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So, I started playing Trails last night. I was going to play some USg or SGSG but ended up feeling unwell and went to sleep really early lol. But um TRAILLSSSSS

I am really enjoying this game a lotttt so far, though I'm only in the very beginning. I don't think I'm going to do a full-blown play diary for it because there's just... so much dialogue and I'd feel like I'd want to cover it all, but I'll continue to update on my opinions and progress. So it'll be like an almost play diary XD

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Also, here's a little update on some Imperial SaGa stuff, since I've been getting a lot done there recently, it seems XD

There's a "combat" event going on right now, which is kinda like a PvP thing, but not really. You register a party for the event, and then you fight other players' parties, but it's AI-controlled. I mean, you control your own party, but the other players are AI. But the setups are what other people have, and this is the only way to fight other characters in the game, so it's pretty interesting.

Anyway, I ran into this team that was just six Aisha (the commander was Aisha, too). I said this on Facebook, but in the current event, all Romancing SaGa (including Minstrel Song) characters get +10 to every stat (which is a LOT).

My battle party has a character each from Romancing SaGa 2, Romancing SaGa 3, SaGa Frontier, SaGa Frontier 2, Emperors SaGa, and SaGa Scarlet Grace. Every game represented in Imperial SaGa except Romancing SaGa or its remake lmao. The few 'alternates' I have seem to mostly be from RSG2 (there's more RSG2 than anything in this game, it seems), though I do have a Hawke (SFC version), but he's not even fully trained, and I screwed him up so I need to redo him anyway. And he kinda sucks in general. Which is sad because I love Hawke XD Though PS2 Hawke is a thousand times better so it's NBD.

I also saw someone with a Baldy!Galahad with 76 speed, which is ridiculous. You can even see how the little yellow bar has that huge lighter-colored area -- those are all the points given from modifiers, the darker part is his normal speed. His speed is almost doubled, which is ridiculous. How do they even do it?!

Speed is important in combat events. There are some battle formations that will give you a fixed turn order, and your entire party will move at the speed of the character in a certain position. Once that 'anchor' character acts, the rest of the party will act immediately in the order of the formation.

So normally you only need one character with a good speed, and everyone else's speed can be ignored (as long as you're using one of those formations). But in combat events, those fixed turn order effects don't work, so every character's speed is important.

I got three more gold characters (Bear, Rose, and Ivan) to hit crown. I guess Ivan doesn't really count since he's a story character and will die as soon as I move on.

Rose's stats actually grew pretty well, but I'm really disappointed in Bear. I'm disappointed in Ivan, too, but I don't actually plan on using him unless I have to for some reason.

I've probably explained this like a million times before, but I'll explain again anyway :P

In this game, your characters get stronger by random stat-ups at the end of battle. The entire game is composed of "quests" which are series of battles (they're a little more interesting than just that, but the point is that you have a limited number of battles per quest, and that's the only way to fight battles and train characters).

Each character has a 'crown point,' a limit to the number of quests they can do before they stop getting stat-ups. Once they've participated in that many quests (even if you give up or die on the very first battle of each, so they get 0 stat-ups lol) they will get a crown on their status page, and will never be able to raise stats again. They can still glimmer weapon arts, equip new items, etc., but their base stats will never raise again.

The rate at which your stats grow is highly based on the difficulty ranking of the quests the character embarks on. So you want to try to complete the highest-level quests you can, or else your character will not grow very much before they crown.

Each character also has a set maximum to each of their stats, indicated by the little bars above. If you fill up the whole bar, it means you got the maximum available for that stat. It's not very common, unless you use the growth crystal things, which cost real money (well, you can get them in the game normally, just not very frequently).

Bear is special in that he seems to have a HUGE potential base defense, but I'm really sad that he only reached 70, with all that empty space in his bar...

I did screw up training this crew, though. I was doing rank 10 quests to raise them, but once I accidentally did a rank 9 that I didn't mean to select, and instead of just finishing it, I just ran, without thinking much (I was tired lol) and so they lost out on an entire quest's worth of battles to grow. And then another time, I picked that same rank 9 on accident again, but I competed it that time. And the very first time I took them out, they both died because I was not prepared properly, but they only died on the last battle. But that's about 15 missed opportunities for growth. Granted, they don't grow so rapidly that that would make a HUGE difference, but they'd probably have 3 or 4 extra points across the board each.

You can get 'reset' items in the game, too, which will set your number of battles completed back to 0, but also revert your stats back to their starting positions (which is about halfway of each bar filled up).

