's parts LOL


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