What's also annoying is that Rose's most important stat is magic... but that stat is hidden, and I have no idea how it works. It's very clearly a part of the game, because you can boost the stat with equipment, buff spells, formations, but you can't actually see what your current magic stat is. And I have no idea if it grows like the other stats do while you're training or what??? And so it's hard to really know if your mages are any good or not, except through teaching them jutsu and trying to compare them to each other.

A nice thing about magic, though, is that it has 100% accuracy all the time. Weapon arts have an accuracy rating and can miss. You can boost the accuracy to 100, but there's still stuff like the darkness status effect or enemies with some kind of evasion boost. Magic tends to be weaker in general, but you can pretty much unlimitedly boost the power of any art in the game (it just takes a very long time), and you don't have to worry about boosting accuracy (with weapon arts, when you boost power, accuracy drops a bit, and when you boost accuracy, power drops a bit...) so you just have to worry about balancing SP cost (which is not hard).

So anyway, I'm wanting to get more 'mage' characters (one way to tell if a character may have a good magic stat, though, is that characters each have various 'tags' or I guess like classes, stuff like 'male' or 'female,' 'non-human,' 'imperial guard,' stuff like that -- and one of those tags can be 'mage,' so...) to utilize this, but it's annoying because I have no idea how good they'll actually be.

I'm getting closer and closer to upgrading the jutsu facility to rank 10 (the highest rank), which will give me access to the final set of magic arts. I think that will really make mage characters worth using at that point.

Anyway, I also got my first 7-win streak in a combat event :D So that's yay.

Right now I don't have too much to do... I'm just training a bunch of characters I'm going to throw away. To upgrade the facilities, you have to sacrifice characters to them, and they seem to give the facilities much more 'exp' or whatever toward upgrading if they're fully trained when you dump them. So I just have been running through the current low-rank event quest with a party of Leon and a bunch of randos that I can dump. I probably won't have enough to upgrade to rank 10 when I finish all of the characters I have currently, but I'll be very close. Considering I've been playing for like a year now, being close means I'm REALLY CLOSE but also very far lmao. And my blacksmith is still rank 8 lol.

Characters come in a few 'rarity' levels, and the higher this is, the higher starting stats and potential final stats they have, as well as the more quests they can do before they crown. Where I am now, only gold (the rarest-- well, for over a year the rarest) characters are worth adding to my party anymore, in addition to the new 'rainbow' rarity which seems almost impossible to get.

Gold characters are hard enough to get -- there's only a 2% chance of getting a gold character when you get a new character, and you have to save up the premium currency to try for a new character. During certain events, there will be a 50% chance of getting a certain character as your gold character if you get a gold character, and then I think that character has a small chance of being rainbow only during that event period. So it'd be less than 1% chance and only for a specific character at a specific time. Though there's pretty much ALWAYS some rainbow character on promotion at any given moment. Right now it's Ginny.

So basically I wait until I have 3600kr (which is enough to buy 10 new characters, and you get a free 11th if you spend all 3600 at once) and there's an event for a rainbow I want going on at the same time. I went for a rainbow Leon recently (I would easily put two Leons in my party, no questions hahaha) but I did get Bear instead. But he's one of my most useless golds. I may even consider dumping him into a facility or trading him in for gold medals. You can trade charaters in for medals, and only gold and purple characters give you gold medals, and these can be used to buy items from the shop that are only available through gold medals. One of these is a gold character ticket, which lets you hire a character, but it's guaranteed to be gold.

I really wish they'd make an English version of this game because I want other people to be able to play it, plus I'd be able to make another account and play on there XD I mean, I could make a second account on this one but I don't want to manage two accounts lol.
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This is mostly just my own musings/organizing my thoughts but...

I don't think I'll ever do eight whole playthroughs of RSG3 because the game just isn't different enough between all the characters. But I'd still probably end up doing half of them?

And there are 23 recruitable characters in the game. Though two of them are kinda... iffy. One only is really playable in one scenario and has some special conditions, and the other can only be recruited at the very end of the game, past a point of no return, so there's... no real point in recruiting them, since you won't really get to raise them or anything (which is sad because he'd be the final member of my fuzzyface harem team lol)

But I'd like to do themed teams with each playthrough, and I'm trying to come up with some different themes based on the available characters. You get your protag plus five additional characters for the party, though one character doesn't battle, so if you're not planning on using Commander Mode, you could really only worry about four additional characters.

The 'themes' that I definitely want to do are:

- Harem Party: As in Tiberius, Wod, Trucks, and Herman. The problem is I don't know what to do for a 5th. Originally I wanted to theme this as all fuzzy-faced characters, so I'd put Yan Fan in since he's the only other character with facial hair. But he's also the only-available-for-the-last-area character, so that's kinda stupid. Boston and Leonid are characters I have a crush on but I plan to use them in other theme already. So I don't know what to do about the 5th. I also am not sure who I'd want to use as the protag for this. I want it to be someone to kind of ship everyone with LOL so I kind of like the idea of Monica or Mikhail; Monica means I can't use Leonid, though, and Monica or Thomas seem good for the magic-only party, so maybe I'd go with Mikhail.

- Non-human Party: Boston, Snowman, Fairy, Elephant, and Leonid. Boston is a lobster; Leonid is a vampire. Vampires are kinda humany but not exactly, plus he has a unique gameplay mechanism so I think that qualifies him enough to be on this team. I don't know who would be a good protag for this, either. I've thought of Sara (since she reminds me a little of Claudia from RSG1 for some reason?), or maybe Katalina? I don't feel like anyone REALLY makes sense for this, though, lol.

- Mage Party: This can be literally anyone, but generally the characters who seem more magic-inclined would be better: Bai Meinyan, Fullbright, Muse, Tiberius, and Undine seem the most 'magey' of everyone, but you could use anyone really. Thomas or Monica would be the best protags as they're the most magic-inclined, I feel. I think Thomas even starts with some magic available? Anyway, I may even do a 'challenge run' type of thing where I only use jutsu and no weapons, or limit to only martial arts or something.

- Girls Party: Only female characters. Try to use the ones not from mage party, and avoid recruiting the other protags. Bai Meinyan, Muse, Nora, Tatyana, Undine, Zhi Lin. Of course, we'd still need to have some overlap with the mage party... But Nora and Zhi Lin would be a must. The protag I feel is best with Ellen or Katalina. Actually, if I did Katalina, I could recruit Ellen to add some variety.

The characters not utilized in any of those would be Black, Paul, Minstrel, Robin, Sharl, and Boy. That's only 6, and Boy is one of the iffy ones. So maybe the other five -- Black, Paul, Minstrel, Robin, Sharl... they could be a theme of annoying young guys. The protag would be Julian XD

Though I'd like to play with Harid once I think, so maybe a theme of money-seeking characters? Black and Paul would fit in there, being a pirate and a bandit. Minstrel I guess performs for money? But his main motivation seems artistry. Um, honestly no one else really fits this. Maybe Wod since he's kind of a mercenary lol. Undine and Leonid maybe make sense here, Leonid has a castle with lots of treasures, Undine fights over a treasure ... XD

But uh, thinking of the protags, I'd like to definitely do at least Mikhail, Harid, Sara, Monica, and Katalina. Ellen and Thomas share the same story with Sara pretty much, and Julian's is shared with Monica. But the five I listed have unique story elements, I think. Even though most of the game is still identical, it's just a little different in the intro, lol...

I could do the themes like this:

Mikhail - Harem (Tiberius, Trucks, Wod, Herman, Leonid)
Katalina - Girls (Nora, Zhi Lin, Tatyana, Ellen, Muse)
Monica - Mages (Tiberius, Thomas, Muse, Undine, Bai Meinyan)
Sara - Non-humans (Snowman, Fairy, Elephant, Boston, Boy)
Harid - Other (Black, Paul, Minstrel, Fullbright, Sharl)

Unused - Robin, Julian

Harid seems like he'd just let anyone tag along as long as they didn't get in his way, so maybe I could just throw everyone I didn't use into that run XD

Then maybe if I ever feel like playing again I could play another Sara and throw Boy, Julian, and Thomas in there, and pick up Yan Fan at the end just for the heck of it, so I'd have used everyone XD

Another idea is to use Boy with Sara and have it be Boy and Sara with a bunch of non-humans. That's kind of interesting, too. I'd kinda consider Boy and Sara to be like a dual-protag sort of thing XD Actually, I really like that idea. I'm going to move Leonid off that list and put Boy there. Then everyone has a generic name in that party except Boston hahaha.

Then other than the protags Julian and Thomas, and of course Yan Fan, I'd have used every character.

Also, here's some notes for myself on characters' growth rates in magic for the sake of the mage run:


Monica - 0/0/0/0/0/4
Tiberius - 1/1/1/1/2/0
Muse - 2/1/2/1/0/4
Undine - 0/0/0/5/0/2
Bai Meinyan - 3/1/1/1/0/0
Thomas - 0/0/1/1/3/0

OK, I said Fullbright but thinking about it now, I don't know why I feel like he's magey? He's not particularly magey compared to anyone else. Maybe I should go with Thomas? Since I'm not going to use him for his own run. Then I could put Fullbright with Harid (and Fullbright is definitely a money-based character because he's a businessman lol)

OK, I added Fullbright to Harid's team, and that's a pretty decent 'money-seekers' team, really. Pirate, Bandit, Performer, Businessman, and ... a poor kid from the slums LOL.

But now Robin is not being used anywhere...

I could swap him into the 'mage' party and have Thomas as the lead, but then I wouldn't have a playthrough with Monica... Though I could try to make the Monica playthrough the 'perfect' game... XD;;;;; I don't really feel like Robin fits in a mage party anyway, though. I think Fullbright fits better than Robin XD

Anyway, to make sure all the magic schools are covered:

Monica - Suzaku
Tiberius - Genbu
Muse - Byakko
Undine - Genbu
Bai Meinyan - Seiryu
Thomas - Suzaku?

Thomas has 0 making for Suzaku, but I'd like to have a "replacement" for Monica if she's the commander, so all four schools are still used even if she's not on the field. His makings in the four elemental schools are not that amazing anyway (Genbu and Byakko are just 1 lol), so he'll mainly be useful for his high Sun making, as he and Tiberius are the only ones that even have non-0 Sun Making...

Then for the light schools:

Sun - Tiberius, Thomas, Bai Meinyan
Moon - Monica, Undine, Muse

Even amount of each :P Bai is the only one who isn't really proficient in either sun or moon, so she'll probably just stick to a healing jutsu for emergency only or something.

Well, not that makings are really all that important in this game, but XD

Here's the Magic levels of each of the mage party members:

Monica - 16 *
Thomas - 20
Tiberius - 23
Muse - 19
Undine - 24
Bai Meinyan - 23
(Fullbright) - 19

* This is assuming giving her the star sign of the scholar and no initial weapon proficiency (which starts her with suzaku jutsu, too).

The fastest character will likely be Thomas at 18. Monica's speed with scholar/none is only 16.

Builds for Monica: Since the most important stat will be Magic, but then secondly Speed and Spirit are both important, there are a few different ways to "build" Monica if she's chosen as the initial character. Thomas as the protag can get insane magic level (I think up to 27), but Monica's base magic is very low (9) so even trying to max it out, you only end up with 18, which will still be the lowest in the party. The main reason Monica makes a great starting mage character, though, is that she is the only character who can actually get a jutsu crown reasonably, by choosing 'none' as her weapon proficiency.

To get a jutsu crown, your jutsu points must be more than 10x your waza points plus 45. The lowest WP Thomas can start with is 11, so he'd have to get JP of 155 without ever gaining WP throughout the game. I don't even think it's possible to get JP this high???

Monica is special in that she doesn't start with any base WP, so she simply has to get to 45JP to get a crown. Other weapon proficiencies are technically possible, since she'd start with 3WP, but then she'd have to get to 75JP before she ever got the crown.

Since Monica will be one of the weaker mages anyway, it might be better to focus on her other abilities. She has naturally very high Charm, and you can give her the highest charm in the game by going Royalty/None (or Royalty/Foil), which will give her 25 Charm.

Since she'll be using Moon jutsu, she will have access to the charm glare thingy, which is the best seduction ability in the game. So focusing on Charm may be a good idea.

Other stats to pay attention to are Speed, Endurance, and Spirit. If we can make Monica the fastest character in the party, we'll have more enemies we can beat in speed using a fixed-turn-order formation. The best we can get her speed is with Hunter/Foil, which will leave it at 22, two points above Thomas, and generally on the higher end of base stats.

Endurance is important for absorbing physical damage, and in fights where having a tank in front helps, it might be good to have a high-endurance character. Thomas has 19 which is not bad. We can get Monica's to 23 with Fighter/Martial.

Spirit will help avoid status effects, and there isn't a reason to focus on one character having a higher value than the rest of the party, but it's good to pay attention to, because you don't want it to be too low. Only Seiryu school has jutsu that can inflict status effect as far as I know? (Nap)

Anyway, looking at some possible combinations, here are what her starting stats would be. They'll be listed in the order Speed/Endurance/Magic/Spirit/Charm

Scholar+None - 16/13/18/19/24
Royalty+None - 14/15/16/19/25
Hunter+None - 18/14/17/17/24
Fighter+None - 15/17/15/19/23
Hunter+Foil - 22/15/15/15/24
Fighter+Martial - 18/23/10/17/20

The Fighter+Martial set does have nice Endurance, but Magic is dropped to low (10 lol) for an all-mage game.

Scholar+None gives the best Magic/Spirit/Charm set. The +1 in Charm from Royalty+None doesn't really seem worth the drop of 2 in Magic, though a +2 in Endurance isn't so bad.

Hunter+None seems pretty balanced with decent speed, but if the speed doesn't outrank Thomas, it's not particularly useful, so it's kind of a misleading balance. In the end, it's a 'just ok' all around build it seems.

Fighter+None seems sort of lackluster all around. You can get the same Spirit from other builds, but without all the sacrifices everywhere else. 17 Endurance really isn't all that amazing.

Hunter+Foil is intriguing -- you get 22 speed, so she'd be the fastest character, and Charm still stays very high at 24. Going fast and charming opponents seems great. 15 is mediocre for Magic, but if she focuses on support jutsu, it won't matter as much, and Suzaku+Moon does have quite a bit of support available. Being able to deliver fast support and the ability to charm quickly sounds nice.

The biggest problem is Hunter+Foil makes getting the jutsu crown a far late-game thing... And we'd have to be very careful never go gain a single WP. A crown is nice but big speed might be worth getting it later rather than sooner.

Suzaku jutsu are almost completely support, and we'll have other characters on Moon jutsu who are more offensive (including Undine, who has the highest Magic level in the party...), so having the higher speed and charm seems to be more useful than the higher magic level.

And just for fun, here's who has the best making for each category (not including HP since a lot of people share top):

Sword - Julian, Harid, Boy, Wod (3)
Axe/Club - Ellen, Nora (3)
Spear/Foil - Trucks, Fairy (4)
Bow - Zhi Lin (4)
Martial Arts - Elephant (4)
Seiryu - Harid, Boy, Bai Meinyan (3)
Suzaku - Sara (3)
Byakko - Sara, Muse, Yan Fan, Nora (2)
Genbu - Undine (5)
Sun - Mikhail (4)
Moon - Monica, Muse (3)

Interesting that the only making of 5 is Undine's Genbu rate. Which is good because she has a making of 0 in everything else (well, a 2 in Moon). Byakko doesn't really have anyone particularly good at it, with four people tied at just 2.

Nora is the only character that has the highest making in more than one category that can be held at the same time (Sara tops Suzaku and Byakko both, but you can't have jutsu from both schools at the same time.)

The highest in the static stats, with some notable mentions (basically anyone over 21):

Strength - Boy, Nora (23) - Wod (22)
Skill - Zhi Lin, Nora (24) - Fairy (22)
Speed - Fairy (25) - Katalina (23), Trucks (22)
Endurance - Elephant (26) - Snowman (24), Wod (23)
Magic - Leonid (25) - Undine (24), Tiberius, Yan Fan, Bai Meinyan (23)
Spirit - Herman, Black (24) - Snowman (23), Julian (22)
Charm - Leonid (27) - Muse (25), Monica (24), Minstrel (22)

The most overall stat points is Leonid with 135. Sharl with Silver Hand comes in second at 130. Harid, Monica, and Black are tied for third at 124.

I'm mildly offended that Monica has less Charm than Muse. Leonid having highest charm is amazing, though, and makes it even more fun for him to be in the harem party.

Notably, Trucks has a charm of 19 which is fairly high, especially considering he's a fat guy with a mustache. His speed is also huge, too, which is cool. The other characters I think are hot have some of the lowest charms -- Tiberius is 14, Herman is 12, Wod is 13, and Boston is 9 lmao. Bai Meinyan has the lowest, at 8. (Charm is only used for seduction chance, so it's completely an 'attractiveness' factor.)

Nora is very powerful. The highest strength and skill in the game, plus the best making in axe and club level. She's also not bad at Byakko jutsu, though a weapon crown probably suits her well. She also has one of the higher HP makings, too. Overall she's very versatile and powerful when it comes to dealing damage. She also has one of the highest LP in the game, so she can take a lot of damage and deal a lot of damage.

Zhi Lin has great skill and bow making, so she's the most fantastic character with bow. Fairy is the fastest and has great foil making and skill, so it's great for foil stuff. 20 charm, too, which is good. I don't know if that affects stun rate, but if it does, that's great.

Elephant has huge endurance, huge HP growth, and 36 LP. Why does anything have that much LP?! Speed suffers a lot at 7, but in a way, sometimes it's good to be guaranteed to go last, or if you use fixed order formations, speed is irrelevant, so that can easily be overcome. Pretty decent strength and the highest martial arts making, and with martial arts having a healing art, this means Elephant is pretty amazing, too.

Herman has the highest Spirit, which is great, because it means he's the best at inflicting status effects... kind of. Because status effects are also often dependent on your proficiency (so like, shadow sew's effect rate is based on both your bow level and your spirit). Since Herman has 0 making in everything, he'll probably have lower levels in everything in general. But the extra points in Spirit may make up for it. Of course, if you turn him into Black, he'll get better makings. But I like him as Herman :P


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